Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Book of Mirrors Chapter 1

Hello America,

How are you? Just a side note starting the week of the 21st, we will begin to have 8am posts, why?  B/c in addition to this site, launching a new site, and school, I have a job and the only way I can stay on top of everything is to stay balanced.

I am starting a new chapter in my life, a new book as well, as a single woman, as a woman who is approaching her 40s, and as a public servant.  I am a grower ;) not like that, the status quo is never enough for me.  By the comments and silence I received yesterday regarding this new book, I know that mantra is permeating my writing.........

I love this country......... Let me repeat, I LOVE this country.  I am not in love with everything about it, but I love America.  And on some levels, I feel that no one gonna love America like I do, in regards to what I do politically because it is going to take a love of this country, a fundamental of this is home, this is what I will fight for, this is what I will die to save this country.

We will beyond a tax plan, or a speech or an executive order saving this country.

Being an American citizen is like being married, love is cool but without work..........it's just an affair, so these words that I write are not personal, it is simply for love of this country and its citizens and these precious babies, that we call our legal American children, and I am aware of the number of illegal children and I am going to address it, just not right now.

I checked the headlines.........to see if there is anything urgent, I think what is going with Berlusconi and Japan's Olympus are just the tip of the iceberg of global fiscal issues that will sooner or later impact the American economy.  The economies of the world are falling like dominoes because the gold standard of them: The American economy has been decimated from within............

I think that we must stay vigiliant in our reporting and knowledge of JP Morgan Chase and MF Global and while Obama will want to demonize Chase, MF Global was MAJOR donor of the hope and change hustle........gosh, I mean campaign ;) old habits die hard...... #sarcasm

Bill Clinton dude I knew sooner or later, you would pull the three terms crap, DUDE, just like Obama, this is not the way our system works........face it.  Just like Obama needs to face the fact that an effective President has to work with congress and even the do nothing democrat majority senate and the ever active GOP house......

We have to follow rules......

GOP there is no need to play tattle tale with Obama and Sarkozy regarding Netanyahu, Obama doesn't like America, so why in the hell would he like our allies.  He lies in our face, he tells everyone everything he thinks they want to hear........  dude, this is the book of mirror, you ain't gotta point.  Everyone at the G20 knows Obama is a messy shady, shiesty......half..... I'm gonna let you fill in the blank.

Last headline, point, Romney don't back away from your comments, the government should have not bailed out GM sorry, We all needed to be driving Yukons that we got the dealership for about 10k at the liquidation sale.  The government is there to enforce rules , not to play captain save a corporation.  I love you to Detroit, but Ford, BMW, Kia, Benz all produce cars here and they picked themselves up without a dime from us, what makes you different GM?  Wrong is wrong....

Let's get on to round 1, Here is Round 1........

Here are the rules,

1) each one of the candidates on the right will be matched up against Obama, out of consideration for my time as I am launching a second site, will release the name next week, in two classes and working, I am going to use my discretion to only address the candidates that I think have a legitimate chance.

2) I am going to use the blogs of others, write sometimes, use articles, maybe a song or two, to pick an issue, present how Obama addresses it and how the candidate addresses it, ending each post with a list of qualities that are reflected in the mirrors.

3)the theoretical basis for this book and measure comes from two sources.  Rev. MLK Jr's assertion that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in comfort and convenience  but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.  That he includes women as well.  This quote means that when you want to know about somebody don't look at how they act in the good times, but how they act under crisis, when the grits hit the fan.

4)The second source is from Brooke Foss Wescott, an English Theologian, who asserts that great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.  Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last the crisis shows what we have be become. In other words, there is no great event that makes someone stand up, it is just an opportunity for us to see what is already there.

5) Each candidate will have a crisis selected from five areas with Obama, I am not going to go in order, one day it may be romney or it may be bachmann, but I will develop a chart or a link to one where we can start to keep a running inventory of the values we see present in the mirrors.  The five areas are personal, foreign policy, discrimination (race, class, gender), constitutional adherence, and enforcement.

