Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 30

Hello America,

We are going to discuss quickly the weekly addresses.  I had planned to ignore them, but after reading them.  They must be addressed.  Due to the schedule made by MLB, there are three consecutive games to be played before a break if needed.  Therefore, I don't get any breaks either.  Because of what is addressed in these address, I apologize for the redundancy for two days, only the baseball part will change, my comments about both of the addresses will stay the same until Monday afternoon.  Rangers please......... the last half is for you as it is for all of us.  I didn't write this one today, Jesus did.

Let's get started, I have my nephew's homecoming football game is today as well.

For those who are new, I review or respond directly to the weekly addresses.  Out of deference for the office, not for Mr. Obama, We start with the President's address first.

I hope and pray every week, that we will get to discuss an address from Mr. Obama that does not involve bush, class or race warfare or just childish pandering to keep my comments pure and honest, I do not read them until now.  Every week I disappointed, let's see what is in store for today.

Mr. Obama the mike is yours.

This week, we had two powerful reminders of how we’ve renewed American leadership in the world.  I was proud to announce that—as promised—the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of this year.  And in Libya, the death of Moammar Qadhafi showed that our role in protecting the Libyan people, and helping them break free from a tyrant, was the right thing to do.

With all due respect, Mr. Obama all do not see it that way.  What I see is a President who authorized and put troops in harms way using our military supplies without congressional approval to remove a leader who was not a priority.  Although he was a tyrant, Libya did not and does not pose a threat like Iran, but what you have done and continued to do is remove all of the stabilized leaders in the middle east and created great power vacuums for the Muslim Brotherhood to consolidate and demand formal acknowledgment from the United States which you will gladly give them. The fact that you are proud is the fact of why I am unnerved and dedicated to the removal of you from office.  The fact that you are proud you run our military strategy on campaign promise deadlines.........makes the reason the sense of urgency regarding your removal increase ASAP.

It was not the right thing to do in either situation for this nation, but it was the right thing to do to for you politically and that is all that matters.  This is year 3, there are no secrets now.
In Iraq, we’ve succeeded in our strategy to end the war.  Last year, I announced the end of our combat mission in Iraq.  We’ve already removed more than 100,000 troops, and Iraqi forces have taken full responsibility for the security of their own country.  Thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, the Iraqi people have the chance to forge their own future.  And now the rest of our troops will be home for the holidays.

Like I said, this is what your campaign will be full of grateful vets happy to be home as they should be, I think we need a draft, we got folk willing to disrupt lives for the sake of saving main street from wall street, I think they are more than capable of paying the cost to show the world freedom ain't free.  The Iraqi people will not forge their own future, the shiites from Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood from Yemen, Syria and those making inroads in Egypt will and you know it.   Our troops are tired and I can only pray Mr. Obama as you have the first family and the second family christmas greeting troops giving high five to folk you didn't respect until coming into office that they have enough sense to see past their fatigue and realize the fools you are playing them for, because coming home is cool, but coming home to what is the real question.

In Libya, our brave pilots and crews helped prevent a massacre, save countless lives, and give the Libyan people the chance to prevail.  Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives.  Soon, our NATO mission will come to a successful end even as we continue to support the Libyan people, and people across the Arab world, who seek a democratic future. 
These successes are part of a larger story.  After a decade of war, we’re turning the page and moving forward, with strength and confidence.  The drawdown in Iraq allowed us to refocus on Afghanistan and achieve major victories against al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.  As we remove the last of our troops from Iraq, we’re beginning to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. 
To put this in perspective, when I took office, roughly 180,000 troops were deployed in these wars.  By the end of this year that number will be cut in half, and an increasing number of our troops will continue to come home. 

The last part of this section proves why I have no respect for you as commander in chief.   All you talking about is when you took office, that's for a campaign speech, not a weekly address.  Just because you didn't put a single service member on the ground, didn't mean you didn't put a single service member in harms way, please stop ridiculing this country as if we are done.  Everyday, someone in this country is facing deadlines that are far more permanent than your standing in the gallup polls, dear sir.  The power vacuum you are creating is fueling the powder keg for the next Arab Spring next year that you want here via OWS and abroad, but be careful about playing with explosives dear sir, folk that are not well equipped to deal with them, usually end up having something blow up in their face.  What you are trying to pull will not work dear sir, the urgency of how blatantly you use our troops and this nation for your own agenda for that of your Muslim brotherhood and other factors is growing.......ASAP.

