Friday, November 18, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 6)

Hello America,

We will not be too long today.

I have made a decision to make an honest run at the Presidency in 2016.  Seriously, Earnestly, and because I have so much to catch up on, I have to start now.

I am starting to have too much influence and too much of a voice to render comments on political issues at the level I am now.  It is just that simple.

I am starting to introduce three guest bloggers and four writers Limbaugh, Sowell, Malkin and I always reserve the fourth spot for an op-ed or something or someone that really strikes me in addition to the bloggers that are going to start taking during my self-imposed sabbatical.   I will finish out the first round with all of the candidates, we have perry, romney, maybe paul left.......

And I will still make comments but the meat of the posts will belong to those who deserve the credit, those who have done the work.  I am starting a new job, in two grad classes, reading for this site, still launching the new site and starting my self-imposed presidency for dummies reading course, starting with the heritage foudnation's course on the constitution and go from there.  and I am under doctor's orders to get 10 hours a sleep a day which I haven't followed since the day I was released from the hospital.

Just like any chain, any team, it is only as strong as the weakest link and in my chain, it is me.  Because I have to learn what I am now, to trust.

Because of my personal struggles, it has been hard to trust God, we battle all the time, but I am settling down and one of the biggest reasons for that is the presence of my sisters and brothers.  Those I keep around me and try to my best to draw closer to me when I am feeling particularly courageous to tell me things I need to hear, things I need to do,

The biggest influence on my lately has been that of my big sisters, one I am going to talk about today.  In Michele Bachmann......

One of the biggest difference between Bachmann and Palin is personality.  Bachmann is older, but more than anything, she is calm......... At times a little too calm for my fiery spirit, you would think that I was the Aries and she was the Capricorn, but as I honestly take on this challenge of making a serious bid, as I take on the challenge of growing the heck up a little bit more....  I have learned to appreciate the calmness, she doesn't react not publicly as much as I or Palin would to stuff.

Age has something to do with it, but I think it is just part of her mirror.  I think she just has a steadfastness about her that tells the peace in folk like me to be still.

I was holding my middle nephew a minute ago, I am not good with kids.  It is hard for me to relate because I've spent so many years, using marijuana and alcohol to hide those vulnerabilities, that innocence that makes kids so endearing.  I knew I had other battles.  Anyway, he isn't feeling and I'm holding him and he's looking at me with these beautiful auburn eyes.....All my nephews have beautiful shades of brown for eyes, the middle one's are darker than the oldest.  And he's content and that is a humbling feeling for me. 

Made me a tad bit emotional because I can faintly remember those days of needing someone to hold my hand, I still do ;) 

One thing I have made a point of is to not comment on the supercommittee.  It is a load of crap.  There is no need for me to be less than blunt about it.  It is a another circumvention of congress by Obama to do what he was sent here to do to weaken this nation as a military power. 

Because of my growing influence, I made a point that I would not speak publicly on the process or anything of that nature.  My brother-in-law is going through a I'm free phase and would be directly impacted by the cuts, it is more than plausible, the trigger kicks in, he will lose his job, his company will lose their contract and that spells a world of hurt for my nephews.  I have a vested interest so in all fairness I have not commented.

I never lie to you, America and I am not going to start now.  At the beginning of the week, I did tell, implore, threaten, it simply depends on whom you ask Speaker Boehner not to get involved, I promised him if he did I would personally ensure that Pelosi would get her gavel back.


B/c if Reid and Boehner are making the decisions then the supercommittee and all of the paperwork, the aides that have to be paid, I know you all don't think these congresspersons are working for free was just a waste of time, and it would ultimately be decided by the original manner that we always do, through Congress.  President Obama chose not to trust Congress, he wanted his supercommittee, he shall have it and he shall take the glory or the blame for it.  This was his idea, the framers of the constitution already had a committee set up it is called: congress.

I have stated publicly and I will again, that 2012 is not about democrat versus republican.  There is more that Cain, Romney, Perry and Obama have in common than they do seperating them.  Don't let the labels fool you, from how they have a tendency to not answer questions, to blaming others, and policy wise, a lot of overlap between these individuals because they represent the spectrum of the establishment. 

