Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Book of (H&T) Chapter 2

Hello America,

Sorry I haven't been here much, I actually been growing and praying.  My name is ringing a little.  A little bell, but nevertheless.  I have to make sure that I am being responsible.  This is going on year 4 for this blog and I try to grow every year.  I just turned 37, single for the first time in 14 years, and accepting that children and a family ain't part of my future.

I am working, going to school and just trying to maintain just like you, America.  I am gaining perspective into myself, I've been through a lot and I look at myself sometimes and can't believe I made it......but I know it's through God's grace.

This is a new book, this is the book of Hollywood and Tiffani.  My truths through those that machine we love to hate: Hollywood.  For those who don't know, I consider Los Angeles home.  I love it, never thought I would but I miss it every day since that I've been away from it.  I love Hollywood, not for the glitz and the glamour but the chance to influence through the most powerful value conveyance tool we have in a television is the wildest of this psychology influenced capricorn.  I don't have a problem admitting it.

let me say some political notes and go ahead to the actual post.

Now, with the GOP right now we going through a civil war.  Santorum was up for a weekend, but is finding out that Mitt Romney has bought the nominmation and that's just what it is.  The only person who has a chance is Perry, if he can pull South Carolina, then maybe the equation changes.  The South has risen again.  We don't fear Romney nor his Bain money until then, no need for me to comment on it.

As far Obama, let me just say this because I know for a fact that his team reads my tweets, I am on several lists, @tmims50 join the fun sometimes.

Dude, why fire Daley?  Why hire some Hispanic person on your federal payroll?  What you think Hispanic people so dumb and stupid that they can't see through the game?  That while you patting yourself on the back for "Diversity" its their pocketbooks along with ours that is coming out of with gas never getting back down under $2.00 a gallon with all this economic success.

What Obama, you think that by removing your ChiTown Southside Homie, I won't have grounds to have you impeached?  Dude, recognize The Game for what it is.  Not coming after you for no fast and furious, no solyndra, coming at you for abetting felonious behavior and obstruction of justice behind your illegal relatives.  See, this not the post today but I filed a piece of paper in 2001, that links through about 8 degrees of separation to you when I get that down to about 4......

Done Deal.

See as we explore today with the season premiere of the game and the start of NFL divisional playoff daddy( confidence, schwagg......)

We are going to find out, Mr. Obama, President Obama, that love there is no secret plan, no secret in the script....... On this level, it is just a matter of preparation and love you just a pebble in the mountain of corruption that has to be brought down.  The people you need to fire you can't.

So let me tell you now straight up whose on my personal pick up list, because all I need is the "Will of the people"  "Permission from God" and the constitution.

1) Harry Mason Reid
2)Hillary Clinton
3)Eric Holder
4) John McCain
5) Lisa Murkowski
6)Tom Coburn
7)Tim Kaine
8)Maxine Waters
9)Antonio Villaraigosa
10)Donna Brazile
11) John Boehner if you approve another debt ceiling ...... b/c you KNOW better. you will be second belong Reid and that is not a threat love, that is reality, I love you, but I have no problem making you the example.

See Obama, your name is not on the list, all bs aside you catch a lot of flak for things that are not your fault.  You just the figurehead, but I figure with me and some patriots sitting down and having a heart to heart with these ten individuals, we can get some answers. Get our aaliyah on and get some resolutions.  Because it is the corruption that put you here sir, not just votes.

And don't worry about whose going to be at the white house next year for basketball, you'll be preparing for the trial and it won't be the bulls.....sorry bigger beasts in the east.......  the knicks once they get a point and handle gonna rep the east.  no bulls no heat.  anyway. I digress.

See The Game dictates that you go after those who are gonna talk, and look at this list, there isn't one on here with the charges of treason that they facing that won't give us a play by play......So stop firing your friends, dear sir.  Go play golf or hoop or hire whomever you think will buy you some votes, okay......

