Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 13)

Hello America,

Today will be short.  I have a paper due today, an exam I just took and a major paper due in a week, all of which I can balance, but Tuesday is not my normal posting day.  I am trying to emerge the schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

As we talked about yesterday, doesn't matter my writing my ability nor my scholastic ability, if I unable to do things that are not measured on an IQ scale, can I organize my time?  Can I rest and say no to sometimes?  Those skills are just as important as anything I have learned in school.

I am leery of the sentiment that is imposed by the Obama administration that education makes better citizens.  It may make more informed citizens, but they are things and lessons that cannot be learned in school nor should they.  A janitor can supercede a President in work ethic, in importance at times....

Think about it, can we live without a President and can we live with a janitor and janitorial services?

We inflate our own importance to insulate our insecurities..........

Today, we are going to start a different point in this book, I am starting to feel the book, I am starting to relish the book.

Now Senate Republicans, don't empower Harry Reid's bull.


IS WRONG..............


 We are going to use American Gangster directed by Ridley Scott and starred by two Oscar Winning Actors, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, I grew up with Denzel being a presence in my life through being a leader Black actor, although I never put Denzel or Wesley Snipes on my most handsome list...., I am a little younger than that, and I have an affection for Mr. Crowe for his battles in his life, we find ourselves on the same battlefield in some respects, and a great actor.  A Beautiful mind was a work of art.........

Let's use today for a bit of background, so you can see where we are going to go.

Frank Lucas, played by Denzel, is the former "driver" of Bumpy Johnson, a famed New York, Harlem Gangster, when Gangsters wore suits and pants that resides above the crack of their butts......... who reinvents the drug distribution network that has global implications that are still present today.  He changed the supply and distribution networking of the largest market share in regards to heroin sales that still has Geo-political implications today.

Russell Crowe, plays the eventual DA, Richie Roberts, the dirty good guy, who eventually takes Mr. Lucas down...........

We are going to talk about two moments in the movie from each character as we get into a slight discussion about Gingrich, Pelosi, Obama, Bachmann, Romney, the black vote and job numbers that will continue today and tomorrow as I cannot give it full justice today.

So let's just get the background so that we are all on the same page.

The American Film Industry is one near and dear to my heart due to my time in Los Angeles, I've always been back and forth to LA since I was a kid.  Movies are more than the stars you see, from the grips those who roll the cameras, to the writers, to the "assistant" who are the definition of multitasking to the food services and clothing and production teams..........

Each movie, each television, is a team.

I will as January come around use my television shows as well, starting with the Game on the BET network, but I digress.

Movies right now is where we are at.

I ask that you watch the movie, legally, through iTunes, through Netflix, through Blockbuster, whatever, because when you do, you support more than just the names on the box.

Russell Crowe's character is near and dear to my heart, he is smart, he is honest, but he is dirty, he's the most honest dirtiest lawyer they have in New Jersey during the movie.  He grew up around gangsters, but he is not one.  He is a cop, but he stands out. He walks the line between crime, politics, and law daily and does it well........ He is full of hypocricy but he uses his honor, his dedication to doing the right thing to justify it.

He's a stand up guy, but a crappy father.  He's a wonderful boyfriend, but a crappy husband.

So during the movie, he and his wife are going through a divorce and fighting for custody of a son, that he never spends time with, he never includes in his life.

And they are in court, halfway through the movie and she tells him.

and I paraphrase that he is full of it, that she would have preferred he was as dirty as the cops he hates, but he is worse than them because of his selective adherence to rules, he thinks that he is better than them, but he is worse than them because of the hypocrisy that his lifestyle presents. He is full of it and because he lacks the audacity to be honest that he is dirty in his own way, he is lower than those dirty beat cops he hates seeing them stick local thugs for dollars they can't get through their pension plan.

And Mr. Roberts, the character, sits and thinks.......

Bc a wife will make you do that..................

A woman that loves you for you will make you do that, you don't have to be straight to appreciate that truth, so let me say it one more time..............

