Monday, October 24, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 31

Hello America.......

Hey, Hey, Hey...........

Good morning, America!

We are going to keep it simple today because we are near the end of the this book.  When the lights go out in Busch stadium, that is the end.  I will be officially coming out with my new site dedicated to music, culture, and entertainment and this site will be what it always have been.

I need to note a couple of people first.

First, this is woman is a St. Louis cardinal, but she is a patriot in that she personifies the strength that I call part of the definition of an American woman.  Because we as women in America have freedoms most don't, achieve heights most can't, and fulfills destinies most don't.  We are seen as greedy, not being able to be selfless in comparison to our foreign counterparts.

The pitching coach Duncan, I can't remember his first name for the St. Louis Cardinals has a wife at home with a brain tumor, serious business.........

Instead of being home with her in her time of need, SHE IMPLORED him to go be with his team.  That's love for her husband, submitting to his desire to be part of the world series ;), a knock on all of you all that shame women for not being ashamed to put their man's dreams in front of their own.  Baby, it takes resolve, it takes resiliency to be a strong woman like that in the midst of a health storm.

Big ups to you, Mrs. Duncan, my way of saying hats off to you dear lady, not about baseball about womanhood........ thank you for help showing the world, we made to love on this side of the pond :)

I am only going to address one theme today politically, then a story, rangers and cowboy talk then I am out.

I do not advertise but I am very active on twitter, politically and we over 3k strong, not much, but I don't use apps, I use my voice to build a network and I have been ranting all morning.

Because Obama could not get his jobs bill through his democratic senate and I just ate up his weekly address with the help of the great senator from the carolinas and working with Senator Hatch in others in pushing the balanced budget amendment through...........

Mr. Obama does what he always does when he doesn't get his way through congress, circumvent it through backdoor regulations.

This time regarding housing and student loans and people in the middle class he has 35k a plate dinners to supposedly defend for with wall street folk at the table.......

I ask that you review three articles from the wall street journal, they are simply about the numbers.

what is the mortgage reform? is the first link and within a couple of paragraphs, it shows Obama's campaign strategy, Nevada, Florida, California and Arizona which he needs desperately to

evidence that the housing crisis is far from over this article talks about the failing of a major house insurer which provides protection for the consumer and bank.  And when Obama says the feds will ensure it, it will come with the backdoor regulations that he has implemented through the EPA rendering a possible situation where home ownership is no longer a viable concept for our children and their futures and renting directly from Uncle Sam is.

12 basic questions answered about the program is the last read I ask you to look out so before some of you all hit the airwaves, like Obama's trying to save the middle class, let's attempt to have some semblance of knowing what we are talking about.  ignorance precludes intelligent conversation.

Well, you ask if congress is doing nothing as the President asserts why shouldn't he just go in and get things done.  First of all, that's not the way our system works.  This is not a reality show in which America is made over........ it doesn't work that way and because I am not as good as explaining myself as others, yes, we have a couple more must reads.  the reporters win the day today.

Why backdoor executives orders and regulations are such a concern?  This is an article regarding Rep. Garner out of Colorado who explains the danger of a President circumventing congress.  He explains a lot better than I can.  The point is to make congress obsolete and thus creating more of a power role for the executive branch.  Don't want to read?  Watch the first 45 minutes of HBO's movie on Saddam  Husein's life.  He started out as an agent for hope and change as well.

and because Obama realizes that the majority of the good illegals and antiamerican legals live in urban centers the geopolitical media machine in politico highlights the declining popularity of the electoral college

So I was agitated this morning, I am always amazed at the brilliance the founding fathers had regarding how our country was set up.  How did they anticipate all of this bull?  The electoral college is to ensure that god forbid Philly don't speak for all of Pennsylvania because they openly serve as a sanctuary city or Chicago regarding Illinois or Houston for Texas.  Doesn't matter about what's popular, its about what is the system, what are the rules and having the respect, resolve and resiliency to abide by them.

I went off for about 25 tweets, directly to Mr. Obama, he knows who I am.  Just to let him know that I for one, do have the respect for this country, the resolve in my spirit and the resiliency to ensure we will have a national election, that if it is a civil war, he is not Lincoln, although this is about slavery as well, we the home of the brave, not of the postmodern global we all one crap slave........

And I thought about who among the 2012 gop field has those characters.  Herman Cain declared he would feel comfortable with Gingrich, I could see that or Romney being the candidate or President if he wasn't. 

In other words he is comfortable with the establishment, now credit to Gingrich, I think he is truly regretful about some of the bull he has pulled and has the resolve to make things right this time. But Romney has shown that he is nothing but a blueprint for the Obama agenda and any candidate that calls themselves a conservative and supports a man who embraces liberal policies is no conservative in the sense I am.

They are establishment conservatives, working hard to conserve the establishment. 

Love the energy of Herman Cain, feel like in some respects, he loves this country but to embrace Romney I guess to build a possible VP bid or whatever, is not an option for me.

