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The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 10)

Hello America,

I apologize I had a guest blogger that was going to highlight the connections between Newt Gingrich, Maxine Waters and Rev. Al Sharpton, but my feed moves so fast on twitter that I couldn't catch it.

We are approaching 4000 followers on twitter @tmims50 which is not a lot, but considering I don't use any apps and just building a nation of patriots on both sides, I am proud.  I love my tweeps.

I love my tweeps on my other account as well, we @ like 1200, I think.


Because of that error on my part, I am going to write today myself.

Let's see where this goes

It's real cute what is going on with the FED and the IMF today to save the euro but it cannot continue, you can't keep putting band-aids on bullet wounds especially when you are getting shot, time and time again. 

The euro conceptually worked, but in reality a multi country denomination never does, because when it fails, it doesn't just fail the country it fails the region and in this global economy, it wrecks havoc on all.  The reason why the banks keep trying to save something that is unsavable is two fold.

1) it pushes the agenda of the geo-political folk maybe about 50, who are bent on world domination.  May sound extreme, but please.............. You lending the world money, you got the world in your hands.

2)because of the economic damage that the Obama adminstration is doing to empower his Muslim anti-Western/American brotherhood, he's not Al-Queda or the Taliban, yes, they are different groups.  Kind of like Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, Latin King....The Italian Mob, the Nigerian Mob, Yazuka, Mexican Mafia, you get the drift......  the geo-political Anti-American/Western forces that support and push the Obama agenda through Media and such cannot afford a collapse this early.

They need to wait until next summer when #OWS is really on fire, think about it, it's hot, its sweaty, stinky, folk out of work with nothing to do and all Obama will have to ride to re election is say, I'm trying to take the rich folk money but the do nothing congress led by Reid and Boehner, won't let me.

There is a new owner in the NFL, born in Pakistan in the Jacksonville Jaguars and I don't hate on anyone doing business.  I am disappointed.  I am disappointed of how many minority groups of all colors, born and raised in this country were turned down by the commissioner for whatever reasons, and I am concerned about the ramification of this sale.  For the first non white owner of an NFL team, not to be from this country hurts. 

But that's my own thing.

But for him to be right down the street from Obamaland, in Illinois, gives me a pause for this reason.

Religion doesn't matter in running the NFL, but your religion and how it interplays into your culture, does........


It is not racist, nor anti-Muslim for me to want to google Mr. Kahn and find out if he is Muslim, and will we now have an open Muslim team owner who is going to want to incorporate Muslim culture into the NFL, it is a valid, valid concern.

Because Obama is who he is, will I be called Anti-Muslim, OF COURSE, he is pointing right at me, now.......

hold on, let me check.........

yeah he is :)

But because of the legacy of the NFL in specific regards to black men, to white men, frankly to American men and the Judeo-Christian culture we have.........  I have to say things that others can't.

And I won't apologize for it.

I am not accusing Mr. Kahn of anything, I can't google too much about him right now and write about it in this short time, but his proximity to Chicago and Obama who is pro-Muslim, not calling him a Muslim but his actions have empowered a nuclear Muslim Iran, his refusal to acnknowledge a Judeo-Christian God is an appeal to his Muslim base, let's face it......

Will if Mr. Kahn is he is Muslim, stop requiring players or demand to the owner's association that the national anthem which includes a reference to a Judeo-Christian God?  Will he start to advocate practice to start centering around Muslim holidays are games for his team not played during the evening during holy season?  What about his Pakistani birth?  I am sure that his family is going to be proud relatives and what not coming over but an owner has unprecendented access by default to stadiums and security.  With a nation that is openly a training ground for Muslim Jihadists, how will he address cousin Ahmad who you know is a little hostile, but your family nonetheless?

Not a condemnation of his faith or birth , a question of how culture will be impacted.

Of course, this happening in the middle of the season of a swing states, motivates those who perceive any kind of discourse as hating or bashing because of religion.  It gives Obama the chance to say y'all know I'm down, these Judeo-Christian Western folk ain't the only one who get to come up.


don't mean...............

don't mean............

the Judeo-Christian fundamental tenets regarding culture, society and the way we do things over here will not be respected.  B/c if we were in a Muslim country, there would be no Mr. Kahn doing anything if he were not Christian.

I love my Muslim American brothers and sisters.  I do.  No doubt about it, but this culture war is made up, because there is none.  This house was built on Judeo-Chrisitan principles and it will remain so.  That's just the way it is, no money, no advancement is going to change what makes America, America.

So condemn me, call me what you want, but I mean no harm, I mean no disrespect.  This is a national cultural event that has a lot of implications which Obama will use to no end.

Which leads to my next point as I will write tomorrow.

There is a movie by Spike Lee, highlighting the life of Malcolm X.  There are two parts of that movie I want to highlight because I want Gingrich, Obama, Romney and Huntsman to see why Team Bachmann, don't budge, don't break, don't bluff, don't blunder none of that..........

The first is there is situation in the movie, a young non Muslim Man has been beaten by the police, and young Malcolm is coming up, he got the voice, he putting out the hits and the people are looking like what you are going to do?  But only a black woman

only a sister

calls us what you need to loves.....

has the audacity to say and I'm paraphrasing "Malcolm and 'em ain't going to do nothing, Joe Blow ain't Muslim, they only look out for Muslims...."

