Saturday, March 17, 2012

The book of transitions

You know Dallas Mavericks... You facing a team in the spurs
That beat the thunder last night ....
And right they hot, but guess what?
You home and you young... Include rocky and mahami
In the game... Support them... Help mahami establish
A presence some dunks some attitude...
9 playoff teams in ten days means defense and defense .
It's cool what dirk do but every player that hits the court
Can play defense ... Ain't nobody worried about no slump
Aint nobody worried about being tired working 13 hours a day
70+ a week and full time grad school this march madness
And just like Norfolk state showed us last night

I want you all to amp up we are young by fun..
Not bc it's about youth. The song is about regret and being
Your brother's keeper. Every foul needs to mean something
Everytime a spur touches the ball, he needs to know
We are young... And we will player harder we will shine brighter
Because this is time to get the damn job...
Ankles so swollen can't even fit my shoes still walked
Two miles walking last night praying for you all
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