I have been using the texts from church to start out the theme for the week, but Sunday, God spoke to me  and said

"Tiffani, can't go to church today"

and I said "God it's cool, I ride the bus if I gotta or drive......(my tags not updated), I gotcha you, trying to do things differently"

God is quiet, but his patience is short......."Tiffani, you not understanding me, you not going to church today, that's not your path, not your place....."

and I look up, as this is A STORY people, the words are true though and I look at God, he tense, he amped, he's upset.  And I touch God's hand and I ask softly "Have I done something wrong?"

God holds my hand, it is way bigger than mine. He says "I am sorry, Tiffani, for snapping, I am sorry.  You haven't done anything wrong, you've done what I've asked you to do, lately and it's kind of freaking me out...... B/c the path I have for you is hard and perilous

 and I wonder are you really ready, but it doesn't matter anymore b/c it's time.  I didn't save you to be a preacher, I have workers for that.  I saved you b/c you know The Game, and I need you to play The Game not for me or for you, but my babies in my nation, that I call America.  I need you to be you....... And you can't do that in no church house"

I look at God, I take my hand away not out of disrespect, but b/c I don't understand "God what you saying b/c I ain't got time for you to change your mind when it's my turn to hit them gates....."

God says to me"You wasn't saved to bring souls to church, you was meant to save the soul of this country, the only way the corruption is going to stop in this country is when somebody is more corrupt than everyone else so much so that their redemption lies in the pathway they took to overcome it.......  That's your mission, that's your path.  You decided to play a very dangerous game, a very risky game, a very political game and you did it for one reason, you remember what that is..."

And I sit down, I changed the font, the boldness to reflect how I felt when he said that to me.  The tears are flowing down my face as I speak because I know the moment he is talking about.  I was in the midst of seeing and enduring corruption that will eventually tie me to Obama through the acts of others.... I made a split second purely instinct decision and the only thought I had in my mind was that I have to show these ............. so that no other person will have to endure what I did.

And this is where we start and end for today as I will write Thursday, I have to decide on the third show to feature.  The first is The Game which premies tonight, the second is southland which starts next week, gotta find one more.

I am a fan of the show. I want to see how the writers will drive it, there is the potential for some excellent storylines the struggle of Malik's girlfriend of beauty and self image, the struggle of Malik to find himself, the battles of spiritual and material goals regarding Derwin's and Melanie's path, will Kelly come back?  Where is Tasha taking herself?  All of these characters......have the potential for so much......

So I am just going to watch tonight and see what happens and then will talk but I ask for all of those who read this to watch, not b/c its a black show or a bunch of rich NFL folk, but because it is America, because as you will see in the show, pain and hurt and struggle that you don't see on the football field on Sunday is displayed here.

There are two players in the league who stood out in their own way this year, Crabtree( he is a product of Dallas Carter so am I) and Stafford (his team from time to time played Dallas Carter) and those around them say one thing consistently about them. They are amazed about the preparation they have regarding their knowledge of football plays.  I laugh, I smirk because I know why from pee-wee football, we run pro plays and pro sets here.  From my nephew's Red Bird Raiders to every team around here, every coach realizes that football is a chance for college and dreams, and that mantra is so ingrained in Texas that nobody bothers with beginning football plays, every set that is run in the NFL is ran by 6 year olds on up.

How can you excel at The Game if you don't know the game?

Out of the eight teams left in the divisional playoffs, 6 of them have either a superbowl ring or a national championship ring, I don't think that's a fluke.

Out of the eight teams, although their offenses get the pub, they are manned by defensive coordinators that have seen it all including one that should be having a star on his jersey in Wade Phillips, I don't think that's a fluke.

Out of the eight teams, don't think it's not one that hasn't played each other already, maybe Houston and Baltimore., I don't think that's a fluke.

I think it's God preparing his message for this playoff season......

Just like he is going to allow us to learn through the show tonight.

How can you excel at the game if you don't know the game?

I don't you can.  So as we prepare for tonight, let's pump up these 8 teams that are left and let's celebrate the start of the show tonight early with some fun

I am working out so when I have my picture in the paper, detaining the said folk on my list, I got these bad louboutin boots that's just calling me, knee high, camel, so I gotta have my body together so my skirt can reflect that tone and a shirt with a little bitty badge on my waistline.

