Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 22)

Hello America

I have had that this crazy thing happen in my life: SLEEP!

Let's get into the context, it's been awhile since I've been on here.  What I am going to do is discuss the topics I said I would, discuss some political stories I think need addressing, and wrap it all up with the words from Pastor Anglin, Donna Brazile, and Frank Lucaas.

As the young people would say (I turn 37 in less than two weeks, I think I am entitled to say that *big smile*) leggo..........

 the supreme court's decision to politicize the health care issue by having oral arguments as the caucus' are heating up. 

It is of no secret or coincidence that the Supreme Court is taking up oral arguments in March.  It gives the GOP, the teaparty and the Democrats their best campaign tools.  But the point of it is, it is unconstitutional,  the federal government does not have the right to tell the citizens of this country what to do with their bodies. 

Schools for those who want to be particular about it are voluntary in choice of that is the selection of the parents, but health care affects us all.  This is America and the founding fathers put in freedoms not just to protect the religious rights of those who worshiped the same God they did, but for all of us.  The federal government does not have power to supersede that.

What this will turn into is an attack on Clarence Thomas, which will turn into some uncle tom who married a white woman I believed and his wife being associated with the tea party being thrown out.  What this will turn into is a basic discussion of should everyone be mandated to have health insurance for "social justice".  What this will turn into is Barack going to go visit every elderly black person he can find and tell to stop complaining for about five minutes so he can get a photo op and say

"Y'all see how mean these rich, white and uncle toms is.........they don't even want y'all to have medical coverage , now you see why I wanna take the money"

Never stating the obvious but so subtle, that he is taking with no intent of giving to the black community, the white community, the gay community, the woman community for that matter the American community.  Mr. Obama's sole purpose is to empower Anti-American interests primarily from Muslim radicals and socialists background.  When history reveals itself, SAUDI ARABIA, has its hands all in this..............  I digress, from time to time, I have to let the REAL CULPRIT, know that just because we taking your oil love, don't mean some of us don't know what's going on........and it will be addressed.

My point is that it will turn into everything but what is supposed to be a very specific legal question as sotomayor will become an avenger for the people as well as Kagan instead of just being jurists........

We will address Reid's legislative terrorism, he is blocking the bill to keep Obama from signing it which will hurt his re election chances.  Without Obama, Harry Reid will be in the cell he belongs in.

Boehner and McConnell Lord, Brothers were is your testicular courage? You two are acting like Perry and Romney, two old broads arguing over whether its Clark Gable or Frank Sinatra.  The fault is neither of you all's, so stop taking the yoke Lord.  One reason I support Michele Bachmann is that my big sister stays on point.............

She didn't blame either of you all because she knows where the problem lies, we all do. 

Harry Mason Reid who finds a way for the President and his family to build 400 lb gingerbread homes and million dollar vacations, but for the life of him can't come up with a budget which induces the CR panic attacks what every six months or so.

So why panic GOP, why fuss America?  Isn't you democrats who said the Bush tax cuts were so bad?  That it was helping the rich.  Well, loves you got an early Christmas present! That big, bad, ever so awful, empowering the rich tax credit or tax hike is gone baby!

America, I love you, I do and I don't want to make it harder on anyone, but some of you all need to know just what you voting for.  Some of you, words don't matter but H&R block telling you nah actually you owe, when you just came of the WalMart line buying your baby that kinetic and some shoes, buying your husband that 32' for $700 and getting the timing belt on the car fixed because you JUST KNEW you was getting a refund.

It is time for some of us to realize just like Frank Lucas did, you not so safe anymore.

It is time for you all to realize the moment that the moment Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi took office and gavels and such, YOU NEVER WERE.

Time for the sisters, in particular black women who LOVE to talk about Michelle Obama rocking the Vera Wang and what not to realize she and her kids eating............

It's y'all standing in the food line............trying to supplement Christmas dinner.

We will address Mitt Romney buying up every endorsement he can buy. With newspapers, as broke as they are, write a big enough check Mr. Romney, hell even Jet magazine will endorse you.

One thing I will always credit Mr. Romney on being is smart, two of the first follows I had on twitter, was Karl Rove and Mitt Romney, that meant a lot to me.  It still does.  I think Mr. Romney is a very meticulous man.  He had it all planned out,  key endorsements from here and there and just say I am about jobs focusing on Obama's unemployment rate which if you look carefully will improve with all of the federal jobs that will be created through Obamacare, blasting a large hole in Mr. Romney's purpose in the election.

