Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 14)

Hello America,

Because I am digging this book at the moment, daily posts will resume it will help me not get so overloaded as I try to write for an hour, trying to balance full time job, full time work, and two websites is hard no need to lie about it.

Let's recap briefly.

We are using the movie American Gangster by Ridley Scott, hopefully, buying the legal version of it to support our brothers and sisters in LA, it is a lot of hardworking people that are behind the scenes trying to make a dollar, don't let Nancy Pelosi screw your perception of LA, nor Maxine Waters, although it is tempting.

We have determined for the sake of discussions who are the Frank Lucas' of both sides

Out of the left corner we have Barack Hussein Obama, he's the man from the Windy Side of things, He's the President, he's the hammer.......... he's the first black sometimes President ;) according to him and his mood

On the right we have Michelle Bachmann, she hails from the Buckeye state, Butshe's quiet, but observant, kind of that GZA from the Wu-Tang kind of schwagg, don't prefer the spotlight, but when she's put the test.........ain't no question about her actions or whether she will or wont.  She's the first female Representative of the GOP in the land where Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves roam........ silent but deadly and accurate

The Richie Roberts, the ones who judge the Franks but in the end, end up being their protector, the ones who get on the battlefields they can't to fight for them.

On the left, we got the former Speaker of the House, the highest ranking female federal legislator ever, she was number #3 on the list to be President, (scary, downright unnerving ......... big smile, not so serious), she has the baddest dress game of all the ladies on the hill, she travels in G6's, she got Obamacare waivers for her district by the pound,

She's none other than Rep. Nancy Pelosi, around the way from the bay, San Fransciso's that is.

On the right, we have myself, representing where Richie Roberts start out.  I ain't got no G6, unless it showed up on my bus pass, or a good from my truck when I put gas in it.  Not on the hill, but I do send shivers to it from time to time,  I ain't the money for my dress game yet, but by the time 2012 is over, I will be the most prominent black female voice on the right, not the smartest..... but the one you see over and over again.

So with that, let's add some key members to the party.

Remember the two truths are to take from the movie is when Robert's wife hits him with a truth that is so real, he steps back, bows down to it acknowledges instantly through his action.

And when Roberts sees that truth in Lucas, steps up, and stands up acknowledging Mr. Lucas' truth instantly through his action.

I want to use this movie for a while a couple of weeks maybe, so context is important.

There are always people on the side, in crime and in politics.

In the movie, there is a woman named "Red Top" she don't have no name, no address, she's not a lover of Franks but she is, in all purposes his chief of staff, she is his ear to the street.

Valerie Jarrett is an earpiece, the large amount of election people that Obama is sending out to the black community to barber shops and paying off local preachers to pump it up one more 'gin for 2012, those are Red Tops.  They do whatever is necessary on the right to get whatever needs to be done done........

Sarah Palin believe it or not, is a red top.  It's hurting her a bit, she wanted to run, she really did, but as a woman that loves this country as she is my sister, (Newt, Mitt neither of you all getting that endorsement dudes.......... sorry), she stepped aside because we need her to do her.  She is a red top, she fights for elections other than President, because if Rossi or O'Donnell were in the Senate right now, Harry Reid would be in a cell..........

My point is that red tops put in work.  The teaparty is a red top, they put in work........ hell they make the labor department say damn....

Now the next part of the equation are people that are intertwined with both sides and that is where Newt Leroy! Gingrich comes in.  I so love his middle name, you gotta bear with my indulgences.

Now through the movie you see the same criminals in Mr. Roberts life in Mr. Lucas' life.

The same Italian Gangsters Mr. Roberts grew up with although he is Jewish are the same people that Mr. Lucas started out buying dope from and doing business.

The same dirty cops that Mr. Roberts childhood friends utilize to buy dope from and put cases on are the ones that Mr. Lucas has to pay........

Crime just like politics makes strange bedfellows.

I live by Mike Allen's early morning political posts from politico,  His articles are like that dude that's on the corner in front of the corner store asking for a cigarette to tell you everything that happened on the block last night...........You pay him because you know his word is bond ( a high amount of credibility).

so as I speak these things about Newt, I ask you reference his politico playbook, I don't always trust politico, they are trying to pump up every candidate on the GOP but bachmann because in the end, they are website with a leftist agenda because they are a website owned by a media conglomerate with a geo-political ties that advocate a leftist agenda because the leftist agenda is to destroy our way of life for "fairness" or "social justice" or whatever name, they have put on the dope called hope today......

Newt Gingrich is one of those but who is he? a dirty cop? a gangsta.......

For the sake of these posts, he is Dominic Cattano played by an actor we all got love for in Armand  Assante.

He is the don of the New York family that Mr. Lucas does business with who has to balance dealing with Frank until he can upend Frank's connection.

In the movie, Mr. Assante's character is faced with a dilemma a black man, has committed the most cardinal of sins, in the criminal game.  He got his own direct connect, his own distributors.  He has totally cut out the Italians who at that time, did not profit from selling dope in their communities, when I say Italians I am speaking in reference to criminals only,  but profit from being liasons from moving the dope into the country and dealing with the dirty cops, giving room for a lot of middle men to make a lot of money.........

As the character of Mr. Cattano gets on Frank throughout the movie, you cutting out the middle men, to empower they can have and we cannot with a disdain that is visceral.

The Franks of the world fight for the red tops, the junkies, the not so perfect like Michelle Obama and Oprah and Pelosi's because they have been on the streets of life.

