Monday, October 3, 2011

post time announcement

I got really sick today.  Recovery has its days, just like the Dallas Cowboys Locker Room, some losses have repercussions.  I have two papers that I have to complete before tomorrow, and my energy doesn't give me enough leeway to write them and post by stated post time.

I post sometime, tonight, for an early post tomorrow, it may publish at the starting bell of the American markets.

Rangers, I love you.  All I can say, anything more than that, fires up folks.

I'll be back later, just feeling a little bummy starting to need assistance from federal government in terms of food stamps, ssi and etc.  and all I want to do is work and my health won't let me do that right now.

While others would be rejoicing at the chance of guaranteed assistance for life, I am too bummed to write.  I like earning my own.  was raised in America back in the day, where that was the thing to do.

So I just have to be patient and get stronger slowly but surely and accept God's will, please forgive me for lack of posting for today. I wouldn't be responsible or fair to anyone writing in the mood I am in right now.

take care.
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