But the point of it is now, the GOP wouldn't have the pull they have without the teaparty.  Let's just call it for what it is. And with Cain and Palin gone, we will address her today. They looking at you realizing that you are simply one of them.  You understand my point, Mr. Romney.  You think that you are going to take that teaparty anger and compact into some I'm the sensible guy is demeaning to all of us.

One thing that Bush, Perry, Romney, Gingrich, and Obama have in common is unethical ties to health care. Bush and his ties to EJ Lilly should have never been the one to start with Medicare D.  Romney did write the prelude to Obamacare and if it were fair it would have been an opt-in versus an opt-out to ensure that all of us because some of can't read or comprehend wouldn't be subject to something they didn't know about.

There wouldn't be a RomneyCare or Obamacare without Newt Gingrich, let's just face it, he can rationalize his struggle all he wants, but the truth remains.  And all of these dudes are step in step with Barack Obama.  The enemy ain't just the left people it is the establishment.  Perry let his chief of staff quit and broker the deal for the vaccine for the drug company.  His folk got paid both ways and you wonder why despite all of the billions of dollars of waste and unethical behavior from lightsquared and solyndra Obama can just shrug his shoulders.........

Look at the company he's in.  And what he is really saying is these white boys doing it, why can't I?

We will address Mr. Obama's assertion that saying you cool with don't ask, don't tell don't mean you are for the gay agenda and just what is the agenda.  Trust....  I think I have a little more perspective than the President unless those crazy stories in those tabloids are true ;) 

Gay rights, what are gay rights? The right to be gay. the right to indulge in homosexual activity. If I remember no one else has sodomy as a criminal statute. Forgive me if that is not the case.  But other than that, gay people there is nothing else.

The gay population is diverse, everybody ain't straight, everybody ain't gay.  There are some who are selfish, who run both sides of the fence.  I am not going to discuss my past or my present, but I am not going to run from it either.  However, I do not believe in gay marriage, because I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman not because a homosexual couple cannot love each other.  No.

But what I am saying is that only a man and a woman can create a child.  Sperm and a egg.  ovum.  Whatever you need to tell yourself and because of that possibility that union needs to be protected.  I am not saying you can't raise your child, Gay America, I am not saying that.  I am not saying that they are some crappy straight parents who really need time with me, a bucket, and about five patriots to give them all of the "love and perspective" they can handle, no doubt. NO DOUBT.

But for Obama to say I am for gay people because I ended don't ask, don't tell is playing you all for a fool just how he does black people along with the rest of the democratic party every year. geez.........

My personal life is no secret, but I don't want to see two grown men kissing or fondling each other in no kind of way, publicly or privately.  But I support your right to do so.  Frankly, I don't want to see two women kissing or fondling each other in no kind of way, publicly.................. privately it depends on how cute they are ;)  I am sorry I had to interject some humor all though it is truth in there.  Frankly, I don't want to see a man and a woman kiss or fondling each other in no kind of way, publicly , depends it could be kissing husband #2, but that mess with Al Gore and his wife was just gross.........

My point of it is Gay America, do you realize these Muslim radicals that your supposed "Gay Rights" President in Obama is empowering not only just hate gays, they believe in killing your ass?  You won't have to worry about no rainbows, or raining men, or none of that.

Stop thinking just because someone says keep it in the closet that it is gay bashing......... These children are oversexualized as it is.  Everybody needs to keep it in the closet and wait until the children go to bed before the handcuffs and whipped cream come out. 

I don't know Obama, Gay America, but let's face it, if one were a stickler for details I would be part of Gay America, no need to lie about it.  But I plan on getting married to a man, a biological one at that.  I do believe in marriage between a man and a woman, I think its balance.

I know for a fact that being with a woman doesn't make you a man.  I checked like right after ;)  I am joking but it doesn't.  I know that no tool or toy, as I don't use, is going to make any gender into another.  Look out for who is going to take care of you as a person, Gay America.

Be more than your sexuality, all I am saying.

We will address why Ron Paul even being taken seriously in light of the development of North Korea today are of national security levels.

