Monday, April 30, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Prelude)

The word was from Acts 4:36-37.

I was going to write this evening but let me say this.

The officials didn't cost Dallas the game.  Dirk, Rick and Mark Cuban did.

And because of what this will cost Dallas, I cannot let it stand.  The truth needs to permeate throughout the day because the same message that God has for the Mavericks, God has for the Rangers, God has for the GOP.

The word from yesterday was about be an encouragement, which was ironic as the interim pastor announced as soon as the new pastor, Pastor Eddie L. Jenkins, hits the scene, he won't step foot in a church in which he has been a member for over forty years........

Kind of hard to take that message in light of what he was saying because I am from the school of thought that is the stuff you say at your last sermon.  You don't hurt members of the church with decisions that all did not make.......

But when you realizing that you out, it hurts........

He's doing the best he can.

The pastor said in order to be an encouragement to others you have to do three things.

God has put this post on my heart this morning as I am scrambling to get to work so bear with me, the full post will be tomorrow.

This is the book of sacrifice, this is the book of keith urban's word.  Who will sacrifice?  Who will be the bad guy to spread encouragement because the truth hurts.

I will.

Rick Carlisle, you cost the game because you took out Jet, Vince, Delonte, out of the offense and put in Dirk, whose numbers are showing hell, I don't want to say it, but I'll sacrifice popularity for truth, Charles Barkley is right.

Dirk getting old, Dirk getting tired, we doing all of this speculation, and frankly I was too about Kidd, I do think West, Terry, need to be signed let Kidd backup, but it's Dirk.

I watched every minute of that game.

I saw two leaders.

Kevin Durant wasn't having a good game, but he and Scott Brooks put it in the hands of Sergio and James Hardy even losing by a 7, he sacrificed his glory to win the game and what did God do give him the glory back.

The officials didn't lose that game for the Mavericks, the Mavericks didn't.  The owner, the coach, and the face of this team didn't.

Two stories and then I am gone.

Demarcus Ware was one and a half sacks short of being the sack leader either last year or the year before and they needed him in the game but Garrett pulled him out and Jerry Jones was already on the side line.


contract time.

And the sack leader demands his bonus and a higher rate where other teams by default would have had to pay him or possibly offer him more.

The owner through the coach that runs the team because no coach with an assertive personality can ever coach the cowboys sacrificed victory for money.

When I was married, my ex-husband for all his bad had a rule when repair people came over the house..............

you don't watch a man work.......... that's disrespectful.

Everytime Dirk came in the game, the thunder came back.  his offense did not justify him being in there.  The Mavericks were toe to toe scoring wise the whole game with jet being Jet and dammit Vince Carter is back, Delonte, Ian, everyone doing their part, and with about five minutes to go controlling the surge because young people going to do that.

Dirk................ lazy three pointer

Dirk.....................lazy 18 foot jumper.

Dirk...................trying to post up lost the ball

Dirk................trying to post up lost the ball

Dirk ............. with three minutes to go, refusing to foul Hardy when he should have, sorry, not trying to hurt the man but no way should he have had a three point play, he should have gotten two free throws............

Dirk................missed free throw.

When Dirk drives from low and goes to the basket, he had some success, but that is not his nature.  It is Vince Carter and with a team in the penalty from 5 minutes on, Vince, Delonte, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion should have been at the free throw line so much, they selling tickets.

And with the hottest shooter in the game for both sides Jason Terry on the bench.



Let me say this as I know who is going to win, for the NHL, 2012 and the NBA.  Its why I have been watching every Chicago bull game because God told me chaos was coming, just like God told me Orlando going to show Dwight about those childish games he plays and they don't need  him.  Just like God telling Rick, it ain't your fault but it is going to be your burden.

When we sacrifice victory for business, as well know Cuban wants Terry back, but stats run the money and stats don't tell the story when the owner IS RIGHT BEHIND THE COACH AND HAS ALREADY TOLD THE COACH, don't play him because I don't want to pay him.

Same with Vince, Delonte, and the rest of the guys............

God takes victory out your mouth, from down your throat.  Just like my Pastor is starting to feel it, if changes ain't made tonight, that same broom Dallas Mavericks you whopped the Lakers with, will be there for you.

Mike Brown benched Kobe.