This election this supercommittee is about the establishment versus the tea party.  And no, the tea party is not Herman Cain, nor Rick Perry, when you look at their policies, they are democrats or very moderate party line Republicans.  Give Romney credit for not even lying about his bull.

The teaparty is cast as this loud, we going to give 'em hell group.  They are not.  They are people of both ideologies with one key mantra, we have been Taxed Enough Already.  That is all that it is, it is nothing more nothing less.

And because of their simple focus on limited government, through a reduction of spending via cuts, elimination of programs, etc, there is no need to yell, there is no need for dramatics, because the bottom line does all that.  There is a steadfastness in numbers because numbers don't lie.

Either you have money in your account, or you don't.

We are 15,000,000,000,000 overdrawn in ours.  It is that simple.

Senator Toomey who was supposed to be the tea party example for the media to hang and dry and blame has been nothing but compromising.  And Boehner was on the verge of signing off on a tax increase, but the reason why I stepped in was not out of anger, but because of what I am learning about politics from my big sister Michelle.

When I think of a mother, no disrespect to fathers, when I think of a mother who realizes that she can no longer feed her children through her own body anymore, and how it is innately in her, it is a biological response to do whatever she needs to to provide for her child, I think of the honesty she is forced to have about the situation.

Not a mama bear fighting grizzly thing, but a these kids gotta eat and I have to look at things for what they are kind of thing.

We are at that point, there is no need to lie and say that raising taxes will do anything, there is study after study that shows for what monetary gains you get, the loss of jobs and job creators, capital investors supercedes any gain.  It is a politicians' move to quell the anger felt at OWS protests and what some think will fuel Obama another victory lap.  Paul Ryan has an excellent piece circulating about the impact of policies and income disparities.  He says things in a way that I do not yet have the comprehension, please go to his site and check it out.

It is a fiscal knee jerk reaction to a problem that the establishment on both sides refuses to address: out of control spending in regards to taxes and it is time that we allow Mama to take the checkbook.

It is time for us to learn why I love Newt and I am finding a way to work him in the ticket that in the end I still wear my big sister's jersey in the 2012 race.

This nation of 1% that pays 53% cannot afford to pay anymore, I am not concerned about GE not paying a dime in taxes, there are loopholes that need to be closed, no doubt.

But it is time for the tea party to take control because right now, the number one problem is out of control spending and there is only one candidate that is truly tea party, it is not Cain because of 999 because when you look at the other parts of his problems, it is bailouts after bailouts.  It is not Perry who believes in tax hikes and I like Perry nothing personal and other democratic establishment fiscal measures that has lead to Texas having its first deficit.

It is Michelle Bachmann, it from her record, only she has shown that she has the fortitude, the stamina to say no.

As the Euro prepares to crash, and it will........... regional currencies do not have a good track record history wise, we are going to find ourselves having to do what you all have to do at home everyday, America, start facing the bottom line.

China will use what we owe them as leverage to tell us what to do which is why Obama is trying to counter with an increase of defense in pacific rim, because he's realizing that the only person who was playing is him. 

Now ironically more than anyone else, he cannot afford the trigger, he made a gamble using the defense against the rich, and just like any other poker player, he faced a Texan trying to play our game, Texas Hold 'Em and lost.

There will be no deal, the triggers will come and all I can do is pray that my brother-in-law and others keep their job.  There will be increased aggression which will give Obama the chance he wants to formally deal with a nuclear Iran, we don't have time to lie, and a Muslim Brotherhood ran middle East, syria will hit another regime change moment in the next four months.

And while everyone will blame the supercommittee and the tea party and whatever, the sole blame belongs to Harry Mason Reid is at day 940 over 2 years with no budget, who has led the Senate for three years with a majority democratic house and now a republican house and has not felt the need to approve or put up for debate any document that provides a fiscal roadmap for this country, but is the first to blame boehner or the members of supercommittee.

