Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter 23)

Hello America,

Today, will be short as today is the point of summation. 

My pastor, being Pastor Anglin, ironically spoke the last sermon I am going to hear for the year, as I have to work Christmas..........

I don't think God makes mistakes or even close moments, I think the lack of understanding on man's part, makes it feel that way sometimes.

The text was from Isaih 40 1-10.

The Pastor explained the text as a shift in the actual book as well in the verse.

There was a "shift" coming to the Hebrews of old.

And three things had to be done before that shift occured.

One has to be prepared,

One has to repent

One has to share and testify.

There is a shift coming in this country.  And we can all feel it.  You know its a shift coming when Barney Frank is writing an op-ed wishing for another Ronald Reagan...... ;)

I keep telling you all political world, I DON'T MISS ANYTHING, I just chose what I write about.

There is a "shift" when Rove is demanding that the House bow down in this supposed tax fight.

America, four days before the birth of Christ, four days before Christmas, four days before you get a day of football, whatever and however, you need to tell yourself.

I ask you, can't you feel the "shift" that is coming?

There is a "crisis" problem in DC, and dems and republicans use it, but Obama and his team have taken it to another level.  They don't do the simple things, expect the chaos and profit from the chaos.  That's why Obama can go on million dollar vacations, yet say "this is the worst economic period since the great depression" .  That's why Michelle Obama can build 400 lb gingerbread houses , but tell you and yours what to eat, make policies in which already struggling public school districts from the illegal immigration problem and their children are going bankrupt from mandated school lunch changes, that requires the schools to serve fresh veggies everyday, and discard them daily when the children don't vegtables.

That's why Harry Reid can talk about the middle class, hasn't wrote a budget in three years, but upon review of his checking account, he ain't missed a payroll check.

That's why folk like McCain stand up harder to fight with Obama at times, than he ever did in the debates because frankly he wasn't supposed to win.

"History" was supposed to.

We can go and on but you get my point.

We are junkies quite frankly, America.  junkies that the world lives off on. 

We have a President who refuses to let us drill for oil, knowing Saudi Arabia takes every dime we give them to empower terrorists, yes I really did say it because when you look at the middle east, when you look at 9/11, when you look at bin Laden, when you delve deeper into Barack Hussein Obama, as in the Muslim World, African or Middle Eastern no name is randomly given........... and its interaction with American politics, Saudi Arabia is going to come up, time and time again.

Mitt Romney depends on the crisis of jobs, for his qualification for President.

Newt depends on the we need a fighter crisis, for his..........

Paul depends on the fiscal crisis, for his.......

Perry depends on I'm not the other guys crisis for his.....

You get my point we can go through all of Congress with this.

The word said, there is a "shift" coming, and you need to be prepared.

For the Hebrew people, it was a good time coming, a time of prosperity.  And depending on some things, it can be that way for America.

but in order for one to be prepared, one must have the proper tools for preparation is the concerted anticipation of things that may happen and having the proper equipment to readily react to it..............

From Palin, to Franks, to Cain, to Romney, the latest in Nikki Haley, the folk are frankly tired of the bull.......

They tired of folk saying they for change and going the most typical route.  Take example, Nikki Haley with her tea party background, you would have thought she would have had political sense, to go with Perry, but the fact of an establishment guy who authored the plan that served as the prelude to Obamacare.......

The people are tired.

Frank Lucas told the Don who he supplies with dope.  He doesn't feel safe.

He wasn't prepared.

Donna Brazile told the Democratic election officials as she realized that no matter what the qualifications of either candidate were Obama was going to be the nominee...... You all are just going to make this up as you go along......

She wasn't prepared.

But I do assert to you, who was.............

myself and Michele Bachmann

No Rick Perry not because we prayed about it, but because in order to do step one of what Pastor Anglin talked about we had to in some ways, do step #2 first.


Now that doesn't mean I am going to church to bear my soul.  That's not me, I am not one to testify like that.  Emotions are dangerous for someone like me because as quiet as my demeanor is on the outside, I feel SO much. I can't even watch people get embarrassed on TV because I feel their pain directly even with characters.  I can't afford the very highs and the very lows that I go through constantly to be played out.   I'll give myself a heart attack literally.

But I did go to God and I did bear my soul.  And with posts like yesterday, I bear parts of it with you.  And so did Michelle Bachmann.  Telling the world your personal life, when you get tweets daily about being a man hating lesbian because you question Obama, or telling the world about a miscarriage and personal moments of a family..........

it's hard.  There are no deeper subjects for a woman than that of sexuality and fertility.

Both of us prepared for the "shift" long before we chose to run or help. Because we knew in order to be prepared, we had to repent first.  We had to allow God to determine which burdens to carry and which to let go of.

The third step is to stand and testify.


We not talking about church people, we are talking politics.

We are talking about voting no on a bill you know is bull........... and testifying with economic truths that no one wants to hear.  B/c the art of being grown is almost a foreign concept in this country, the art of facing hard truths is something the geo-political media social agenda machines have almost gotten rid of........

We are talking about saying Obama did empower Iran and it is a danger to our security, and I will testify to that.  Let me show you this, let me show you that.

We are talking about saying Obamacare will cost us jobs and this and that, and I will testify to that.

We are talking about saying yes, all these Mommies not just Hispanic women having these babies, and anchoring entire families of illegals to them through government benefits and open violation of immigration laws, HAS TO STOP and tesifying as to why.

Let me tell you something people as we are going to close quickly.....One more post tomorrow and that's it until after Christmas.

