Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 2)

Hello America,

I apologize for the delay, I had to get a much needed internet upgrade, and upgrade adobe, all that type of stuff.........

I am trying to be organized for what I am trying to pull, that is my only chance to succeed in my goals.  Bought me a new desk chair, put it together all my stuff.  #proudmoment, spatial skills are so not me, worked in a warehouse for almost two years, still to this day takes me a minute to figure out which way to pull or push a dolly or build a pallet...

Wasn't that my spatial skills increased, just my dedication to finish a task allowed me to figure just what this allen wrench really does.......

Our mirrors reveal nothing new, just what inside.

I am still learning this book just like you, it usually takes me about 8 chapters to really figure out what I want to do with the book, it's like being in a relationship well it is a relationship of sorts.....

I think every day, I want to start with a little tad bit because as we progress in this book, I want you to learn what is my mirror.  I plan on being more of a presence in the national political picture, and I am obligated for you all to know what it is that you all are getting........ they are no secrets here, there are no confidential settlements.  I cannot ask for the trust of the public without trusting the public with my faults, my mirrors, my triumphs.  Sure I've made mistakes, sure whether I buy charmin or northern doesn't matter, but to ask you all to trust me to make decisions to give opinions that affect the lives of others and deny you all what makes me tick is what makes me a public servant and others politicians..... ;)

I am here to serve you.........

I am here to love you and in love comes responsibility and work and commitment things that used to make me run from love like someone on probation who is running out of his or her po's office realizing that receipe for that drug test didn't work...... and my role is to say the truths others won't or can't because there is a war for our country's soul going on, and if my privacy is to be sacrificed so that Lady Liberty can keep her crown,

#johnboehner (*waving* Big Brother hold that gavel tight...., we got your back, sorry I don't get to speak too much anymore) so be it. I'll gladly pay that cost.  The children of this country, the citizens of this country will have a govt that will not be ran anymore by the corruption that has taken control of both parties.

Admittedly, I've been through some things.........please don't hold against me.....

Can't nobody love you all with these truths, the way I do.  Took me a long time to accept what path God put me on but those qualities I speak of in that mirror shine through as Wescott says in the light and in that wilsonpicket, #midnight hour.

Last night, I received a bad grade on a paper, and please save all your comments regarding whether I am smart as I say I am, yes....I am.  And dealing with Cain's team, all day, internally, and some other factions, I was kind of bummed because I am realizing that it is not racism, or sexism, class, it is a combination of all.

I wrote the professor found out what remedies could be taken, didn't flunk the whole paper, got a's on every part of the rubric but one, on that part I didn't get any points......And at the end of a long day, I wanted to cry, wanted a drink, a blunt, just wanted to get away........

But I took a deep breath, like my Big Brother Josh Hamilton would do, and I prayed.  Yesterday, hurt Joe Frazier passed and God Bless him, but Heavy D passed.  For those who do not know he was an artist in my time, I remember as a kid, doing his dances from the video, and he had lost the weight that gave him the nickname and was healthy and from all reports had a coronoary.  It reminded of how strokes and heart attacks and etc, are taking away so many black men, black women, white men, white women, etc.......Americans, especially at late 30's, 40's and early 50's. mortality is scary.

We running around trying to do so much.......Christmas coming, yes Christmas, I ain't the Happy Holiday chick and now just when we at Target or WalMart trying to buy our babies these toys on layaway, now Obama hits Christmas trees with a 15 cent taxes for being a real ones, making it harder to have the scent of pine needles keeping our homes fresh..........

I just sat there last night around 2 am, in the morning, and realized that I am not the girl I was...and acknowledged that I have the ability to look things in perspective.  I was disappointed in my grade, but relieved that I have ways to rectify it, so no need to be nasty, I realized that HeavyD's death meant another part of my childhood gone and that's all part of getting older and listening to the doctor speech on sodium etc needs to resonate a little more......

  I realized that Obama ain't cool with Christmas and while he is cutting out schwagg and smartphones but won't release his blackberry messages regarding Solyndra because he thinks we are some darn children...., that nobody on the left nor the right wants to see an urban, black, attractive voice leading the GOP, saying what in 2000? let me see that picture...........yeah, that was me, I had been smoking weed all day I didn't want to deal with responsiblity.  saying yeah in 2012, yeah that's me walking across two stages, with cum and laude on both....

