Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 3)

Hello America,

How are you this morning?

I am starting to get to know this book, so the writing should reflect that.

First and foremost, there is a new link to the right, that refers to Sunny.  It is the story of a twitter friend of mine whose son and wife are enduring some misjustices that should result in Holder being fired for more reasons than fast and furious.  I am going to allow you all to read the story, all you have to do is click the flag and you will be redirected to the link.  However, a brief synposis.  A young lady was raised over here and didn't know she was illegal because her parents didn't say anything.  Later on, she married a United States citizen and had already started the process of trying to get her citizenship situation straight on her own.

Recently, she was deported, even though she is legally married to a United States citizen.  Now knowing my stance on illegals in this country even children, this is not a reversal of my position.  I told this person I would highlight their story because it reflects the injusticies and selective pursuit of justice in the Obama administration.  Obama's uncle commits criminal behavior still walking around, selling hope and change t-shirts as we speak.  This woman was brought over illegally by her parents, committed no crime, started the citizenship process on her own, married the man she loves,.......which sometimes is normal :) and then is deported.  Please read the link

It reflects the I can do what I want to attitude of Barack Obama, Herman Cain and to an extent Joe Paterno.  Because of the potential powder keg that Mr. Paterno has helped to keep under wraps.........., I am not going to comment outside of this.

The World Series to me was more than the Cardinals vs. the Rangers.......More than LaRussa vs. Washington.  It is about the style of coaching that inherently exploits the power differential and embracing a coaching style that doesn't.  I don't think Rick Carlisle is in that category per se, but coaches like Bill Parcells, Bobby Knight just have to courage to be open about the exploitation of the power differential they use in their coaching paradigm.  Young men's futures are in the hands.......of coaches......... The athletes are not paid while the schools and the coaches are paid millions of dollars and have a tremendous impact on the lives of these young men.  One comment of uncoachable can impact the fiscal and literal legacies of so many people.

Coaches are not Daddy's.  They are coaches who are there to explain how to run some ball or whatever the case maybe.  It is unfortunate that the degredation of society values has lead to coaches being such a primary figure in so many young men's lives because of the predatory nature it invites inherently.  

Whether it is harrassment of a female employee at work, or any employee saying you need to do this to keep your job or whatever, whether it is exploitation in the locker room, letting a coach touch you or look at you a little too long in the locker room knowing crossing him, means a whisper to his networks in the NFL, NBA or whatever. Whether it is a teacher in school telling a student you don't get this grade or this research approval or whatever if you don't so and so.........

It doesn't matter: ABUSE IS ABUSE.

 Just because in sports, especially in professional sports, the victims are primarily men that are or have the potential to be well-paid........does not condone IN ANY WAY them being exploited in any way, by putting hands on them, by touching in appropriately anything.

The days of coaches in particular, as Bobby Knight who was a figure in my time who should have been charged as there is no reason to put your hands on a young person with that much power, I don't mince words justifying exploitative behavior because he's teaching them to be a young man or he should be "thankful" he gets to abuse his body for a living IS DONE.

FOR SOMEONE THAT HAS BEEN ABUSED THAT HAS BEEN RAPED, trust there is no amount of money. NONE, that can make the stain of that traumatic event leave.........

Money don't make your crooked straight anymore than lying or not answering it does....

The wins you have on the field, or the number of franchises you help rebuild is negated the moment you use your position to take advantage of someone.  You belong not in the hall of fame, nor in a debate but in the squad car with Benson and Stabler (Law & Order: SVU) where is stabler btw?  You belong in a cell with some 6'7 dude named Tiny or some woman with no children named Mama because women do it as well.  Abuse is not gender specific, it is about abuse of power.........

taking the time to show you why the effects linger.........for the rest of your life.

Until you learn and admit your acts where you wrong, you should not be allowed in any forum where you have the potential to exploit anyone else.

Let's go over some quick political notes.

The Euro's forecast is why Obama will not be defending 9.0% unemployment next year, but maybe 15 to 20%, 33% of our exports go to European nations who were on the spend until the end mantras long before we were.  If we cannot get a budget in this nation with the "do-nothing"democrat Senate majority, we sure as heck are not givng the IMF money to bail out italy or anyone else.

No tax dollars will be spent to bail out other countries while Obama has drilling restrictions for us on our land and lets Brazil and Mexico via drilling and commercial truck shipping get away with fiscal and job murder.........

What else? No democrats those war savings won't fund a stimulus package because more than likely troops are going to be right back...........the violence that is going on now is a mere iota of what will happen when the full pullout occurs.

