Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 28

Hello America,

Obama has spoken, he has pounded his chest, he has shown that he is a man that can represent America.........I am going to leave at the bottom the original post that I made at 2:30 pm which states in very clear language, how I feel about Obama, Qaddafi and this whole regime and power change of the middle east in the context of the removal of every single non Muslim Brotherhood ruler over there.  I don't run from my words.  Too old, too slow, too blessed to.  Just simply not one of those chicks.

I watched bits and pieces of the game last night.  I saw you Carpenter, Cardinals, had a little pep in your step huh?  Made you play a little harder, all from the mouth of lady who will never be on the softball team, I can hit actually, but the sliding thing, catching the ball because it may hit my face thing.............nah, but if they had an adult tball league ;)

Anyway, I got out of class early so I came home to watch the game but I wasn't feeling the best.  I am on a very low calorie, low sodium diet and supposed to be on really nothing but water.  But yesterday, I followed the diet rules but no water and by the time I got home, I could tell my body was out of wack.  The doctor warned me that I have like four more months of rehab to go because of complications and I have to take it slow.  Sometimes things happen to remind you.

I started classes again with two subjects, just not a fan of research design and psych stats, neither of which are too hard for me, I just don't like them.  I am a theory girl, I can discuss anxiety and Horney and others all day, I am psychodynamic in regards to how I see basic motivations for personality, etc.

I was trying to watch the game, read and I was tired.  Not supposed to be lifting anything over 5 pounds, haven't followed that rule since the day I was discharged.  At some point in the 7th inning, where the Rangers had the bases loaded, I think? I had to turn it off.

I had to go to bed, my tweeps on my political account could tell something was wrong.  I rarely get personal, and never get emotional.  But I was last night. Was it because of the game?  No, let's not flatter ourselves St. Louis fans.  Do you know that we are in an economic crisis in this country and things like MLB are fiscally expendable  Words like mine are meant to motivate and I am aware the danger I take that it may not work to my team's advantage all the time.

But you watched, didn't you?

You think I didn't see the relief in Busch Stadium or in the ESPN and Fox broadcasters........

A lot of folk feel its bad enough that urban voices have taken over the white house, basketball and football and that baseball is the last safe clean haven.  Not a race thing, a place thing.

I have the best tweeps in the world, they are kind and caring and most of them older than me.  Like a babe in the woods at times.  They reminded me of something that I needed to do rest and that I can't do it all, I can't run 18 to 20 hour days like I have for years.

And that hurt.  I am starting a job, got two websites, in grad school, got parents and nephews to help and I can't do everything for everybody anymore.  That is humbling.  So Cards don't think that I'm hating.  It's not like that, when the best of both teams comes out, we all win.  When the ratings increase, everyone from the consession stands to the dude selling bootleg t shirts on a corner on grande to keep from robbing you, wins.......

Can you dig it?

I went to bed, hurt, tired, scared.  I am going through a lot personally, none of which is of concern, just life issues.  Folk waiting for you to fail, for something else to go wrong, for the handcuffs to appear outside the bedroom ;) (I was wrong for that but it is just one of those days.......apologies) for me to give up, to stop with honest criticism of both parties.

But I can't do that.  I don't falter or fear because Game 1 didn't go to my team, I don't falter or fear because the pundits didn't declare my candidate the winner of a lovefest, I just don't think the inventors of debates intended.

I got up this morning early, as I do every morning, 5 am, say my prayers do my mediation, and go back to bed, hey.......... it works for me.  I asked God why?

Why when he knows that I am trying to get all of these things done, why would he let my health get so bad, why won't he work a miracle and help me recover faster so I can get done all the things I need to get done?

God was suprised at my candor.

He said "Tiffani, you are asking me to perform a miracle, and questioning my will, my way all in one sentence?"

I wiped my tears away and laughed "Yeah, I did, I was wrong for that, I am sorry............"

God laughed even harder "You just don't get it do you?"

