Monday, March 5, 2012

The book of H&T (chapter 21)

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Let me just say a couple of things...

Lamar Odom is not a bad dude, but just like everyone in this time of year....
It's time to step up, no disrespect... Had he been on another team, it would have been
Treated differently... The league let Lebron break Cleveland because he
Never earned any of the hype he came in with. If the heat don't win, it is a slap
In the face of the NBA's motto... Stars first, team second.

Not judging a man for where he chooses to work but without the hype machine of the league,he would have been in a position to break Cleveland. This is about jobs and some of us don't realize the fiscal impact that stem from pro athlete's decisions
I have no regrets about my comments with Odom bc either you are going to play or not we need that playoff money.

This Dallas not LA we don't California dream no disrespect, we Texas Earn and Burn baby, we live in a state where ice, tornados and severe heat can come in a week, we gotta know who is going to do what in the storm.
Keith Urban says in his song is he willing to make that sacrifice... And as we explored the lessons from Job, I ask you what happened the day after he got all his riches back?
What happened that day Malik from the game sacrificed his pride to help his mom find love, what happened that day after Lucy liu character saw her partner wasnt no snitch?

As we use the shows SouthLAnd and The Game for reference....
What happens when your multimillion dream home and career gone?

What happens when you realize that black preachers spewing hate by advocating choosing a man for President on racial terms and not the truth of numbers devastating his own community as I listened to Frederick D. Haynes sermon yesterday but still tells his flock that God loves us all?
What happens that you realiE we have a President so corrupt that after Iran has become nuclear, he now wants to attack them?
What happens when your party is so corrupt your leading candidate of course fumbled on this issue bc he ain't your party just a rich man whose daddy put him place to be a pawn and justify a terrorist's re election?
What happens the day after these types of truths are realized?
Some fold....

Some like Rubio Haley turn bc to stand in the storm wasn't in them ?
Others, although smaller in numbers do like Mr. Urban's song and stand up to make
The sacrifice to stand in the storms for those who can't for those
who won't ...

Newt Ginrgrich and his family willing to sacrifice their privacy
The ugly truths the expensive he had to learn about marriage power and life.
I am willing to sacrifice the wrath I am going to feel for this but let me make it clear.
Barack Obama is a geo-political terrorist created by geo-political powers that primarily represent Russian and Muslim brotherhood interest to break the strongest force in the world..... America God's country.....

Mitt Romney works for the same geo political interests instead of countries, his employers are feo political firms that think they bigger than God than America and its people.
Both are Kennedy approved terrorists....

Obama has created more jobs is more definite on issues than Romney and he will beat him
I don't really care what happens tomorrow... I serve a God so powerful everyday is super...I will not support Mitt Romney in any way... I will not leave the GOP either. I will encourage folk to not vote for President or to write in...

And trust my bite is as real as my bark.

Both of these men are anti-American terrorists, for thy advocate policies that will the future of our children of all colors. The preachers and politicians on both side that advocate these men bc of race or not being like the other are terrorists too.
I chose Obama over Romney not voting wise but bcI'm focusing on 60 to get him impeached..

I am willing to make that sacrifice of every piece of privacy I have to save this nation and Newt is too... But if the corruption is too deep and newt drops out tomorrow, not endorsing Romney bc I'm not cool with abo I'm down with all of these terrorists have to go... Those in the GOP and the democratic party and the house of God where Gods words that is so needed is used to spread hate.
We tearing up temples and platforms, we dedicated to ensuring this nation for ALL Gods children not just the ones who share the same skin tone.

If I am willing to lay down my political life my literal life for this country frankly I don't give a darn about Obama or Romney or the GOP or none of these black supposed or white or any race of preachers to spread hate.
This March Madness the only folk playing games are the kids..
If you ain't willing to sacrifice for your team, for your country, for your God
Step your ass to the side...

We in the midst of the storm, we soldiers who understand where there is faith there can be no fear....

Not a damn drop....

Thank Mr. Urban of reminding me of that,your song is the theme of the next book.

Be back Wednesday
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