Monday, March 26, 2012

The Book of Transitions (Chapter 6)

Good Afternoon, America!

My first true off day in 18 days....

I usually work 7 days a week, but today...

I needed to get some things straight.

For those who have been following this blog for years, it is no secret that from the start of lent until Easter morning, it is a very trying time for me.

This year, has been calmer in some respects, but some things remain true to form.  My school which is ironically based in Chicago, has refused to give me my approved book voucher so that I can get my books, second week of school already........

The damndest things have been happening at my job.........

My bank account is screwed up........

But I am calmly say that while the bull that represents the period of Lent remains consistent, the way I approach these problems has not.

I have learned to have faith in totality......

That means in every word I write or say, in every action, I know won't be perfect, but I know is protected by his grace and his mercy and because of that, I can rise in the next moment, not worrying about the failures of the last moment.

Today, we address three things, Treyvon Martin, "unity" in regards to the GOP, and the Dallas Mavericks..........

Let's proceed.

I didn't go to church yesterday..... The stress is killing me.......My feet were just so swollen, I just couldn't fit my shoes on.  I spent yesterday, working on my parents yard.....  Weeding.

Now, I could have gotten a chemical to get rid of the weeds, but I wasn't raised that way.  In order for the beautiful St. Augustine grass that is there, hanging on, the weeds that are starving the yard, have to be removed.  In order for the magnolia trees to survive, the neighbor's tree that is starving it and intruding into half of my parents' yard, has to be pruned.

It is not easy work,  it is not quick work.  It is just me and a hoe ;) the garden tool of course....... And I can't do it all in one time, I have to break it up by sections.  But I know in order for the grass to grow, it has to be done......

Now b/c I can't get all of the weeds, I'll come back with some weed killer, and then I'll fertilize the yard, so that it won't be a neat cut yard of weeds, but a thriving body of land......

The GOP primary is no different, weeds must be pulled out.  And Mitt Romney is a weed, in addition to Santorum, two liberals............ one who hides behind the money of geo-political entities bent on destroying the one free worker left:  The Americans....... , the Bain Groups, the Bilderbergs who buy off delegates and election judges before the voters even know who is going to even run.

One who hides behind the religious fanatics of the right:  who won't address child molestors, but have time to be in the examination room of every female, the religious nuts, who don't accept that God made us all and told us to focus on our own lives, but got time to be in the bedroom of grown folks, but won't turn on the pedophile factory called the Catholic Church...........

It is weeds in the yard.

I didn't go to church last Sunday, but I got the text from the preacher, a man who is a little older than me, but grew up with at church.

We are still working on Acts 4: 31-33, the source of power and being plugged in, the sources, being prayer, passion and proclamation.

Sunday, this other preacher came from Matthew 6:33.

The Chapter of Matthew has to do with something we all need to hear about staying in our lane........

Focusing on what is important today and not tomorrow because you can't control it, anyway, despite the thoughts of the Bilder and the bergs ;)

Upon reading the entire chapter, I chose the last two verses to work with as we build........ in this book of transitions.  Which Will end the Monday after Easter, Keith Urban's song about sacrifice will be the new book and will probably last until Memorial day.

I digress.

We have learned that in order to be one body, one nation, one team, we need to have the same prayer in our hearts, that we must be passionate about this prayer in our acts, and in order to ensure that that passion derived from the same prayer is conveyed, we must be willing to proclaim it..........

in every action, in every word, in every pass, in every play..........

So with that, the verses are

 33But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
 34Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

The verses address the prayer of the past paragraph.  What are you seeking first?  Who are you seeking first?

There is a phrase in the GOP ABO, anybody but Obama, that I guess is supposed to buy unity.  I don't subscribe to it, because anybody but Obama ain't the answer.  Obama may be a moron, Obama may be a terrorist or the greatest thing since sliced bread, that's all subject to opinion, but the same geo-political entities, in addition to Russian, Iranian, and Muslim Brotherhood support ain't coming without a specific reason.

Anybody but Obama won't do.

Any type of grass outside of some weeds won't do for a yard.

We must know what we seek first.

I seek the will of the God I serve.  I seek the best interests of this country and my party, the GOP.