 I going to make three lists, who will be primary frontrunners, who can beat Obama in a general election, and who should be on the VP list.  I am not Karl Rove, I don't approach my decisions from knowledge of every precinct not that smart ;), I come a psychological perspective, using my urban background, using my unique background, to approach things a little different, these lists are made with love because I truly feel no one gonna love this country enough in my way to just be candid about such things.

We start with Herman Cain and Obama regarding personal issues............ let's go.  I have chosen David Limbaugh's article to begin to look into the mirror and see what is reflected with Barack Hussien Obama and Herman Cain in regards to personal issues that have a racial element.

david limbaugh: the left and race

I am taking the liberty of pasting the text of his article, but still use it.  I am going to use the bold italicized font to make some comments, Mr. Limbaugh is a really nice and gracious dude, who knows I am a fan of his writings, T. Sowell, Michelle Malkin, are daily reads for me...  So he knows I am saying these things out of love.  We are going to use his article as context for race.  We will begin the actual discussion with Obama and Cain tomorrow, I don't want to make these posts too lengthy.

It's almost 2012, and we have a black president, yet the white ghost of racial tensions still haunts our national politics. Will it ever end?

The true disparity of the economic injustice that was caused by the groundbreaking patents and contributions of early slaves who were not legal in order to receive fair and just fiscal compensation will never be resolved and because of that fact the exploitation of that reality will never end....

Far too many liberals continue to paint conservatives as racists based on their ideological leanings and party affiliation. Some believe it; others know better but milk it for their political gain. Still others selfishly and recklessly cling to this view to make themselves feel morally superior, wholly indifferent to their own immorality in impugning a category of people in the same way racists categorically impugn entire races of people and wholly indifferent to the facts.

Very true, Mr. Limbaugh a lot of black liberals know better, a lot of white liberals in my interaction seem to really believe that I guess to a lack of perspective, and you are right, the same racism a lot of liberals demonize the right for not supporting Obama is the same racist paradigms used by them to justify his acts......
Columnist Tony Norman recently argued that "most blacks" are amazed that some blacks can make so many white conservatives feel comfortable with them. These blacks do so, in Norman's opinion, by blaming themselves for their own plight. No one, says Norman, has perfected this art more than Herman Cain.

As a black woman, I beg to differ, I think that it is contextual to who you are talking to in the black community, I was blessed to grow up in Dallas, in a part of the city and the world I knew where black men were judges, lawyers, state representatives, business owners, not just for black people, but for fellow Dallassites and Texans, but my experience is unique in some ways, there plenty of urban center where Mr. Norman's assertions are true.  I just ask all of us to have a bit of caution with statements like those.

It's the same old song; nothing has changed for those who are too embittered to quit singing it or who refuse to consider the possibility that their prejudicial assessments are wrong. Nothing will be allowed to change by others who profit politically and financially for exploiting racial acrimony.

You are right, Mr. Limbaugh, if Jesse Jackson and Sharpton didn't have nobody to protest........they may be in the 42.1 million and counting Americans who are under the poverty line, a statistic that has increased every month in the Obama Administration.
Will any liberals criticize Norman for saying that white conservatives will only accept blacks who pander to them? It can't be that conservatives embrace Cain because he's a charismatic, competent conservative with proven leadership credentials, can it?

Will they give Norman a pass for implying that Cain is a panderer, presumably because he preaches a conservative message that resonates with conservatives? It can't be that Cain actually believes in the principles he's espousing, the expression of which requires far more courage than adopting the pat liberal line, can it?

Uh-uh :)
Are conservatives allowed to take exception to Norman's categorical condemnation? How many "white conservatives" does he know? How does he know they are racists? Is it because of the policies they support? Does he know Herman Cain or what motivates Cain to support the conservative agenda?
Juan Williams, a liberal and also a man of color, objects to the patronizing treatment Cain is receiving at the hands of his fellow liberals. Williams says: "The whole idea is he's a token; he's a puppet; he's being manipulated; he's someone who is being used by white people. I mean, it's unbelievable. They would deny this man his own independent intelligence, his will, his own success. It is an outrage."
According to Norman, 99 percent of blacks had a falling out with the Republican Party "after it was taken over by Dixiecrats and Southern defectors from the Democratic Party during the height of the civil rights struggle."