As we end these wars, we’re focusing on our greatest challenge as a nation—rebuilding our economy and renewing our strength at home.  Over the past decade, we spent a trillion dollars on war, borrowed heavily from overseas and invested too little in the greatest source of our national strength—our own people.  Now, the nation we need to build is our own. 

My case in point, we didn't win the wars.  Your goal is to end the wars.  A trillion dollars is nothing compared to the stimulus bills you have passed, what good illegals rob from the gdp and legal citizens every year, from the solyndras and lightsquare and sunsquared which costs the taxpayers 1.8 billion per job for 80 jobs.  You have invested dear sir in this country, to every donor, every crony you can find.  We do build our own, if we didn't you wouldn't have a country to lead.  Remember, Dodd Frank, the auto bailout, the bank bailout, the green energy bailouts were all for this nation........Please do not insult this nation and its great citizens as if we don't have memory.
We have to tackle this challenge with the same urgency and unity that our troops brought to their fight.  That’s why we have to do everything in our power to get our economy moving again.  That’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act, so we can rebuild our country – our schools, our roads, our bridges – and put our veterans, construction workers, teachers, cops and firefighters back to work.   And that’s why I hope all of us can draw strength from the example of our men and women in uniform.

The democratic majority senate which has gone 900 days without passing a budget has voted it down two times with 13 jobs bill coming from the right that have not even received consideration.  And now to waste our taxpayers money again, Reid has put it up for a third vote.  All due respects to our vets, construction workers, teachers, cops and firefighters........ all legal citizens need jobs not just them and it is unfair to put us out of work raising taxes on employers to lay us off to keep them.  With the story I am going to tell today, don't kiss the troops a** today when you use as pawns for CR, Mr. President, we all are strong, we all got strength.  Read until the end you'll see.

They’ve met their responsibilities to America.  Now it’s time to meet ours.  It’s time to come together and show the world why the United States of America remains the greatest source for freedom and opportunity that the world has ever known.

And we haven't? How dare you sir, three years, three record deficits, fast and furious scandals after scandals, you refuse to turn over messages concerning taxpayer funded investments after promising transparency and accountability and we haven't come up to the hill and had our own Arab Spring aka regime change?  Don't demean or insult us like we haven't met our responsibilities dear sir, you are the one who promised hope and change and a direction in Washington not us.  The troops and the citizens have kept their word, YOU HAVEN'T. Don't disrespect this citizenry like that again.

Well, once again, Obama is Obama.  It is always someone else's fault, we always need to be someone else, it is always us the people that are lacking, it is always about some bill or some campaign promise.  He is proud to end, instead of win........ is just another 50 blogs in itself.  This is land of winning and yes, winning matters.

Lord, please pray for this nation we have about 400 more days to endure this hustle called hope and change which is really spend and blame.....Walk with us lord, walk with us.  Come on, GOP, my heart is weeping right now, it is.......but we have to press on, there is too much at stake today.

  Thank you, Virginia Right for being the source of the text today.

“Good morning.  I’m Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina, and I’m honored to speak with you today.
“For 32 straight months now, unemployment in this country has been over 8%.  Thirty-two months – that’s a national record.  It’s also a clear indictment of the way we’ve handled the 23 million Americans looking for full-time employment.

Good morning dear sir, from the northern carolina.  32 straight months, so the entire Obama presidency the unemployment has been over 8%, geez........ 23 million legal Americans looking for work with an administration that tells good illegals taking jobs don't worry about deportation, don't worry about losing your jobs.........Gosh!  what a way to start a saturday.

“Some in Washington, including the President, are suggesting that we simply spend more money.  We’ve already tried that – it did not spur job growth then, and it won’t now.
“The American people realize that this is not about how much money Washington can spend.  It’s about getting government out of the way and creating the climate for growth and jobs.