I wanna be beautiful and brainy.  So I'm getting my rock on, but in each way, each one of these qb's does to.  It's what makes our country so great we can find God's truth in all forms so loves, even Eli(not an Eli fan at all) this is for you all, thanks for giving us your all this weekend........ Just a little trash talking, my way....... :)

Excel at the game by knowing the game you are going to face.

Uh uh uh ah uh uh
Looking for the dude who rocks the rock
Rocking that playoff qb rock
Now what's your name?
Some dude named Alex grabs the mike....... and says.....
My name is Alex, from that bay see
where we rock gold, from water to the ferry
Kind of quiet, but I'm rep for our team d
We ain't in no voodoo, but some saints we gonna bury

Then some dude, I used to kick with last year, named Aaron grabs the mike says aww Tiff ;)

I thought I was still with cha'
Remember 2011 pictures
Baby, we had it all made you forget about blu
Imma packer baby, give me  time to make you feel it.
I have no problems let me beat it to repeat it. ;)

But before we can start again, some Texas dude named Drew does some Texan stuff grabs the mic and says....

My name is Drew Brees, see
Girl betta recoginze this black and gold T
I got a ring, but trying to make arrears
To get you back wet in the French Quarter Fury ;)

And before I can say Drew, you've been in NO, too long, Eli says, man I ain't Peyton's brother says

Tiffani how you figura
Gonna win with a t, that says Peyton we miss ya :)
Don't be mad, don't front it aint that gmen time 2
I know you watched the game did you see Cruz just pretty
Get your mind right, the champs coming out the NFC

All eyes on us when come in,
No question that we here to win
Don't hate us 'cause we beautiful
  NFC ball al green simply  beautiful
Our walk, our talk, the way we hit
It's not our fault, so please don't trip
Don't hate us  'cause I'm beautiful
  NFC ball baby is simply beautiful

Aye, now do the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock
All these fans do the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock

Now, word has spread, Goddell calling on the phone, David Stern just shaking his head, and some dude name Joe says......
(How you figure that?)
  Girl, I rep the Ravens! we don't hit love we defy T
  We sho' nuf dashing , my whole damn d headed to hall and
Matt grabs the mic, like Joe don't know........Y'all don't know b/c
You getting caught up in the ravens hype T, we rocking that Phillips D, T
We trying to bring that ring down 45 for Jerry for Big D, see,?(owoaah!)

And finally the elder statesman, he got more bling than Baby of Cash Money takes the mike and says

  Tiffani, you trying to violate ?(never do it)
  Brady daddy(schwagg) baby is the prettiest trait (don't, never do it)
I ain't gotta talk about it, girl you see I got tres, T
Imma have to corrall the hopes and dreams of little Timmy;)

All eyes on us when I walk in,
No question that we here to win
Don't hate us 'cause we beautiful
  AFC baby, al green simply beautiful
  Our walk, Our talk, the way we hit
It's not our fault so please don't trip
Don't hate us 'cause we beautiful
Don't hate us 'cause we beautiful

Doing the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock
Do the pretty boy rock, rock

All the fans do the pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Get along with your pretty boy rock, rock, rock
Show Obama the NFL rock, rock, rock
All the game do the MFL rock, rock, rock

Sing it with me now
All eyes on me when I walk in,
No question that this girl's a 10
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
My walk, my talk, the way I drip
It's not my fault so please don't trip
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful

All eyes on me when I walk in,
No question that this girl's a 10
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
My walk, my talk, the way I drip
It's not my fault so please don't trip
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful


this year, I am having fun and letting loose, so much so, I've just decided that this post will stand until Monday.

Have a wonderful week!

Let's get our pretty boy and pretty girl rock on, starting tonight with watching the game and supporting the NFL this weekend.  And no I wasn't knocking Tebow, I honestly don't want to offend him by including him in things that might offend him...

Obama chill, rest, rip off America like you have been doing, no worries, love.

The game you trying to play I was born and raised in..........

Your day coming not b/c you're black, but because you represent corruption that gotta stop.
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