That's takes courage.  It takes courage, it takes a trust in God, to say those things that I just mentioned as Michele Bachmann has said everyone of them consistently, whether she won the straw poll in Iowa or she is fourth place.

Iowa, you had a semblance of sanity, back then, tap into it.

It takes courage as a black woman in the South who grew up in one of the churches that is known as an institution, not just for the Pastor but for its tremendous work in the community locally and nationally to say Katy Perry ain't the only one who kissed a girl.  

Knowing, Knowing, the pain of isolation I felt when I dealt with these issues in my early twenties.  It takes courage to tell millions of people, yeah, I've been homeless, I've been abused, I did stay hoping he was going to change, I did commit illegal acts because....

It take courage to even wanna rise again after the State of Texas during Rick Perry's tenure had my enhanced misdemeanor listed as a felony for 10 years and had to live life as a felon to learn the things God wanted me to.

It takes courage to say I lost a child, knowing its women out there popping out Tim Tebow's with no problem.

It takes courage to stand, it takes courage to repent, it takes courage to testify.

And it comes from being prepared, not just to run for no President.

Not just to sell no drugs like Frank Lucas.

Not to just run no Presidential campaign like Donna Brazile.

But to have the audacity to get up and live life............. publicly saying this is me, for Good or for bad.

If I gotta be part technically of Gay America, so be it(that's a personal issue with me, because I don't see myself as gay, I just see myself as a person.  I've been married for 8 years, stayed with my ex-husband over 12 years. waiting for husband #2 to appear, but you get the point).

To say this is me, yeah, I actually am cool with Tiffani, but Marcus is praying the gay away......that's my husband, that's the man I submit to and somehow, someway.  Tiffani's cool, Marcus' cool, we all cool because we all just walking our path.

To say I am not kissing Mitt Romney's butt because he got Bain money and want Cain numbers.

To say up against the most intelligent candidate on both sides in Newt Gingrich I ain't going to budge, I ain't going to run.  I ain't going to make no TV show and avoid debates, I am right there......

checking my makeup before I hit the stage to fight again.

Everyday, more and more people are starting to respond to Michele Bachmann through Team Bachmann because of two things.

We stand and We testify.

We don't budge, We don't change.

We don't say the cool thing.

We preparing the nation for the "shift" that has to occur in order for a nation to remain a sovereign state.

So Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, the rest of the GOP field, to Barack Obama, to Donna Brazile, to the DNC, to Barney Frank, to Nikki Haley.

I dedicate this song to you and pay attention to the piano melodies, notice the fleeting decent in octaves......

Its the confidence and the honor and the trust that people have in you fall, fleetingly, softly, but octave by octave going further and further.

When the whole Ashanti/Beyonce thing was going on, I was an Ashanti chick.  Not about dancing and all that.  To me, I wasn't perfect like Beyonce, I didn't make all the right moves, me and heels are dangerous until I lose some more weight and I didn't make the right choices in men.

I made all the wrong choices.  I chose lust, thug love, wrong love, all the no no boxes ;)

And to me, Ashanti at time represented, that Mary J. Blige, let's just keep it real, I fall for d, for time to time and logic ain't always in the mix.  You can figure out what the d is......

So to the aforementioned this is for you because this what the people of America are saying to you right now.

piano please.......

After all of the times that we tried,
  We found out we were living a lie
And after all of the dues we done paid,
  WeKnow Now y'all aint going to stand up the same

The way that I love
(The way that We stand true)

The way that I love
(The way that We stand true)

The way that I love
(The way that We stand true)

[Verse 1]
We waking more and more each day, we recognizing that y'all part of the same gang
  We could feel y'all were hidin' something, but we didn't push it,
We didn't complain or say nothing
  We trying to act like We didn't see it,
'cause deep down we KNOW our hearts don't wanna believe it
Here it is, it done sho' occured,
You left your policy at the newsstand and we read

Everything you did and everything you  said,
now We standin' here lookin' like damn
We thought we was gonna fly,
now all I gotta say is why


The way that I love
(The way that We stand true)

[Verse 2]
We noticed now that when we around, you be trying to avoid the press floor, don't wanna raise your tone
Now wait a minute,
since we been in this house you ain't never did this before, tell me what's this about..
(What's this about)
  We tried to sit and say to myself,
this here is too good, surely they don't want nothin' else

Here it is, it done sho' occured,
you hanging with the establishment with

Everything you bought
And everything you spent, now We standing here
once again We thought it was you and I,
now all I have to say is why


The way that I love
(The way that We stand true)

Oh Oh
You lied
You lied
Oh why
Why'd you have to lie to me
Why'd you have to lie to me-e
Why'd you have to lie to me
Why, why, why, why
You lied, you lied, you lied
We made, we made, we made

The people are asking and singing this song in their own way,  Like Haley, Hillary, Donna, Barack, John McCain, Perry, Newt, all of Congress 

why y'all have to lie,

if it was a damn game in which all y'all in the same gang,

why y'all have to lie to me............

America, I end with this, there is a shift coming, there is a shift here.

And starting with Iowa, how about supporting a candidate that loves this nation, what we stand for, what you are, what you going through, the way you love it.

  The way the we love you (Team Bachmann)
The way that we stand true,

shows that we've been preparing for the "shift" to restore this nation back to where you need it to be .......

for awhile.

give us the tool we need in being the GOP nominee 

so we can restore the office and this nation by the hands of someone who loves it.....

that's all.........

listen to the piano melody aforementioned ones, because that's how the people feel about you....

Y'all don't love them the same.  

You sold out......

and they sitting here looking like damn......

Preach, Preacher ;) (private joke be back tomorrow)
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