I replied "No, I do, I had no right to question how you do things..............or to ask you to help me recover faster, I am here and thanks to PARKLAND hospital, I receive nothing but excellent medical care and very nice treatment from all that I encounter there, I am truly blessed."

He laughs even harder "No, Tiffani, you are getting older......... things slow down.  Never even occurred to you that time has been flying by.  My busy beaver."

I don't know what to say because God is right.........

I am just 36, but at that age where you can still remember grumbling about school and you look up and you fussing about insurance deductible.

God says to me "Nelly and Cedric the Entertainer ain't the only folk that come out of St. Louis, you know......."

"I know where Ike and Tina Turner came from God, I have seen the movie at least fifty times"

He laughs and walks away...............

but gives me the headlines for today for the newspaper I read and I get the joke when I start to read.

Maxine Waters born in St. Louis.

Let's get started for today...........

When I was a child, there were two primary black female political figures that molded me as a woman in regards to politics, there was Barbara Jordan, a proud, quiet, laid back representative and there was Maxine Waters.

When Reagan let in those illegals something he regretted admittedly, he allowed the cartels to set up bases and businesses and networks through their own people.  If the illegals didn't, their families would be brutalized at home.  It allowed crack cocaine specifically at that time to be moved in urban centers with a force that I hope Josh Hamilton finds tonight.

Life in the 80s was different, wasn't about a poor thing, I didn't grow up in the Huxtable household, but I didn't grow up in Good Times or What's Happening Either.  Crack came and set the black community afire with two things: in influx of cash into folk's hands that would have never gotten through a traditional job route, and a degredation and destruction of our values today that renders Obama a leader by default because so many leaders blood, and legacies are in these streets.

I remember this younger congresswoman with some gazelles on (glasses) letting Reagan have it.  I am older so bear with me.  But I remember her passion and spirit in the sense of somebody is going to be held accountable for this.  I remember for all of the talk that folks like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Cornell West and others who were prominent in the black community then, they were nowhere to be found.

Just one woman with a loud mouth willing to fight for her people.   I learned from Barbara Jordan to always be prepared with facts which is why I studied last night versus watching the game.  I learned how to fight from Maxine Waters.

It saddens me as over the years that a woman I admire, is one that I would walk out of the hill in heartbeat if given a chance, but not just hear half of the dem and a good solid third to half of the gop, not her by herself.

It saddens me that this woman I admire so much would declare anyone that didn't embrace Obama and his bull as racist.

But as God reminded we all get older, and the weight of years of yokes wears on you.

I lived in Mrs. Waters district in LA ironically most of the time I lived in Los Angeles, heard the cars and joys and scream all up and down Crenshaw when he won.  People got to know me and knew even then I was calling Obama a terrorist.

I remember the night he won and I am going to table the rest of the topics until tomorrow, so no worries praying and crying from the depths of my soul. My faith that I now have with God went to another level that night........because I knew the results of bad choices, putting things and issues off had caught up with us and an enemy had taken control of our country without a gun, but a pen.  Insult to a gross injury.

Hold on Rangers because there is a point for you in here.

It wasn't that I didn't like Obama because he's black or mixed or African heritage or whatever, he is on these days.  I knew, I KNEW, the first target he would hit would be my community the black community and whatever social justice and crack hadn't done, he would......

I am thankful to Rep. Waters today, although dear congresswoman, you need to be testifying at your trial and giving a goodbye speech, a monitor on your ankle.............

Because she exemplifies my point of why Romney, Perry, Cain will not beat Obama.  Why it will take a woman to beat Obama.

Joe Biden and Obama can talk about needing a jobs bill to protect America, mothers, no disrespect fathers or men, protect the family regardless of who is and who is not there.

We are designed by nature to assess and react a lot more quickly than men in different ways in regard to survival skills as most of us are not blessed with the physical strength of our male counterparts.

The main consistent folk that give Obama criticism within their own contextual agenda are women.

Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Bila, Deenen Williams, Michelle Bachmann.......... all conservative voices from the right.

And as scary as it is,

Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters on the left.

Melody Barnes leaving the white house is more than just part of Obama's inner circle leaving, it is an acknowledgment that the women of this country are going to have to band together to fight sexism to save it.