I realized what you all as parents, as citizens, tired of all this bull realize everyday, we are who we are and you get up and you wipe yourself off and get back in the game.

And here we are:

some brief political notes:  Obama, dude, you won't stop your wife from 75k a day trips, or increasing the federal payrolls, won't answer subpeonas about our money, won't fire holder but you think you entitled to some points because you stopped some coffee cups and smartphones, because on the low, you really don't wanna see Apple Rise.  too much innovation, too much American spirit for you......

Iran is nuclear, sending nasty notes via Hillary Clinton and stopping aid when Russia and China supply them and they are one of the largest oil producers and while telling the gulf nah, we going to let Brazil and Mexico work the gulf isn't going to stop Iran.

Hell, why should it? they got a gun, Obama got a deferral slip and you wonder why I saw his mirror on a daily basis reveals a childishness that reflects a disdain for this country that can only resolved with a bucket of water and five patriots ;)

Italy and Greece just the beginning, the euro will crash and this time next year this country will have 20 to 25 % unemployment and rage and anger will spread faster than lice at #OWS portland.......

Even though I, I, I still can feel a sting,
No need to second guess me.......

Well tonight, is the night elimation round for the debates.  So let's get to it.

Here are the rules,

1) each one of the candidates on the right will be matched up against Obama, out of consideration for my time as I am launching a second site, will release the name next week, in two classes and working, I am going to use my discretion to only address the candidates that I think have a legitimate chance.

2) I am going to use the blogs of others, write sometimes, use articles, maybe a song or two, to pick an issue, present how Obama addresses it and how the candidate addresses it, ending each post with a list of qualities that are reflected in the mirrors.

3)the theoretical basis for this book and measure comes from two sources.  Rev. MLK Jr's assertion that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in comfort and convenience  but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.  That he includes women as well.  This quote means that when you want to know about somebody don't look at how they act in the good times, but how they act under crisis, when the grits hit the fan.

4)The second source is from Brooke Foss Wescott, an English Theologian, who asserts that great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.  Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last the crisis shows what we have be become. In other words, there is no great event that makes someone stand up, it is just an opportunity for us to see what is already there.

5) Each candidate will have a crisis selected from five areas with Obama, I am not going to go in order, one day it may be romney or it may be bachmann, but I will develop a chart or a link to one where we can start to keep a running inventory of the values we see present in the mirrors.  The five areas are personal, foreign policy, discrimination (race, class, gender), constitutional adherence, and enforcement.

The candidates who actually can beat Obama are Bachmann, Huntsman, Gingrich.....

The candidates that the GOP will fight for in the primary because we as a party often forget that general elections, not primaries win the oval office are: Romney, Cain, Perry. b/c the GOP don't really want to win this election so they can get rid of the teaparty which is a bigger threat to the corruption that floods both aisles than the treasonous behavior that epitomizes Obama and Daley and crew..........

No offense to Rick S., if you would understand that as a man or someone that has obviously been raped or abused that you have no right to let things like that out of your mouth and want to lead a nation, you would win by a landslide. 

No offense to Ron Paul, if you had the fortitude to just face it, it is f***ed up what past presidents have done in regards to starting wars, but we in it and we have to do whatever it takes to protect our citizens including showing folk like Iran, Iraq and Al-queda and Muslim Brotherhood, Taliban, nah.........son, you are going to feel it first because people pay much more attention to examples than paper warning..........oh........I mean sanctions, I would be working your campaign now.

No offense to Mitt Romney, when the euro crashes and china extends lending rights to everyone because they have it in their minds, they are going to own the world, nobody is wanna going to see someone who is rich, white, and the mormon thing will come up, not fair but true, with women the largest part of the electorate and I don't know who is doing your polling Romney....nah.  GOP women can't carry you alone, you have to get independents and dems, and you not going to trash your faith, and you are not going to dog polgamy.  You dodge questions better than Festus on gunsmoke, we don't have time for that.  you wrote Obamacare, you hired the SAME EPA folk that are taxing trees and putting companies out of business now sir.  You are the establishment, and putting in work for the party, doesn't matter to me.  Putting in work for the people does.

