Friday, April 6, 2012

The Book of Transitions (Chapter 11)

Hello America,

I apologize for not keeping the chapter numbers as accurate as I could......

We started out with lessons from the Game and from I Peter about keeping the faith..........

We saw Wednesday what happens when you do as faith is to be shown, not seen....

Think about it, it'll make sense ;)

Full moons are a sense of truth for me.  Full moons reflect the emergence of the inner heart.  It is a time of tension of plant life and nautical life, it is no different for human life.  I spent last full moon where I knew God told I have to go, I am going to spend this full moon with God showing me why I have to go.

So today, we will talk about the ramifications and get ready for tonight's game.

On paper, a meaningless game, but in reality, the most important game of the year, because it is the next game.  And in Dallas, we obey God's word.  We pay focus to the task at hand....

Let's go .....

As today is Good Friday.........

It has been rarely good in my life lately. I got arrested on this day.  I've been homeless on this day.  But due to the grace of God, I am writing today, I am working today.......

I read books describing Jesus' path to the cross, nowhere in the bible could I find the conversation he had with the women of his life.  The women who may not have written eloquent books, may not have helped perform miracles....... but were in certain respects, the most important, because they were there at a time when he needed them.

I don't think it is a mistake, or a slight of gender by the author's of the King James Version which I read from....... that these conversations are not highlighted, while the last supper was where Jesus knew who was going to stab him in the back.......

The beginning of the game started out has it been lately, Vince trying....., hell the team trying.  Kidd on the bench, tried to tell you Kidd when I gave you that story about Pat Summitt, can't focus so much on next year....

Jumpshots, threes........ but Memphis to their credit, held on, bore through and ended up with the lead......

And by halftime....... Dallas had fallen again somehow.

But something happened in that locker room.......

Ian  getting some of that Bill Lambier, Kevin Gogan nasty back at center ;)  Amen.......

Lamar........People let me tell you something moving from LA, the air in some ways is purer b/c there is a constant breeze, you will hit an allergy storm here.  Feverish, 5 rebounds and when Memphis in the third quarter was up five, a pull up jump shot that cut it to three..... so don't boo when his legs go out....  He's human, he ain't Jesus....  Sometimes, s*** happens, consecutively, sometimes it's one thing after another, don't mean he don't care........don't act like you don't have storms we all do.  He tried.  He told his team, my fault.... watch the tape.....  This ain't Miami, we don't do that.  

Vince, I love his energy..... isn't it contagious even when he not in the game, he's always supportive and not playing much in the second half..... he right there.

Dirk, finally understands that he needs to be defensive in offensive, and stop relying on jumpshots, and drive.... and rebound.

Delonte just doing what he does.......

Roddy and them arms.......... saving balls most can't.

I don't know what was said in that locker room during halftime, but I can tell you this

something changed Jason Terry and Shawn Marion dictated the second half.

I am not talking about stats, Dirk was still the point leader, but I am talking about defensive and schwagg tone....

Something in those two men, said...... No.

Something in those two men, said.........Nah, brothers......  we ain't going to panic, we ain't doing 35 three's or j's, we driving and taking it to them on both ends of the board.  And that attitude resonated throughout the team

This is not a basketball discussion, this is about Good Friday, bear with me a little longer. And Brendon, I got you last...

The point is that Dallas won WITHOUT 40 points from dirk, but 10 rebounds from him, Ian hit a season high, Jason "Jet Blue" Terry.......rose in altitude, and the defensive player of the year in Shawn Marion was...... you see him on Gogan?  the cuter version of Pao ;)

Wasn't no sense of urgency, wasn't no grabbing of no testicles, and stressing each other out or yelling......


B/c Shawn and Terry have been there with Kidd and Dirk and there is a difference in leadership.  There is a difference between winning a championship and defending one......  Ask O (Odom).

So I watched the Mavs aftershow to see my brothers as I love them, I do.  Just like I do the Rangers, my Stars, my Cowboys, they honestly are in my prayers, for they are the men that help my city run, they help keep my babies employed....

And the two announcers were agitated, winning didn't matter b/c it ain't no secret whose words are starting to influence the team....... and trust it ain't Mark Cuban. And b/c of identity theft, I can't be acknowledged, I don't exist....... but my words do.

They were mad that Dallas that didn't have this mad dog attitude, and need to get amped...

So the show only showed three pressers.....