For Barack, his junkies, his people, ain't black people, they are foreigners and Muslims, those who are 1st and 2nd generation, those who are Muslim in culture especially that don't fit in.  That's why when he talks about the "middle class" graduating from high school and sending the first in their family to college, you ask yourself what the hell is he talking about?

Even the black greek organizations are almost 100 years old or over.  Most of the historical black universities have legacies that expand through the last century.  There is a large amount of Hispanic and Asian families that have collegiate achievements in their families so who is Barack talking about?

slaves, the millions of illegals that come over here voluntarily because as much as they hate America, they ain't going to turn that down money......

Muslims, who get tired of Christmas being about Jesus when this has always been a Judeo-Christian country that has never apologize for the fact that in God we Trust runs our bottom line....

For Michelle Bachmann, as a Frank her are teenage mothers, who didn't have babies the right way, the children trying to get a good education and realizing they don't have nobody to fight for them because parents ain't got time for PTA or city council meetings when they gotta work.

Her junkies, her downtrodden are folk like me, the foster kids in the sense of those who fell couldn't get it right, those who lost a child, those who can't or won't ever have children, those who have started their own business depend on themselves for the bottom line.

My point is that each Frank fights for some that the Mr. Cattanos of the world can't stand.

And that is Mr. Gingrich.  He's taking with one hand to slap the s*** out of you with the other.

He creates bills to empower begging then has the nerve to criticize them to the point of justifying amnesty for illegal behavior.  He should have been placed in jail for his action, but the nerve to use God and the concept of compassion to justify other criminals not going..........

He's in a tight spot because he's smart and he sees both Frank's putting him and his crew out of work.  they getting cut out.



418 is the amount of bills Mr. Gingrich has sponsored with Nancy Pelosi, more than Reid, more than Biden, more than Obama, more than Schumer, more than pretty much all of the democrats....

And Pelosi knows it, which is why as Richie, she smiles in public but privately tells Barack for what I got on Newt, I am going to own you..........when I get you back in office and Barack with all of his sexist and Muslim buddies can't do nothing but put his head down.

He knows if Newt is the nominee, he will crucify him in the debates.  He will be Ray Lewis, bamn....... man got darn down..........

And there is nothing he can do about, Newt is smarter, he is not afraid of Obama and he can think on his feet.........

Which is why he is leading in the polls.............

But being the best debater doesn't equate to being what this country needs.  We certainly can't afford another Obama no doubt, but we can't afford Nancy Pelosi the Dirty South Luda version that stands up in the bathroom version either.........

So black community when the red tops from the left come tell you privately, man Obama had to say that don't complain stuff to get the white vote, ain't enough of us, but you know he's a brother.  Man Obama may not be cool with God black Pastors who demand tithes and offerings for the purpose of God's work, but he's a brother.............

Think about the product Frank, your Frank that you pledge an 80% automatic allegiance to........  Think about the dope called hope he giving you.  The next time you go to the store and see milk a little higher because Michelle Obama want you to have the best for your child, but she damn sho' ain't going to pay for it, she got 400 lb gingerbread houses to spend your money on......

The next time your job says we'll hire you but we can't insure you while the Richie of the left has taken almost 15% of the Obamacare waivers for her district.......

Think about it........

And that is where we end today................

What about me you ask? What am I doing for my Frank on the right?

Aww..........youngstas' in my best Ving Rhames , Baby Boy the movie voice.

Can't you see, it ain't just about a team winning, its about momentum and streaks.......

For the longest time, the mavs peaked too early, but last year Kobe and Crew send them home with a little bit more than their tails tucked between their legs didn't they around this time of year, remember?  But it hurt, and it sat there and it motivated them and they started streaking when they needed to towards the end of the season........

So with Newt as I am one of the folk that fought for Newt to run, to be heard as I do think his voice is relevant, as a coach, I gave Newt the ball,

He loves the mike,

And the more he keeps yapping, the more all of the enemies on the right and left especially with the carnage he left from his days on the hill are going to start yapping.

And because the left Frank is a lot younger and panicks, he is going to force the Richie of his team Pelosi to come out with her card early on Newt,

Newt takes on Pelosi,

his strong association takes at Newt,

But Newt will have taken out Romney and Perry,

And made dents with Obama, that folk will see that with the loss of 825,708 democrats and addition of 254,310 independents and record turnouts for 2012 with the GOP losing almost 2% less in voters and women.............being the biggest minority factor versus race in regards to Hispanics.......

All I gotta do is let Newt run his mouth, let Nancy play her card, and make it past January.


Because the customers of white and black and hispanic women voters

don't see Nancy on the street,

riding the bus,

using her food stamp card,

trying to hide pink disconnect notices,

coming out the probation office,

getting turned down for jobs,

getting turned on for God,

coming out of NA or AA saying the serenity prayer,

looking for change in my purse at the line because my bank account is overdrawn,

standing and fighting outside with them for their children, because they babies is my babies,

trying to find ways for them to keep their husbands, sanities and families together......

They just see me. :)

And any gangster knows.........

When you got the streets(the people), the rest don't matter.

When the streets know you'll fight for them before yourself, it don't matter if they always agree with you, when they the ones helping you put bandages on your hands from the wounds you got fighting for them.

Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennslyvania, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, are going to see that first hand next year, those are the states I am working.

Sometimes, as you watch the movie, there is a time to act, and sometimes there is a time to wait.

I'm the redtops for the redtops, I am a con's con.  Because no decent American legal citizen needs to be on the corners I have, and I'll give my all along with my big Sister to ensure so........

be back tomorrow.

always a method to the madness.

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