Monday, October 31, 2011

The Book of B&B (Basslines and Baseball) Chapter 36

Hello America,

I have to move this week and I don't like starting new books when I cannot give them the attention to deserve so we can continue on with this book for a couple more posts.

Just like those who packed Busch stadium, it's over now........there will be no more roar of the crowds for a minute of any baseball stadium.

I want to give Herman Cain a couple of days to realize that he has to answer that he likes to touch, dude, that's what the strip club is for........ ;) you give them dollars, you get to touch, a tad.....

Now the parameters of the new book we have already established, MLK's measure of character with Wescott's affirmation of what great occasions are and are not.

For your sake, Mr. Cain when that mirror is flashed upon you as you and Mr. Obama are the first reflections we are going to judge a little later on this week, please have something in a response that is plausible and honest.  Rove is no match for what I will come with if you don't.  999 plan or not, you wanna lead this country, you will be honest, we already got a terrorist we gotta remove now. 

Yes, we know WOULD never touch a woman..................inappropriately...............we all know you got your mistakes out early in life, so you can walk this perfect path now.......

So where do we go for this morning and the end of this book while the next one writes itself this week......

We have another solyndra in Beacon Power group...........

We have Obama turning our constitutional republic into an authortarian socialist nation before our eyes, with a pen.......

Perry don't know if he is going to debate.

Chris Wallace just told Romney what we all feel, that he should skip the debates because it is not like his answers say anything.......

Times is getting hard, and this is the way Obama wants it, so he can be the great "Daddy" of the nation and come save everyone most dictators have a God complex that make my ego pale in comparison, he is no different........ close, yet so far away. The Cowboys........not going to lie, I think that the defense get the short stick, when your offense can't stay on the field.......but that running game is coming, just need a couple more of parts.....

What to talk about? 

It's monday, halloween, when more than spirits rise in masks, kind of odd, can't get Obama to say Merry Christmas, but's he down for halloween.......candy and all.

Parents, pinching pennies trying to get our babies something for Christmas, defense contractors wondering if they will be out of business if this trigger sets in,  Boehner is telling us, we can't take this deal yo........., its going to be hard times, so be it.

Children looking at folk like me wondering if we'll get back up, if the final nail is in the coffin........

Halloween is All Hallow's Day, the evening before All Saints Day.  All Saints Day is a day where all of the christian faithful, those who put in work through miracolous acts or just doing what you need to do keeping on the path God set before you the best you can are honored........

So let's have a story, today with about me and a pretty funny and honest ending......

Yes, GOP I am aware of all that is going on, just because I don't write don't mean I don't read......

There is always something to be learned, hopefully today is no different. I hope Herman Cain you can learn from it.

God comes up to me yesterday.........and says " You not going to write today?"

"Nah, I want to but I gotta get this paper done, it is an annotated bibliography which means I gotta read the cites and references before I even can start writing on it, and I gotta pack......." 

God walks around the room picks up my notes"  You are doing a thesis on politics and psychology?  liberal and conservative values....... hmmmm.."

"yeah, I want to be able to articulate from an empirical standpoint how the divisive nature of the class and racial bull Obama is pulling is driving our country apart.  I want to get Karl Rove money, I can never be him as far as his precinct knowledge, but I want to be him in regards to knowing what motivates voters .......When my big sister Michelle B. breaks through as she will in the next coming months, I need to be able to get my money.  I have to earn it"

God nods......"You sure you need to be packing, that's an 18inch suture line that ain't healed, baby girl, I know you hurting........"

I stop for a moment, "I know, I am hurting, but I am not taking no hydros can't get nothing done on themWhen I moved in this house, Delmar was with me, that's over now, like a lot of things in my life.....  All I got is me, and it has to be done.  So it's one of those John Boehner, things you know........ so be it"

God stops me from stepping on some glass...... I reply with a thank you, me and God haven't really spoken too much since Saturday morning.....  Tears are running down my face, I really wanted things to be different in my life in so many ways......

"Are you sad, Tiffani?  Is the Rangers and the larger racial implications as you see it going to be the crux that keeps you from writing anymore.  I kind of enjoyed the songs, the people do as well, although you only have one more day before your ASCAP membership kicks in......" God asks softly......

I stop again packing and look God dead in the eye.........

