Monday, January 30, 2012

The Book of H&T (Chapter 8)

Hello America,

Well 7 days until the Super Bowl.

less than 48 hours to the Florida Primary.

I thought about writing Saturday......... and I don't miss anything like I still gotta a bone to pick with a Stephen Jackson of the NBA comparing himself to, you gotta a ring, he's the MVP on the team that just took first place last night with him being a role player......

We must remember our acts........... because someone else will.

Today, will be brief I have been working over 50 hours a week almost sixty sometimes since Christmas Eve and it has taken its tool taking into consideration that I am in school full time as well.  I finally, finally got the money fingers crossed, knocking on wood to pay my past due balance at Pepperdine and still gotta come up with tuition money for the next and final semester but God will help me out.  I know.........he will remember my acts and I trust in that.

I wanted to write Saturday, had a post and everything, but God said wait..........

So I did and I went to church, I feel bad because I just got off work and was nodding through half of the sermon, literally but the part I needed to hear for the sake of this post I heard loud and clear.

My pastor is always saying to use our gifts for the sake of the Lord which usually translates into being more active in the church.  However, the talents I have I am using for the sake of the Lord: it is to save his country, because if it ain't no America, it ain't no Good Street Baptist, ain't no safe place for none of us to worship as we see fit.

We have an angry President, a resentful, bitter President with a Pro-Muslim Brotherhood agenda leading God's country........

The word that came from the pastor, translated by me comes from Luke 16:25

25But Abraham said, Son, remember that thou in thy lifetime

This is from the parable of the rich man and the beggar and how the rich man dogged the poor man in life, and when the rich man ended up in hell, and asked for a pass, God simply through one of his voice said..........remember your acts.........because love, I do.........

I am not part of ABO anybody but Obama because although Obama is doing damage, the number one person who needs to be removed is Harry Mason Reid.  He is the reason why for four years we have not had a budget as a nation, and why we spend accordingly not Obama.

I'm ABR, anybody but Reid.

My priorities are simple 1st: keep the house, John Boehner and I will fight........all the time, but he is my brother and he is dealing with a lot of corruption and Reid blocks a lot of bills.

2nd: Get the Senate back in Money Mitch's hands... not even concerned about whether Conryn's turn for leadership has come up or not, we got patriots in the Senate.  We all focused on the goal: get Reid out of power.

3rd: Get Obama out.

If one and two happen, don't really care about 3, will have the impeachment votes to get him out anyway.

Remember our acts.........

This election ain't Obama, the more I have gotten to know him, the more I realize that he is just a bit player in a plan that is in motion to break America.

This election is about the teaparty.

And to Christie, Rubio and Haley............


Not because of your beliefs, loves, but because you made it off of the teaparty and the first check you got, you cashed to endorse a man THAT TED KENNEDY is proud of.

Thank you, Cain, Palin (for standing up on how he was treated), Chuck Norris....... NOT FOR YOUR ENDORSEMENT PER SE. 

But for letting your acts speak for your rhetoric.

Florida............ the main person that is putting your ass out of house and home, making turn your prescriptions into a stash you gotta sell on the black market just to eat as those subsidies from the government are starting end, because let's face black folk ain't the only receiving government assistance, A LOT OF YOU ALL DO IN FLORIDA and it's no's just reality.

Ain't Newt, its Mitt Romney, whose bundlers and campaign supporters represent every big business interests.

He maybe in your face smiling, kissing your ass and your babies, but the folks who fund his campaign are going to get say so in his administration, you just a pawn..........


You all have a chance to make this nation remember, what Iowa couldn't........what South Carolina did.

That ain't no Bilderberg, no I have run 5 times already, no I got all of the corporate interests lined up and I know I can't beat Barack b/c the larger enemy is the teaparty bull, agenda, plan...........CAN EVER DEFEAT THE MIGHTY GOD I SERVE........THE MIGHTY GODLY PRINCIPLES THAT THIS NATION WAS FOUNDED ON.

Remember your acts Florida..........

and that starts by remembering Mitt's.

Real cute to spend all of this money on ads talking about Newt's past, but won't focus on the issues in a debate just his past.  Won't call Barack, the fiscal, political, cultural, social TERRORIST THAT HE IS........

Let me tell you something America, we all have screwed up, ain't none of going through one day of our lives being perfect and just because Mitt is rich enough to hide his don't mean they ain't there.

