Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 32

Hello America,

Today, we are getting ready to enter the newest book, I haven't named it, but the final chapters of this one are being written.  I hope that we all have learned from this book through basslines and baseball lessons that you can't always find in a book, I know I did.

The closing of books is always bittersweet to me......... It's like leaving a familiar place.......  It represents growth to me, I try to grow every book, I try to take my writing to a new level.  Keeping the former books in the memory stored somewhere in between my frontal lobe and my hippocampus ;)

This year sports wise, has been a wild ride.  It's been a long time it seems from yelling green and yellow, to black and yellow, to blue and green and now red, white and blue.

Basslines establish a pace in a lot of ways, just like baseball relies on that pace, it moves in some respects a lot slower than the other sports. And sometimes you need that to slow pace, to observe to learn things.

As I talk about on here, one of the books that has really impacted me in my life is Jamie Johnson's Don't Take My Lemonade Stand, complex in its simplicity, simple in its complexity.

One of the things I love about her book is that she sets a list of what she identifies as conservative values.  I am making my own list about what values we need in a leader, in a president, some from her, some from me, some from God.

The first we explored in this book was personal responsibility, defined by Churchill as the price of greatness........Deep, deep words for today.  We used Lincoln's measure of you can't escape the responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding the responsibility of today.

We learned that just like baseball, just like basslines, what may seem like a musical or sports apex today, ain't even a blip on the music sheet or box score tomorrow.  Bobby Blue Bland says that's the way love works........ Wash say that's the way baseball go.  God says his way, his will.  However, you need to frame it.  You get my point.

I rarely prewrite articles, very rarely, usually prewrite songs and list for the week.  Someone asked me outside of the billboard charts what do I use to decide which songs to pick, the morning show of K104 actually a local Dallas station, and the lite rock station next to it, pop station a couple of turns down.  Just radio.

It just depends on what my spirit tells me.  I heard a lot of DJ Khaled today, dude, you get those radio spins, but that is not where my mind is headed.  There is no song for the Rangers today.  Coach (Manager Ron Washington) said to chill for today in his own way. I have to respect him.  He has shown me and hopefully you all, he is not just a man led by his guts or his........ you can fill in that blank.  He has actually a quite indepth knowledge and innate assesment of talent that would place him in HR anyday.

He is hired by a dude who just 12 years ago, was in a corporate job in Mr. Daniels who would probably be fighting OWS protestors just to get to work today ;)  God is amazing in the paths that we all fortunate enough to walk although there are times when the teardrops of planetary bodies rain on us and cloud our vision.  inducing us to wish for things like airplanes, and shooting stars....

Each one of the GOP candidates has gone through adversity, Bachmann started hers early, Perry has stumbled, Cain is going to feel it in regards to organization etc, Romney is going to get his, he has just praticed so much his will come a little later, paul mentioned the phrase "foreign policy: ;) nothing but the utmost respect for Rep. Paul he is a leader before his time and this nation suffers because of it in some ways....... You get my point.

And as I pondered of what the newest book would be I thought of the value of the leader that will lead this country from the hustle called hope and change.  Right now, Obama has foreign policy.  He has killed Bin Laden, after folk like me had to threaten him with dereliction of duty regarding the troops that found him.  He has taken out Qaddafi after folk like me are seeking impeachment for circumventing congress.  He and Michelle and the kids already in talks with hallmark for the holiday cards pics they will have meeting the troops he just used as ransom for a CR......

I thought about how would these candidates handle not problems, but adversity.

Problems are specific situations in which a resolution needs to be determined.  Adversity refers more to a general tone.  Adversity was last night.  How one responds to adversity is a large part of my measure of character.  And that is the newest value we will start to discuss, character.  We are going to use Martin Luther King, Jr., the Rev. that is........ some of us who use his name in vain, forget that he was a man of God first and foremost as the measure.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

We will use Brooke Foss Wescott's assertion as the rubric  if you will to grade.

Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men. Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become.

So let's gain a clear understanding, we are measuring adversity using King's measure.  where a man or woman stands in time of challenge and controversy.  And we use Wescott's assertion as the grading rubric meaning how specifically will we grade.  Great occasions.

