Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the book ofB&b

the muslim vendors @  kiest mart in dallas, tx will not let my use my food stamp card at their store and bc the store is the only one around that accepts food stamps, my cold has turned into walking pneumonia. Why is this relevant, there is no greater population of arabs of middle east than detroit/dearborne michigan area.  it has turned into a battle of religion bc  i called the game on my god's authority.  i am too sick to write, but let me say this. it will be ugly today rangers, you have a cornered cat in the room with the tigers this is their game 5 and they will play like it.  learn from last night to never give up the blessing is in the storm, show the world tonight in allah's hood that this is not a  war of religion because this is gods country  texas rangers. show 'em no matter who, the team prevails through all. be back tom but wll be watching. in regards t debate, romney bought a endorsement and vp. no suprise and no worry big sister michelle only tarnishes christie's image as real reformer. we will not establishment, muslim world, illegal world, corrupt world. we will not back down for anyone, for this is god's country and no man from obama, farrakhan or muhammed will put that asunder. play ball
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