Senator Burr, we need to admit as a nation as a party that Obama was raised politically in an environment in those crucial and impactful Jakarta years where everything was state sponsored.  The American Ideals that the private sector fuels the public sector is foreign to him just as winning and finishing tasks to the end.  We must do what we can to combat this Anti-American sentiment ASAP because families of legal citizens are on the line. 

“This means listening to the American people and passing common-sense legislation that makes the rules that govern job-creating investments more predictable.  Businesses are not going to hire if they can’t anticipate what new tax or federal regulation is going to hit them next.

The problem is dear senator that is how our system works and we have a President and a senate dedicated to making things fair and just.  Not realizing fair aint free and just is far from cheap.  They want this chaos so our businesses will lead and the govt can step in and say let us fix things, it is all Obama knows.
“Congress should lead by example and get the nation’s fiscal house in order.  It starts with better stewardship of taxpayer dollars.  The government of the future has to be smaller and less expensive if we want the prosperity of the American people to win out.

Hard to do, with all due respect, Senator when your democratic colleagues find a way for themselves to paid quite handsomely I might add, but 900 days without a budget for the nation with three years of record deficits. And Obama doesn't want the American people to win out, he wants the people of the world to win out.  It's a global thing now.......America is a throwback jersey to him, like the ones the packers had on Sunday.  something to reminsce on everyonce in a while.  But we gotta do something sir, ASAP, to show him America ain't a empire, it is thriving manifestation of life, liberty and the pursuit not guarantee of happiness.
“The President has even ignored the suggestions of his own commission.  Rather than implement even a single one of the strategic reforms and investments suggested by Simpson-Bowles, we continue to ignore our fiscal problems and focus only on spending more money and expanding the size of the federal government.

He is a little boy with a room full of toys building his own personal world.  That what he was hired to do, that's why Hillary gave up the chance to be the first female President because the left has bought into the "global" thing.  The more and expansive government is, the easier it is to take over this country......They are not ignoring our fiscal problems, the left and its socialist agenda are our fiscal problems and until we remove the white house and senate from their hands, this is what it will be.
“This lack of fiscal discipline is unsustainable and cannot continue – you know it, and I know it.  The longer we kick the can down the road, the more difficult it will be to address our real problems and spur real job growth.

That's what he's depending on, that's why he needs that jobs bill that does everything including creating another agency which can get funds from the President directly without congressional approval to sap us for all we got, he got America on the ropes, we gotta do something ASAP, dear sir.
“Fortunately, there is an alternative to the President’s approach.  While some in Washington are focused on creating more government jobs, Republicans want to drive job creation in the private sector.  We have a jobs proposal that would:
1.       Simplify and stabilize the tax code
2.       Rein in government regulations
3.       Cap spending and reduce budget deficits
4.       Propose common sense healthcare solutions
5.       Encourage domestic energy development
6.       Create a competitive workforce, and
7.       Increase exports
“The American people deserve a debate on these issues.
“Our proposal is simple, and it makes it easier for businesses to thrive, grow, and hire.  We will simplify the tax code so that businesses can more readily predict their expenses and increase their competitiveness in a global economy.

Tell us what we need to do to get this bill on the floor, after we defeat the jobs bill one more time.  You need to circle your wagon and stop by folk like McCain Murkowski, Collins, Snowe, folk that are apt to jump left at anytime, if you are serious.  We can't get to this bill you speak of until this jobs bill that Obama wants to get more money without congress defeated, if he gets it through won't be money for anything left.
“We’ll stop over-regulation at the federal level to ensure stability that businesses will not have to worry about the next burdensome regulation lurking around the corner.  We’ll lower federal spending and work towards a balanced budget amendment to restore the confidence in our government and our economy.  We’ll replace Obamacare with common-sense reforms that actually lower the cost of health care for all Americans.  We’ll increase America’s energy independence by promoting increased oil and gas exploration and innovation in the field of renewable energy sources, driving down our reliance on energy imported from around the world.  We will provide the tools needed for workers to succeed in the 21st century, and it starts with making sure our education system provides the foundational knowledge needed by tomorrow’s workforce.  We know that better schools and better workforce training, mean better jobs.