Rick Carlisle......... who to his credit, we've grown in our relationship since the World Series spat ( I ain't forgave you, Rick, but I love you, I know where you are coming from.... a girl has to pout a little bit though *big smile*), was asked about the clippers, and you could see the irritation in his eyes..... like damn woman, Memphis #5 right behind the clippers we won, and you still on that?  I ain't getting mad at my team, whatever they heard works....


Brendon Haywood, who was in the locker room, iced down.  So Dallas and America, please don't question O or these dudes with they physical injuries, how many of us work a job where you can't make it 40 yards without both of your knees being iced.  And screw the money, money can't buy the ability to walk to the bathroom, or chase your grandbabies 30 years from now.....

So the reporter asks Brendon Haywood about the clippers and he's looking, like heifer...... we didn't play the clippers, we beat the grizzles, you know the team that was on the court today.....  I'm loving the irritation, Brendon..... feel better, we've missed you

And lastly,

Jason Terry,

whose understanding, he ain't gotta say a word about where he wanna play, this Dallas, you give your all to us, for us..... we take care of our people.  And of the course, the same reporter got the same question.

What about the clippers and Terry says the team mantra is to whatever happens, don't even worry about it, it's done, it's in the past, let's just focus on the future.

And the highlight show ends with Blake Griffith and the Clippers highlights from the Memphis game......

Subliminally, trying to remind anyone who watched the Memphis about the day before, trying to instill a sense of loss, a sense of they can't beat nobody for real, even though Memphis whopped the Spurs ass last year...

Two masters in psychology teach you a little something.

And that hurt......

But I understand because if the Mavericks were a man and we were in a relationship, we would be having a conversation that went like this.

He comes in......  Hey, Baby what's wrong?

I reply....  "Nothing, you are just getting your pace back, and it seems even when you win, it ain't good enough for these people..... now it's about how you win..... Why don't they trust you,baby, why don't they trust the fact that you are a grown ass man, you've been to that climax, and you know how to pace yourself to get there again?  I feel like as much good as I am doing you, I'm hurting you b/c the hate folk got for me, getting in the way of the love they got for you........... I'm sorry *voice breaks*"

He puts his gym bag down  "When I got clowned last year by the Lakers and the playoffs came around, you told the world boldly, I was going to reach my climax, you and barkley.  but when things got tough,baby, you stood every game.... every play with me.....  All you did was buy me time to find my own pace, and as a man I appreciate that, I appreciate you are the woman, who understands that I am the man in this relationship, I dictate my pace, and I've found it.  So with that don't worry about 'them'.  Don't worry about none of that.... just do you..........  Let daddy actions speak for what you do, this just between us..."

He takes my hand and says softly.......

Put that past, girl, I got your back.
We’re together let the bs come.
It's just bulls***, they going to pay today.
Baby, let this be my way
Just relax and let Daddy get back up.
Can’t take it back. Aint too late.
You need to see what I am, lean back.

I stumbled somehow, but my feet hit the ground
I need to plow and show you i'm down.
You simply just bowed, to give me my ground
So I'm here to please, so let me be cuz

got my pace to last.  time for your climax.
Baby, multiple means far more than just one.
Don't be scared because my name today.
you going to conjugate
I've gotten my second wind, you can't get back up.
Can’t take it back. Ain't too late.
You are going to reach that climax, climax.

You gave your best, baby it was enough
Don't be upset, Daddy knows its gonna be rough
You took my mess and turned into love.
So I'm giving you my all, take my all, my all, my all, my all

got my pace to last.  time for your climax.
Baby, multiple means more than just one.
Don't be scared because my name today.
you going to conjugate
I've gotten my second wind, you can't get back up.
Can’t take it back. Ain't too late.
You are going to reach that climax, climax.
I need you to reach that climax baby consecutively.
Can't have no celtics on your mind
I need you around the whole way this time,
Baby get ready now, cuz my passion is ready to pound
Girl hit them knees cuz I'm telling you T my pace to last.  time for your climax.
Baby, multiple means far more than just one.
Don't be scared because my name today.
you going to conjugate
I've gotten my second wind, you can't get back up.
Can’t take it back. Ain't too late.
You are going to reach that climax, climax.

I don't know what Jesus told Mary and 'em.......

but I do know as a woman, there is a time where you tell a man who has on his mind, his heart, his soul what he needs to do and how is going to do it........


you relax to climax...... and wait until he tells you to come get that stone out the way, so he can go. ;)

thank you Mavs, that win meant a lot to me....

Have a great Friday, love you take care...... 

NBA sooner or later, you will pay me, DEARLY ;)

but right now, I'm just going to enjoy this climax, and the next one, and the next one.

My man said he know what he's doing, and I believe him.

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