Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Book of H&T (Book 10)

Hello America,

We pushing through, we pushing through!

It is Thursday in Super Bowl Week.........

Let me just say a couple of things and then we'll get started.  I am glad to Boehner and Cantor for not having to publicly go there with either of you guys.  Boehner, we love you and Cantor NOBODY is going to leave you under the bus baby. NOBODY, you and Rep. Paul gonna be taken care of, okay?

But right now, we focusing on a bigger prize.

Obama and the Mavericks in the same position, they the champs, but......  the team around Dirk and Obama is going to have to step up........ in order to be able to keep saying that.

I don't count either one of them out, it is a long road to the playoffs and to 2012, ain't even hit the summer time yet.

the fact that we have to create a bill where food stamps recipients cannot go to the strip club speaks so much of what is wrong with the system.

And Paul Ryan, you are right it is not necessarily Hispanic illegal workers that are ruining this country, more than it is the dirty politicians and employers that hire them and look the other way.  Illegal Immigration is not a Hispanic issue.  There are folks all over the world over here, illegally, we have Iranian trained soldiers coming in through our southern border because we wanna play ignorant to the situation.

Michelle doing pushups don't really phase me ;) I can do them, probably not as many as her.  But I know if I am too old to fight with my hands, and risk this body........ this smile (Crest Works!) *big smile* hopefully she is too, but it is to convey a source of strength..... Now if, she can push up on these big a** trips and tabs she been making, and lay some of that strength down on that...... I'd throw her a little praise......but for now let's slide over.

I ask the Congress to PLEASE investigate and make Holder COMMIT to any and all statements this morning, he will more than likely face impeachment trials.  Because of him, criminals got guns and law enforcement folk died.  If you going to be a gun runner, then you need to be treated like the rest of us trial.

I am hearing reports that the Don is going to endorse Gingrich.   If so, I think it is a good thing.  I hope Donald doesn't want to be VP, but I will tell you this he loves America.  And I would find him a position to where I would hold him to his word.  Give him the permission he needs, for he and his killahs, send him to Beijing and let him tell China.......You dealing with a grown ass man. 

The word from God this week is to remember your acts because he is and we are.

Susan G. Komen, I hope you pay heed to that...... I don't miss anything, I simply don't comment on everything.

We learned through other cast members of The Game, the power of enabling others to empower themselves and how God blesses us with mates that match.......and how we must have the strength to honor that bond........

We learned through other cast members of SouthLAnd that in the community our acts will be remembered, including when we leave our citizens unprotected.  We learned that some use God's words to hurt his children.

We are hopefully learning through folks like me, that God created folk like me.... pretty a** bullies that won't tolerate none of God's children being picked on..........even if me and some conservatives gotta have it ;) Trying to use my powers for good.....

You know........ as we keep on during Super Bowl week, it is kind of ironic that the defense is named the defense because in some ways, they are the offensive playmakers, they go out and aggressively try to assert will and dominance not just by stopping yards, but through interceptions and sacks and fumbles.

They assert will even on the plays where stats do not show up, that strong hard pop at the end of a good 7 yard run, lets the running back know...... You go through this time, but you and your body is going to remember those hits.  Memory lets Brady and Manning remember how each time, it gets harder to pick yourself off of the ground.  If you look at the film on Brady, that dude will spend every second of the play clock accounting for the dudes we are going to discuss today......

Just as the offensive line sets the game, the defensive line sets the reaction.  They personify memory. Along with the rest of the defense, these are the guys that are first line, at every play.  Using strength, skill, and just damn will to squeeze, fight, and push through inches literally to get into the back field, to stop plays at the line.

They don't initiate the beginning of the plays, but they serve to initiate the ending of it.

One of my alltime favorite defensive linemen is Warren Sapp, who I think was vastly overrated.  But during his heyday with Brett Farve, you could openly see the chatter.  With Charles Haley WHO BELONGS in the Hall of Fall, you could openly see the concern in Steve Young's eyes.

  Why?  B/c just like folk like me, we have been establishing memory.  Just like you, America, you all have been establishing memory.  You all can't see you making history right now......  But you are, each of you in your own way.  BY SIMPLY SAYING, I THINK FOR MYSELF......

Those thoughts and cognition will be remembered. 

It felt good to be freed by the truth, yesterday, America no need to lie about it.  It's like the bull is sliding off, sliding over.......So let's give homage to the first line when it comes to game time......

Our defensive lineman... I know joints that gonna be hits, look at the Billboard top 100, most of the top 40 songs hits that I have already done way before they were number one with exceptions of course.

This is the new joint that knocked out Big Sean and Kayne's Marvin and Chardonnay from the Super Bowl Rotation.

And for the artists, please ensure your lyrics are on azlyrics, that's who I use, that's who I prefer, the formatting and my writing flow doesnt work so well, when I have to deal with other sites.....

Baby Bash featuring Miguel who is just on a terror right now............  New Joint, just now hitting the streets, let's make it a banger for the spring and summer.

Won't stop

slide over
Baby these brothers ain't got no fear
Pounding chests saying none of this here
These dudes gonna try
to put hits that gonna make me smile
aha slide over yeah
These the daddies of the dline
kind of distracting cuz they so damn fine
Cause this Patty came up to me so really really  ..
and i’m so

..cuz he said slide over and come here next to me
  baby, we gotta five linemen don't mind tearing up ya sheets..
.. Wilfork dont mind , he 3-4, or that 4-3
  Ellis will put you in some positions so nuff unique.
.. Anderson aint kenny but he will rock out them shoes
We bring in Deadrick Lord knows what we goin' do
Adding in the mix Sir Love, girl hit you with this Patty heater
  Ain't no line alive going to match that, believe a..
Babygirl Them others can pop it that bull yo
So don't be afraid if its 3 or fo.
Cuz we don't mind revolving do's
Marking on your a**, Pattys was here for sho


slide over
Baby these brothers ain't got no fear
Pounding chests saying none of this here
These dudes gonna try
to put hits that gonna make me smile
aha slide over yeah
These the daddies of the dline
kind of distracting cuz they so damn fine
Cause this Gmen came up to me so really really  ..
and i’m so

  And he said, Baby, I'm Jason Tuck, know this fo sho…
Ain't no changing out, My G's is fo sho
My homie Jason make you Mariah you sho nuff goin' glow
We'll make you fiend, Tiffani begging for more
Canty will make you find a way just to pay us
Pierre-Paul got two names to double up on them haters
Give get monster on, because we going to be here long
.time bringing this here to an end just like this song ..
Don't even front you know you wanna meet us ..
Girl recognize you just got got by 4Gmen hitting your spot ;)


i just want you close to me yeah
oh ‘cause this this is where you supposed to eb ooh
so just



Enjoy the day, enjoy the post, can't wait for the reaction.........
Until tomorrow!

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