You should take exception Mr. Limbaugh, I am writing you a permission slip as we speak right now.. Everyone who has the audacity to judge a man on his worth, on his character, on his merit, to look into the mirror and see past the content of his melanin should be offended.  For the words, I am going to say about Herman Cain, they are not out of malice, they are not because he is black, it is because he is a candidate for the office of President of this country and I am obligated to speak my mind because I feel like no one is gonna love this country and is in the position I am to speak the way I do.  

And don't be so worried, being black and openly conservative is hard, you are ostracized at church, at home, your family is harrassed, I go through it everyday....  So no worries, about that, the discontent with the Obama administration within the black community and identification with conservative values is higher than any gallup poll will ever reflect.

I deal with Obama democrats all day long for the past 3 years, especially black ones..   

Without debating that point, why do such an overwhelming majority of blacks continue to vote Democratic? Is it that they buy into the malicious propaganda that conservatives are racist or that their policies result in harming blacks?

Why? B/c people who are angry rarely vote on the issues, they are voting to send a message. That they are tired of seeing faces that do not reflect the minority majority of this country in our leadership position and while that may not be fair or right...... the truth of the matters is their votes count just as much as yours, and if we don't realize that we will get our asses whopped as a party again.........
If it's the former, there's not much I can say other than, "It's not true, and shame on those who perpetrate that lie to the detriment of so many." If it's the latter, what policies are we talking about?
Are conservatives racist because they are ardent capitalists and support welfare reform and school choice -- and other policies encouraging self-reliance -- and oppose affirmative action? Or is it because they find it repugnant that liberals insist we always view things through a racial lens rather than aspire to colorblindness?

It is neither......

It seems to me that the conservative approach is more egalitarian in both spirit and practice than the liberal one. Conservative policies reflect their belief in the equal dignity of every person irrespective of race, ethnicity or religion, as well as their dedication to promoting equal opportunity for all.
How about results? Look at the smashing success of welfare reform, which Bill Clinton had to be browbeaten into signing. President Obama, despite uncontroverted evidence proving it reduced black childhood poverty and illegitimacy, partially reversed it. Obama Democrats also oppose school choice, though it has been shown to help liberate minorities from inner-city schools.

Dont agree with welfare to work or school choice, I believe that letting parents chose their children's school outside of paying for private school removes the incentive to invest and maintain the community around the school they live in as a person with no kids, I don't think my tax dollars should go to charter schools, when my city, state, and federal government tax me to pay for public schools.  I think public schools are an important acculturation tool but that's another post.

But it's Obama's record itself that is the most damning. The black unemployment rate, at 16.7 percent, is nearly double that of the national average. Obama's response to blacks: "Stop complaining and fight."

They know Mr. Limbaugh, to say it publicly hurts too bad because it reminds them of a painful truth, a black man, or half black whatever Obama calls himself today can screw over you just as much as a white man with a sheet on and those truths hurt.  A lot of folk in the black community wanted so badly to believe that he would be this beacon of light and show that black men can lead this country and Obama is doing that, it is just in the direction of hell and demise.......

Conservatives believe in a safety net, but we don't support policies in the name of compassion that are cynically designed to expand the dependency class but that, in practice, only expand Democratic voter rolls, such as 99-week extensions of unemployment benefits, which exacerbate unemployment, and mandating mortgages for people who can't afford them.

If you talk to about 50% of black over 50, and about 80% of black under 50 and talk about things like that without calling it conservative principles, you are going to get agreement.  Unfortantuely, the messenger matters........ which is why I am here.  It's different when you saying, and I say it like you paying taxes so people can sit on their butts for two years, it don't even make sense to look for a job......not fair, but true.

Even if some can't overcome their ill will toward conservatives based on false charges of racism, could we at least see a little more fairness, beginning with a refusal to continue to indulge the despicable abuse of black conservatives by liberal elites who depict them as Aunt Jemima in their art or who call them demeaning names in their writings. Actual racist slurs by liberals make their phony charges of racism against conservatives that much harder to stomach.

