Monday, November 21, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 7)

Hello America,

We are Chapter 7.  It is amazing how I start out with such a different direction for books, and God takes control of the pen and flips the script.

I can't have the rules, I can't go through the Rounds, not because I don't have the time, nah, I make time for this nation, I have given up the life I wanted for this nation, God's plan and purpose for me involve this nation.  Not about that.

I have prayed and I have consulted and that is not where my pen, was meant to be directed.

I have only one webpage up when I write outside of what is needed to write and that is the ticker, I am seeing it drop this morning, so forgive me, if you can tell through my writing pauses and what nots.....

I did the see the debate this weekend, I saw who wasn't there.

I saw Obama has time to set up basketball games, get involved in Obamacare as it is his agenda, but not for the supercommittee that he helped create..................

But as we are going to explore today, Obama, Romney, etc., were just doing their own truth.  It don't matter to Romney about values because he feels that he has and will buy up every endorsement needed, he knows all of the key organizational people on the ground, and well, voters...........frankly he figures you all need him, a lot more than he needs you.  He is getting New Hampshire, and all of the key states in the Rove/Dick Morris how to win the presidency game, and frankly voters you all are incidentals....

Put a mirror up to his actions, .......... see for yourself.

In regards to Obama, he wants to destroy the military anyway, he needs someone to blame because the vote the brother in campaign is lagging a little behind folk telling him they need to work. So why would he participate?  He is a represenative of Anti-American sentiment who even in college theoretical goal was to disarm the military and he's achieving it! So why wouldn't he be cool with the press core on the flight back from Asia, and he does represent Asian interests not necessarily China or Japan, though.  Europe is falling, his homeland of Indonesia and the rest of the Muslim World is being empowered under his leadership, so why would he do anything but gloat.

So while Obama speaks of the do nothing Republican Congress, remember it is headed by a we don't believe in fiscal planning and budgetary concepts in Harry Mason Reid, who has voted on budgets before.......when he wasn't Senate Majority Leader as he has been for almost 1000 days, that's almost three years, he just says........we don't need to plan, let's just spend.  How many of us could make it through a paycheck with that type of attitude?

Michelle Obama........ should have never been at NASCAR, when you are married, you are your spouse, it is what it is, especially in political life.  Michelle Obama wants to play the sheep role, please, she gets out there campaigning and telling folk her and Obama sacrificing like everybody else then goes on a 75k a day trip off the blood, sweat, and tears her and her husband chastised for clinging to their bibles, guns and the constitution............And she did it on purpose because most NASCAR fans are like any other sports fans, full of beer, full of bravado, and hey it plays for the liberal base because of course, every member of the tea party watches NASCAR.  ;)

It is a way to play racial politics, without saying, for Obama to say look y'all they even dogged Michelle.  Hell, if I went to a NAACP meeting right now, booing would be the least of my concern.  I would be called an uncle tom, man hating dyke that can't stand the presence of a strong brother.  How do I know?  I just was............ all weekend long on twitter, thanks @REALBROTHER0003, he's just a gift of truth that keeps on going.  So squash it and move on, if Hillary had walked into certain circles, she would be booed to.  We all asked Mr. Obama to keep his word with Michelle and keep her out of it, he didn't, so it is what it is.

Mrs. Michelle Obama, I respect you a lot more than Oprah, who I know helped empower Obama's bull, but love no punches will be pulled back when your side openly demeans Bachmann, Palin, Malkin and etc and you say nothing.......about it

This back door racial, the white folk hate us crap, not going to fly........and everytime it is pulled, I will address it.  You entered a key demographic, that Joe Biden called TERRORISTS and you think, you wasn't going to hear it, when you on they turf? come on, it was a cheap ploy, go back to the Black Girls Rock and your arena......  Expected better of you, but you are married to your spouse......

We are going to discuss clinging today, and I thank God everyday, EVERY DAY, I can cling to him and his word........

