Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Book of H&T (Chapter 3)

Hello America!

It's been awhile, writing once a week has its challenges, I had a post for yesterday.  But Newt Gingrich changed that.

God has his way of getting his message to me.  I had gym class heroes for the track to use for this week, had ceelo's fool for love, already written, had about two or three lil wayne tracks written, and even some big sean......

But Newt Gingrich did something that no other candidate did and on MLK's holiday, it took me aback.  We all know despite the anomalies in my personal life if you will ;)  I am obligated to recognize a man, a grown man and his truth.........

It is innnate.

One thing I have asked every candidate that is not white especially those on the GOP side is to take the risk to go to a black church, to face the fire and go through heat.

And yesterday, Newt Leroy Gingrich did that............. well rather, Sunday.

He didn't change many minds, but he earned respect.  Although some of us are not in the position to say it publicly I can and I will.

Today features the shows that I am going to highlight for this book, I am just going to keep it at two for right now as I have to chose shows that I honestly watch.

I am going to write a full post tonight, I apologize I had a severe shoulder sprain and just now being able to use my arm outside of work.

I ask you to keep some things in mind, the character from the game that I chose was Malik Wright, he is the quarterback of the team or at least was..........

And this superbowl season is the year of the quarterback as we are going to end up in Peyton's house......The most underrated quarterback next to Tom Brady not for his rings, but for his knowledge of the field.  He and Ray Lewis are twins, for there is no coach, no player in this generation that knows more about the game of football from their respective sides of the field than these two men.

This superbowl season is about knowledge.

The character of Malik Wright is no longer a young pup in the NFL, he is seasoned vet not only for the game on the field, but off the field.

He is going through sobriety, and it's scary , I know I recently celebrated 90 days of sobriety and it was one of the proudest moments of my life, it was dated from a one time incident in which I was in real physical pain, but that didn't matter to me.  It mattered to me because I earned it on my own.  It mattered to me because finally I have gotten the courage to look at me for me.

And just b/c it was some kush and not crack don't matter.

It was the fact that I used substances to avoid problems, versus prayer, friends, and taking the time to assess for myself.

Malik has a girlfriend in Jenna that is now walking the addict's schwagg....... it's called relapse.

He has to find a way to relay the lessons that he has learned on that path.

Although the beginning of the season has just started, one thing that we already see from Malik, that we see from those all around us recovering from drug, food, political addictions is that takes courage to admit the problems to yourself.

But it takes heart to walk in a room full of others and do the same.

What Malik will do tonight is what Newt did the other day, knowing he put himself at risk, but for the greater good he stepped up, in the midst of a lion's den because when you sober until you strong, you don't need your poison around you......

Black folk, you pop all this bull about how none of these white boys come to your hood.  Well, guess what one did..........and he didn't tell you to complain, he listened, he acknowledged.

That's heart............

Tomorrow, we got some football banging to discuss and we are going to tie all of this up together so after or before depending on scheduling the game goes off, I ask that you watch two more vets in their fields...........

Regina King and C. Thomas Howell (thought I forgot about you.....,huh, dude I was raised on 80's television *big smile*) and the struggles they have maintaining order in the Southland.

And the track will come from DJ David Guerdda..........

If Newt got heart enough to enter lion's den, if Eli had heart enough to shut Lambeu field down, then I got heart to step into another genre, to celebrate fo that's ensured to play for mo.

There will be an 8am post tomorrow where we will tie up both shows and someone tell Barack he ain't gotta make no promise on no blog about freedom.......its in the same constitution, I am trying him on treason for ;)  don't miss anything.
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