Florida you all were part of the tea party from the jump, from the start,

and now you even have to debate on whether you are going to make the DUDE WHO AUTHORED OBAMACARE, HUNG WITH TED KENNEDY, IS BACKED BY EVERY MAJOR DRUG CORPORATION FISCALLY the nominee?

What did we learn last week?

Our brother in television, Malik Wright said just when you think they are your boys.........

You all thought Haley, Christie and Rubio was on your team, huh, tea party, they on they team, they on the short list for VP, Palin too which is why she is hedging still.......

Our sister in television, Lydia Adams, affirmed sometimes you have to do the right things for the wrong people.......


Florida, I ain't gotta make it complicated.

I know it may not seem like it, but I am doing God's work because the preacher spoke some other truth yesterday, he said if you ain't doing today, you ain't going to start tomorrow because of no man and that is true......

God put on a course to save this nation and our way of life and I am going to do that, with the path he puts in front of me of everyday.

So Rubio, Haley and Christie in particular that took all them dimes, nickles and dollars these individuals called the tea party gave you in hopes that you would have a backbone .....

I got what you need. 

Brady and Manning.........Come this time next week, your acts going to be remembered too.

We get to you all tomorrow.

Have to give a game ball to Brendon Haywood of the MAVERICKS, baby, all season long, you have come with it, every play, PLEASE KNOW that I have noticed........I have, respecting your daddy, Brendon.....respecting it.

One more shout to Lamar Odom, We love you, we got faith in you, and we know you are an emotional player..... we just so excited because we know you when you hit your stroke.........Khloe ain't going to be the only one with a smile on her face ;) no disrespect.

All Christie, Rubio, and Haley come on and get it.

Because your acts will be remembered..........Come on and get what you need.

[Kanye West:]
Turn my headphones up
Uh-huh, uh-huh

(What you need, what, what you need)
(What you need, what, what you need)
Oh (I got what you need)

Yo check this dro of flo, Romney Paid for America, here's your verbal barrister
Just cuz you got these three, you going to break the party up?
Baby, this a nation of grown folk, understand what I'm telling ya
B/c you got some ads, you thinking we give a f***

Its time for the relay , so Im taking the baton with the reala
Unlike these artists, I've moved political and illegal freebase ;)

[Kanye West (Jay-Z):]
Loves, we the mighty tea party, with more balls than the homie Pele
Because you bought some ads, we supposed to do what you say?
You got twisted like a new york dice game #threeways
So Now Im so involved, I guess we got a monage'
(So ain't fearing your political heat wave) Yep (Hate on Newt your way)
  So unlike LeBron James. We got a ring, baby screw your ad rates

(What you need, what, what you need)
(I got what you need, what, what you)
(What you need, what, what you need)
(I got what you need)
(Wassup, wassup, wassup, wassup)

[Jay-Z (Kanye West):]
Wassup, Romney, baby you thinking we fearing that
Won't say a word about Obama, but millions on Newt for some tit for tat
That's why this Morning, baby I'm rocking this here fitted cap
Because God's land where this is, he saying he remembering that
(Reacts on acts on Stats) Backs
(Relapse oh yes, i'm back, its back ,we back) Aint fearing that!
(Primary 2012, cripping baby, respect the fact)
(Hear the track) James Brown (Stronger than his chest hair naps)
In this verses God's truth is revealing, understand what I mean mon
THIS NATION IS OUR HOOD, don't fight this feeling
(Make a right on Slauson Ave)Right on SR 585
Head up on US 15, Poydras street I drive
I remain patted down, THIS NATION TILL I DIE.......

(Take ‘em on home, take ‘em on home…)
(Take ‘em on home, take ‘em on home…)
(I got what you need, what, what you need)
(Take ‘em on home)
(What you need, what, what you need)
(I got what you need, what, what you need)
(Take ‘em on home, take ‘em on home…)
(Take ‘em on home, take ‘em on home…)
(Tryna hurt my name, huh?)

Romney, you are nor your paid for homies, nor Nancy Pelosi are going to break the tea party, nor our nation.........

I got what you need Florida, Newt got what you need Florida.

The ability to put the FEAR OF GOD back into Congress so your country can be returned back to where it belongs.....

You've been Taxes Enough Already......

I'm just working 40 this week, Brady and Manning y'all up tomorrow.

Remember your acts, because we are, God is.......

dropping the mike, after this written in 17 minutes......... and walking away ;)
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