No offense to Rick Perry, being from Texas after Bush doesn't give a free pass, Texas is headed for hard times, the first time we have a deficit, not willing to debate, we allready got one of those in Obama, arguing with Mitt like you all are married, just sloppy all the way around because you thought you would be a sure in, all Obama will say is Bush, White Bush and we don't have time for that.  We simply don't.  And with you supporting Al Gore and changing parties for a job, what does your mirror say.

Cain, we are going to discuss you today.

What I would like to do is dedicate the next 5 posts to Cain and Obama, then another 5 posts to Perry and Obama, and the same with Romney and Perry as they are similar more in policy and how they deal with issues and mirrors than we realize........

Let's begin........

I read the presser and sure enough, Cain is showing more and more why he will earn the nickname of Black Obama by the time this is all over.  Let me state for the record, I don't want Cain to quit, because I don't want no excuse at convention time.  I want him to be eliminated the right way because he is not fit to run this country.  So please someone convey that to the #CainTrain.

One thing Cain does have is some patriots on his team, they are good people, and they are looking for someone to be everything obama is not.  Adult, understands it is not your money, understands what defense means, actually likes this country that type of thing.  But Herman Cain is no tea party dude, he is an establishment dude, a black Mitt, a black Rick, a black Obama and I would rather my tweeps hate me, unfollow me on twitter, this blog or whatever, than to lie to them and let Herman Cain get a pass because the blackmail card as all politicians and public servants do( no slight to Cain) precludes most in the GOP to standing up to him.

See I, I, I, I, I don't mind you
Putting up a little bit of fight, it's alright,
But why run from what's gonna hold you tight
Through any complications, baby, we are going to do this right (these are excerpts from Jennifer Hudson's Nobody gonna love you btw).

Race matters......... think not, say Orenthal James Simpson.  let's not be naive.  It shouldn't matter, but in a book that I think that everyone should if they have time to read Blink by Malcolm Gladwell because we are a visual society, race is imprinted with certain connatations to the first time mama lets us watch tv, see a billboard, see our parent's reactions.  Madison Avenue depends on it.

When you see that commercial for that truck in black going over terrian you know you never will, or that sweet baby in a toliet tissue commerical with white angel wings over, the subliminal messages that reach your limbic system and other parts of the brain that process emotional thoughts and corresponding physiological actions happen quicker than a blink of an eye.  If you read the book, it is those same processes that subconsciously compel an officer to put his hands on a gun or some handcuffs......

So what makes you all think politics is any different?

Herman Cain a married man of 45 years, with two white women coming out saying he abused his power.  Who says I have to fight for my intergrity and offers the defense of Perry did it, they crazy, I did pay but not really for anything, but I am the man to lead this country..........

against a President who deems it is racism for everyone who doesn't agree with him.

I waited for two weeks to see what Cain's response would be: I got blame, blame, dodging and blame.  I don't care that he loves America, I think he is a patriot, but if you wanna lead my country, you need to understand this when you point one finger at someone else, four more are pointed back at you.

It is time to be grown folk, blaming the victim don't matter.  It don't matter if the women were hoes, on crack, didn't say nothing before, getting paid now.  They not running for President, Cain is.  And when you combine which we will get to later answer to questions regarding foreign policy like I am going to depend on my advisors, who are they? I won't reveal.

Did you touch her? I won't say.  I didn't, but it is going to more women, but they bad nasty women.  That spells a childishness we don't need in the oval office.  Joe Paterno is losing his job because of what some other folk did he knew about and Cain you think because you say wtf you not going to talk about, you are going to get a pass......

I am trying to show a pattern of blame and childishness.  I don't know what it is with Rick Perry and Cain nor do I care, but both of their tendecies to get personal and avoid issues is what we don't need.  Next year at this time, this country will be in far worse shape economically.

Let me repeat that, next year at this time, this country will be in far worse shape economically.

We don't need someone who leads by pointing fingers, we need someone who leads by taking responsiblity.

Cain you corporate America, you know the drill.  You paid these women, sexual harrassment ain't about sex, it is about power.  It is about you thinking you entitled to do what the hell you feel because you Herman Cain, I think there is merit because it is precisely how you run your campaign.  You say race don't matter dude, please.  Burger King and Godfather's Pizza benefitted from you being black just as much as you did.  Not saying he didn't earn it, but saying that the sacrifices or injusticies of others didn't help is just a lie that Cain is too old to tell himself.

