Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Book of H&T (Chapter 9)

Hello America,

How are you?  I am off!  Actually, I have to go to work for some tasks, unpaid, but I'm not on the clock, so I do apologize, I was trying to sleep late.  But my phone was blowing up at 7:30 am.........

So Here I am, So here it is.

I am feeling good.......  Finally let go of some things, some folks..... It feels good as I grab a hold of new things, new folks...... Trying to start 2012 off right.

And I'm feeling good about this book, we getting there, as we know it takes me about 8 or 9 chapters to really see where I'm trying to go.  I left out Chapter 5 on purpose.

Let's get to it, its Super Bowl week, its Wednesday our shows and characters of truth have spoken.

First of all, yes I know Romney won, but trust I read my tl all night, I only got about 4k followers, so I am not big time by anytime, but I trust my tweeps.  I trust my tweeps.  I trust my tweeps.  They are democrats, republicans and independents.  They are American.  They withhold no truth.

For every precinct chairman and votes that Romney and the geo-political Bilderbergs and drug companies buys, he turns off another voter.  And because of that same corruption, folks who had a chance like Perry have self-destroyed themselves, others like Thune and Daniels kept themselves out, and Rubio and Haley turned on the teaparty the moment they was offered a check.

Over 14 months ago now, one of the two most important follows I ever had was Karl Rove and Mitt Romney.  Now as broke as I am, you would think I would have cashed my "come on the team" check but as we learn from the truths of the shows that are highlighted in this chapter.

 The Game and Southland

Please support these shows of truth.  They not black shows or urban shows, they are American shows for they speak a truth. I cannot always convey.

We are going to start with Southland tonight for the newest commander of the station and I do apologize I didn't get to watch the full episode of either show, I was working on these songs for this week as I will write everyday until Tuesday to celebrate the greatest show on Earth: The Super Bowl.

There is a new commander and God is so good, so bananas with his..... The words from the commander speak the word that the Pastor spoke Sunday.......  It makes it easier to write, it makes me know that God's word is being spread............ and it makes it easier when individuals take God's truth and turn it into they own bulls***.

The commander said remember your acts......... as others will.

In the episode named community.  So from that, we continue to focus on parts of a football team and how that applies to us politically and socially.

Today, we talk about receivers and backs.........

Today, we talk about folk who use God's words to punish God's children.

Today, we talk about folk who use God's words to help God's children.

In the show, The Game, the main couple of the show, Derwin and Melanie Davis, who used to live on ramen noodles, now rocking that Dallas Schwagg, expansive, luxurious, and decadent.  They end up on coach on a flight and end up in VIP in church......

Think about the irony...... They treated just like everyone else on a flight, but treated special in the house where God is supposed to be supreme......


We got far deeper problems than Mitt attempting to play us for a fool......

Anyway, they encounter a lady on hard times, they didn't give a dime, they gave a job which requires her to stay with them.  While you may say being a housekeeper is demeaning, I suggest you watch the movie The Help.  Who you let you in your house is just about as paramount as you let in......... ;)  Do I really need to fill in that blank.......

God's words were used to help God's children......

Those acts are going to be remembered.

Jason Pitts and his new wife played by Brandy are feeling each other, although seemingly different God is so good, that they actually on the same page.  Stacking dollars while society has to pinch pennies out of them...  They fact that they trying is going to be remembered.  For Marriage ain't no Hollywood promo, it is a promise regarding another to God and it needs to be treated as such........

Their efforts to build on that union will be remembered........

Back in the SouthLAnd,

I am not that familiar with the character names, but I will be next week.  Two situations.

An officer and his celebrity partner not for anything good, leave a situation, and because they removed their presence.............The presence of others cost lives..........

What we do and don't do will be remembered folks..

And Lastly, in the community of Westlake, which I am very familiar with, I used to be right around the corner at some of my favorite Armenian dispensaries.  Use God's truth to condemn, harass, and burn down the home of one of God's children because who he sleeps with.

You know....... some fights you can't run from no more. Some fights you know in your soul, are going to be first on your remembrance list and for me gay-bashing is one of them....... for personal reasons, for Christian reasons........ for Tiffani can't stand fake a** bullies reasons........

One of the neighbors remarked that God made him born again to demean and hurt another.  People........we bash homosexuals but don't say s*** to these child molestors, those who are heterosexual or homosexual.

God gonna remember your acts........ As we head into election, Romney is going to pull this holy roly crap and homosexuality is going to come into play.  and the right is going to demonize homosexuals and this time unlike those officers who didn't show up.......

Unlike what has happened in the past, with the wild a** n**** label of Obama versus the moral purity of Romney........I'm here......

I don't have time to mince words........... some of you all can't afford the truths I give now ;)

We can clean it up, but this is what it boils down to.  Both of these men are supported by corrupt geo-political factors, both men were personally selected by Ted Kennedy, both men are going to ensure that drug companies make fiends out of all us or try to.

So at the risk of my personal life, which is totally nonexistent at the moment.