And there are weeds, that weed b gone, will not address.  Nothing but hard work of a strong back, a will and simple tool of a hoe can address.

So we can move on, to the next two topics, Let me just state this again.


And if it comes between Obama and Romney while I will never vote for Obama, I will not vote for Romney, I am not going to campaign for him in ANY WAY.  It is of no consequence of Ryan or Bachmann hit the ticket.  I love both of those two to death.  But I don't play party politics, I obey the will of God and what he and he alone instructs me to do.

Santorum is not even a concern..................  When he gets a vagina and endures rape, then we can talk....

I will not support anyone but Gingrich. 

And for those who say who are you Tiffani, you ain't nobody in this party.........


I ain't nobody but the one who had the courage to state and call publicly profanity and edited, Obama the terrorist he is.  I am the one who called Obama, the n word just so folks like Palin, and Romney and Cain ;) can say, it gotta be true, she said it, and she's black to.

There would be no chance of Romney or any GOP without folks like me, who because I am black spoke about things you all can't address.

But I didn't do it out of spite for Obama, I did it for the sake of this country.

So while I may be "nobody", remember GOP, it is a reason why nobody can communicate with me directly, but my emails and twitter accounts full of pleadings for me to back down.  But I will not.

The word says seek God first and don't worry about tomorrow.  to pray, to have passion about it, and proclaim that passion.

And that I shall do.

In regards to Treyvon Martin, it is racist that Geraldo Rivera's job be threatened when QuestLove? can call a woman, passive-aggresively a lying ass bitch, and still keep his job with NBC and Jimmy Fallon and advertisers like Cannon still support it, when all this man said is the truth.

Black men have it hard, but the word says that no man's struggle is greater than another, because in God's eyes, we all sinners.  We all have to bow our heads, our hearts and submit black, white , red, green, yellow to his will.  Those are the "conservative principles" this country was founded on.

I ask anyone especially these black preachers and leaders that are dying for a reason to get back into politics and make it racial as the move to engage the Martin situation was totally Michelle Obama's idea after she realized tears ain't going to keep her multi-million dollar excursions to Madrid or fatburger, to read blink.............. by Malcolm Gladwell.

The book examines police shootings and how within less than 2 seconds, our minds have deduced what is determined as dangerous and threatening.  At least 10 seconds before we are conscious of it.

Hoods worn outside of the need for warmth, are commonly used by criminals.  Since Obama has time to promise more "flexibility" to Russia after his re-election and to tell black males to stop complaining, the unemployment rate for black and hispanic youth has grown exponentially and all Rivera did is what anybody who cares would have done..........

and simply said,

Yo, its a lotta of bull keep the hoodies off right now.

Barack Obama don't give a damn about Treyvon Martin. Hell, he is from Chicago, there is a story about racially based violent incidents daily.........

He is losing the black vote and needs preachers in the black church who are being pressured by folks like me to stop supporting a man who does not promote the needs of the community nor the values that these preachers gladly take tithes and offerings for.......... to have a reason to get back involved.

He needs this nation, mad, and angry, and racial this summer, that is the only way, he stands a chance, not against Romney or Santorum, but against Gingrich.

And b/c Obama knows Gingrich and knows people like me who will support him, raising hell on the convention floor because delegates don't speak the will of the people, they just cash them Bain group checks...... will not give up, will address these racial situations and will not back down.

He needs something, and Michelle Obama being the strageist as she is, told him to relate to the mothers and parents.  But the thing of it is........ Barack and Michelle ain't gotta worry about they child in that situation, they blowing through our tax dollars to make sure they babies have the best.......

this from a "black"couple who exploited race to act as if they were going to be different than the evil white folks like bush....... when in reality, they act like some negroes who ain't never had nothing before and spend your money, I might add like it.

Black folk love race, in particular, black men, when it is time to brag about whose penises are bigger, who can whop somebody's ass.  Even Obama channels into his black half, when he speak in "black talk", adjust his cadence, adjust his private parts......... just to let you know, he's hanging, well at least the black half.