And fyi, I am black enough and bold enough to say that..... I don't need to get approval from Cain, Jesse Jackson Jr to say it.

To accuse Rick Perry of being racist of something that wasn't his fault instead of addressing issues for something not his fault and not address the many valid issues of Perry and give Al Sharpton credibility shows sir, you play the race card just as well as Obama.

And fyi, I am black enough and bold enough to say it, this country's soul is at stake, I don't have time to mince words....

Micheal Jackson said he didn't touch "anybody"........after the first settlement, the second, and until he died.......

but nobody is paying for nothing Cain you disgrace Black men in particular because they already burying the yoke of sometimes when it counts blackness of Obama, by treating all of us like we children and knowing the GOP between your race and blackmail card, won't say anything to you.

For you to say, its perry, she crazy, she broke, and yeah there are gonna be some more, no denial from your wife, no assertions from your church members and friends that you couldn't possibly do it, and having the audacity to think that's going to be enough.

To think that you are going to win with the these crazy hoes and Perry trying to keep the man down card is gonna work.......

makes me truly wonder what is your purpose in running sir because you doing the same thing Obama does, and we ain't even hit the substantive issues.

Sexual harrassment doesn't not happen because someone is broke or crazy, a lot of times it happens because of it, it happens bc someone is in power like you broke, crazy woman, do you know who I am?  Don't act like you don't need this job.

Barack won't say it publicly but it will be said through Michelle frying chicken, talking about the days her and Obama had to "hustle" and it will send the subliminal message that was sent via Gloria A during the OJ trials, black dudes who mess with white women get screwed when it is good sisters at home. 

We all know the social connotations of black dudes having their black family on paper and their snowbunnies at work.  It is the movie waiting to exhale in real life.  You have a lot of women that are going to come out and Gloria A ain't no joke.  That woman got 33 million dollars from someone who was found NOT GUILTY in a criminal court, what do you think she is going to do with you in election season. 

It doesn't matter if they lying, it matters that you paid.

And when the truth comes out because I did my own research 6 months ago on you, that there was impropriety, that it is more than just lying on the black man...., you will turn off a lot of white voters because you will just another angry black man who don't want to admit his wrong.  We already got one of those his name is Barack on the days he's black

This nation has had 44 presidents who just lie, take advantage of our ability to just give up and accept what happens and we are at a crisis, we can't handle 45.  I will not stand by as I got a lot of warnings from folk to not mess with you, that you have a rep for "handling" all enemies to where you no longer get questioned.

Look in my mirror: running ain't in it. 

I stop for today, the market has dropped another 150 since I started writing.  But the lessons I ask that we take today as the debate hits Detroit is what is in your mirror Cain: blame, diversion, race politics and straight up lying and that's just involving personal issues.

Hey! I saw the dirty look you gave me
Do what you gotta do boo,
Can't nobody love the usa like I'm gonna do!
Ain't no one got the voice i do, to stand up for my red, white and blue!

15 years of national elections, almost 4 years on this blog, and all of your colleagues will tell you tonight, Tiffani don't mince words for anyone.  I'll fight hustlers who push hope, cons who sell change, rinos who fake republican values, i don't mind putting myself in harm's way because of there is a train named Cain on the track.

Our country's soul is at stake, we need someone who can win, the general election not the primary.  I have four to five more posts to show why outside of this you are not the one, but it would be unfair not to give you warning, Mr. Cain.

this is nation of grown wanna run this nation, you need to be prepared to answer all questions.

That's it for today, for all of those who wondered why I was so public for awhile about my faults, my habits, my personal life, my struggles this is why.  because I can say what 99% of the party can't.

Herman Cain loves America, I truly believe, but he has the same tendencies in reaction to problems as Barack Obama, we can't afford a black Obama to lead four years, after enduring four years of a black when I need to be one.

I don't want  you to quit your campaign Mr. Cain, I need an example to show that whomever is going to be 45 needs to be grown on all levels......politics as usual has ceased.

back tomorrow, its 2012........ain't going to get any easier, hold up that mirror and replay every action,every word cain has said, close your eyes and imagine Obama said it and have the nuts, guts, balls, audacity, courage or whatever you need to call it to acknowledge what your reaction would be.

Just bc Cain is on the right and loves America, don't make his crooked straight.
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