Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Book of H&T (Super Bowl Edition)

Hello America,

Before there was schwagg,

Before there was really Super Bowl Dances,

Before there was Michelle And Barack giving each other pounds,

There was a coolness, a confidence, a swagger, a swagg, a daddy, that made even Frank Sinatra pause...

That came from a Chicago born and bred Don

Don Cornelius...........  RIP love...... show Jesus a thang a two about stepping ;)

Today, belongs to the mighty men of the New York Football Giants Football Team

So Coming Down The Soul Train Line

We have

The Real Deal Diehl .........

I'm the truth Booth...........

Knock you on your a** Bass.....

I'll get your mind right Snee

That Special "K" McKenzie

With me, you can't lose Cruz......

I laid all on the line Ballard (get well love.......... we all praying for you!)

I make corner sick, Hicks

I set my backs free Hynoski

My running lanes is the law Bradshaw.......

I was born to fly Eli........ Manning ;)

I make 'em knuck before they buck Tuck

Fresh to def Joseph

Imma make you see Canty

Got two names for my schwagg y'all Pierre Paul

They don't get past me Boley

Out here trying to make these busta's learn Blackburn

More positions to screw ya than the Kama Sutra Kiwanuka

I put fear out herre.... Webster

My tank stay filled up, Phillips.......

I make 'em rock because I'm Roll, Rolle....

I'm just the d*** Boss, Ross

I'm special by design Tynes

My schwagg on a G accord Weatherford

We won b/c we win Blackmon

And last but not least........ Im the Z, the omega of this blue posse.

So let's have some fun today......... Just some slightly adult trash talking.....

These are your Super Bowl Champions New York Football Giants

These dudes wasn't on the top of nobody's list........

But early before the game........

Bradshaw came to me in a dream and he said to me......

Early in the mornin' (mornin')
  Got you all alone(got you  all alone)
Girl its our time (yeah)
  Its our time to own it (cuz it what we want)
  Around ten, Imma be back with a little Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay

And I told him.......... Dude.......

Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up
Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up

And he looked right back and me, pounded his chest and said.........

  You goin' love the way we blueing it
  Property of New York GMen tattoted on it
Girl be reminded 53 dudes is a long list
to deal our game   (what's that, what's that, what's that?)
Girl switch
Post up, wait up, we here
We Gmen with beef footlonging and we your ass now we own it
Moaning every morning'
Let this serve as a full warning'
  We the G's of New York City, we live with the lights on
Street lights on, on
  I'll be back we sho nuff boning cuz it's...

Early in the mornin' (mornin')
  Got you all alone (got you  all alone)
  Us G's take our time
Do it how we want it (do it how we want)
  Gotta go whop some patty ass but i'll be back with Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay
Bc that NYG way
The red way
The white way
  Come today
It's blue way
So get ready b/c when I got come back 53 Giants is ready...........

Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, Hold up
Respect that we champs of the land
  You in the midst of a grown ass man
Trust we going to ensure you going to the promised land, no need to speak
(We made some tears leak)
We cannot turn our schwagg off
' Some patties we did toss
No need to look scoffed, baby we played our ass off
D so nasty, offense so handsomee
This we the Champs anthem, The GMen is Champs anthem

And I sat there and I thought like damn these fools is going to win the game........ I was on the verge of calling my bookie and just accepted the fact got ready for my date that night...

So I sat up there and waited on Bradshaw, but he never came.......Guess he had to party too much, and some other dude text me and said...

Tiffani, what's up, Girl, this Chris, now you see why I made that move from Dallas, me and Jason wanted to tell you boy busy, but let us give you a little taste of what you really dealing with......

 "Freaky Thangs"
(feat. Jagged Edge, Twista)

It's two a.m. in the morning and you uhh..
you already showered, you already know you've been waiting
  pretty much  all week, we ready to get down
so get down because the champs is in town ready to check in
into the Trump Tower b/c its going to take some room for our flo.
  53 G's is a lot of work, get your homegirl and pray for hope-
This is pure uncut New York Giant flo fo sho.
Know what I'm saying!

[Hook: Jagged Edge]
  Done up! Knock on 'em they back, we give that done up
Getting rangs, we done shown 'em
  Done up! Oh-whooooooo, done up
Getting rangs, we be bout 'em

We texting to you let you know we on the red eye back to the NYC.
B/c right now we Super Bowlin
Girl, you got got, you team schwagg in blue knots
The world questioned ours we had to show 'em
So its to pay what you owe to these Champtions  G's.
ain't no doubt no need for pollin
our game nobody could tap that
  Our schwagg on viagra so very swollen

We going to be the roto in router, bringing it to you
Walking down 5th Ave in the street, spanking ass
Like we just did two hours and half, football class
baby we dont lack and give no damn patties a pass
We far from cuddly and turn others hopes in play do #puddy
Knocking folks out on the field clarence carter strokin
so fast and furious de la soul telling you to bring your buddy
Baby, don't question, know the what? cuz

  Did you see the way we made the Colts our damn HOUSE
Girl, we got 53 GMen wearing rings about to rip off your ' - BLOUSE
B/c our game so crucial make slaves run back down- SOUTH
  We saying yo, Y'all the champs better come out of your MOUTH
So we love that k-k-k-k


Now we know you saw us popping smack to each other\
to prepare us for defeats
  Made that patty engine go eh-err, eh-err
  Making them tears pour down like NeNe sho nuff leak-
So brush them cobwebs off, we coming for another session again
Just like we did the packers, niners, and patties our way for so
Just face it we simply the s**t
We passed the ultimate champion testt
So baby girl, get ready for this GMan schwagg outpour

The rest of the song is a little too raunchy to continue, but my point of it is.........
Let's love on the Giants today..............
 For giving us something to argue about, be proud about and talk about until the next season.........
I'll be back Friday, morning...........
and we'll use the stories from our television shows, to investigate what the "Shout" is telling us through them.
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