Friday, December 16, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 20)

Hello America,

I had to work.  Had to miss class to catch up on work, so you know I didn't get to see the debate at all.

This has been a very difficult couple of months, I took on two very difficult classes, I may have my first all b semester in my graduate career.  But I've worked very hard, very hard.  And what can I say sometimes you fall short?  But I know I've earned it so I can hold those B's with pride.  I am still aiming for an A, but I am realisitic.

I am in a very good mood today.  So good that I am not going to write long today.

We are making progress on several fronts.

Sometimes as David Anthony featuring India Airie told us, all that I am telling you is nothing but words, nothing that you haven't already heard.  Until those words are attached to meaning via action.

It won't resonate.

Two articles today Todd Graham, in CNN, yes, I read everyone's stuff, I do, it takes up a solid 5 hours of time everyday.  Comments on how Bachmann was effective in handling Gingrich and how that helps Romney........

I hope for Mr. Graham's sake and the Romney campaign that they are naive enough and foolish enough to believe that load of bull, no disrespect it is what it is.

How can I be so bold in my assertions?  Didn't I see how Romney stayed above the fray last night?  Actually I didn't but, right now we are in a fight for our country's soul.

There is a show that I love that my ex-husband put me him to death, will never be with him again, but you can't be married or with someone for 10+years and don't have something good to remember about them....

Band of Brothers by HBO, and in that series highlighting the battles of WWII, I believe........ not the history person by any means.  There is this lt. and bear with me because I have not been in the army anything like that and he is in command, he is there to make all the decisions.

Only problem is that when the grits hit the fan on the battlefield, he is always above the fray, because he is always gone.

So Mr. Graham, Mr. Romney let me hit you with a little truth.

We have a President who ducks and dodges and blames at all occasions, plays the intellectual who "Doesn't get down with the arguments of commoners".

We already got a sometimes black or mixed Obama.

Why do we need a white one Mitt?

Why do we need a dude who says everything, is on every position, does nothing, sitting like that little boy in the classroom snigging and giggling because he's the only one not going to get in trouble when the teacher comes in the room b/c he's too scared, too smart for that?

See Mr. Graham, Mr. Romney what you fail to realize the majority of voters that will decide the election are women (and no Mr. Romney your numbers will women will continue to fade) and minorities.

See women work a little different, we'll take a wrong answer versus a man who want take a stand.  We'd rather you pull it out and try to put it somewhere even if we gotta correct you, then spend all day trying to decide where to go........

You feel me?

Does my point resonate?


Op-ed about a woman President in CNN

This is an op-ed about what will it take to make a woman President.  Although this woman is a democrat or leftist, the article is important because she comes from the premise of making it on qualifications.........

And for all those "conservative" voters who say they love America, who say they down for conservative values, at the end of the day, no one in that field but Michele Bachmann

for those who say they care about our troops, they care about our national security,

nobody but Michele Bachmann

When it comes to a candidate that has already shown, she's not going to tolerate Obama's bull with Obamacare and all this crazy spending, and although she is quiet with hers and not as flashy as Newt, she knows how to debate and handler her own,

nobody but Michele Bachmann

When it comes to a candidate that understands that these going to Hawaii, building gingerbread sugar induced crack binge spending type mentality gotta stop, nobody but her has said voting wise,.........

No one but Michele Bachmann.

Sorry Mr. Graham and Mr. Romney while you all standing up thinking you got it all figured out. 

God ensured women set down everytime for a reason. 

It gives us to analyze and debate and the fact that that op-ed came out, doesn't mean an endorsement of Michele Bachmann, but acknowledgment of the sexism that is keeping her from being the number one conservative candidate in the polling because frankly she is the only one.

Paul is Nancy Pelosi in foreign policy.

Romney wrote Obamacare and got Ted Kennedy's approval in addition to hiring key members of Obama's staff regarding the environment and other issues knowing the damage the EPA is causing.

Perry has the nerve to tell young girls to risk sterilization, but nothing to young men after his own chief of staff made the deal with drug company giving Obama fodder for solyndra and business as usual.

Newt and Pelosi wrote 418 bills together for a woman who doesn't think we need a military, makes folks in her caucus sign on bills they haven't read.......

that's just down right scary.

It's sexism.  And with 51% of the voting electorate women, by the time the convention comes around it will be clear who has the ability to beat Obama not because she is a woman, but because she is the most distinctive from him in conviction, character and values.

Mr. Graham, baby, we won.......... last night, can't you see?

We won the respect of women, and some men who are so confident in their daddy (schwagg, confidence) they don't fear a strong woman, and with that respect comes a chance for them to look at Team Bachmann for what and who we are and see past the fact that we are urinally challenged........

We won love.

We won.

I'll be back tomorrow, it is about the NBA this weekend. And we will pick up with American Gangster on Monday.

Time for me to put my hoodie back on, go back out here in these streets called America and put words together with actions.

Iowa you first up, put your values where your vote is.

Jesus, nor David in the bible was the most logical or electable choice,

but they were the most qualified.


B/c when the folk looked around and said who among us?

there were the lone voice, that said they would.

Only Michele Bachmann has had the courage to say the unpleasant things, to unpleasant problems we need to hear.

Are you Iowa going to be the state equivalent of black voters? Letting Mitt pay for his endorsement, but don't care enough to shake your hand.

Vote Gingrich knowing it is a vote for Pelosi

Vote for Paul knowing it is a vote for a world war we ain't ready for.

Vote for Perry because you hate the other so much 

and dog the most conservative candidate because she's a woman.........

What are your actions going to say about your words, Iowa.

That's all for today and will someone tell Rep. Pelosi the house has produced over 30 bills regarding jobs, 12 budgets, and all kind of stuff.

But her partner in crime Reid, its like 3 years ain't got a budget yet.

And that compared to her, every congress will be a do nothing house, we don't have house members sign bills, they haven't read restructuring 1/6th of the economy because a known socialist wants things fair or equal........ ;)

So Richie Roberts aka Pelosi you right on that love....... We will NEVER forget how you strong armed those votes in, and when my Big Sis gets in, there will be a knock on your door as soon as we get your brother named Reid and Obama in order........

Don't worry love, we will do "Something", and you won't ever worry about us being a do "nothing" house ever again.  We coming for you.  We know what you did.  We know without you, screw Reid, nothing would have gotten through.

Be back tomorrow, for the NBA, I am launching the second site the second week in January starting a new job had to keep up and Monday I'll be back politically.

We going win people's respect through truth and honor, then the votes will come.  

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