Let me just say this, I am a LIFE member of the GOP.  LIFE.  

I could be included in the LGBT community, depending on my mood..... dependent on where I am at.... and I am not going to hide from it.

I am the right.  

Folk like me stood up for the tea party and the GOP when Obama has a 77% approval and  others thought that the GOP was left for dead.

So to attack homosexuals........... deviants...... is to attack some of the folk that standing beside you in the fight to save this country and until this Holy Roly right or left, get the balls to go after these you do homosexuals...... Fair Warning you don't want it.

We all God's children, if you got a problem with that, take that up with God, not man......

Part of being a receiver or back is pretty, but it also involves the little things that stats don't pick up.  For example, Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys didn't make the Pro Bowl, but look at the film and see how many touchdowns he is directly involved just by blocking, by just allowing his brother to get a pass..........

We think our athletes are so dumb, but they hit us with truth, our a** can't handle..........

The race is not over, for it goes to he that endureth the longest, not who has the most endorsement, not he should have won Florida because he's been down six times already in different races........

Everyday, Romney you smugly sit back, and think you are going to make us face the inevitability of your campaign......... is everyday, someone else is like I am not voting for his a**.

Because Romney you are Obama, just the Mormon white a little richer, a little bit more cleaned up version of him, and although I am just one of the folks that bold enough to say it.

We will not vote for you and in this election, where dems outnumber republicans, but the GOP can't understand that women and minorities will dictate the election, and Marc Rubio ain't the end all be all of nothing but his own bull..........

You will feel it election night.......

This is America, we are ALL GOD'S CHILDREN.  If he shed light on anyone of us, we wouldn't have to be here with each other.  We gay, straight, selfish enough to not choose, we Christian, We Muslim, We go to church, We watch football on Sundays and NASCAR, We love ourselves, We love our children, We want the right to live how we see fit ................

We are the heart of this country, we are the receivers and backs who make the plays that the fantasy folks never see, ROMNEY, OBAMA, BILDERBERGS AND GEO-POLITICAL POWERS INCLUDING DRUG COMPANIES.......

We got them Stereo Hearts.........

B/c everybeat amplifies our passion, our faith, our committment to let NO MAN, white, black, rich, poor, from Detroit or hanging in the "Southside" run our damn destiny.

This is a nation of individuals, this is a nation of grown folk and the tea party ain't just about fiscal taxes.  We are a nation saying We have been Taxed Enough Already with your bull and games that divide and we saying no more........ And through this game, we saying......

[Adam Levine:]
Our hearts will overflo
It beats for blue, so listen close
Keep on not listening until we vote
We got the Gmen though
Going to learn from they Super Bowl flow
These dudes that show they truths
They bring life to x and o's

[Travie McCoy:]
Time for blockers baby!
Its time to take real football off the shelf
Time to learn from Hynoski the meaning of def
B/c his acts allow Bradshaw's numbers to really be blessed
And when he can't Ballard yelling baby I gotcha back
Because when the play come ain't just about no stats
Hicks will tell you that so much goes on before the catch
Eli finally, finally, finally, got that monkey off his back
So Cruz can make his past career highs ancient artifacts

I'm just trying to  make this nation understand
It ain't up to you to author this nation's plan
Just like you upgrade your phone with that iTunes
Downloading truths that others wont tell you

Our hearts will overflo
It beats for blue so listen close
Keep on not listening until we vote
It's the Patty's time to flo
  Going to learn from they Super Bowl flow
These dudes that show they truth
They bring truth to x and o's

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh so sing along to my stereo

[Travie McCoy:]
Let's go!
Ain't it cool to see Branch back in blue sox (remember him?)
But he the first to tell that his back Fault make chalk walk
Green-Ellis ain't in Paris but he leggoing all of his blocks(turn it up)
Gronkowski just saying not to all of the chops
So Welker can rep from Red damn Raiders G
But if he can't Ochocinco can show us a new found humility
B/c this group show is like some football kind of cake
They rep for their leader to ensure no defense, leaves their Brady baked

Just trying to find the words to make you understand
It ain't your place to decide what all is God's plan
Uploading this dudes truth through iTunes
I know there's a truth of theirs that meant just for you

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
I was not built or meant to choke
Not fearing my life yo
Even if that means my acts gotta show
I don't know what else to say to you
But I'm orphan Annie, be back tomorrow ;)

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh so sing along to my stereo

I am not going to leave either team behind (never that G)
Because they acts help for our lives to define (so hard to find)
How to really put our ass for the bottom line
So Mr. Romney, do you boo, b/c I'm biding my time

[Chorus:]My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
I was not built or meant to choke
Not fearing my life yo
Even if that means my acts gotta show
I don't know what else to say to you
But I'm orphan Annie, be back tomorrow ;)

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh (Gym Class Heroes baby!) so sing along to my stereo



This real talk, real marketing at its finest.

25 minutes to write the song, 45 to write the post until tomorrow.......

Blocks matter, we all matter....... 
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