The reason why media conglomerates continue to push Romney in the middle of debates and Perry in the way they place them or don't give other candidates time is because the political establishment is a corrupt cadillac in which democrats and republicans all ride in.  Between solyndra, lightsquared, sunsquared, this new drug deal, that is a trillion dollars, folks. 1,000,000,000,000 and that is just from clean energy, there is a trail of waste, fraud and unethical behavior that stops at Pelosi's, Boehner's, Obama's and other doors highlighted in the book Peter Schweizer has penned, please check it out.

The Bush tax cuts are a part of the staple that is holding this economy from falling to rock bottom, they will not be cut,  it will not be voted on by Hensarling.  that is just a DART ride to his office....

It is time to learn from Bachmann's mirror, it is time to have a calmness and the fortitude to get out the calculator, put all the bills on the table, be honest about what can be paid, and what cannot be.

There will be no deal that will prevent the defense cuts, Obama is going to get exactly what he wanted, a weakened America in the midst of enemies he helped to empower. 

Not because of spite, not because of no campaign strategy, it is because Barack Obama whose only verifiable academic production was a reduction of our military power thesis.  Barack Obama who has blamed everybody for everything but not mentioned one word about the lack of budget on the promise of transparency and accountability.

It is time for us as a nation, to accept exactly what we have hired.  A President who is bent on making us weak for global parity.  A Senate Leader who refuses to handle the first order of business of any organization, of any household setting a budget.  Two folk who have created committee and czars and spent millions and billions of dollars with band-aids for budgets and blame for policy decisions.

We cannot lie to ourselves anymore.  We have to look and see these children sleep in their beds and know we have to find a way they will have breakfast in the morning.    We have to accept that some companies are going to have to close, some lights are going to have to be cut out, that our national security will be directly compromised because of one simple fact.

2012, 2010 are not about democrats versus republicans.

It is about

the tea party vs the establishment.

It is about crony capitialism versus public service.

It is about facing fiscal truths and making cuts, cuts and more cuts versus borrowing for China and wonder why Obama will come out of a meeting with them with a gun to his head probably giving up Texas and the south ;)

It is time for us to face the reality of the real battle that is battle going on.

You, the taxpayer, the American citizen running your country versus the establishment via geo-political entities that have both sides of the aisle in their pocket.

In the midst of the storm, you are going to need someone who will step out and walk on the water.......

For the storm that is coming, a woman's touch, this woman's calm is going to be part of the voice that tells the fiscal chaos, peace be still.

We are broke and there will be no more super committees, no more czars, no more democratic majority senate do nothing congress, no more speakers being held and losing his damn mind because his hand was in the kitty jar as well to hide behind.

The trigger will hit and Obama since you bringing the troops home, you be sure with you and Michelle meeting them at the airport that an entire industry that usually hires them and depends on their specific knowledge, you help destroy because you childish enough to believe that everyone deserves to have everything and your terrrorist partner in arms, in Harry Reid's refusal to ever have a budget gave you the means to do it.

What a thanksgiving present to give this nation and those who serve so honorably to defend it.

Real Class A job, fellas.

Real Class.........

That's it for today, I worry and I weep for my nephews and that means I worry and I weep for their generation, but I don't panic, I look at my big sister looking at them as well and know there is work to be done. 

I gotta read,

She gotta lead,

Bc we all gonna need,

A leader that has the forititude to do the deed of saying

there is no more.

And that's what I am starting thanksgiving week being thankful for.

No more lies, this is the book of mirrors.

We broke, the world is broke and the evil claws of social justice, global slavery whatever codeword it is called these days has shown.

But the word says in the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.  I learned from my big sister Michele how to not blink in that path.

We are going to need her..........

Don't blame Boehner, or the tea party for no deal, blame me.  I'll take that yoke gladly.

Look in my mirror, I don't run for nobody.  There is a fight for this nation's future and I'm on the battlefield and I ain't coming off.  My big sis told me to calm down and do my part.

God Bless.

Harry Reid and Barack Obama I suggest you find something in your mirror to tell these troops when they come home next week ;) because you two just cost them their industry.
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