Rick can you bench Dirk.

This is playoff basketball, ain't no jumper guaranteed and ain't nobody sure as hell going to let you set up for one.  You drive not just for the stats but to show OKC, we are grown as men, we will hit your middle and whether we make it or not, we going to get points, free throw line or what it don't matter.

The GOP sacrificed victory to Obama to stop the Tea Party, The Rangers have to simply do what the rest of the Mavericks did adjust for the lack of production for their brother and set up.

God says in order to be an encouragement you have to and I am taking the Pastor's steps out of order, but God told me to.

Reach up to obtain God's instructions and his truth even if it means sacrifice of your ego, your ways, your stats.

Reach in  to receive that truth, to do some soul searching to accept God's truth of sacrifice, that  you can't do the things you used to do, that the league has spent an entire year breaking down your game, like a key of crack in the 001 blue baggies........

and then.............

and then.............

and then............

Reach out and be an ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS who can carry the yoke you no longer can.

That goes for the interim Pastor, that goes for the Rick, that goes for Dirk, that goes for Mark Cuban because Rick know the truth, but when you don't even know if you got a job and the owner can't sit his ass in the owners box ,KNOWING THE OFFICIALS can't stand him, cause if the Mavericks win, he gotta pay Terry, Vince, and West, and Wright full price...........

Rick can't do his job, and God will not allow victory to those who will not sacrifice.

I know its scary and all I can say is.

  Dont be afraid (Dont be afraid)
  let others stand ( let others stand)
  Aint nobody (Aint nobody )
  Above God's plan(Above God's plan)
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
But babies you've been warned
You don't dictate how you get to God's throne
 understand this year aint gonna  get to rings down the same road (same road)

Okay time to stop bullsh***ing and covering  up all this crap
Hell the league, the fans, the city know you bench hot hands its a wrap
This Dallas not Tarrant county cross 360 for that
This series, this election, affects all of us and dammit we ain't going back
You won't sell us out Mark  that's a fact
God will be more than Fat Joe and make you lean back
Powers that be risked Obama with our country so nahhhhh
Our daddies gonna stand they ground
F*** free agency the time is now
For those who sacrifice victory for stats, click-clack, blow
Too many starting to know God's glory now
For you to play games God will get his LL on and shut 'em down
This aint complicated hell even hubie's hate we figured out
  But Mark you and the GOP Monica so gone, baby we don't fear clouds
Each and every acts of all of us baby has meaning
You going to let those who deserve play, damn a verse translate that meaning!

The GOP has given Obama the victory and because of that, folk like me will have to sacrifice possibly even our lives to get this terrorist out of an office he should have never been given because the Powers that be on both sides figured let's go ahead and get the Black President out of the way by exploiting a angry little boy who turned into a hateful childish man who belongs in a cell.

God will handle that.

But Mark Cuban and Rick Carlisle, y'all don't know Dallas................

if you think We going to let you affect our ability to have jobs here, be affected by the long term strategy of keeping players out of the game, because you don't want to pay them.

Because Jerry Jones uses our name in Vain daily and don't give a dime for it.

Tony Romo can be his quarterback, but in Dallas County, we play who deserves it.

Our soldiers in our military do and God says 

your choice Mark because we all know you got Rick by the balls... he don't even know if he got a job next year.

You going to sacrifice Dirk's ego or the season because the Mavericks can be back in the finals... not concerned about Kobe and the Lakers...

but this is the book of sacrifice.

and you Mark Cuban and my interim Pastor are going to write the next post tomorrow.......

God's says your move, your choice.  He has shown you that everything you need is right here and  you dont have to go nowhere,

but your ego and your business "strategy" gotta be sacrificed.

We'll know tomorrow what you chose. 

Dont be afraid (Dont be afraid)
  let others stand ( let others stand)
  Aint nobody (Aint nobody )
  Above God's plan(Above God's plan)
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
But babies you've been warned
You don't dictate how you get to God's throne
 understand this year aint gonna  get to rings down the same road (same road)

Dirk you chose your shot, Kevin trusted his shooters.
Rick chose Dirk, Scott trusted all his players.
what's going to be the decision tonight.
drives in life as well in games are necessary, this playoff time, this hard times, only way to guarantee the ball is going to get there is to make sure you touch the goal before you let go.

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