Today, we are not going to discuss politics further than that because that is where we are headed.  We are going to use baseball and Anthony "Tony" LaRussa Jr. as a model for where we are going to go politically.  God says no basketball this year or at the moment at least.  So after this week, we will get into a critical analyis of each candidate not fair to judge them until I ensure that the measures and rubric I chose are standard and applicable.

Let's go.  A brief talk, two songs, and that's it.

Last night, we saw a team in the Rangers who according to MLK's measure rendered them with words like resolve and resiliency, but as wescott points out, those games of the world series merely are a reflection of what has been going on all along.

From the owners, to management, and the team, the Rangers Organization is far from perfect, far from being the #1 draft picks with everything going right, men who haven't made mistakes, men who win with perfect bulls eye.  But one thing that remains true about them is that they remain true to themselves and the code of honor that they live by amongst themselves, for the game and for their Ranger nation.

So nothing that happened last night was anything new, although it was cool to see.

Did CJ be the ace everyone expected?  Not in the way, most expected, but yes he was the ace.  In the game of spades, the ace of spades trumps all except for jokers, but god and mother nature don't count ;) , they don't play fair.

I got home a tad bit late because the bus driver was just bent on being late and driving @ 15 miles per hour making me miss my connecting train, I didn't get home until the 2nd inning until Holliday was walked.  Because I ran and pushed my body which I am not supposed to do, I was really sick for a while.

God said "you kill your body, my temple because you doubt the words I spoke to you privately...?"  sternly....
I reply " God I am a messenger of your words, but I am just as mortal as the next, and for that I apologize no disrespect,........."

So I calm down and let my body rest, I don't feel good at all. When your body is healing, you can't do everything you used to do, it is not like in the movies like Denzel in Man on Fire and he is just swimming and still doing his thing. at least not for his body.

CJ did what Obama and Romney's supposedly favorite group of people the middle class and my favorite group of people American citizens do every day..... Hustle, Hustle Real Hard. some of that Ace Hood, DJ Khlaed, hot in little haiti in miami, hustle ;)

Players making errors,the mood is tight.  But resolve ain't a quick solution and as Wescott said the crisis showed what this team has become over this year.  A trusting unit within itself.  The Ace of spades(I hope you stay CJ, but I know you need your money..........) found a way and his brothers settled down.

Let's get to the gist.  Money Mitch the baseball one, came through like a husband or a wife comes through with a lottery ticket that is going to pay that electric bill that was due for disconnect today.  Come on, America, let's call hope and change for the hustle it is, we pay by the color of the bill these days, not the date, amen! knocks off of chris.......

The Chris Carpenter, He may not be Cliff Lee or Verlander, but he is major, he got his 5 stars.  He is the ace of this team that won 120 games.  He's the real deal.

The defensive plays kick in and the score is cut in half.  Then Beltre, dude, I know you don't like your head touched...... but dude! a homerun from your knees.......  crazy! :) i'm tapping your helmet on that one. Ties the game.

But it's far from over, and we not talking about baseball today, we are talking about life.  And now the manager known as G, for Genius, the Rove of baseball.......got a problem.

There's Mitch, who just got him some $ and did a split that would make any stripper proud to get an out, knowing he can hit off of Carpenter, he got Nap, who just waiting to napoli around some bases, and he got Big Murphy, who shook off that error and robbed a run.

And the Genius, can't get the call in or whatever.  

That call or non call to whomever was in the bullpen didn't lose the game for the Cardinals.  The cardinals lost the game.  10 men were left on base, that's like being in the red zone 10 times, they didn't get no field goals nor touchdown.

That's all it boils down to.  The rangers found a way, the cardinals didn't.  Maybe Chris Carpenter may want to save agitating, a bag of dirt that is going to have a bag of awards after this series is over, but all bull aside.  Pujous was walked, but his brothers before and after him came up short.  It is what it is.  The rangers earned that win and it is wrong to take anything away from them otherwise.

I like Tony LaRussa, he is one of my all time favorite managers from the days with the A's.  But as wescott said, great occasions don't make anyone, they just reveal what it is there.