I am going to speak briefly and we are going to turn things over to the man, the writer I have chosen to give us a very important truth today. and I will be back Wednesday.

I still have physical problems from surgery, so I can't go to church like I want to.  God has blessed me with a job that accommodates that, but church is still problematic for me unless the service is short.  My dad told me that he was working two services.  He is an usher, but in the Mims household volunteerism was a concept long before Barack Obama came into existence in our world.  We were raised to give back, to serve, to help and I think through me and my sister in our ways, that paradigm is reflected in our actions.......

So God speaks to me Saturday night and says "Go....... to the evening service, I know your physical situation, I know what's going on, you'll get better, but focus on the evening service"

I tell God "Nah, I haven't been to church in a minute, Imma go to both......."

God shakes his head and mutters something about me being a hard headed ......... those blanks ain't to be filled ;) and leaves.

So Saturday, I am working I start work on Monday, getting all the things I need to get done, done and I do and by the time, I finish it is 4:30 am Sunday Morning.  I don't panic, I can get up @ 7 get ready for church, I do it all the time.

But @ 7, I get messages on my phone, asking if I am still in bed, I am.........but I still figure it's cool, I'll make it to church by 11, I get up around 10 and tell my mom that I am getting ready to go to church, and she looks at me with something else or someone else in her eyes and says

"You only supposed to go to evening service.........." with a look in her eye that kind of scares me. Now I could have gone into asking why, I want people to see that I am doing okay since surgery, etc.......

But I know that flare of anger wasn't from her, she's not going to be mad, I went to church.... it is God through her eyes......

I can feel his anger with me, like damn, Tiffani, go to evening service, how complicated can it be?

So I do my hair, watch bits and pieces of the Cowboys game, work on my homework, and right when it is time to go to church literally, of course, the Cowboys are headed to overtime.

I look at the screen, I look at the clock and I made a choice, I chose church, I figured whatever the Cowboys need they can find it within themselves, no disrespect, my gut, my spirit is telling me, there is something today that I need at church.

I want to speak briefly about what it was, how it relates to "Values" republican candidates love to boast about, and we are going to let this writer lead us in truth.

Yesterday, was Good Street Baptist Church annual usher and nurses guild's day.  Good Street is the church home I grew up and where I still call home.  Service is a big part of the ministry there, long before it was popular.  I think in some ways, the usher and nurses guild ministries epitomize that, I remember my mom who is a nurse and the church doing blood pressure screening and what not, long before the emergence of mega churches when I was kid, sponsoring health fairs.

I remember the service of ushers since I was a child.

The featured church was St. Paul Baptist Church from Dallas.

The choir had two songs and the first was God made me, the way I am.......

The second had the mantra of the best part of my story has not been told...............yet.

Let's remember that as we go along.  The music was wonderful, and it was St. Paul's choir by the way, but that is not what God wanted me to focus on.

The pastor, Pastor Jones, I believe, chose this text to talk about Service with more than a Smile.

28And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all?
 29And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:
 30And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.
 31And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

This is Mark 12:28-31, KJV.

The pastor spoke of service with more than a smile in the sense, of not just smiling on the outside, but coming from a spirit of service from the inside.  I am not one to know the bible, I just read too much for a living all day, when I get through with work, my eyes are tired.  Not a copout, the honest truth.  But that does not preclude my walk with God, he made me............ he made me what I am. ;)

So I gravitate to the truths spoken by my brothers, it is not that I am not cool with female preachers, just didn't grow up with them, and because of that........whether it is the writer I chose today, or the pastor I heard from yesterday, I am always compelled to respect a man's truth when I can identify that his truth comes from an honorable place.

As I read the text along with the church, I can't help but smirk, I know why God wanted me here.  I am really running for office in 2016, not because of politics, but because of public service........And I have to learn how to give service with more than a........ :) not going to preach today.

I have all the ad-libs and all that down, but I am not doing this for my ego, I love me, all day, I am doing this because for whatever may happen this is what God, yes, God told me to do.

