Monday, November 7, 2011

The Book of Mirrors

Hello America, I apologize that it has been a week since I have written.  Let's start with a brief foreword.

I had to move out of my home, the owner sold it, couldn't get a bank to finance it because it was deemed uninsurable.

Anyway, moving takes it time and I had a chance to see my nephew's last two football games.  And I took it, not really going to apologize as I know I won't be in Dallas, next year and will have to fly in to catch games.  His stats wasn't all that but he is developing into a beast on the line, he's getting clipped, a lot, still doesn't have a full awareness of the game, but he's growing.  He tackled a running back full speed, faced him straight up and got him down.  Was a very proud moment, but I remembered as I yelled his name, as I saw his eyes look and check and make sure that I was still there, that this moment didn't come over night.

It humbled me made me think of parents who plead for the other parents to just show up in kids' lives.  But at the end of the day, despite of how he and I get along, I am just Aunt T, always cheering, fussing and probably cussing at the same time, but ready to fight for him, ready to discipline, ready to love him.

He is learning at the end of the day, I am just me.

That is what is in the reflection of the mirror of memories he will possess in his life.  Whatever I am, Whatever I am, Whatever I am not, it is consistent because all adults are.

And this is where we start today..............

As a psychology major, a lot of people have different interests...  Even in my undergrad, I was always fascinated by values, law and eventually that merger turned into politics.  It is my assertion that the values that we value :), that we uphold, that we honor are reflected in our laws, consequently our politicians as well.

So for this new book, I am infusing what I am learning in school, have two courses to finish at Pepperdine for my MA, doctor just has me on travel and physical restrictions until March before I can get back to LA, and my MS from kaplan with a thesis option into this book.

I am taking two classes which are not favorites, stats, and research design and my professor for the research design class is awesome, he is very challenging, but he represents what higher education is supposed to be, not simply acquiring a piece of paper for a job, or a career move, but inciting if you will a riot of thoughts, of ideas, the audacity to expand, to critically analyze.

I am working on a research proposal regarding photos and imagry and its impact on motivating voters to vote.  I talk about getting Karl Rove money, I got 200k of student loans, I need it ;) but at the end of the day, I am honestly fulfilled by the fact that I am learning.  I am a nerd, through and through, just because I don't have my calculator in my pocket, or wear glasses all the time, doesn't mean anything when you look in my mirror, it is what it is.  I love to learn.

I really didn't want to put politics into school, it is hard enough making friends as it is, but the professor said that it was work that was needed and that was enough for me.  Of course, my classmates don't comment on my research proposal.......... but I all I can do is ruefully smile and go on.  That is another reflection you see in my mirror.  I am thorough, because I finish.

I may be full of severe wounds, dehydrated, may be in last place, but I finish.  I don't quit.

That is what is in my mirror.  My nephew sees that loyalty is in my mirror, anyone who knows me, knows if I consider you family, a friend, there is nothing I won't do for you, including tell you when you're wrong because I expect the same, but I will fight for you until the end.  I read an article in the wall street journal this morning, that young men and minority youth are most affected by hope and change..

My nephews are young black men, the children of all my tweeps, and fb friends are youth, men and women, who have to have a way to take care of themselves when their parents and I are long gone...

I consider every legal child in this country, my babies, b/c I don't have any of my own.  And because they are part of my family in my mind, there is nothing I won't do for them, there is no one I won't touch because of them.....

But this book is not about me, I just wanted to give you a preview of what I am talking about so we have context for this book as this is one of the most important books I will write this election season.

In my reflection, we see a love for learning, loyalty, and a thoroughness to finish the job.

If you look at my life, these qualities were always there, whether I acknowledge them or not, they permeate my every action, my every word because that is me.

and with that we start the book of mirrors,   I am going to ask Barack Hussien Obama or Barry Sorento as some swear by, when I am dead serious, I have the tendency to use full names and Herman Cain, who does not have a middle name by the way to step up to the stage.

So we can begin the book of mirrors..............

Because politics is so fluid, I will have to spend about three paragraphs talking about events of the day that just have to be addressed.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, you don't not have a republican congress, if we did, your asses would be in guantanomo bay for treason and terrorism for constitutional violations on so many levels, stop the lies.

There is a do nothing congress, but which half, the half in the house which has produced over 22 jobs bills, 8 budgets, and lord knows how many other bills that the

democratic majority lead by Harry Mason Reid who has not produced a budged in three years, refused to vote on any of the jobs bills, he has the majority why he is so afraid of them is beyond me that you, Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama served with and worked with as you all are senators yourselves.

Your mirrors shows you lie, straight up and think by saying something over and over again, that it will become true.  I'm the psych major dudes, stick to what you know, let those with PhD's and what not handle the subliminal messaging.  STOP LYING.