Nah, it won't be anymore fairness, what would MSNBC and folks like Hill Harper and Obama have to talk about, outside of issues?  They are not going to let you take away their hustles........

I highlighted that article because for this week, we are going to get very racial and I wanted people to see that there are non black, non minority people who have the audacity to read unemployment numbers, and judge on policy and know for themselves, that Obama sucks on merit.

However, we have folks who are tired of seeing only white male faces represent the ultimate beacon of leadership, we all gotta an minority or white cousin, in law, something, we well beyond Sidney Poiter and Katherine Hepburn and whose coming to dinner and while that is not fair,

the fact is their votes count the same as yours.  And that is the truth, the GOP must face or we will lose again.

It is not fair or right, but those facts do not stop it from being truth.

So Mr. Cain, I am giving you one more day because of the GOP request to get you to be candid about these charges,

I am being facetious, however, you will not sabotage this party baby boy and since the majority of voters are women and they know like I know sexual harassment is not about sex, but about power, and the fact that your victims or whatever are white, and Obama is probably going to release some sex tape of him and Michelle to show how much he loves the "sistas" and staying within your race, which is really not applicable to him, but you get my drift............  

This time tomorrow, I am going to say everything that Obama will and won't.  You will not allow this party to be held hostage with some crap you obviously did.  Gloria Allred is not going to OJ the GOP because you feel like Mr. Cain, you ain't gotta answer..............

Brother, please.  You running for the President of the United States, boxers or briefs, missionary or not, confidential settlements don't exist on this level, with the power you say you are ready for, YOU WILL DISCLOSE.

It doesn't matter if it is fair that they are playing you, when you screw with hoes, you usually get screwed with hoes...... That's life, we all have made mistakes, but you will dead this by the am, or I will. And ask anyone who has read this post over the past almost 4 years, I do not do subtle, we have too many value challenged Americans for that.

No one is going to love this country the way I do, I like the Jennifer Hudson track,.............

You have 24 hours to make it go away, I am not fearing the Cain Train or how much money you are raising, we have a President who openly uses class and racial warfare as campaign tools and your personal bull will not give him the ammo he needs to exploit unresolvable hurts of economic, social and cultural disparity........

Your mirror is showing frankly the same tendencies as Obama right now, stalling, lying, not being forthright.........999, 666, I don't care how much business acumen you have, we don't need a black Obama, sorry.  We need a leader who has the balls, guts, nuts, courage, audacity, whatever you need to call it to say yeah, I got caught up......We need an adult, not someone who mimics my 9 year old nephew talking about he didn't eat the chocalate and thinks he can get away with it because he wiped his face and hands but his breath smells like it and the hershey's wrapper is sticking out of his pocket.

Out of deference to my party, I end here today.  B/c as much as I threaten Speaker Boehner with a trip up 80, or promise Sen. Alexander I am driving him back to Tennesee personally, they are my brothers and sisters and I love them and I know they are in need of a leader who is an adult with theirs, this country needs an adult.

I'll be back tomorrow.  So Mr. Limbaugh, GOP, Cain Train, know I am not going to make examples out of Obama and Cain because they are two black men, I am going to make examples out of them because they are two men who happen to be black running for office and ducking and dodging questions from subpeonas to settlements like they on child support and I love this nation enough to put myself in the tracks and say no mas.....

I will give you my first list, the VP candidates I think should receive merit : Gov. Haley Barbour, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich, Kay Bailey Hutchinson (I know she doesn't want it, but still I think she deserves a serious consideration), Diane Black, I would put myself on that list, but I can just see Rove's face now :) in sheer horror, dude I'm just joking :).  The one thing all of these candidates have in common is that they are all legislators or in government roles, with the back door executives orders and regulations that Obama has done, we need someone who has the knowledge to get down roll up their sleeves and get to it.  Dependent on the presidential candidates, I think we need to start really looking at these people.

Each one of these folk I think can handle being thrust into the office of President if needed, even Rep. Black.......

I'll be back tomorrow and dependent on how Mr. Cain chooses to play his card, we are going to get very racial because I love this nation too much to not say exactly what needs to be said.
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