He just got beat, strategy wise, call Ron Washington trusting his gut or whatever, he just outmanaged the Genius by splitting the lineup.  Give it to him.  Truth is truth.  

LaRussa used that as an excuse, the whole fiasco, it is the world series! If Washington told Nolan Ryan, we cant get in touch with the bullpen, he, George W. Bush, the ballboy, the ballgirl would have fought each other running out there to get whomever.

It was a cheap shot, and an excuse, disgracing the legacy that Mr. LaRussa has earned.  He just got beat, now we see that type of behavior from Obama all the time, Reid tables the bill, it is the tea party, Bush, wall street and the evil rich folk who don't contribute to his campaign fault.  We expect that out of Obama, it's not like he does anything else.  If he was OJ's lawyer, it wouldn't be if it don't fit , acquit, it would be its bush's fault, how Obama? I don't know, I just know it is.

In baseball, it is cool because you get to see the manger, come out, and get the ball and tap the shoulder or whatever.  And with this controversy, LaRussa has given his team life, they didn't get beat, he made a mistake.  Washington didn't get the best of him, he let himself down.

So Mr. LaRussa this is dedicated to you, something for all of us to learn from.

I know more than you will ever realize from me, what it is like when something is taken away from you, I know what it is like to just be beat by a force or a person in your regard that is just stronger and smarter than you at least on that day.......
I do.  TRUST ME I DO.  I know what it is like to lose something knowing I can never get it back, because time don't wait on nobody.  

But you get up and you keep on and you give credit where credit is due.
You have achieved more from that seat on the bus stop than you probably ever could in a courtroom.

pennants in both leagues, world series in both leagues, #3 on all time wins, you are the longest tenured manager coach of all of our professional sports. ALL OF THEM.
Don't act like your legacy ain't great, don't act like your legacy will be destroyed because a man who in a lot of ways admired you enough to do his homework, to take a page from your book defeated you at your own game.....

You disrespect your team, the game of baseball, and the legacy you worked so hard for.
All I am trying to say is.

Just because Ron's ability has appeared
With drops of greatness in his hair, hey, hey
Feels like a bummer and yeah its pain
  But its God's reminder that things do change, hey, hey
You gotta decide if the end is soon
But God says for you in growth yes there's room, hey, hey

Don't tell me your fate ain't won
Made it to the hall of greats, tony baby you played it
 look up you are one of the greatest

I know you didn't see that car
With a big blue texas star
And  you trying to grab this ring even in baseball life sho ain't fair

The Boys in blue don't take vacations
That's the way of the Ranger nation, hey, hey
 Wash just say thats the way it goes,
Sometimes Our jacks is high,  aces low hey, hey
Baby boy don't let your ego fear
Just because we grabbing rings don't mean we forget your name
 You just part of God's plan of some daddy's plan to make cardinals land

Don't tell me didnt the game sweep your off your feet
You got your chance to say I did it my way
But this one ain't your play
Dont tell me, it dont hurt inside
Wasn't really the ending you had in mind
But please remember its your team that plays the game out there

  Don't let your ego dare your values #chicken
  Details you start picking with blue, when you just got beat by ron
Let your soldiers your team lose the right way not conversation
The last two nights of baseball love not mad . . . tony

Baby boy on, the dugout, you just beat
Use your legacy to show your team, your fans the right way
Just accept the better coach had his way that day.

[Repeat 1st Chorus]

Thank you, Train, for a great song! Thank you Tony LaRussa for a great song.  Thank you Ronald Washington for a greater plan,  Thank you Texas Rangers for the greatest story..

Let's (media and pundits) let's let this last week of baseball, let's let hope and change that is going to end in Busch stadium be viewed with love, not controversy, not disgrace.

Let's let baseball sweep up us off our feet, with a good darn game, no blame, on the field..........

A change is coming mother nature told me, but I can feel it in the air........

That's all.

Until tomorrow.

Hey, Hey.........

Sometimes you get cheated, sometimes you mess up, and sometimes you just plain ole' get beat, Mr. LaRussa not going to let you take away from the memories of your team, nor St. Louis because time and destiny has come out to the mound and tapping they arm and taking the ball from you..

Let it be about them..

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