Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Book of H&T (Disclosures)

Hello America,

I am sorry I didn't get to finish the post, I have  30 pages worth of papers to write and it's cool.  but to write about things like convergent and divergent validity for more than a paragraphs, saps my writer spirit.

I have been concentrating on school.  Trying to have both of my degrees completed by this year.  My MA and MS in psych.  It's doable, just a lot with a full time job, trying to save the world ;)  jp

I don't have much time, so I am going to be frank

we are dealing with Luke 16:31

Aint God letting examples be examples.

We don't give God enough credit, if God in the story wanted the rich man to be allright, he would have made it so and touched his heart during the time he was alive.

But God knows his creations.

God know man don't play attention to warnings, pleadings, and lessons.

Man pay attention to examples.

It's that simple.

I revealed some things that are very personal.  But at this point, I am totally comfortable with the fact that this life don't belong to me.  It is God's because if it were up to me, I'd be watching Husband #2 fighting boyfriend #3 on the porch with my girls......... ;)  A joke but my point is the same.

I got my own land.

I am willing to work for what I want and I am intelligent enough to excel at anything I put my mind to, I grew up around some bad b****** from church, to my community, I ain't need no Dynasty for role models.........

But as we are going to learn from SouthLAnd Friday as the Game gets the Thursday lesson.

Sometimes it ain't about you nor me.

And right now, it's about these babies.

There is a global fight to destroy America.

And to that you destroy two things: the middle class and Black Americans.

Two things that Barack Obama is specializing in and it is of no concern to me that he wears a wave cap, his wife do push ups.......

I'm not that chick.

My sole and only obligation is to this nation's future. That mantra is porous in every cell membrane that is my body.......

That's all.

To take care of the legal American babies, means to take care of Legal American parents.

So let's get two or three things straight.

My ability or lack of it to have children don't affect decisions. or being screwed over by Texas my whole world for the sake of and otherwise ;)

I get the ability to be Tiffani El Dawn Mims.

No matter whether I got tears in my eyes.......I love me.....

So let's save the drama.

Secondly, I am in no way supporting Rick Santorum.  To call him a better debater than Newt is like comparing to Lin to Jason Kidd, a breakout season, and breakout career.........

Understand the difference?

There is only one candidate that can talk to Obama the way that he needs to set an example, that won't back down, that ain't going to be worried about no racist calls.

That's Newt Gingrich.

And the GOP for nominating two men more liberal than Pelosi in Santorum, yes.........he is.....his policies don't have nothing to do with the fact he thinks he belongs on the feminine hygiene aisle with me dealing with women's issues........

and Romney, a liberal that Ted Kennedy signed off on shows you how corrupt this whole game.

Is why Ted Cruz ain't signing off on John Cornyn (don't miss nothing).

And is why Dallas County needs to decide if they need to be the example of why this corruption, greed, and power is going to come to an end........

Not about threats, just about the realization that God don't make no mistakes..........

not one...........

So just like Lamar Odom some of us got to get up off our ass and do what we supposed to do, be who we supposed to be,

and leave the yapping to the folks on the sidelines.

So what I am going to do this evening is go to prayer service.

I am going to pray..............

and then I'll be back tomorrow.

To decide outside of the GOP are going to be examples to show that this corruption, these games, these religious/race/birthcontrol sideways issues detracting from the fact that Obama think he is going to disarm this country on every level is going to stop..........

No more crying.........

be back tomorrow.
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