Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Note or Two

I was going to announce something today, but I have to table that.  I worked 14 hours yesterday, and I got a notice regarding a court matter that had to be addressed today.  I am late for work, and I am not in the position to write like I want to.

I have been working so much that I didn't realize that the Iowa caucus was today.   I did, but it didn't really hit me until last night.  I start school today actually, but I do keep up with everything.  Including this CR vote, amongst other things.

We will have a full post tomorrow.

But today, I want to speak briefly about two things: why I started this blog and why I chose Michele Bachmann.

This blog was started for two reasons, the obvious was for the political aspects.  But the real reason is because I am a victim of identity theft and I have worked very diligently to document it and tie all of the parties involved together, by one piece of paper. 

If you remember the movie the Firm starring Tom Cruise.  He didn't gain his freedom by tying all of this criminal organizations including the firm he worked for, by some monster case.  It was simply a matter of billing and mailing...........  Simple paper infractions that have the power to take down criminal geo-political corporations.

I made a decision on 4/13/2001 and I am not going to get into details.  They are of no concern.  But more than I made the decision it was an instinct.  It was a moment between me and God.  It was one of those moments where God allowed me to see so far into my future.  Wasn't for no Miss Cleo moment, it was to endure the road and the path that he told me to walk.

In some respects, it has been arduous, it has been cruel, it has been violent.

The Pastor spoke yesterday from the book of Haggai 1:5-7 and we will explore further.  Starting a new book and working through formats.  Nevertheless, the book was to the people of Israel who had ceased building a tabernacle for the Lord and were handling their own business for various reasons.......

And the prophet implored the people to: Consider their Ways.......

The Pastor's message resonated a little bit different for me.  The end is always the beginning.  And there are some very detailed and painful chapters in my life that have ended last year.  And because of those chapters ending............... , other chapters are now starting finally to close.

Resolution especially in the legal forum is starting to emerge and now more than ever I have to consider my ways....

When taking into account, all that I have been through trying to rectify this identity theft, I have learned a lot about politics, illegal immigration, drug and sex trades and the "establishment" More than I ever wanted to know.

Things that make me not necessarily ashamed of this country, but ashamed to look our Founding Fathers in the eye.

Things that make me look these babies, that Newt has written off, that Obama has told to stop complaining, that are of no Concern to Romney, that Perry trying to barter to drug companies, that Santorum already has judged because he knows more about what a woman needs to do with his body, than that woman does...

Things that make me look at the babies and realize they are being fed to the slaughter and the hands that are doing it have democratic party and republican party stamps.

They represent corruption, they represent things as usual.

I chose Michele Bachmann because first and foremost, she is mature.  She don't have the best soundbites, because she is not trying to be a star.  We have an indulgent childish personality for a leader, he pouts, he gets CR's and everything else.  We need maturity.

The second reason I chose Michele Bachmann, she is educated.  a LLM is nothing to sneeze at, in tax law.  It is important to me that any candidate that is serious about cleaning up this system, is well versed in tax law as well as legislative matters.  If you can understand tax legislation, you can pretty much understand most.  We need a candidate that is qualified.  We don't need nor can afford for all of these advisors and what not, Cain, Perry, Obama, and Romney have expressed in having.

The third reason I chose Michele Bachmann is fortitude.  She is similiar to Paul in that sense, but she is not blindly naive like Paul.  She understands the difference between being strong through rhetoric and being strong through actions.  I think her national security knowledge is something that is not highlighted because she is a woman.  Ron Paul is dangerous.  He is a national security threat and no matter what his other accolades may be, his foreign policy alone renders just as much as a threat as Barack Obama, if not more.

The fourth reason I chose Michele Bachmann is why she chose politics, she wanted to get something done.  Romney can pop that "I wanna create jobs" crap but he was groomed from the moment he was born to run.  He just too scary to just go ahead and jump in, he wants to get everything right.  He doesn't understand, America is a woman, when we want it, we want it, we don't necessarily have to time for those who waste precious moments, trying to perfect the landing if you will.  She didn't have no Bain education, wasn't debating or a career politician.  Wasn't no senator, not even a Governor, just a woman who simply said.........

This is some bull........... And I am going to do something about it.

Let's face it, America, the only reason, the ONLY reason the GOP has a chance is the Tea Party.

No other reason. 

And what do you do Iowa Caucus.

The dude who wrote Obamacare pretty much, who through his selection of personnel is going to continue Obama's rule through the EPA if hired is leading.

The dude whose foreign policy is let the savages have at it........is second.

The dude who is okay but is going to face Obama and women who are going to dictate the election.  Not only is their right to do with their bodies HIS BUSINESS, BUT EVEN FOR WOMEN THAT WERE RAPED AND ABUSED THAT HIS BUSINESS TOO.  And as a woman that was raped, I will never.................support Rick Santorum for having the testicles to think that anything that happened to me, his opinion is needed on........ is third.

The dude who let his chief of staff to broke a deal to make young girls have vaccinations through an opt-out program with the deal company putting our illiterate and parents who didn't understand at risk for a kickback, instead an opt-in where informed citizens could have joined in the vaccinations.  Things that concern young girls fertility issues when we have Hispanic Illegals averaging 6 babies.... is fourth.

And the one candidate that has been tea party not because she loves Jesus, not because she can cry for the mentally ill, and dog the crap out of welfare American children and love illegal children, the one who actually has the most comprehensive foreign policy out of the field, the one who understand her pro life stance is for her, not for each and every American citizen, the one who has voted on the tough bills.......

is dead last in a state she just won.

The most important reason I chose Michele Bachmann is resiliency.  For I take her at her word, that she prayed. that she knew taking on the "Establishment" which every other candidate is.

That she knew that if folk like me chose her, turning down all kind of jobs and opportunity, it was because of what God let me know 4/13/2001 and what she knew in the moment she decided that the corruption, the bull had to stop.......


 28Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.
 29He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
 30Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:
 31But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40 28-31

I did consider my ways......... I know she has considered hers and we will talk again tomorrow.

And I simply ask the Iowa caucus to consider theirs. 

If you all select ANYONE outside of the one person that has represented the tea party, the entity that is the sole reason, we even have a chance to save this country.

Then the rest of the nation will consider your ways and render just as much as part of the corruption that has robbed my life in certain ways and when American citizens realize how deep the rabbit holes is with corruption and specific regards to illegals and what Newt, Perry, Romney and Paul represent as Houston is a sanctuary heaven............

You all will just be another machine no one pays attention to Iowa.

We will soar.

We will run.

We will walk.

We will get our country back.

I'll be back tomorrow.
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