I never knew God had a preference of the commandments......but he instructs those who are to follow him, if you can't do nothing else.  If you still covet, you still violent, all me with all of your heart, mind, soul and strength.

Hmmmm........ ask those Dallas Cowboys or anyone who on the battlefield yesterday, from Eagles to Lions, or those who pay the cost to show us that freedom ain't free, liberty ain't cheap and democracy requires a different kind of down payment, if that ain't what's left on the battlefield.

If your heart, your mind, your soul and your strength ain't what it takes to make it in overtime, to make it in life.........

The second most important commandment is to love your neighbor like you love yourself, and this is not a free pass to let anyone treat you any kind of way.  The pastor stated...........don't hate on what God has blessed others with.

I kind of wish God had invited the #OWS movement as well ;)

So when I am thinking about the debates and we listening to who pro-choice and what is a fetus and what it is like to go through things and what makes values important.  I am reminded of this and this only.

One of the reasons, I love this country is because it allows me to walk my truth, my way.  And because I love that for myself, I inherently if I want to obey God's word, must have that same desire for my fellow American.  It doesn't matter if that person is Muslim, Jewish, Mormon.  It doesn't matter if that persons truth involves an abortion, involves a divorce, involves an alternative lifestyle.

Because in order to provide this nation with service with more than a smile, I have to give all to God and in giving him, my mind in particular, I accept the fact that WE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN.  He made us the way we are and I have no right, NONE AT ALL TO JUDGE ANYONE.......

b/c until the final bell is rung in that person's life, the best part of any of our stories has not been told yet.........

Our symbol is the eagle, yes I know Obama has changed it, but it will be changed back.  This is God's country and that eagle represents an American mantra.  The Eagle sits upon mountains, with a visual discernment, apple ain't found a way to get yet ;), yet what the eagle needs to survive is usually found in lakes and on the ground, far lower than where the eagle calls home.

Ain't that the American truth, we sit on moutaintops to rest, but we have to go down into the valley of life to get what we need.  It is the cycle that keeps us humble.  That allows us to have wealth and kindness reside in the same individual.  

So Rev. Huckabee, I will not tell the tea party, to accept Romney.

Because don't you know, if not ask Pastor Jones to send you a copy of the sermon yesterday, my church videotapes services.........

until it is over, the best part of the tea party's story hasn't been told.

And Mr. Romney, the reason why you should have been there, ain't because of pro-life, or pro-choice, we need to know if you want to lead this country, DAMN WHAT YOU DID FOR THE PARTY OR YOUR MONEY.

if you want to lead this nation, what do you bring to the battlefield?

The author today is Doug Giles, an American man who lets me know in his literary daddy (confidence, schwagg) that he don't mind strength, he relishes it, not only for himself, but in following the second commandment for all of us including our children because he knows when you going through hell, you gotta keep going.

Doug Giles truth about recess, strength and how our culture is under attack 

  A public school in Toronto has put a ban on most balls their kiddos toss around during recess because school administrators have deemed such projectiles dangerous. Well hello, wittle wussies.

Hey, I’ve got an idea: Maybe we could get the overzealous Canadian ball-banner to take Holder’s job at the DOJ. Think about it. Given this Canuck’s proclivity toward protection I bet he’d make certain that thousands of AK-47s would not be purposefully given to Mexican drug cartels (which they could later use to kill our border agents).

What’s that, you say? Dudley Do-Right can’t serve in the DOJ because he’s not a proper U.S. citizen? Why, sure he can! Obama could help him hop over that hurdle because he’s a specialist at getting around constitutional conundrums. Anyway, I’m getting off track by dreaming. Allow me to get back to freaks who forbid footballs.