Young Malcolm looks around........I think I can't say because he's not here, I think in that moment he realized his power extended way beyond his religious counterparts.......  He realizes that his fist whether Allah gave it to him or not, wasn't just meant for those who go to the mosque.  He recognized the power he held within was designed not for a religion but for a community, a nation of people.

He looks at the woman.  See this was during a time where there was respect for a woman and a man's truth.  We dog our sisters, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, American period, we dog our sisters because they are the alarm bell.  If they don't say it, then who will, our women are our last line of defense when it comes to expressing a need........

Malcolm looks up and down and don't say a word, issues one finger, and because he and all his people on the same page, a group of men line up and go fight not for the brother by religion but brother because he's an American in need of help......

I don't know Brother Malcolm and yes my non black readers there is a larger point ;), I like to think that in that second he made that decision,

another moment flashed before his eyes.

Malcolm X wasn't always Malcolm X, he wasn't like Barack or Michelle Obama.  He was a pimp, a gangsta, putting in work.  More in common with what Rick Ross the rapper talk about, with what Freeway Ricky Ross was about than Elijiah Muhammed, the Final Call or any of that.

He like me was behind bars, out of control, just didn't give a damn.  He like so many of us, had a substance abuse problem.  What some of you all think because it wasn't no war on drugs, it wasn't no drugs?  Hmph.

In that cell, that we all face in life, just because you don't get caught, don't mean you don't have a background.  I don't care if its just taking sugar cookies out of the cookie jar, we all got

a background....

In that cell, he's trying to kick and a friend comes up to him by the name of Baines and offers him first nutmeg which helps relieve the withdrawal symptoms of opiates and then the truth as he saw it, through Elijiah Muhammed and the rest is history.

I would like to think in that moment, when he looked at that woman asking what are you going to do, Malcolm, you know y'all only look out for y'all because we eat pork, we ain't down with Allah,

that Malcolm X didn't answer her call......... because Malcolm X was a Muslim, the X designating the unknown, the seperation from his American slave heritage.

I assert Malcolm Little, the black man born and raised in Nebraska, answered that call because whether he admitted it or not publicly at some point, he realized that Muslim or no Muslim, he is a Black Man in America and ain't no final call or no Koran going to change that.

I assert Malcolm Little a man who was an advocate period stood up and saw somebody in need, realized he has some weapons and said nah..............not today, my brother ain't going to be in there by himself.  That's my brother.

I assert that is what makes Americans Americans, we are bigger than our religion, we are a reflection of our culture, a Judeo-Christian culture that started from the same premise of some folk named George and Ben and Alexander and Thomas saying man.............. they screwing you too?

I ain't got  this kind of money to keep giving no damn king or queen, I got shorties yo ;)
 I got bills, these wooden teeth ain't cheap, I am working hard my family......  We gotta do something, y'all down.

I think the same mantra that compelled some to write a constitution is what compelled the moment before his mind had time to think and where his moment where his mirror reflected his spirit to say.......

they still my brothers and sisters.

Koran or not, they my people.

For the first time in history, women and minorities will dictate who becomes President.  And out of those minority population the largest gender is women.  And that is the key of the democratic base.  Let's just call it what it is.  That's why Maxine Waters with ethics charges pending from hooking her husband's bank up with stimulus dollars, can say, let's make history, damn me being dirty help make me the first.....

That's why Obama can tell people in his own words during the midst of the worst economic situation since the great depression to stop complaining based on race........ and don't fear it.

The reason why Tyson Chandler needs to be signed Mark Cuban, yes its your team, but its our team, brother, it is our money,  because Dallas has been supporting the Mavs before you and after you....good and for bad is because we don't need another superstar in Dwight Howard or Chris Paul to point how many all star rings, how many sprite commercials they on, how many fantasy stats trophies they got......

 The Mavs need in Tyson what we need in Team Bachmann because it ain't just her, like it ain't just him.  

Somebody's that quiet during the press conference, but in that paint, in the midst, as soon as the ref ain't looking whisper from Shaq, to Howard, to Odom, you have lost your .....................................................................................................

mind, if you think you are coming in this paint and do a ...................................................................................

but take your butt right back down the court.

Can't put no stats on heart, can't put no stats on a player who know his place, can't put no stat on a team that's already gelled, already know where everybody fit in and while long term it may not last a decade or even five years, but can win back to back this year because an older team like the Mavs needed that rest, just like we did on Team Bachmann.

What does Malcolm, the Feds, the euro, the detainee bill that every senator yes vote will be subject to a citizen's arrest to folk like me with handcuffs in one hand and the constitution in the other, have to do with the Mavs and Michele Bachmann?

The same thing that makes Tyson, Malcolm fight for their people, is the same thing that makes Michele and I fight for our people.  And for the first time in a long time,  We are going to openly court and fight for every vote, including women of all colors, we are dead after the democratic base.

I was a black woman, a democrat long before I ever became the woman I am today, and I know where a lot of the frustrations and concerns of black women, but minority women in particular are coming from.

And just like that woman asked Malcolm, somebody asked our Founding Fathers, somebody questioned Tyson,

Are you going to fight for us?

and my response is one finger and walking to where the fight is.............

That's all for today,  not concerned Newt, Barack, or Mitt about just getting as many Republican voters to the poll, we fighting to lead a nation.

No vote, no demographic is taken for granted.........

Women and minorities deserve our respect and time as well, and no newt compassionate amnesty doesn't match to addressing the needs of all our brothers and sisters in a nation.

I will write tomorrow.
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