“And, we’ll promote free and fair trade to provide American businesses with opportunities to expand into new markets and remain competitive in the global marketplace, and hire workers to meet the increased demands of their goods and services.

Are you ready to stand on it, because next week, the dems are going to fight back and he is going to threaten a veto are you willing dear sir, to stand with your brothers and sisters in solidarity for the wave of class and race bashing that is coming your way.  It is game 3 tonight, it is vote 3 monday for that bill and both opponents are coming with all that they have.
“Despite ideological differences, many of these proposals – such as tax reform, regulatory reform, and increased trade opportunities – have the support of Republicans and Democrats.
“There is bipartisan agreement on the need to fundamentally reform our tax code to make it simpler, more fair, and more predictable for all Americans and job creators.
“The American people are hurting, and our economy is in grave danger.  It’s time for Congress to focus on the American people and not how difficult change might be.
“It’s time stop playing games and to get on with the serious business that the American people expect from us. It’s time to fundamentally reform the obstacles to job creation and economic growth.  It’s time we pursue common-sense solutions that make America more competitive and put our nation back on the right track.

That's the thing I keep trying to get you all to see on the right, dear sir.  OBAMA ain't PLAYING, he knows exactly what he is doing and that terrorist called the senate majority speaker is changing rules even where the urinals are in the bathroom to change this country from a free-market capitalist democratic republic country to a socialist democratic nation and he is succeeding, we gotta make a stand today, we gotta make a stand Monday.  It is game 3, it is round 3.  We on the right, gotta stop pretending he don't know he is doing, he is a fiscal and political terrorist, to scared to hold a gun, so he uses a pen to make carnage of our way of life.
“This place that some call America and that we call home is the greatest country in the world.  We should never forget the principles that made us great and will keep us great.
“Thanks for listening.  God bless this great country.”

With all due respect, dear senator, you all we all need to remember what made folk like Washington decide to say nah............. ASAP, Man I gotta be free.

Well that's it politically, I am going to tell you a story.  It is a true story, we are going to have one song and that is it. 

It is different rewriting a song versus writing lyrics for a song over a beat.  I have a tendency to use Kayne, or Wayne, midwest or southern rappers because their cadence is easier for me to work with.  I thought about it last night and I found a local song by local artists that I really want to use.  Got permission from the producer and the artists manager all that.  Went to bed feeling, good you know.

Gave myself a reward by sleeping in late, which for me is 6am, I get up at 5 for morning meditation.

5:30 Jesus wakes me up.

"Get up, tip(old nickname), get up, asap" he says.

I roll over and look at Jesus "Dude, uh uh, I already chose my track, already wrote the lyrics, I deserve this hour, darn that, ..........did my homework too, man please, I know you got some miracles to be working something...... my words ain't that deep, the players play, I just write."

Jesus don't say a word, but I feel his anger then I feel a pain in my incision which is still healing which takes away any iota of sleep I had left in me.

I look at Jesus.  I hold up my hands up "I'm getting dressed, J, that wasn't even fair, man....... I ain't even taking no pain pill, I'm up.... I'm up"

It is dark when I on my way to work as this is work, 6 days out of the week avg writing for almost four years.... it's work.  Jesus keeps saying in my ear, "ASAP, Tiffani...........ASAP, its game three, round 3, Tim Colinshaw (dallas morning news columnist) and the rest of the marketing executives want 7 game series, nah.........ASAP,  They want it to be like it was a struggle for your daddy's to get that ring.....nah."

Jesus walks and keeps saying this stuff over and over and over and over again until I make it to my desk.  I am a routine writer.  I have to follow my routine.  I am eating breakfast and I am wondering why is Jesus so animated this morning, he doesn't get involved like that, I mean we love popping s***, but there is something else in his voice.  When I turn and read the front page of the paper, the tears start to flow...........because I now know why he woke me up so early.  I now know why he gave me this track to use versus the one I am going to use tomorrow.

Herri Ann Short is a native Texan who lives in a town not too far where I grew up got a cat named Fancy.  She fell one day and had to go to the hospital, she had two broken vertabrae, not good, but not to bad, she also had cancer that was metastasized and all over.  She is in a hospital I can see right now if I step outside as I am my parents house.  Room 4304,the paper says.  She went through 15 radiation treatments and all kind of stuff and had a crisis in which she became unconscious.