In tough times, there are new voices within a team that emerge.

There are young Davids amongst the Jewish people, who ask who else is going to do it?

Who are willing to take a stone and say I can't fight with all of your armour, I was made to love this way.  I was made to love with what I have in my hand.

For even war is love, .......... It is just two sides who love their country, their agenda, or whatever enough that they go through whatever to fight for it.

Who are you made to love GOP candidates?  the establishment, safe chances, keeping things the way they were.......... 

That is something you need to ask yourselves, let's learn from some men today about these concepts and I'll give my thoughts on the answers to that question tomorrow.

That's all for politics today, we have something to learn from the world of sports......but I am not Howard Cossell with an ABC jacket on, yes I am that old, I do remember ;)

Let's enter that world, shall we.

I love football.  I adore it.  I am from Dallas, from Carter Country, where even the pee wee teams are national champion legends.  My nephew, the oldest, is growing into his own on the line, forcing fumbles, sacking tackling, it is proud moment for me.  Had to fight with his mom to let him play.  He is very smart in school, didn't think he had a role on a team.  But I told him to keep practicing there will come a time when your team needs you. 

And that's true for all of us in life.  I told him when you have a good game, you will see that you are made to excel in this game.  I don't just speak on him because he is my nephew, I got two more, one I am getting a basketball in his hands, as soon as he can spell it ;).  He has the physical attributes to be good at it.  I told him that the feeling you get on that field when you have a good game, you will feel that you were made to love it.

And sure enough, Saturday, he did.  I hope one day after he graduates from college as that is mandatory, he can look back on that day and say I knew then....... a forced fumble, 4 sacks, 7 tackles ain't a bad place to start.

When the Dallas Cowboys drafted Murray, I was like there is our starter right there.  I am a lifelong Cowboy fan, I am from Dallas.  No matter how much I fuss and cuss, I was made to love them.  So when Jerry being Jerry signed Felix saying "he's fast........", I was disappointed.  Nothing against Felix, he's older, but he stays hurt and he fumbles.  And nothing against Choice but he is too light.    In his rushing debut at the University of Oklahoma, yes he is a fellow sooner, he scored four td's in a half, he tied adrain peterson's freshman td record and eventually became the td leader in school history........

In tough times, there are new voices within a team that emerge.

So finally after a 2-3 record, Choice fumbling the ball at the one yard line, Jones is hurt, Mr. Murray gets his chance to be a voice on this team.

What does he do?

breaks the all time leading rusher of the nfl's single game rushing record and eight yards from breaking dorsett's record as well.

When talent meets opportunity, legends are made.  After the game, he wasn't arrogant like you all should have been put me in the game, he just said I copy Witten, who is a workhorse, a stand up guy, and I was grateful for the opportunity.

So sooner to sooner, Mr. Murray thank you for doing what you always do in your debuts, break records, earn trust, and maintain dignity.  The sooner way. Boomer to you.  Now maybe Romo and Garrett can realize, TEAM WORKS when the TEAM WORKS by all playing our parts.  You got a back who you can build a team around, play like it.... not because of stats, he is resilient, he has resolve to keep pounding and running until his will breaks through.

And by late afternoon on a street named Randol Mills the stadium called Jerry World is content, they got a win they needed, a new weapon that is going to be needed against the Eagles.

But down a couple of blocks there is another battle to be fought.

In game 3, we all saw history with mr. pujous, well the whole series has been history setting, so all of these low rating for the birds (no pun intended St. Louis).

And the announcers all knew that it was going to be another game just like game 3, that the red bats had come alive.........

The game starts off with an awesome hit only to be taken away from Beltre........(we see you, *waving*)

and the Rangers make it through the first inning, but the cardinals have scored first in ten straight.

the bottom half of the inning and yes there is a political point, Josh (BJ)who is hurt, hits a double, letting Elvis run and score. FROM FIRST BASE, PEOPLE THAT'S 90 yards..

BJ on paper, it was just a double, it was just 1 rbi, but you let your team and the world know, that the R in rangers is for resiliency, because you put your might into it. Don't ever think that moment was lost, our love won't make the pain go away, but your act won't let our respect for you and your sacrifice go either.

but so what..........?  What's just one run?  The cards had just scored 16 the night before, the seahawks and their opponent scored 9 points in total yesterday.

In tough times, there are new voices within a team that emerge.
 Derek Holland wasn't new, but the voice that came from within was.  He didn't pitch around a man, who just made records that only Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth can only say didn't beat me.  He pitched to him, brought it at him and the rest of this team for only two hits.

Mr. Holland sir, damn the mustache.  You let the world know fear the arm. 

Through inning after inning, young Mr. Holland emerged into a grown Mr. Holland, letting his bullpen get the rest he needed.

By the 6th, some dirtbag dude ;), send one into the ballpark that wasn't coming back, but sent he and his brothers home.

