Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Book of H&T (Chapter 14)

Hello America,

I am sorry I didn't write yesterday, needed some time for myself as the fact that I am really going to be allowed to leave is really hitting me.

I am watching SportsCenter and GMA with my nephew as he is home with me in the morning.  I wanted him to see different things about this nation what we are fighting for.

We watched how the acclaimed makeup artist that reformed Glenn Close worked,

We watched how Broncos telling Tim Tebow, you can love Jesus all you want, but if you ain't going to work........, you disrespect him and us.

We are going to do things a little differently, we are going to discuss SouthLAnd today and The Game tomorrow.

The lesson from God this week, is the "body" knowing your place and where you fit in.

On this week episode of d  SouthLAnd , we focus on Sgt. Cooper, a hard nosed 22 year veteran of the LAPD who is gay, who is fighting prescription addictions.

He saves a young man briefly is subject to bullying because he is gay.  I am firm believer that all of these anti-bullying laws really have had a blowback effect.  It has removed the bullies of the bullies if you will..........

The young man gets the courage to go back to school and again he is tortured and brutalized by dudes threatened by his presence.  Not about whether being gay is right or wrong, it is about the fact that God made us all and it is the role of NONE of us to hurt his children......

The young man ends up on a building ready to jump and he asks "Coop" who tells him he is gay, how he does he survive, and "Coop" tells him a simple truth: he fights............. every day.......

The young man later on ends up jumping off the hospital building ironically, because someone who didn't do their job.

Coop's partner played by Lucy Lui is worried about him, she sees a vet tired, his body ravaged by years of fighting and she asks him how he feels because in the end the young man did take his life.

Coop replies "I did my job..... that's all that matters"

Simple truths..........

Imagine if we had a Congress and President,

imagine if we had a nation,

imagine if we had Christians who say they love the Lord, but show in their acts, they don't love all that the God they serve created..........

imagine if real bullies who would have looked and seen what happened to that young man the first time, would have met those fake bullies outside when they heard what happened to that young man and taught them some lessons about life..........

imagine if all of these groups,

if all of us had the courage to simply just do our job............

to be the part of the body we supposed to be..........

It ain't complicated folks.

It's just hard..............

Some of us are meant to fight day in and day out, but we never tire, we never give up, because we know we have done our job.........

 Be back tomorrow, and just because I said it............I have to say it.

I told you all once the Knicks got a was going to be trouble.... ;)

Only in America...........

can one be a point guard, a make up artist, a sports announcer, a person cooking with wolfgang puck grill,

I say that because that's the power of American television, in one hour I showed my nephew, how each one of these positions required math, required dedication, required hardwork, required teamwork,

required knowing your role

required fight.

And so he and every child can have that chance.......

is why the Coops in this world like myself,

go home, don't hang out with the fellas no more, rest and get ready to fight tomorrow.......

not for himself

but for the next young man, the next victim who has the audacity to stand up and fight.

We have to show these young people how it is done.

Don't give up Newt. 

be back tomorrow.

today, my battle is fighting for a paycheck ;)
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