There is a do nothing congress, but the part that is that do nothing upper house, led by your homie, Harry Reid, don't belittle the people of this great country thinking we don't know how this government works.  Unlike #44, we PROUDLY took our civics class to learn how this country works.

I don't know what Pelosi is on, but Flava Flav has a better chance of getting the gavel than she.  People we must realize that most of the major media outlets are controlled and owned by geo-political corporations who are determined to destroy the American way of life, to destroy the American worker. Despite what the unions and all this other folk say, no one has it better than the American worker and these global one world corporations would love to stop all of these crazy concepts like benefits, worker rights, that type of thing.

They want you to believe that the house is on its ropes, just like they wanted you to believe that if the NBA lockout came to pass, that Lebron would be holding the newest championship ring on his fingers, but it didn't come to pass did it.  Push through the bull, push through the hate of #OWS, it is just class warfare....... everybody hates rich people as long as it ain't there money.

Thank you Kay Bailey Hutchinson for being a woman of your word, Amen Sister! She spoke her truth about perry in 2010, and she ain't mincing words now, amen to it.

Now let's start the first chapter as Mr. Obama wants to speak at 11am to justify his violation of the constitution.

Here are the rules,

1) each one of the candidates on the right will be matched up against Obama, out of consideration for my time as I am launching a second site, will release the name next week, in two classes and working, I am going to use my discretion to only address the candidates that I think have a legitimate chance.

2) I am going to use the blogs of others, write sometimes, use articles, maybe a song or two, to pick an issue, present how Obama addresses it and how the candidate addresses it, ending each post with a list of qualities that are reflected in the mirrors.

3)the theoretical basis for this book and measure comes from two sources.  Rev. MLK Jr's assertion that the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in comfort and convienience  but where he stands in times of challenge and controversey.  That he includes women as well.  This quote means that when you want to know about somebody don't look at how they act in the good times, but how they act under crisis, when the grits hit the fan.

4)The second source is from Brooke Foss Wescott, an Enlgish Theologian, who asserts that great occasions do not make hereos or cowards; they simply unviel them to the eyes of men.  Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last the crisis shows what we have be become. In other words, there is no great event that makes someone stand up, it is just an opportunity for us to see what is already there.

5) Each candidate will have a crisis selected from five areas with Obama, I am not going to go in order, one day it may be romney or it may be bachmann, but I will develop a chart or a link to one where we can start to keep a running inventory of the values we see present in the mirrors.  The five areas are personal, foreign policy, discrimination (race, class, gender), constitutional adherence, and enforcement.

Let's give Mr. Obama a preview of what to expect as he is already countering with a speech this morning.  A word to the Obama team, baby, I am free of all my personal bull, I am free from my physical ailments, not 100% but I am definetly back on the field.  You play tit for tat with me, with these impromptu speeches, I will eat your butts alive.......

Let's start shall we.

Today,  we are going to give deference to the position of the President, we are going to start with Mr. Obama.  He likes to be first stand out, so why should anything be different today.

Because he has made a decision to justify his bull in regards to the unconstiutional use of executive orders through his bold lie about the republican do nothing congress which we have already broken down.  I am not going to start with the five areas.  I am going to give Mr. Obama's team, a freebie, a preview of how he will be judged.  Not is my word law.........nah............but do my words resonate, more and more everyday.

At some point, Mr. Obama realized the economy sucks, let me restate that at some point Mr. Obama realized that the American people realized that the economy sucks.  I do not run nor will alter my assertion that Mr. Obama is a political, social, fiscal and cultural terrorist by the original meaning of the word, meaning to frighten.  I think that Mr. Obama is way smarter than people give him credit for because they don't want to admit we have a terrorist in office who is bent on destroying our way of life to provide social justice for a global community.

I think his ties to Jakarta where he is imprinted with anti-american and anti-women sentiment is far more impactful in his paradigm than his mother getting some food stamps.  No, roland s martin, or dr. cornell west, him being married to michelle doesn't mean anything to me.  Who we sleep with does reflect our character, but I feel that Obama is a shameless ham and figured that he could get a lot more pull politically saying "I married a sista y'all and you know they don't play..........."

Yes, I am black and bold enough to say that.

I digress so Obama and Ambassador Rice are realizing that the turn America into Zimbabwe thing is not really going the way they planned and they need some diversions.  The OWS thing is kind of sorta of working but with the rapes, drug use, and nastiness with a la nina winter to wear all these protestors out........