Will Pelosi and Waters become members of the GOP? God no, we allready got rick Perry from them that's enough?

But Waters, Pelosi and Brazille and every woman in politics know that it was pure sexism why Hillary gave up an assured Presidency and deferred to Obama especially in the context of the uprising of Muslim culture attacks in this country.

The road will not be easy, Romney,  Cain and Perry, I got an email full on three accounts of how dangerous friendly fire is.........


American women have been taking it for 91 years.

So with that I end for today.........sometimes I am just like that.

Rangers, it wasn't no traditional pitching won, you all just went cold.  You know they are going to walk Cruz which is free money for Nap most of the time, he's on a roll, but Young, Hamilton..............loves, Ian can't run all the bases himself, I know he would if he could.  It is cool what Big Murph is doing, but the foundation of the hitting starts with you Mr. Hamilton.

When tragedy struck, we saw it in your eyes the hurt, the anguish, but what did we tell you as a ranger nation?

God don't make mistakes, hold your head high, let your family and your brothers love on you.

And you did because you needed them.

Well, my now clean shaven daddy, I kind of liked the beards......., they need you.

We need you.

CJ didn't do anything we didn't expect, I was thankful he latest that long.  Ogundo seems a little strokey to me, he'll do better now that he got an inning under his belt.

I know you are hurting BJ (big Josh, i give everyone nicknames), groin injuries are no fun.

But we need you, tonight. Mr. Hamilton, Garcia is not Mr. Carpenter, you have faced the best of their lineup. I know, Adrain leg is knotted up, everyone is hurting, needing ben gay, all that.

But you are our voice................

Just like Rep. Waters in a lot of ways was a voice for all of black America in a certain context in a certain time.

God didn't let you falter for a baseball game, but he using you through baseball to show this truth

He don't make mistakes.

He makes some of our voices louder than others.

You and I and others BJ, we didn't make the best choices, we just didn't........

Show the world, show the children, show this nation, that some of us have to go the valley to have the courage to face the light of the mountain.

Let that champ named BJ shine and put it all on the line because another chance at this ain't promised.

Don't be a good player that was on some lucky team.

Be the American Dream, be the American Truth, that you can rise and just because you had to climb from a valley it was only to make your legs stronger for times like this.

Your presence is that great, they not going to pitch to Cruz, find a will, find a way, find your voice through your bat.

I guarantee resting at home with a ring on your hand will make those groins feel a lot better than without it.

The Rangers are back.............true, but we need your bats, frankly we all need of them.

so when I walked in MLB's office they said the same thing as yesterday..........

"(You can only jack one song, one song only)
(You will not disrespect MLB , t)"

 I just laugh........say so am I brothers, so am I, I am just gonna finish the song because I don't run from words, I don't run from 0-1 deficits, need that game, my brothers getting the hits, we just not bringing home like we should, so same as yesterday, but I got a little something for the ending and a couple of subtle changes.....

The executives are quiet, like you are going to do this again?........I just said play the track back, give me my headphones......

You think we don't know you don't want us, duh
We already know you was looking forward to our absence, hoping for that long bye
Just so we clear, we here for the crown, aint a damn drop of fear here
We need it so

Don't care if you want it, we needing this, dont care really care how you spin the s***
We back cuz this time we gonna hit, we atf fast and furious
So (Josh is back), his body hurt, No Lebron ain't afraid to clutch there
We so gosh darn hot, we making Nelly and Ced say in its hot in herre
and (Yeah we back), Y'all hate the T, this beautiful baseball Texas symphony
You hate that (Yeah we back), we back to back like 43
We repping that Big A** Texas, so yeah we came to play
And (So we hurt) but we got the heart, . No casting couch we earned the part
We dmx get at your dawg, and take your ball in your back yard
We rep the T, We walk our scwhwag right down grand boulevard
So (put in work), it don't matter if we play in East St. Louie
We here for one mission, we that g, 1-1 is better 0-2, best believe that we…

Yeah we back, you ain't gotta find T
We came back (What, ‘Ye?)
Here to jack (Haaaa)
We needing that

Yeah we back, you ain't gotta find T
We came back(Huh, what, ‘Ye?)
Here to jack (Yeah, yeah)
We needing that (Go, ay!)