Politico it doesn't matter how you much you, thehill, every news outlet around pumps up Romney or what is money can buy......he won't be the nominee.  We already got a socialist in office, his name is Obama.  Romney can say all the lines he wants, but his mirror shows: he is an establishment Massachusetts moderate liberal.....  This is the right loves, the home of grown individuals who have the audacity to think and critically analyze for themselves........

That's it, and Al Sharpton, I am flattered, along with a myriad of feelings that you took my talking points for your show yesterday.........but what can you do, the truth spreads faster than the moderator's prediciting that Herman Cain was gonna answer every question with 999. ;)

The debates:

Anytime debates are televised and more than two people are on the stage, factors such as placement matters.  It was no coincidence that cain, perry and romney were placed together were you can see them in the full view and bachmann and huntsman and gingrich were placed on the edges.  I am reading this journal article by Danny Hayes out of Poltical Behavior a scientific journal regarding political science for class who explores the increasing power of television and how it does and does not impact voting preferences......

I think these days candidates are like products and just like any product placement, matters.  It was not lost by the focus group I held last night on twitter that Bachmann wasn't allowed to finish or Huntsman , but Romney was, and Perry was given several chances to finish questions. 

I would complain but I have faith in my American citizens to discern bs and it was notated.

I don't know the name of the moderator in the black, the young lady, you don't have to cry because Perry needed a nap....... ;) dude, he had no chance of being the nominee in the first place.  You should have learned the lessons from The book of Baseball and Basslines, the road to 2012 is long and ardous, who may be up one moment can be a non factor by the rest of the week.

Romney: sound bites were a lot better, he is starting to grasp the concept, it's not mine automatically even though I got all the money and passed out all the McCain flyers I could ;) But words don't matter.  His policies and he does have a record show that he is a moderate liberal, he is not a conservative, not fiscally and that's all that matters because social issues are too subjective and personal by the inherent nature of them.  He didn't win.

Perry: Rick Perry is like your little brother who you hate to see go outside and fight the bully, but you have to because it is part of the learning process.......You at the window crying, pressing your hand at the window, feeling every blow he suffered.  He sounded exactly what he is: a candidate who had no reason to run, I am sorry Paul and Gingrich are way older than them, on this level you have to be on point, it wasn't just the one gaffe, it was the way he struggled and labored to get through his talking points, which you are at this point supposed to know......  Rick Perry don't want to run, but he is obligated.

Paul:  I think Paul does what he always does, he is very astute and knowledgeable and because of his age too old to bs, I think he came in he came in 2nd.

Huntsman:  He was strong considered he was shutout and a bit flustered......I think when given a chance, he stayed on his talking points and so it rendered his responses as practiced but in the nature of these debates what can you do.

Santorum: I think he is fighting on his last leg, not huntsman, he has a lot of good ideas, and when he learns to keep his personal agenda at home and realize that he is fighting to run a nation of diversity in so many ways....... he will be a better candidate, a good dude, just has to learn that you can't put social conservative agendas as the forefront and want to led the most diverse nation in the world.

Cain:  We will discuss a tad bit more today.  I am not going to go into the next area because of the debates last night.  But again the mirror, showed blame and diversion.  I don't care about the folk booing, questioning Cain about it was correct, putting Romney in it wasn't.  The question was fair and valid and will be exploited as it should be.  If it were Obama, Hannity and Greta would be foaming at the mouth, so the fact that Cain is black and or on the right is no excuse.  Outside of that, you all as a nation see my problem with Cain as a whole, his 999 is Obama's hope and change.  treated as an answer to everything, he had no substantive answers to anything even though the moderator, the street dude, pleaded with him to give him something.  Sorry, cnbc, the mirror shows nothing but the truth, he is not a serious candidate.

Bachmann: you gotta get used to the spotlights and work through your talking points better love.  When you get the mike, you have to take advantage of it.  After, and I do mean after you handle the responsibilities of your district, reach out to Newt, Newt is in a different place right now.  I think you handled yourself well, once you got a couple of questions your way, you doing well, but you gotta stop playing catchup, stop playing from behind, start off the first question ready even if it takes them 20 minutes to get to you....

Gingrich: the winner, hands down.  Substantive, wit, and honesty and candor.  You can't beat it.  His debate skills make every politician including me proud because that is what it is about.  Having the knowledge of a little bit of everything and being able to bring it at a moment's notice.  That was class in session. last night. Jordan Game 6, Tyson Round 1, Schilling World Series, Emmitt in the Super Bowl........  zone.  But his past mistakes will come back to haunt him.  I would really suggest Newt that you and Bachmann consider a ticket, if Bachmann gotta be VP with you, I can accept that.