"Life is hard, God, not Jesus, who get to leave and make everything allright, but it is not about me anymore, hasn't been for a long time.  This country is falling apart and the oval office is the one tearing the seams.  It didn't start with Obama, he is the symptom of corruption that has been in place a long time........Yeah, the Rangers hurt, but not for me, but for all these children, and older black people who grew up with baseball, for all the dirtbags, woods, and trash that are called Texans.....  Those are my folk, I don't like anything that's going to hurt them.  You look out for your world, I look out for my nation...........

Am I bitter no?  Will I ever be shaking Rick Carlisle hands or Bill Parcells or any MLB executive who programmed that crap called coverage hands? No.  But they not looking for me, I am not looking for them....."

God is obviously relieved. "I just didn't know"

I laugh "You God, you knew you just wanted me to say it, publically as this is the Truman Show gone so horribly wrong"

God says.........

Tiffani I got a plan, you know
I take you through so much because this path aint for everybody
to the hill, to the streets, to the jail cell
I've put you in situations where you've been in all three
And I watch society and Lucifer pull s*** hoping you break you know..
I want this world to see through you and through others that it is not what you do, but how you overcome, Tiffani all I am saying is

Life's up and downs they come and go ....but I gotta show folk you get up and try...Aint a requirement I always tell you the whys.. I hear the soul of the babies just cry ..It's true what
Goes around comes back you know.. So one day instead walking you'll fly.. You gotta survive for this nation so the babies can fly
Can't let my country give up and just die...

And I stop, the playback because I blink my eyes we in a studio, and God is like you not leaving......until you do this song and another one, the second I'll let you chose....I gotta make you show the people that it ain't over, that you ain't backing down, you not giving up.......
I gotta do what I gotta do for my world..........  So I sit back and sigh.........God is God, but God is more stubborn than me........  I just say look God
[Verse 1:]
It ain't cool my Rangers came within one, within two strikes
of letting our nation say we won
I know it's your plan, but my people's heart is just broke, but I was built to put they hurt on my yoke
At a point now, where I got more records than Guinness
I can't do nothing but embrace this here realness
So much for back in the day to bear witness, because yeah back then yay was my business
Admittedly, should have been in TD C
But that wasn't your way, you just let 'em
let me make it through, smoking that bag of texas stress
got dirty cops in my life for life,  game's life sentence
10 years later I'm dressed in all black
Walking with two degrees next year who figured that?
To give in to give up nah, bruh never that
I can't really question your book of modern MAAT.

God says........Come on Tiffani.

 Life's up and down, they help you grow,  but you gotta show folk you get up and try.  Aint no requirement I tell you my whys. But you hear them babies souls just cry.  It's sucks you gonna get some mo, Its gonna be rough baby oh my, you persevere so the babies can fly, cant just sit back and
wanna get high.......

I'm hitting the stop button on playback again, Like dude, I am not even doing anything....Can't you see that you ......

[Verse 2:]
turned me into going to jail telling laws sir thank you
for saving me from lines I almost blew
Sobered up the hard way
ya Devils was rooting
for love jones with heroin, and god without you
Been an eagles rout
But I stayed true
cuz I loved red, white and yeah still blue
 colors of our daddys and mamas
  Was just meant to come through
for the babies to have a chance to
Now everything I do is for
babies of all colors than stand behind me
Dear God, can't you see it is they I fight for proudly
Dont matter if we
Hustling dope or just rap
All of it was my way of saying parents I got your back
so your babies can stand tall
in they path, they map
So they can rise and prosper, yeah I'll die for that
Don't matter I chilled a little getting older
And wanna look back
  no high like praying you taught me that.

Life's up and downs, they come and go, but I born to fight til the day that I die, I take breaks just to get in a sigh, hard to breathe, when you can't even cry, I know what's goes around comes back around, but these kids need they chance to try, either they gonna fall or soar and just fly,