But embracing the good parts of racial stereotypes is embracing the bad parts of it.  In his book, which is an easy read versus the thousands of articles in journals like neuopsychology, the millions of pages documenting police shootings and mind frame of the officer, how in less than 2 seconds all of these images of threats from Lil Wayne to that big bad wolf in the night come into our mind.

I don't know the intention of Zimmerman, but I do know that Eric Holder should spend less time on that than finding those Fast and Furious files, and the expense reports of defending Obama in suits regarding his birth through Justice funds.   Holder is wanted... and come election night as we  not waiting until January, his door will be one of the first tapped, in addition to Reid and Homeland Security personnel.  Not a threat, the constitution permits legal citizens, to take control when control is any means necessary.

All this if Treyvon was white, don't matter.  Because the point of it is this, there are two ends of culture in this country, white" passive, controlled, smart, intellect, and black: aggressive, physical, emotional, strength and there is not a black man alive, including the ones who are doing the most protesting that don't take advantage of it when it is convenient for them.

A story then we get to the Mavs, and this will stand until Wednesday as I know what I seek first, I know what my prayer is , I show my passion in my acts, and  my proclamation remains.

When I was selling dope, I got pulled over, and the other party ran out of the car. Police followed.  When the other party ran out of the car, one of the officers in the car ran after him.  I stayed in the car as I was driving, with the car in drive, running, my foot on the break and a nine pointed at my head.  The officer was scared and dirty, and I knew even if I tried to make one move..... even if to hold my hands up, I would have been shot on the spot.  I wouldn't have been no innocent child.

That officer kept his nine on me, and I remained into the spot until the other officer recovered the other party as the other party stopped running and came back.  My hands and legs were trembling so bad....... but I knew I couldn't afford one move.

Twenty minutes later, the officer and other party came back, and the officer and I were still there on Ramsey, for those who need details to believe...

The other officer, the older more experienced officer instructed for the younger officer, to put the gun down. and get me out of the car.  He looked at me and asked with his eyes, like why in the hell didn't you move, my eyes directed him to the look of fear, anger, maybe racism and resentment in his partner's eyes.  He put his eyes down, he knew..........

He helped get me out of the car because as this point, my leg and arm were numb, I couldn't even sign my name when I got to jail......

More than anything, whatever in that young officer's mind that viewed me as a threat was going to cost me my life.

Now, the next time I got stopped, was in Tyler, Texas.  I was a different person, I was dressed for work. I just had bought this 1975 pinto because I wanted something that the identity theives couldn't go out and get. I had my registration sticker and was going to get my inspection sticker, got pulled over less than 5 minutes away from the inspection place.

This time, I did the same as last, I held on to the steering wheel with dear life.  And it is Tyler Police, an older dude by himself, he is immediately irritated and asked why do I have my hands on the wheel.  I tell him, I don't want you to shoot me, man....... I got a record, I just came from Dallas, been around dirty laws, and I just don't want no problems.......

He looks at me, and goes back to the car, and does whatever police do, as he takes my id and stuff.  He comes back to the car and says softly, it's okay Ms. Mims... as he has reveiewed certain things on my records and understands my reason for concern.  He comments "I am allright, I got a .357 in my holster, if I needed to use it, I would."  He sees that by saying that, it freaks me out further.....

He lets me go and follows me to the inspection place and nods........

Environment and context matters 




We judge as a matter of survival, and that's life.

So if you want to do honor to Mr. Martin's and the thousands of others who die because of things like this.

Don't support China by buying no damn hoodie, Obama's EPA regulations don't allow us, to make clothes over here no more.

Encourage your male child to pull their pants up, nobody wants to see their butts but these child predators, pull these hoodies and down and tell them the truth.

What you have on, matters.........

fair or not, and wearing things in a manner that is not indicative of your occupation or lack of it, may cost you your life and give politicians and preachers something to fodder on.

Criminals dress that way, and you can't expect anyone with a gun in their hand, to have the cognitive abilities to make that distinction especially one without training............

We not going to give up guns,  this is not just a black thing, this is a we got a generation of children trying to live like these lies called rap videos thing.  And it time for some men to get involved and stop these kids from believing these lies..