Banning balls? Sure, that’s what we need in the 21st century … baseballs, footballs and dodge balls barred from this crop of squashy kids. Are you kidding me? As if North American kids weren’t lame enough already, they now have Nerf balls to prep them for the real world. Hey, Earl Beatty Public School: While you’re busy outlawing hard balls, why don’t you also mandate that everyone in your school wear pink tutus, chartreuse neckerchiefs and signs on their butts that say, “China and Islamic Radicals: Kick Me Hard.”

In this day of Puss ‘n Boots squish, do we really need more softies who don’t have enough sense to avoid getting hit in the mouth by a slider? Getting rocked up in the face by a fastball could be the best thing that ever happened to your stupid kid. Pain is God’s way of telling your lackluster boy to quit texting and watch the game.

I hate to break it to you, molders of young people’s minds, but life—like sports—is dangerous. If you remove potential playground danger from the educational equation then you’ve effectively dulled young people to both the risks and rewards that living in the batter’s box brings.

Here’s what I propose to toughen up our antibacterial gel-slathered wuss kids. For sports, I say children go back to playing tackle football without pads on the street, roller hockey on Walmart parking lots, and then finish the day with high-velocity pellet gun target practice on raccoons. For refreshments we give Generation Waah Coca-Cola, Funyuns and a cigarette. That’s what my generation got, and I guarantee we’re hardier, in better shape and more productive than the weenies being groomed today for the socialists’ purposes.

Hey Beatty Public School wizards: If you truly want to protect kids while they’re in your care, instead of focusing on balls perhaps you should ban their lesbian Marxist social studies teacher braying her failed worldview; get rid of the CAIR operative convincing them that Islam is the yummiest thing since Charms Blow Pops; or sack the sex ed teacher who teaches sex ed by having sex with Ed, the fourteen-year-old glee club president.

Soft cultures lead to spoiled Occupunks who blather about how bad they have it to their stinky hippie friends via their iPads—and that’s the last thing we need. I say we bring back Sparta’s
agoge for the young ‘uns.

 We need our next leader to be openly loving and serving God because the moment, we took God out of the equation for political correctness, for making everyone else feel good is the moment we opened the door for folk like Barack Obama to take office.

We dont' need a President who follows all the commandments, Jesus says, if you can't do nothing else, do these two, you'll be allright.

Give you all to God, and don't want more for yourself than your neighbor.

As a public servant in a political realm, that means giving and doing what you have to ensure that your fellow American has the freedom and economic opportunity he or she needs to find and live their own truth.

As a public servant, when the trials of the Presidency cause your soul to crash, just like Tiger Woods, just like the Eagles, and the Cowboys, and Lions, found out yesterday, the tools called your mind, your heart, your soul and your strength, you can access freely and fully because you used to giving all to God anyway.

As a public servant, when the games of recess end and the games of protecting this nation, standing up for this nation brother Giles, let's us know, we can walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and fear no evil, bear all costs, and keep going.

That is the mirror for today.  So "value" voters before you condemn one over the other over pro-life, pro-choice, what's a fetus, what's a marriage, ask yourself are you and that candidate obeying the first two, the most important two values in the book some of you use to condemn and judge others......

Not my words, the words of two of my brothers Pastor Jones and Brother Giles, who both I feel, God reigns supreme over any other God in the spiritual battlefield called their spirit.

What's in your mirror value voters?  What's in your mirror voters some of us value?

What's in your mirror Rev. Huckabee because it is time love, just like me and others to stop prioritizing what Gallup say, or Rove says, or what Obama's team wants or favors and start back giving God our all KNOWING,




the best part of our stories as the tea party, as an average person trying to make it, as a country has yet to be told.............

I am thankful to be in a nation that allows me to write my truth, I am thankful to be amongst a God who blesses me with American men who have the courage to say truths we need.  I am thankful that we are a nation of eagles.  I am thankful for what God is showing in my mirror and hopefully you are too.

So no fear, no worries, no blame about supercommittes, none of that, be willing to give God our all even in politics, and our story won't be over, whether it is what Obama intended or not.

Take Care,
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