Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Book of (H&T) Introduction

Good Morning,

I am writing this in the anticipation that Perry and Bachmann will drop this morning.

I have done a lot of soul searching as this moment was not wanted but contemplated. 

Let me say this because of the Iowa Caucus' decision to promote to two candidates in particular who cannot win, which in particular Santorum whose rise reflects the enormous amount of time there which he cannot do on a national level.

I give the following statement.

It took a lot of me to work the McCain/Palin campaign knowing it was an uphill battle, but it was worth it because it provided the groundwork for 2012.  However, I cannot participate like I have in 2008 because of one simple factor.

The only candidate that had a chance of winning is going to quit this morning.  And she is going to quit primarily because of the sexism rampant in this party and the anti tea-party sentiment that put up candidates like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Because of the absurdity of even having Rick Santorum in the conversation with women for the first time dictating the election and his stance on rape victims and abortions, it has shown me the level of corruption that runs rampant in the GOP and on a larger level the political establishment.

We have a terrorist in office................

Let me repeat a terrorist in office............

And the fact that GOP has selected as the Iowa caucus are nothing more but establishment factions candidates who provide easy fodder to the re-election of Barack Obama.

I hearby am not going to waste my time, I give it to him.  Barack Obama will win re-election.

And what I now will concern myself with is the removal of Barack Obama from office by other means.  Frankly, as a United States citizen I have a right to enter the white house and drag him out.....and if it comes to that within my legal rights of course, I will......

I cannot support any of the candidates not out of personal dislikes, but for one simple reason.

None cannot beat Barack Obama.

That's what it is.

And for those who think we don't need Tiffani.........

We can ride on the anti-Obama wave, go ahead and try, but just like the cowboys had to find out, it's real cute to have a Dez Bryant on the team and the Tony Romo's but you would have gone a lot further with a quality corner and a qb at this point who may not have the stats of a Romo, but the heart and schwagg of a Tebow...........

The Pastor spoke of considering my ways..........

And I have and I will continue to win.

But up against a candidate of color who has purposely created a fiscal scene where the rich and successful in this country will be hated as class warfare is his gameplan.

You offer a candidate who is from nothing but political and fiscal success and whose policies and hiring practices mimic Obama.

Another candidate whose extreme pro-life stance makes his rise utterly pointless.

Another candidate who has sponsored more bills with Nancy Peolosi aka that terrorist from the bay.

Another candidate whose foreign policy makes Obama look like Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dick Cheney.

I gave myself the greatest gift I could today.

I gave myself the truth and the truth set me free from all the bulls*** that you all are going to make of the rest of this Presidential campaign.

I will focus my efforts to remove or stop Obama policies through focuses on Senate and House races.........

I am disappointed in my party,

I am disappointed in my country,

there is no need to lie, and the disappointment I feel is the same a lot of minority voters in particular will feel and show by not voting at it gender or race.

And that's what the GOP wants and that's what those who seek to destroy America want because that's how deep the corruption goes.

The GOP can pretty much force the teaparty to eat their own words because God forbid they actually represented change that could have our party back on track.

Obama can win against a "legitimate" candidate and finish his mission to level the global playing field which means sacrificing the dreams and hopes of American children for the world's sake........

I will spend my efforts now on the one thing that matters: Congress..........

Welcome to the book of H&T, people, I'll be back tomorrow.

I am not gone nor am I through.

There is a terrorist in the oval office and one way or another with or without the GOP, he will be removed.

The lives of our children are what's at stake for me, and that's worth fighting for, it's worth living for and it's worth dying for.

Unlike my party, 

Take care be back tomorrow.
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