When she woke up, she woke up with a different truth, she said no more.  No more treatment, no more nothing, whatever it is going to be, it is going to be.  ASAP, not doing this no more. No more machines.  She is ready to face her final game her self.  She says she is not a quitter, she never gives up her loyalty, and she is part of the Ranger nation.  Now, it ain't like someone in St. Louis ain't hurting this ain't saying that. 

She grew up with a love of baseball, her dad was a pitcher, put her on the mound with him, dared a ball, a bat or anything to touch her, maybe that's why she is so fearless. 25 years almost since she lost her husband and she kept going.  She says her favorite moment was Feliz shutting down A Rod for the final out last year going to the world series for the first time.  Now that's my kind of woman! amen to that.  She didn't see game 2 until the 9th inning, I am not going to turn this into a testimony, but My God, My God........ aint he powerful.

and she got to see God's word, God's truth in never giving up, never quitting come to fruition on a field.

Today, she's in that room trying to see if you are going to quit Rangers.  Yeah, its good to be at home.  But LaRussa is smart, he didn't want his players talking to the media, why? They amped, they got something to prove.  Craig is starting, so he will get multiple bats.  That closer, he got something to prove, I think it's a beard thing with Feldman ;) but you get my point.  They are all alone, you all are surrounded by folk telling you you got in the bag.

The marketing executives are estastic, if they could they would have 16 games, the ratings are up.  God's dramatics through you all, baby, the advertising are buying spots, like dalmatians.  But what Jesus told me today politically as when these vets come home, baby, times are getting harder, more people in the workforce that are going to get first priority over those who been here looking for work, what he told me sports wise through Ms. Short story is just plain ole truth.

Screw 5 games to make it, you need three wins.  You need to win ASAP. Ask Dirk.  You need every game at home.  You need to do whatever you gotta do to get it done.  Out of all this woman wanted, she could have wanted to see her grandchildren or meet George W. Bush or had you all visit or went to church for the final time, go home to see her cat,

She didn't want none of that, SHE SITTING UP THERE IN THAT HOSPITAL ROOM, GETTING HER CLAW, DUCK OR ANTLER bc I don't haven't even figured what y'all do yet( SAYING ASAP, THIS GAME 3 MAY BE THE LAST FOR ME)

She wants to die seeing her daddy's hit, her daddy's pitch, defend, throw, bunt, sacrifice, any thing and everything that a win requires and she ain't taking no therapy, no treatment, and resuscitation so when it's's over for her.

She ain't quitting, she's doing whatever she gotta do to be there for game 3, that's the folk you got behind you Ranger nation.

Because you got a pack of mad redbirds that got a chip on their shoulder, Pujos is burning to show, he ain't Lebron, he got contract talks after this, LaRussa is burning up to show he is the smartest manager in the game, Craig wants his shine, Berkman and the rest are grown men that are dedicated to bringing a game back to St. Louis or a ring.

Just like the pitchers the tracks are already chosen, me and Jesus talked about it this morning, but all that is needed for today. is just like I told the GOP and the American people.

Just like this lady is showing us tomorrow ain't promised, a full game ain't promised, we have done the rain delay thing already this post season.......

So when you hit the club house, know BJ you saying  I am hurting but I am playing means something because we are too brother,

know Beltre them lumps on your leg making it painful for you, baby we rocking lumps right there with you, 

know Ian when you stealing saying I gotta stand up, I gotta steal, I gotta do something for my team, we right there with you.

know Nelson when you hit that wall, when you block that ball from going further, baby knowing, we climbing the wall, we hitting that fence with you.

know Elvis when you glove a ball, do somethings that even Ozzie Smith say now that's my position, know we right there with you.

know Nap whether you catching , on first base, making a hit or a home run, saying I got to do my part, baby, we right there with you.

know Torrealba when you catching, we you giving signals, we right there with you, listening and paying attention to everything you need us to do.

know Matt with every pitch, baby, it ain't just the wind that adding velocity, its our prayers, its our grit, 

know Big Murph at the plate, in that left field, baby we watching every fly ball, we gunning anyone who attempts to hit that home plate with you.

and know Wash that whether clawing, antlering, ducking  or whatever you guys do, we right there with you, way more than can fit in those stands......

