Monday, December 19, 2011

A Brief Commerical

Hello Everyone,

I have not forgotten, I am in my last week of school.

I got research design and advanced psych stats which is cool, but I started a new job the week after and it has just been real hectic. Been running on about 3 hours of sleep for the past 4 weeks, but school is out Thursday!

I have to start writing at night, I have to adjust my schedule so we will have a very long, very detailed post tomorrow.

We will specifically address the supreme court's decision to politicize the health care issue by having oral arguments as the caucus' are heating up.

We will address Reid's legislative terrorism, he is blocking the bill to keep Obama from signing it which will hurt his re election chances.  Without Obama, Harry Reid will be in the cell he belongs in.

We will address Mitt Romney buying up every endorsement he can buy. With newspapers, as broke as they are, write a big enough check Mr. Romney, hell even Jet magazine will endorse you.

We will address Mr. Obama's assertion that saying you cool with don't ask, don't tell don't mean you are for the gay agenda and just what is the agenda.  Trust....  I think I have a little more perspective than the President unless those crazy stories in those tabloids are true ;)

We will address the endorsement of Nikki Haley and the upcoming one from Sarah Palin.

We will address why Ron Paul even being taken seriously in light of the development of North Korea today are of national security levels.

We will use two tools tomorrow, the sermon I heard yesterday or parts of it.

Words from Donna Brazile, I rarely agree with her, but for me she was and is a role a lot of ways.

And the movie American Gangster.

We will focus on these key words...............from the movie

"I don't feel so safe"

Words from Donna Brazile

"You all just going to make this up as you go along"

And from Pastor Anglin

"You need to be prepared, you need to let things go"

We going to have truths, about the game, about the corruption.  About why Frank Lucas' are Frank Lucas' and why Richie Roberts' are Richie Roberts'

We heading into battle, all I got is my hand held to God's, my innate schwagg, (a Capricorn, raised in Dallas, Texas) and the truth as I see it.

It will be 8am CST.

I am simply too tired to write.  I got a stats paper to finish this evening, a thesis proposal to finish tomorrow.  But I am getting it done.
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