And the Lincoln debate style that Newt is referring to is what debate used to be about.  No moderator to cut off or steer questions, just mano y mano.  the only other voice in the room is a timepiece.  Gingrich would Bobby Knight Obama....hands down and to her credit, I think Bachmann could handle Biden, the player in him precludes him from taking any beautiful lady seriously.

that's it for the debates, let's finish up round 1 with Cain.

Here are the rules.

Here are the rules,

1) each one of the candidates on the right will be matched up against Obama, out of consideration for my time as I am launching a second site, will release the name next week, in two classes and working, I am going to use my discretion to only address the candidates that I think have a legitimate chance.

2) I am going to use the blogs of others, write sometimes, use articles, maybe a song or two, to pick an issue, present how Obama addresses it and how the candidate addresses it, ending each post with a list of qualities that are reflected in the mirrors.

3)the theoretical basis for this book and measure comes from two sources.  Rev. MLK Jr's assertion that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in comfort and convenience  but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy.  That he includes women as well.  This quote means that when you want to know about somebody don't look at how they act in the good times, but how they act under crisis, when the grits hit the fan.

4)The second source is from Brooke Foss Wescott, an English Theologian, who asserts that great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.  Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last the crisis shows what we have be become. In other words, there is no great event that makes someone stand up, it is just an opportunity for us to see what is already there.

5) Each candidate will have a crisis selected from five areas with Obama, I am not going to go in order, one day it may be romney or it may be bachmann, but I will develop a chart or a link to one where we can start to keep a running inventory of the values we see present in the mirrors.  The five areas are personal, foreign policy, discrimination (race, class, gender), constitutional adherence, and enforcement.

Cain's reaction and almost indignation to the questioning of the moderator of a legitimate issue reflects something in the mirror we cannot afford in the oval office.  Self-anointed Entitlement.  When Gloria A. takes a case, baby, she is there to get paid, she is going to pull press and because there were settlements, they are more complaints, you have to acknowledge you are going to be asked about it.

Responding to a question about one victim with well, she can say this, but thousands of others won't.  Is like Micheal Jackson saying yeah.........he can say he does know what my personal parts are, but several other million other children can't.

It is not answering a specific question with a general answer like we are children, Mr. Cain and that is a tendency of Obama as well as you.

No one is calling you stupid sir, no one is saying Herman Cain touched millions of women, you wouldn't have made it this far, butthe low numbers of victims does not preclude your accountability.

Would you tell one Mr. Jackson's victims nah you don't matter because it is too many folk that say otherwise?

If the roles were reversed with Mr. Obama, Mr. Cain you would be saying he's coping out and not answering the question.

Just because someone is giving you money, don't make your crooked straight.  Micheal Jackson's dance game still sells off the shelves my nephews have it, but does someone giving him or his estate money have anything to do with what he did to a person?

You realize your answer states that you feel that money buys accountability.

The same rationale that Obama uses to violate the constitution on behalf of the people.

I am going to end today with a truth about politics that makes my stomach turn but it is the honest truth: politics makes strange bedfellows.

And since Mr. Sharpton took my talking points yesterday in which I am flattered.  When your words impact television, especially on an opponents station, man that's humbling.......

I am going to end with the talking points he came with at the end of the show.

Don't lie, Mr. Cain or Mr. Obama.  If you a pimp, be pimpilicious.  If you a hustler, hustle.........hustle real hard.  If you abused your power on several occasions, but made it right with God and the victims the best you could, then brother just say so.

But please do not insult the most informed intelligent and armed citizenry in the world, with they lying but they cashed checks.  They crazy but they got settlements.  It demeans the postive things you stand for Mr. Cain including a sincere love for this country.  It belittles the political legacy of black men which is already trashed with Mr. Obama included in it.  It insults the intelligence of this nation.  None of which will be tolerated sir.......

If Newt got the courage, nuts, guts, audacity, fortitude to run for President after having ethics sanctions and my Big Brother John Boehner saying dude you gotta go, and Newt telling him nah, but resigning anyway, after being a white man with a middle name of Leroy ;) sorry, I'm from the south, and things were different back then race wise, that tickles me to no end.

then Mr. Cain, you have no excuse not to answer these charges with sense, not out of the accusations so that we can discern how you handle adversity because all we seeing is a blacker version of Obama and we don't need that.

that's all for today.  

be back tomorrow.

and sidebar, politico, not only will we make history with a woman being VP or P, we will win with or without OH ;), the south carries the votes now....... ask Rove, I am sure he gotta map for that as well.

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