But it wasn't over far from it, we have seen too much in this series to take it lightly.

The camera panned over Micheal Young and Wash's face, tight, composed, and focused because they know it's far from over.

And only in a way God could write, it is the 9th inning and Mr. Holland is finally taken out of the game with one already on base.

The great closer Feliz, walks another......

two on base, one out, down four.  Pressure will bust a pipe won't. it.

one ball, two ball, three balls, Mr. Holland on the side, like I should've been in there, when you 25, you can do that ;)

 to Albert Pujous who just broke all kind of records yesterday.  Wash, the manager, didn't run out, the catcher napoli which needs to remain behind that plate until its over, didn't run out to talk to him. 

Mr. Feliz took a breath, and threw a strike.  the batter eventually hit a foul ball that was caught.

But it wasn't over, because that was just the second out.

Matt Holliday is his own legend in his own right and in fitting form just like Mr. Holland did all game, Mr. Feliz struck him out by pitching right to him.

Do you see the lesson America?  No matter what happened the day before, we are all obligated for whatever uniform we wear whether it is parent, firefighter, etc. to get up and face the batters of our lives not with fear, but with resolve, not with fatigue but with resiliency.

Rangers, there is nothing I need to say to you, but I love you.  I am proud of  you.

I purposely didn't mention Mr. Holland because Wash says he's emotional, didn't want to add to anything that would jack him up.

Enjoy the game you love.  Play like you where made to love her.

Mr. Wilson from all indications is ready to embrace his role.  He loves the mound, he loves the spotlight, he wants his chance to shine......

nothing wrong with that brother.

I watched the entire game, the entire game, put my hand on my heart during God Bless America, watched Nolan and W.'s eyes light up and you are right #43, Derek is a good kid :)

Thank you Texas Rangers each of you in your own way for teaching me, that there are times that one cannot pitch around problems, where one has to go inside and address and make your presence known.  Where one has to push physical limits to put balls in corners so brothers can get home, where leaping catches have to be made, where letting each one of us play our role is needed, and having a leader strong enough to say so and mean so.

I got a follow from Senator Hatch and Paul Krugman, the nerd in me is stoked, that means I my voice is making a difference, my mama said why are you so happy, I told her why, she said are you going to dog Mr. Obama, I have been disrespectful in the path, I get emotional, I am Derek Holland, had to learn to get my Janet on and gain some control.

I told her no, I learned a lot from the rangers last night and as long as I got resolve and resiliency and the courage to bring it Obama, I'll be allright, so I picked up the paper that St. Pete put in my purse, looked at the lyric sheet I wrote, took out my eraser made some changes, prayed on it, put the paper in the western sky hoping someway it would reach the team and say.....


(Vicious Cycle)- the artists

Rangers I just watched the game and just listened

Y'all did it different won with reso-l-v-e
Was sure you was gonna pull it
but almost a complete game from Derek crazy
CJ its gametime for gameproving
Have you finished gelling like Jello pudding
 We back on the block new kids Rangers  #nike just do it
A team that runs from no one, destiny we pursuin
last one regrettably, last game in T
unbreakable Big T, we ray j #onewish
for all them heatwaves Texas sunbakes
Real baseball truth We coming to play St. Louie!
get our s*** out Texas Metamucil
Two more wins, then you can pop s*** so umm
Resolve and holding steady, still repping the T, the rings we pursuin!

chorus (Stevie Wonder)-chorus
Haters disapproved it,
LaRussa boo hoo'd it
But we've told y'all time and time again
Don't ya'll know we was made to love her
give our all just to hold her

Hey, hey, hey......

(Von Pea)
You know I was thinking
end of  home season
win for that  reason
Ranger ball best believin
too damn high to come back down
From El Paso to Denton to Baytown
we rep blue collars
We giving up nada, lets leave the ballpark with hollas
Be headed up state in some 3-2 blue chevy impalas
Just do what you to do, y'all got y'all way
 hit some birds and suffered some damage we still in transit
We home Ya'll  Rental cars  #advantage
Wash say that's how baseball go, thats how god planned it
I was made to love, my destiny branded
Diner's closing today my last big a** sandwhich
 Called victory for some Big T ballas
2011 last game at the ballpark #church holla!

chorus (Stevie Wonder)-chorus
Haters disapproved it,
LaRussa boo hoo'd it
But we've told y'all time and time again
Don't ya'll know I was made to love her



And y'all was made to love the game of baseball so much that it is your turn to take that lady called that World Series trophy home for some quality time ;)

yesterday is gone.......

today is here...........

be who you were made to be, being here in this moment wasn't no accident or no fluke.

Y'all was made to love her,
build your season all around her

the last game for the fans who have endured 100+ temps, rain storms and everything in between with you........

Love them, love yourselves, love what this season has meant to you


hear stevie's harmonica on my way home to watch every moment of the last game at the BallPark.



Hey, Hey, Hey........ :) 

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