We are the Ranger Nation.

We are Helen Ann Short.


and because time is on the line for all of us, because tomorrow ain't promised for nobody.......

when I asked Jesus what well do you want me to use he said" can't you see for her, for this nation, for all of us in some way its

Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, Rangers betta take it
Asap, asap, asap, asap
Ay-s, ay-p, ay-s, ay-p
Asap, asap, asap, asap
Ay-s, ay-p, ay-s, ay-p
Asap, asap, asap, asap
A-s-a-p, A-S-A-P

I laughed and said okay........... I gotcha, thought about and then said

[Verse 1]
It's almost time for that tussle
With some birds we gotta muscle
3 games are needed to turn these cards into cluckers
We back at home but they gonna try to rustle
up a win and some rangs, simply time to stop 'em
  Your teamwork is security to keep from your jewelry
They armed and fly quick, trying to take y'all s***
Pissed and real sick cuz  they wings clipped
Trying to eat more here than some beef tips
They loading up they clips,so they can go rip
Hoping that you celebrating and pull yall slip
Praying that yall win was just a little blue blip
It is game 3, winner juice y'all cannot sip
Time for some clawing antlering and all of that
Time to show them cards  we aint no detroit thundercats
We ball to the end, so souped up we none of that
From Helen short to the ball boy, we yelling we needing that!

(Asap asap asap...)
When they hit the moun d, make sure they see a land full of B-L-U-E
Make them say gawl lee , That Ranger nation just a tad crazy
We know its game 3, we needing that win A-S-A-P
St. Louis please , We are the Mighty Big a** T

[Verse 2]
Its game 3 St. Louie , no need to act politely
  In '10 they took our hope, seen the San Fran hypee
Never leaves our hearts, so game 3 we don't take lightly
  Nothing but that trophy in our hands will excite T
Until we can make Obama and Biden do the Wash up on K street
We clawing on y'all birds trust tonight G
We animal kingdom gone so wrong trust tonight g
Some animal love that may be just a tad unsightly
Some birds against some ducks, we so need game 3
We A Ranger nation with heart, and we need that p-r-i-d-e
 Honor is held for those who walk uprightly
Precisely, we ready to pay the price g
Tired of every other team here got the icey
All we playing for is tonight see
Our team work schwagg is how play we
we coming for our win, we aint asking politely

(Asap asap asap...)
St. Louie can you see, We needing this game 3 A-S-A-P
Just like 25 our roots nappy, Can't comb through our d A-S-A-P
Be as mad you need be, We just pacing A-S-A-P
We are Big T, Yelling We need game 3  A-S-A-P

[Verse 3]
St. Louie, we the team of the people
We made to the sequel and this year our team danny glover lethal
We ain't taking nothing for granted to unseat you
You in the midst of nation that bleeds blue
Mad cuz you figura that we can't be your equal
You so right because our goal is to exceed you
Beat you, doing everything we need to
Make the whole world know why antlers is blue
Clawing mean in your scene until you say we through
Prepared to do what we gotta do
Turn some cards into denzel yes you outoftime
Cuz we gotta a team full of daddies saying im needing mine
We dont care if you know our reason or our rhyme
But this year right here is ours, get back in line
Got shorties hanging on just to sip on wine
  called hell yes we did it, made it to the finish line

(Asap asap asap...)
St. Loui cant you see, We dont quit for damn nobody A-S-A-P
Ask anyone about Big T, we take all including game 3 A-S-A-P
  Be mad as you going me, on that field we shall gladly A-S-A-P
Show tonight game 3, We proudly rock the Big Big T A-S-A-P

Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Asap... asap, A-S-A-P, A-S-A-P
Asap, asap, asap
Asap, asap, asap
Asap... asap, A-S-A-P, A-S-A-P

Marketing executives, newspapers folk, none of those folk play the game, ask Dirk when he come up there tonight.










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