Yeah we back you aint gotta find t, we need them bats g
We don't need a homestand to win, we so loud we'll wake up Joe B
Yeah we back, sho ain't lazy make Maxine say thats how you work a bat B
Take our red, we'll wear the blue, we do the do, it don't phase T
Yeah we back, we shed the fear, we know y'all don't want us here
Yeah we back, and since we here, we needing that not feeling fair
On the road, we like libel Texas tribal, make your picks, winning addicts sho nuf we need a fix
Yeah we back, aint time to stop, to rise up apple #stock
This here our time, telling these cards red light time to stop
Yeah we back, Red white and blue, telling Josh BJ we need you
We ball no need to fake, making haters say damn them bats true
Yeah we back, feeling jaded, kind of nasty yes R Rated
Full throttle, a carful, of brothers and different ways
Came right back, so we can say Jesus walked like Kayne
Right here in the lu, so we can show your state

Yeah we back ain't gotta find T
We came back
Here to jack
We needing that

Yeah, we back ain't gotta find T
We came back
 Here to jack
We needing that

[Kanye West]
BJ cant you hear your brothers call”
Cuz we need your bats headed to the hall
I know your body saying you done hit a wall
World Series baby you flying or you fall”
(Yeah we back) So say ole This ain't the bay
(Yeah we back) So its colder?  Its our way
(Yeah we back) “Yall sound so so cold!” (Why so cold!) Cuz we brang
everything including the kitchen sink till we get them rangs
HBO my brothers band, dig a ditch to make our last stand
‘Timonthy Wright, no turning back, promised land’
LaRussa this is ball, baby, you going to need your jd
‘to document this armed robbery call Ranger ball, T)
Only Cruz you figure? Will be a carindal Killah?
BJ's for reela. Get his stroke in the picture.
Pundits say we the pitchless, gonna lose bc we aceless
We trump tight no aces, cooking flour toritillas(Hunh?)

The execs said.........

(I don’t even know what that means!)
(No one knows what it means)
(But it’s provocative)
(No, it’s not)
(Gets the people goin’)

So we stop play back and the young executives, hollas, like screw us don't stop! keep going!

The engineer hits the playback button again and I say...

Yeah we back y'all ain't gotta find t
So we hurt, but we aint gonna stop g

We clawing up to the throne, we hitting up in your zone
We ain't changing our tone, our antlers up like we home
These pundits is lying, redbirds we going to be frying
(We thugging and we do pack bones) This is our chance for our own!
BJ you gotta get into your zone, you gotta bring your brothers home
Your brothers into they zone, they need for you (BJ) to come on
Let the win do the healing, Help Elvis leaving the buidling
with 1-1 both y'all scratching, with that we almost there feeling
No sacrifice no getting here to this throne, time for hunting dude is on
Find a way to enter zone, B/c 7 pm, the cardinal said its on.
(Zone, zone, zone, zone…) 

Under pressure from the right or left, even ethical commisions ;), learn from one of St. Louis' finest, Maxine Waters whether she is facing Newt or Obama, don't stop being herself.

Y'all got them bats, y'all aint San Fran, don't tell me its the pitching, all those brothers left on base........

Bring your brothers home, don't leave them out there for CPS (cardinal pitching services) to take to foster care.............

BJ, Ranger bats, step up, find your zone, 4 more wins, baby is all it takes for the keys to the throne.

you know how hard it is overcome 0-2, if you forgot call Cabrera, Martinez, or Velander, Not Leyland because he wants the Cards to win, LaRussa is his homie.

Josh, we need you love......

be back tomorrow.

no baseball all politics.

Don't run from Nobody.

We Rangers.

These boots is made for walking, not running ;)  nothing personal cards, I just love my baseball daddies *shoulder shrug*

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