A woman that loves you............knows you................. will say something, some truth that will make you sit down and think.

And she looks at him, saying things that ain't verbalized, pleading in her voice to let her take his son away from the war he is going to start........

And he realizes the truth in her words, he stops the proceeding and he apologizes to the court and her and leaves.........

He accepted a truth from someone who loved him and acted accordingly.

That's the first moment.

The second moment comes from Mr. Lucas, as he is talking to Mr. Roberts later on in the film as he is eventually arrested.......

Mr. Lucas is trying to make a deal with a dirty cop as Mr. Roberts is dirty, just not in the way you think he is........

And he tells Mr. Lucas you represent progress, and Mr. Lucas takes exception to that.

Mr. Lucas asserts that his actions were always to benefit him and no one else.

Mr. Roberts counters with how that maybe true, but how he went about building his networks represent a progress that time cannot turn back and in the end, that is why and solely why he is going to jail.

Mr. Roberts knows gangsters, grew up with them, they are a part of his family, and he tells Mr. Lucas in his own way, I am going to look out for you, not for the crimes you have committed in regards to drug statues, but for the laws you inherently broke by being yourself........ you progressed way beyond those who leech off you fiscally can afford.

Are we clear?

the first moment involved a man hearing a truth, realizing the depth of that truth and acting accordingly to that truth.

the second moment is that same man seeing that truth in another man, realizing the depth of that truth, and acting accordingly regarding that other man in regard to that truth.

I chose that moment because folk like Michelle Bachmann, and Barack Obama in their own way are Frank Lucas', they are being punished, they are being railroaded because their intentions for their own progress interfere with those who leech off of what they represent.

Not talking about Barack being black when he wanna be or Michelle back being a woman..........

I am talking about Barack Obama being a Muslim CULTURE influenced politician with open Anti-American sentiment.

I am talking about Michelle Bachmann being a regular person, who is intelligent, but not a professional politician...........

Yes, she's been in Congress, but look up Romney, he was raised to be a politician all his life, just a selection of when he chose to be formal with it.  Gingrich, Paul, Santorum, Huntsman, Perry all the same, read their stories and look at WHY, WHY they became politicians.........

and look at Bachmann, she simply wanted a problem solved and realized, I am going to have to do some of this myself..........

look at Obama, not about whether he is a Muslim but his cultural tendencies sure reflect more of what he learned in Jakarta and being Barack Obama than being regular ole' Barry Sorento........ ;) from Kansas, or Hawaii or whatever the latest story is today.

These two people represent progress that the establishment on the left and the right cannot afford.

They are each Frank Lucas in their own way.

So who is Richie Roberts?

who are the con's con? remember we talked about that......... last post.

Who are those who hang with gangsters for lunch, but then go to work to hear about the latest warrants on them for dinner?  Who are those who walk the line so well Johnny Cash gotta say Amen!

Who are those who are whose hypocrisy runs so deep it actually turns into truth?

For the sake of these posts and an example

For the Democratic "Frank Lucas" if you will in Barack, it is

Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi

For the Republican "Frank Lucas" if you will in Michelle Bachmann, it is

Tiffani El Dawn Mims

I am going to end here for today, I like to keep it short, I am going to ask everyone if you can to watch those two scenes if you can.

And don't get caught up in Denzel's character being a drug dealer selling dope to a bunch of black folk and crowe had to bring him down.........

Don't get bogged in the details,

use those two scenes as reference

as we explore how each Frank in his or her respect to promote their own agenda, impacted their "customers", impacted the distrubution network before they came, and how their presence has impacted it after their arrival.

and what compelled each "Richie" to put all bs and hypocrisy aside their favorite tools and toys by the way ;) and fight to protect their Franks from truths that were not their intentions but assuredly their fault.

as I go, ask yourself

Why I call Gingrich part of the distrubution network?

Black voters part of the customer base?

job numbers an impact of how democratic Frank does business?

that's all for today, but we are going to have fun, I promise you with this...........

take care.
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