[Verse 3:]
GOP I know you think I'm just screwing it up
Romney Perry Cain just grumbling like WTF
Can't you see I just earning the public's trust
by telling the truths my life has got so damn how
many feelings I shot, our country's soul been got, left damn near for dead
You mad cuz your plans not feeling
These folk are tearing us apart and you tittin for that
Too stubborn and scared to admit we way beyond that
It's a catch
22 either you lose or lose
That's the way game for blues who do choose
I aint never
been a runner, even when knocked off my feet
I just get back up and say baby bring it to me
A shiety figura
Gonna pull all business can't you see GOP
I'm a "G" prepared to die for what's important to me
Look anybody in the
Eye who say they want it with me
Cuz God says no thing withheld from those  uprightly
OG's say I need to
Learn and be patient
I ain't TI, didn't even make a month of probation
Im not so easy to get rid of
like old faces
For the rest of my life, hard time I just face and
I try to keep it all to myself but
  Dear Sirs, I wont fake it
All these babies need smiles upon they sweet faces
And I intend to help they parents and so embrace it
if all my biz is what it takes to get it, I'll face it

[Repeat chorus]

What I am trying to say is that Cain, Romney, Perry, if you ain't willing to let every bit of your business out, then step aside because if Obama is willing to degrade the constiutiton to fulfill campaign promises, what the hell you think is going to happen with your business.

Cain if you touched her, just say you did, because ain't nobody paying for nothing......

Why you think Bachmann put her business out there about her miscarriage? That is a failure in some woman's eyes, far deeper than a touch......

Why you think I am so open about my faults, the paths I went through, the only way we are going to get our country back is being honest and letting folk know we ain't above them, we just the ones willing to be in the front to take the slack.......

Not even Obama is walking on water, I don't care what he tells himself or you.

Let me finish the story so I can go........

So there is a knock on the door, and my assistant is bringing me clothes........give me literary license if you will, that's why it is a storyI am getting dressed, getting cute, and 10 minutes later, a handsome young man, well not so young he's older than me, I'm there in the studio waiting room, my date.........

And God Says to me 

You didn't listen girl, you sho not through
You pay the cost, girl you gotta do two
You gotta a date, oh we just through
You better bring it, or its all on you

I laugh for a minute while putting on my lipstick, not one for all types of makeup, but I try.......and I tell God....... look

I kind of like my rock steady
inside got all this love..
  Don't front its been a long minute (for)
Don't yank too hard, just pull it slow
I need love
Just like Cool J
But i'll be back for sho yo
  But tonight
  Sinatra's My way
We going to party to the morning light

'Cause I  earned a party-y-y-y-y-y-y
'Cause I'm gonna party-y-y-y-y-y-y
'Cause I like to party

No doubt I'll be a good lady
But as he pays that bill
Gonna tell 'em as the car comes on
Aint gotta rhyme to  bussa buss
Just one more stop, we gotta go

I need love
I just need a break
I know god will make me answer tomorrow
Cause tonight's the night Oh Oh Oh Oh
No cameras can we bring
Bc I'm feeling that the time is right
Cause we like to party!

[Rap: Andre 3000]
My self esteem, three thousand degrees
Ain't worried about TMZ, tonight is all about me
Me and Mr. rolling out with another, our party is hitting well above three
This is grown folk only up in here, the lower limit is  thrity
We both feeling yo, that ceelo
My team says the kids look up to me, I tell them keep they eyes real closed
We dancing all night like lionel, eighties retro
getting ready to pound like pushing with a brillo
I only got one night to play, one night to just say
Just me and him forget the clock, tell those two come to table three
We chopping it convo like hydro trees
Ladies we got 303, at the Westin I do believe
She said your money naught, you, me and he that is the tip
Hit a freaky zen, make this night a perfect 10
Yeah, these perms is gonna nap, so let them haters start to yap
 Boo, don't you worry blue, this just a hypothetical Tiffani Rendezvous

So in love
I'll give it all away
Just don't tell nobody tomorrow
'Cause tonight's the night
That I give you everything
Music knockin' till the morning light

'Cause we like to party-y-y-y-y-y-y
'Cause we like to party-y-y-y-y-y-y
'Cause we like to party

You a bad girl and your friends bad too, oh
We got the swag sauce, she drippin' swagu, ooh
You a bad girl and your friends bad too, oh
We got the swag sauce, she drippin' swagu, ooh ooh

I kissed God on the cheek, and told him don't wait up...... ;)

the end.

Will be back Friday, I just wanted to have a little fun, give a preview of what the adult oriented song rewrites that will be on my newest site, I had to push the launch back to thanksgiving.  And no I am not doing anything right now, but resting and studying and work.........

I heard the song and thought it would be fun.  I hope you learn Mr. Cain and the rest of the gop field, that appreciation of honesty and mistakes crosses both sides of the aisle.

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