Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 19)

We are going to be brief tonight, the last debate for the Iowa caucuses is here.  And while many pundits put a lot of importance on it, and it is relevant, it is not so much for me.

Because Iowans who say they are these "conservatives"  show ain't acting like it.

The front runner is Pelosi's cosponsor on bills.

The second place dude is the author of Obamacare got a seal of approval from Ted Kennedy all that.

The third place in Paul is downright scary when it comes to foreign policy, he makes Obama look like he actually gives a damn about this country.

And your hometown talent don't get no love because she don't use a urinal.

B/c who else has voted no in this congress, told this President, if I can 40k tea party folk, you know I can get those other type of riders as well, you not going to take this country.

We are discussing American Gangster and I have to be brief today.

talking about Pastor Eddie L. Jenkins becoming the new pastor of the church I belong to as well.

Someone mentioned that it would cost money to relocate a pastor from Gary, Indiana to here, cost money to get him a car.

And I thought about in regards to this debate and to the movie.

American Gangster didn't start with that scene anymore than the scene of each campaign started  with the first debate anymore than the advocation for this ex soldier started with him preaching last Sunday.

Just like it didn't start with Jesus changing that water into wine.

It started with one person believing.

It started with one person saying, you know what Bumpy I got you.  It started with one person, like Michele you for real......for real........, I'm down.   It started with Pastor Johnson, you say you ready, I'mma hold you to your word.

It started with someone saying Jesus you going to turn water into wine? All bs aside, I believe you, I ain't really trying to hear this wedding without no water.

That person more than likely is usually a female or the type of person most of you in the working world look down on.

The type of person who hears they mama crying over bills late at night, the parole officer calling in the morning and by that night writing mama a letter of I'm sorry they coming to the house, but the note attached to an envelope with bill money.

The type of person who had to pawn, beg, perform a different kind of bill collection to come on fifty dollars, to get what they needed to get and 24 hours later, room paid, babies fed, and back on the block.......

That type of person is that Mary type chick, like me move this rock b/c I know Jesus in here.

That type of person stepped out on the water when none of the scholars would.

That type of person will tell a Pastor Jenkins baby, we don't have it like that, you got a house in an okay hood, and trust Dallas is an automatic upgrade from Gary, you got a impala, you allright..........

That type of person puts on their hoodie when the time comes and finds a way to make do.

That's why young mules are just as important as old mules.

With that, I say publicly to my church, get to step A first, some of us are worried about what we can't afford, but answer the truth of the bigger question, the church is dying, the church needs somebody who got just a taste of a better life to give him motivation to go knock on doors, to go save souls......

I use my church because it is in the same state of this nation, it's broke and its broken.  Obama telling you all to eat right, sacrifice, he out getting his tan and laughing because he's like I have dogged the black community like no other and still got an 80% of the vote.......

Right now, just like tonight, every minute matters, nothing beyond tonight matters........

So Michele Bachmann, big Sis.

Let me just end some of the bull right now.

Cameras and Producer folk please don't center Romney and Gingrich together sending the subliminal message that it is just those two nor Paul or Romney do it alphabetically something, have some order to it.

Paul, you say you know the word, well if you do love then remember Proverbs 24:16 and that attacking Newt because of his mistakes and how he has risen above as I believe that he has in his personal life, is not your place love.  If you and Romney attack his walk, his path with God, then you are just as full of it as Obama playing the race card.

Neither you Ron Paul or Romney is walking on water and if your lives were really revealed to the fullest, there would be mistakes maybe not of that kind but some too.

Ron Paul you willing to leave us in a vulnerable position over money.  Romney you wrote Obamacare, I did read your book, but love I read your bill, you also have employed more Obama administration related folk that everyone else on that stage combined.  It's you boo.

Focus on the issues, I am tired of our parties being represented by dudes fussing like some broads (not women, childish females).  I can watch All My Children's final episode of that.

Don't want to hear no bull about no book you wrote, you wrote it duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why would it have anything disparaging in it.

Newt, I don't want to hear about what you want to do, I want to hear about what you have done.  Don't dog Michele Bachmann like you didn't support the mandate, you did.  Stop lying about it, use the testicles God gave  you to call your own bull for a change.  It doesn't matter what political soul searching reason you had, you did..........

You make yourself, and our party look childish and we need about 600,000 independents and about 800,000 dems to swing, I am working on the dems because this bull that the black church is pulling won't be tolerated this time.  I digress.

Big Sister Michele, you are going to have to fight for airtime because out of everyone on that stage, you are the only one who has called Obama the fiscal terrorist that he is and Obama will hands down beat everyone on that stage even Newt because Newt cannot keep his pompous judgments down.  When he gets upset, his mouth goes there, because he is too used to thinking off of the top of his head.

More minorities in race but more importantly gender will dictate this election.

Make the issues relevant, don't fear being called a lie from Newt, make sure that the world knows that outside of what party they say they are for.  Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Perry have more in common with the Democratic Party than they do with the core conservative values of this party.

And no Rick Perry loving Jesus ain't conservative in itself, letting a man and woman raise their familiy including health needs as they see fit is.

Mitt Romney baby, creating jobs is not the role of the President enforcing laws is, if we did that and stop these bulls*** regulations, the job market is grown folks, the private sector can handle itself.  Being calm and not as "rowdy" as the other dude is not enough. The role of President is more than that.

Newt Gingrich being the smartest on the stage don't make you a good President.  My daddy always told me that book sense don't make a difference if you don't have the common to house, clothe and feed your a**.  Remember that nobody wants to see your transcript.  Obama yes, yours no! :) and stop lying, like Santorum said, we did look up to you, you lost your way and Reagan allowed amnesty for Mexicans allowing the Cartels to consolidate drug networks that even made the real Frank Lucas say now that's how you do business.

We not dumb Newt, far from it, bruh, so you claim Reagan in a voting pool of minorities of race and gender, remember it resonates differently.........

Ron Paul saying we don't have the money is unrealistic in regards to defense.  It just is sir, and being married to your wife, don't make you any better than anyone else.

Rick Perry I hope you remember that as well, because you belong on an ethical board along with Waters and Obama for some of your bull.

Well, that's it.

I hope that the bull can be removed and we can have an honest debate at the issues on a conceptual large scale level because that's what a President does, not create jobs, not end defense strategies....

That's all I can give Big S, Michelle tonight will be ABM anybody but Michele and you are going to have to hustle for every point.

And to this nation, to my church, to these voters, time for folk like me, who have made up our mind, regarding Jesus, Eddies, and Michele and such to go out in these streets to find the money, to find the people to back these type of folk up.

All it takes is one Michele, all it takes it one realization Pastor Jenkins that you not coming to the Good Street of old, you coming to the Good Street of now, and just like your time in the military, its going to be rough..........

Iowa, all I ask tonight is to stop thinking about who can beat Obama versus who can lead this country and what principles made it strong in the first place.

If you do that, there is only one clear choice.  It is not her fault that she is a woman, anymore than it is Obama's fault that he is spending money when he belongs in a cell.

One moment, Iowa, to be honest and truthful with yourself.

until tomorrow
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