Monday, December 5, 2011

The Book of Mirrors (Chapter12)

Hello America,

I am going to post tomorrow.  I just want to speak briefly about Herman Cain, these supposed recovery job numbers, gingrich and running the race.

I am going to use the Dallas Cowboy game as the example, as our mirror for today.  Do I know the playoff field? knew three weeks ago....  Will I comment, not a chance!  Won't even mention the word of the team that won it all last year.

Arizona always presents a challenge to Dallas, they always play a pretty competitive game, regardless of the records.  But the first I think 10 offensive plays were passes. 

Not going to get into Monday Morning quarterback, not about that.

It's about  The coach has a hot young healthy running back, the kind that a defensive team who spends the majority of most games on the field really, really needs.

But the coach is not the best person for the job, he just was cool with the dude who was hiring.

And the cowboys lose and the defense unfairly take the blame, the offense unfairly is ripped as well.  But in my eyes, they get the game ball.  Even the field goal kicker.

Because it never should have come down to the waning moments of the game.

The team simply did what the coach, not Rob Ryan by the way, he's head coach material........., the team did what the coach in Garrett instructed them to do, including not stopping the clock when necessary and stopping when it is was not.

And now with a crucial Sunday night game, the team has to hear about them panicking all week, about one side being at fault and giving room for team members to share blame at each other, when it is not the case.

I use that example in regards to Herman Cain.  I cringe when folks put words like Presidential election and fluke in the same sentence.  Being a Presidential Candidate is very hard, the only thing harder is being President.

Herman Cain did not have a good coach, Perry doesn't either, but I don't feel sorry for Perry b/c he's been in politics, he's running because so many have told him to run, but he don't want to win, if it requires work.......

Cain to his credit, had heart, couldn't stand his policies, didn't think he would win the nomination, but there was no need for him to drop outside of the fact that his coaches led him wrong.

Now, a candidate has the choice of choosing a team.  And a candidate has the choice of making the final decision on how to handle things.  But when you are dealing with someone who does not know politics, they don't always grasp the value of a team.  Mr. Cain was in corporate America long enough to know victimizing the victim doesn't work, maybe on the TV, but not in real life.  Politics is professional perception.

But, and more importantly, the people who were around him, did not help him at all.  And it is sad that he dropped because of personal bull that fighting it out to the end and losing to Bachmann ;)

It is not the affairs folks, you can't go around blaming everyone for everything else.  If you will hold a secret from your wife, when you KNOW YOU ARE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, and don't have the courtesy the moment you make your decision to pull her to the side, for being your wife, for being your soulmate, for being the mother of your children, your road dawg and say...........

Baby, all bull aside,  I need to tell you something, not going to let you get blindsided like that.

If nothing else, people, the gender that will decide that election is women, people, and what does tell a woman about the type of man Cain is...

It may not be fair, but it is politics.

And it is so fundamental, that someone in his team should have been on it from the start, when a candidate is serious, all of your business.  All of your maybe's, your special friendships, the well techincally we didn't sleep together have to be disclosed, first to your God, then to your team, and then your family and that's just the way it goes so it won't side track an election.

Coaches, matter.

I'm running in 2016, I already have my coach now.  She tells me things, I don't want to hear all the time.  But it is necessary.

The best teams on the right are Romney's, he could afford it, he's been building since 2008, once he realized he wasn't going to be the nominee, he figured if he got enough of a headstart, he could cruise this cycle, he was wrong, but.......

and Bachmann, google it, the folks on her team, CHOSE HER.

hiring Ed Rollins was a mistake, but I forgive her b/c I was sick and not ready to be hired yet ;)

But my point is the coach leads the team, so it doesn't matter how talented the players are, if the wrong plays and strategies are employed.

Which leads to my next point with Newt Gingrich, another one whose team quit probably too soon, but is running wild and does not have the coach he needs.

He's on a surge, he's on a roll, but he is putting his foot in his mouth because Newt is just being Newt, b/c he's a politician's politican, he loves to hear himself talk, so do not hating.

But he's not being handled correctly.  He's debating Huntsman so Huntsman can get a bump, they can try a possible ticket and he can show how he can outdebate Obama, and he can...........

But it all draws distractions away from Newt is a moderate which I don't care on social issues, but help Bill Clinton empower a new level of social justice that has decimated the incentive to earn in minority communities.

Getting a voucher to stay in Cabrini Green in Chicago and barely making is far different than getting a voucher to stay in a house, a 3/4/5 bedroom home in Plano, Texas for about $200 a month.  I use Plano, TX because it is easy to google and look up my assertions.  Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Gingrich made this possible.

And now has the audacity to complain about the state of the people he helped create empowered beggars....because he thinks all hispanics care about is amnesty.  Like they are not proud legal immigrants that are Hispanic that feel riducled at the thought of what they had to go through and their illegal cousins coming in after years of openly breaking the law.

Because today is National Boys and Girls Club, a invaluable resource for many communities and because one of its spokepersons is Denzel Washington, the actor who potrayed Malcolm X on the movie I have been using the past couple of posts,

We are going to use him again for another person he potrayed along with Russell Crowe, in the movie American Gangster, about progress, team, coaching, and strategy.

Coaches may not step on the field one moment during the game, but they have the potential to affect every aspect of it. including putting Ware on the sidelines........(had to throw that in) when he should have blitizing Kolb a former Eagles qb who knows all of Dallas' plays........

I had three goals before Christmas, and we've gotten there a little early.

To convince Palin not to run, she's got a good heart, but that Dr. Laura thing is too much ammunition for Obama with her high negatives.

To let Perry and Cain run their courses which they have.

and to let the world starting with Barack Obama and Mitt Romney realize before Christmas he will not be the nominee.

Why because as a coach which is what I am trying to be this cycle, not worried about running right now, you work hard to put your team in the position to win.......

and then let them take control.

Although nobody wants to admit, there is only one candidate left, bachmann.

Because the more Newt runs his mouth, the more his political legacy not the ethical scandals, his policies decisions will emerge.  I love Newt, but I know Newt, he is on my top 50 politicians of all time.  His message is not conservative or Republican.

He just won't leave this side of the aisle ;)

Being able to check Obama is not enough, or be better than Romney isn't either.

So with that I end until tomorrow,

But there is a song that I know that Team Bachmann, all listens to in our way, even though we don't all know each other because it is in our actions.

Run This Race by Smokie Norful

I have decided
Determined I'm committed
That I'll run
No matter the cost

And I have decided

Determined I'm committed
That I'll run
Even though at times I may get lost

I'm going to finish my race

I'm going to take my proper place
In the winning circle

I'm going to run anyway

I don't know where or when or how
But I know that I'm going to make it

Oh I'll run

This race
Nestled safetly in amazing grace
I've made up my mind
And I don't have much time
But I'll run, Til I Finish

I'm going to run this race

I'm going to take my proper place
In the winning circle

And I'm going to run anyway

I don't know where, I don't know when or how
But I know
I'm going to make it

Oh I'll run this race

Nestled safetly in amazing grace
I made up my mind
I don't have much time
So I'll run, Til I Finish


I made up my mind
I don't have much time
But I'm gonna run,
I'm gonna run, I'm gonna run til I finish
Yeh I made up my mind
I don't have much time
But I'll run
Til I finish 

It's the first week of December and Cain, Palin, and Romney ain't #1..............

The race goes not to the swift, nor the strong, nor the most articulate, but to he or she who endureth the longest........

We nestled in grace, we going to take our place, we are going to finish our race and give Obama the eviction notice election night, he so deserves.

It's time for some of us to start facing that reality.

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