Ron Paul is just dangerous, let's just face it.  He's old enough and Texan and cantankerous enough to just be like I am not paying.  It sounds real cute until you realize that Iran has our drones, China has our secrets, Russia because of START that Lugar and the GOP helped Obama get through has our ability to defend ourselves by the balls, North Korea now has a young man with something to prove and missiles and an army by which to do so and Chavez who has Iranian and Russian troops bases in his country is calling Obama a garden tool.

America cannot just take care of itself because it takes more than America to protect America and Ron Paul is too old not to know so.

We will address the endorsement of Nikki Haley and the upcoming one from Sarah Palin.

Gov. Haley we all know you are getting something for Mitt Romney because HE REALLY NEEDS TO WIN SOUTH CAROLINA convincingly.   And for those in the tea party movement, who supported you........ you just lost their confidence in you.  So I hope for you sake dear woman, Mitt's checks cashed because if you stay as governor, you will lose your next bid, I hope for you sake Romney was worth it.  You sold out your base, keep your receipt.

That's all, let me just address a quick couple of things so we can get out here.

I have to finish up tomorrow.  We will tie it all up together then.  Ran out of time. My Bad.

Quick Story, this semester has been the hardest I have had in a long time.  I was recovering from surgery still, got a job the week after which required a lot of outside unpaid time studying and two classes that were challenging for different reasons.

Research design because the professor was hard.

Adv psych statistics because for me it has always been a challenge.

I wrote my first paper in my research design class, got a C, had to fight for that........even though I was getting A's, 90, 91s on my homework.

And due to the structure of the class, I have to get an 97% on my final paper that thesis proposal to get an A in the class which I wrote about what campaign tools are more effective in voter motivation and value conveyance.  You see don't let Obama lie to you as much work as a thesis is, you write about your passion.........

In my stats class, I got a C the first paper, I think, and I have been getting better everyweek.

But each professor if you were to ask, will tell you I was very confused and very peeved, if I might say.  This is my second masters degree, I have on B+ on my record and that's because I told the professor to grade harder, didn't want just no pass.

Ask Pepperdine, this is true.

So I could have dropped, I just gotta a job, I just had surgery, I am popping two hydros every 8 hours, per the doctor's prescription I might add, that's the kind of pain I was dealing with.

But I didn't.

I kept at it.  I did all of the practice problems, I kept reading, I used to sit at my desk and cry in frustration over both classes, but I didn't quit.

And by the end of the semester both of the professors in their own way, congratulated me  not for my grades, but for my effort for my endurance, for a respect that they didn't have in their voice at the beginning of the semester was there now.

The type of respect of whether I get a B in either class or both classes, I would ask for a letter of recommendation from because they would attest to my character.  I had to do a lot of stat calculations by hand, and that's hard people........SPSS is far from cheap for a reason.

But I was committed to learning.

I was committed to being just like every other student even the ones who seem to grasp everything so effortlessly.  So regardless, and I did pour my heart into each paper, I had until 11:00 pm last night, to turn in my stats paper turned it in at 10:51 spent four hours staring at the computer, contacting the professor, the help desk and other students only to realize I was using the wrong statistics....... Just so dead tired, it didn't occur to me until 10:20.

I did what I had to do, I did what everyone else had to do.  I didn't get a pass or no late extension, I earned whatever I earned.

Sarah Palin, we are making inroads, with the three key demographics of dems, Gays, Women and minorities in particular black people.  You not going to come in and give Obama nothing to work with because of that Dr. Laura and the N word crap. To say it doesn't matter is naive or awfully racist.

And for good or for bad, each one of the other candidates, stood and debated. Even when they didn't want to, they earned the right to be President, you will not be allowed to skip that step because frankly we both know on substance you can't hold a candle to anyone on that stage outside of Perry.......

you know it, I know it, and the field knows it.

This is not some game, this is not some contest were a catch all phrase which boils down to we are going to get this wild ass n***** out of office is going to work.

This is about deciding a leader that can lead this country while loving it back to where it needs to be.

We need to know your stances on key issues and our debate system although as flawed as it is, is our way of getting to know you.  Your fundraisers are scripted, along with your opt-ed.

That' all for today, I've kept you too long,

But we will wrap up tomorrow.


WE ARE WINNING AND IF THE RIGHT IN PARTICULAR DON'T WANT TO SEE A WOMAN FOR A PRESIDENT, especially a white one who has black women like myself on her team.



be back tomorrow.

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