Friday, January 6, 2012

The Book of H&T (Chapter 1)

Hello America,

How are you?  Well, the inevitable has happened.......

The GOP is at full scale civil war, as it should be.

It should have happened the moment Obama won, was pushed in, or however you want to look at it.

So let's get on with the introduction of this book, and enjoy this last weekend before it gets hectic, friendly fire hurts ;)

First, let's address the obvious....

Why is Obama panicking when his biggest opponent Romney has been weakened and the candidate who had a viable chance of defeating him is gone?

No, it is not Newt.

It is certainly not Rick Santorum, if  you are on the left, you want a Rick Santorum....

But instead Obama is panicking, from openly brazenly talking about legalizing, openly cutting down the military, openly circumventing Congress trying to appeal to every anti-American liberal nut in town............

Obama ain't doing this for re-election. He is doing this for to stave off impeachment.

Obama knows that folk like me are no longer concerned with who the nominee is for 2012.  I cannot vote for Rick Santorum, I will openly check blank.  I cannot vote for a man who think he has the power what to do with my body when I was raped.....  My personal soul is far deeper than political ideology.

I will openly check blank if Romney is the nominee..............., I won't vote for a Black Obama, certainly not going to vote for a White one......

So with folk like me having this level of apathy if  you will, why isn't he celebrating..... Going on on more golf tours........

Because those who are dedicated to saving this country, know we cannot focus on 2012 in regards to presidential election , the key is the senate and the house.

And Obama knows a majority GOP Senate and House means an impeachment vote.

People the system is too corrupt to produce a quality candidate on the right.  Everyone that had a chance, didn't run showing their corruption as well which ensures I will RELISH the fact to face Gov. Christie in 2016 among others.  A lot of quality candidates from Daniels and others chose to not even try because they are too ingrained in the system.  This 2012 is simply to provide legitimacy for the Obama re-election.

I thought about where to take this blog..........

I've considered my ways............

I prayed with God, consulted with him..... and we came to agreement.

And our solution is to go back home.

And home for this blog, home for me is Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

And so the book of Hollywood and Tiffani begins........

Anyone who knows this blog knows that it takes me about 8 chapters to figure out where I want to go, but the introduction of American Gangster was a start and I eventually will come back to it.

The GOP needs 13 to have control the Senate and remove the number one terrorist we have in this country.  Harry Mason Reid.  It is for that reason more than likely Michele Bachmann will resign from her seat.  She knows that she and I and others who have not relented on our position gotta save our country point blank and because of the corruption that the establishment calls normal we cannot do that through the oval office.

If the GOP needs 13 to take control of the Senate until election day I will focus on 16.

We also have to keep the house as well, so there will be 45 house races that will be focused on.

I chose Hollywood, I chose home because that is my strength. 

Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world, that means anything is fair game.

But the vehicle I am going to use are three television shows and movies.

On the day of the television show, we use the characters and their struggles to find a way to relate it to what is going on politically and these races.

The first show that has been selected is The Game, on BET, starting its new season Tuesday night. the game I am not choosing the show because it is Black.  I am choosing the show for its mass potential appeal as it reflects life in the NFL and the struggles and realities of these spoiled brats that Newt loves to dog every other week.

I have two more shows, but I want to chose some that are on the networks, the second one that I am really considering is Southland.  I love the show.  If I do, I will most definitely chose the third from the network.......but it can't be 30 rock, I cannot promote that terrorist called Alec Baldwin in any way shape or form. 

Upon starting to develop my topic for my thesis, which is analyzing the most effective communication tools regarding elections, I discovered empirically the power of television to communicate values.  I simply want to tap into that. 

I also want to help my hometown, with the introduction of reality the focus on those who act for the art has been lessened.  And plus I don't like the anti women message of the shows, in particular RHOA, and no America just b/c you went to Stanford doesn't mean you can out smart a lawyer.  Hard to defend a client in child support case when she still loves her ex and don't want to put him in jail.

We'll talk again tomorrow.  I just had to throw that in there.

So I am going to end with a song  today and one tomorrow just for Rick Santorum

One for the GOP, as  while I was considering my ways, I learned a lot about what I need to do, and one for Rick Santorum, who compares bestiality to homosexuality but ain't said a peep about child molesters..... You want to get in the drivers seat Santorum, you gotta realizes I am the one with the pump aimed at your head in the riding shotgun to ensure a straight and narrow path.

DJ Spin that s***

MLK had a dream, not ain't worried about heaven
Too instinctive to worry about the impress
Gotta answer anyway always reckoned
Not so young no more but its so hectic.
That Nikki Neuman/Abott/Neumann restless.
God + furious five joint to get to the message
To get me to see that my life belongs to him see,
but wasn't having him take control of me.
  changed my scenery, more Sour D, chiefing more LA confidentially ;).
The yoke of my world judging me,
I just bore through the decade like I was Captian C.
yelling my name like Captain Cave man,
B/c I knew in the end, time for the game man
Hell yes, the money sho' nuf changed me
Ensured I never forgot where I am came from.

La, la, la, la wait till I get my money right
la, la, la, la then I can  my own caucus right
Excuse Me, is you saying something?
Uh huh, you done showed me something
(Ha ha) Oh yes, loves, we goin to do something
Uh, uh, frankly leave you all with nothing

GOP, this battle sho nuff yours.
Don't need Milton or Bradley, homie we declare war.
I know that Jesus died for us,
But God made my heart bleed blue so I gotta say cuz.
And I really not feeling your double standards blocking my way
While me and my sisters trying to save our babays
Smile #kirk franklin new day.
We going all in knowing what's at stake
Us and God already contemplated
And damn your intent, ALL MY AMERICAN Babies going to make it.

Aint going to use no verbal condoms that kind of ribbed,
for your pleasure yet sensitive.
For all the places that I have been
Too blessed, too old, too Texan to start apologising.
Houston we gotta problem and
 yeah homie this is the end.....

La, la, la, la wait till I get my money right
la, la, la, la then I can  my own caucus right
Excuse Me, is you saying something?
Uh huh, you done showed me something
(Ha ha) Oh yes, loves, we goin to do something

Let the dollar stacks amass, time to get cash
so our agenda can get passed.
Gonna show up like a mob flashed,
Just spent 10 years fighting with tumors, parts of my dream gone cuz
But I still turn down lines for my nose
And still make Republicans out of h***
Making the hill understand weed is more than a roll,
B/c despite your thoughts God always had my soul.
Pressure is my syzrup
Is why I can cuss you out and end with a yes sir...
But if the devil wear Prada,
Adam Eve wear Nada,
I'll use a tailor, just one of the perks.
Got ensure no fashion regrets, because public is our charge,
For our task is indeed hard.
And when they autopsy my bod
They gonna see "always my plan" signed God.


La, la, la, la wait till I get my money right
la, la, la, la then I can  my own caucus right
Excuse Me, is you saying something?
Uh huh, you done showed me something
(Ha ha) Oh yes, loves, we goin to do something

I am just saying that we coming, and we coming for the senate, we coming for that house because one way or another OBAMA WILL BE REMOVED.  I CAN'T DEPEND ON THE 2012 FIELD TO DO IT.

And will someone tell Obama those job numbers should have been increased, there is no surprise, with WalMart having layaway, the salvation Army workers and all that extra secret service he has had for these vacations and all that overtime the hill has been billing us, DUH.........

be back tomorrow. 
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