They think about Reid, but realize that Reid can't put Obama bill on the hopper because then the public will have full access to it and the GOP will run like Forrest with it, run

they know Reid can't put the 22 bills the house has put up for jobs or any of the budget because God forbid McCaskill and other vulnerable dems would be forced to vote for it because it makes what that nasty word Paul Ryan, fiscal sense...........

They have to turn America into Michael Jackson's dream that we are the world, and although three gop candidates in particular will do the same thing he is doing, Obama knows he gots to have that power.  He has given to the Middle East to his Muslim Brotherhood Brothers.  He gotta stay in power, he's too close, come too far to give up now.

So what does he do, bypass the constituion.  For key voting demographics, for students.......because I was a democrat, actually until 21, I was young didn't understand a lot, that's part of it.  Telling them after 20 years, we'll cancel your loans, expecting the young people to realize that one day hopefully prayerfully they will get old and wonder why we got all of this debt because the fiscal incentive is not to not repay the loans in full.

Homeowners, because he appeals to the middle class while wining and dining at fundraisers that are more per plate than the average american family makes in a year, because under obama the rich poor gap is growing the way he needs it to be class warfare is a staple play of his.  Class and Race Warfare is like the 49rs and the West Coast Offense......... it's the bay way all day ;) so he comes up with a plan to make banks eat these mortgages and interferes with private contracts.  knowing that fannie and freddie mae are a big part of the problem and refused to address that aspect for like three years and running now.

And today, realizing that the troops coming home is cool, but they getting flooded with letters from their wives and husbands and families saying ain't no is you coming home to? hope and change ain't nothing but hopelessness and chaos...........

He is going to use all of his bravado, all of his political daddy today, all of his schwagg to tell the world the do nothing republican congress withholding the fact that the democratic senate has held up more bills than the last 5 administrations ain't doing enough for the vets and he is going to violate the constiution because he has no "choice."  He is going to attempt to make his crooked straight.

I love our vets, but we all need jobs.  We all patriots in some sort of way and just because we don't put on a uniform, don't mean that we ain't putting in work for this country. So no Obama, that if I don't support this measure, I don't support the troops bull don't fly with me, sir.........  save that for the children, this is a grown woman in the midst.

I digress, he is going to say he is bringing the troops home and he has to ensure they have jobs, baby!

This from a man who less than three months ago, WAS WILLING TO WITHHOLD their pay for paying the price to show that freedom ain't free, liberty ain't cheap, and democracy needs a different kind of down payment for a cr bill because the do nothing republican congress headed by the do nothing democrat majority senate ain't passed a budget in three years..........

This from a man who wrote the only academic document that can be verified on how to dismantle our military..........

This from a man who develop a supercommittee bypassing congress once again and used defense spending our ability to defend ourselves and our allies against an nuclear Iran which he empowered, a Muslim Brotherhood Middle East which he created the power vaccumms for them take over, an Afghanistan who has no choice but to align with Pakistan against America if it comes to it because troops were removed over a campaign promise.........used defense spending as a trigger.......

This from a man whose wife said she didn't support anyone who put a uniform on until her husband came into office and the epitome of free security came upon her.

I have done a lot of right in my life, America, and a lot of wrong.

Just because you think what you doing is right, don't right your wrong.

Barack Hussien Obama is acting like what he is used to and what he knows the acts of a dictator using our troops, our precious killahs for re election.

If he felt that sense of urgency, why couldn't he do an executive order to make Reid and the senate stay in session until they came up with a budget?

Hold up, the mirror to America, and see the ugly face of who we call President.  Not talking about his physical features, he doesn't do anything for me, attractive wise, but I don't do that type of wuss, sorry, entitled to my opinion.

Hold up that mirror to that man, to this adminsitration and how he specifically has treated our troops.......and tell me what reflection you see. A man who went to Brazil, but couldn't show up to the VFW event.... but now he is willing to brazenly violate the constitution.

 There is an R&B group by the name of the Time headed by Morris Day which I loved as a kid and the Mr. Day had a companion named Jerome that would hold up the mirror to Mr. Day to ensure that he was dressed and looking up to par........ We not on that, we making Mr. Obama, and Mr. Cain this week, put their acts, how they stand up in controversy and challenges and great occasions up to a mirror and seeing the reflection for what it is.......

All I ask today, all I will ever ask out of this chapter is for us a nation of grown individuals who can still think for ourselves to have the audacity, the courage, the nuts, the balls, the guts, the fortitude to look and be honest about what you see.

Your ball, Obama, you got 30 minutes for your rewrite........ ;)

I told you all I'm back and

on another note, Wale, Jennifer Hudson, Ceelo Green, your latest singles along with Mozart and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Cake and Foster the People's new joint are rocking my pandora right now.  Working on my new site as we speak, but had to push launch date to thanksgiving....Crazy thing called work keeps interfering.......
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