Well, I have said a lot.  But my point of it is, to focus on today, to know the source and focus of your prayer before addressing your passion and proclamation.

The Dallas Mavericks barely won, but the standings don't care about barely only the pundits.

You know Dirk, in the third quarter you looked frustrated, you looked like you can't do no more.........

Please remind yourself while you are the cornerstone of the team, it is not about your efforts alone...... 

Don't be on camera, concerned and frustrated like the answers of your brothers won't suffice......

Brendon didn't say a word, but he put in work.  Did you even give him a high five?  Roddy, may have missed that shot, but his arms stopped a shot as well, did you even say thanks brother.

There is only one player, that had the conviction and proclamation intact the whole night, and that was Jason Terry, not b/c of his shots, but b/c he didn't panic.

I know Kidd, Dirk, y'all headed to the hall of fame, but y'all don't play, the team does, and just b/c the new guys ain't seasoned vets, the bucket nor the standings care, why should you? support them, they are just as much part of this team as you.  You all are the old mules, they are the young ones.  But the field can't plowed until the weeds of mistrust and lack of trust in your brothers is gone.

You all need each other, act like it.  Show these young men love when they putting in the work.

In regards to Lamar Odom, let him play, he's getting frustrated and aggravated, he needs to be because offense ain't going to get you in the playoffs or home court, defense will.

Let him have his minutes, didn't care about the zero points, I liked the fact that he is getting angry, he is getting "crunk" as he is an emotional player, whose body knows the playoff routine, and who knows the media routine, to protect Brendon and the newer players from the game off the court called the media.

Every one of you all's jersey, says Mavericks......... don't say how many years, you've played, how many records you won.

Don't worry about no standings you can't change them, don't worry about other teams, you can't play their games, worry about your today, make sure that you seek victory through team work, make sure it is the prayer of the team, that you are passionate about it every play of the game and when the haters say you only won by so and so, you only beat so and so................  O didn't get no so and so.....

Vince didn't get no so and so.........

Remember that damn what's conventional, if it takes every player on that bench to play, whatever has to be done, has to be done, if its a 10 man rotation, so be it.  There is no need to worry about stats, b/c the moment you do the season is over.  This is about winning today and that's all. 

All y'all need to be up in the huddle listening, or whatever you do.  And when one is down in spirit in energy and you see all them haterz.....  chatting you, you adjust the parts of  you that make men men and say to each other


Guessing not for a second,
We working towards that playoff date
Our babies needs these part time jobs so they won't see Treyvon's fate
These haters praying that we wont make it far
We seek the spirit of teamwork and play well beyond parr, and
We know its getting hot baby that's fo sho
Aint no breaks in sight just yet
But for the chance for drinks and big ole rings
It is going to take stellar d, you know
We gotta have each other's back
So when the game closes
And you feel you like falling down
He'll carry you home

We bar none
We running on pure desire
We will climb higher until the  job is done

We bar none
We a team, we noways tired
We wont retire until the West is won

Now we all that we got
We just need a spot
We know y'all thought
That by now we would have fell apart
But we got our backs
So we proudly boast
‘That any of my brothers can carry me home

We bar none
  We going to set this court on fire
We wont stop until the west is won

We bar none
We going to set this court on fire
B/c we know defense is how rings is won

  We just focusing on tonight (Nananananana)
My brothers down for me in this fight (Nananananana)
  We just focusing on tonight (Nananananana)
  My brothers down for me in this fight (Nananananana)

My brothers by my side
  We won't panic or run
  B/c I got 11 brothers who will carry me tonight
We all down to ride on this ride
  The babies cries is our choir
And we won't quit until rings we can carry home

We bar none
One team, solid d is our desire
We wont stop until the west is won

We are bar none
My brothers and I won't retire
We will not rest until the job is done

So if by chance the game closes
And I know I'm falling downn
I’ll got 11 brothers to carry me tonight

PLAY BALL! God bless, your environment, your appearance, your prayer, your passion, your proclamation matters.
Damn who you can get next year........... Dirk and Jason, all you need you got in that locker room as leaders........... act like it,  tell Jet to show you how to get your "girdle" on LOL!

See you all Wednesday!
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