Monday, April 2, 2012

The Book of Transitions (Chapter 8)

I am still at the hospital....

I didn't go to church yesterday... Just in too much pain... I don't know what I have done or going through but my back is killing me... Having to take pain pills just to walk in addition to edemas... In my feet.

So decided to go ahead and go to the doctor... The ironic part is that my blood pressure is fine almost low... But still gotta find out where the swelling is coming from and get something for my back so... I am going to write from my phone..

The newly elected pastor from Chicago preached yesterday ... From I Peter 1 about keeping the faith ....

Peter wasn't an expert by any means... Wasnt a Doctor like Luke.. But he was one of Jesus' main dudes... As we approach Easter, it reminds me of home... And who we keep around us..

In the show the Game, Melanie Davis finds in her "Peter" if you will a chance to have a baby... The character of Tasha Mac is a mother... And despite what else she is that title remains constant ... I don't think it is just writers discretion that the character Melanie found a home for her child to grow and thrive in with a character is who has been around since Melanie and Derwin have been in San Diego... I don't think it's just luck that Ms Mac... Has raised a son who has lost it all materialisticly to become rich in spirit, in manhood, and in love...

I think it's God's will... For it is what we have at home that allows us to be prepared for the world....

The Miami Heat clowned at home... Although the score was closer in parts than it seemed ..., but as my Boston babies ;) who I have made a vow not to mention this season bc of my favorite bias got clowned on the road led by a team of great players in their own right.. My crush on Kevin Garnett is alive and strong but lead by a guard who leads in double double with assists...

Mr. rondo ain't going to get Lebron pub.. Don't matter he got a ring, his mouth proclaims the play his game backs up.. But as I watched the game... As it was played in Boston... It got me thinking about what is valued at home..

The character Melanie valued... A strong womb for her child to have a chance...

Rajon values his brothers trust in him knowing he will get them the ball...

The word asks us to keep faith in our home so I ask of the Mavericks what do you value?

My coach for 2016 asked me the same as she asked if I would support Romney in the end... Would I vote for him....

I prayed... I went to home of my soul... And I came back with the same thing that has always been there a refusal... To give up to not defend this nation and he is just as much as a threat as Obama. It is not coincidence that two men picked and primed by Ted Kennedy are to run this country.

Tonight the Mavs play the clippers and I consider LA my second home... I still miss my fruit man on Slauson and Western... I miss the taste of the Pacific Ocean.. On my tongue hanging in Malibu...

But at the end of the day.. We need home playoff games... LA don't need two teams with them...

At the end of the day, my natural instinct is to defend... My job is to ensure my city eats.. So me and La got problems.. They took CJ and now they are in the way of my babies here working and having jobs during the playoffs.. They in the way of hotels bein booked here, stores being frequented... Clubs to be supported...

We need that money, we need that business... And with CJ and the Angels bent on stopping the flow of my baseball daddies... With a bone to pic with the Lakers... We can't afford losing no more business to LA nothing personal... Sooner to Sooner I love Blake Griffith, I love the Clippers getting their due...

But at the end of the day, they in the way of something we need..

You will not win Mavs with offense anymore than I will against Romney..

Blake fills the highlight for ESPN weekly and anything that keeps David Stern from advertising anything about the Mavs outside of Marc Cuban is not only encouraged but emphasized...

He don wanna give Marion that Defensive player of the year knowing he deserve it anymore than Charles Barkley wanna admit that stat wise Dirk's a better player than him..

You have to defend to Dallas... Through every rebound every play...

You have to hit the court saying..

We can't afford second
We need the jobs we cannot wait
The league is hoping that we glass we fall and break
Each game means more pressure time to raise the bar
Y'all not Madison ave stars
It's Dallas crunch time that's for sho
Our job is far from over yet .
But in the quest for dranks and big ole rangs...
You know
We Dtown baby we sho nuff got your back
So when the game closes
And you feel you falling down
Your brothers and city will carry you home

And you Adjust the Parts the make you Men and you tell everyone that got a clipper uniform on... You tell with every play every minute

We are home!
We have no choice but go higher
With our d to show Dallas we far from done

We are home!
Home games for Dallas is our desire
Sorry la.. You in our way son!

Now we can't take your spot
Highligh reels y'all got
But we know we done fought
To damn hard to break and to fall apart
Our city's cheers is back
We moving up
‘Cause We know my brothers will carry me home

We are home
We need our arena to be on fire
To show the world the champs ain't done!

We are home!
We Know we gotta prespire
This home stretch to have round 1!

Time to rep our home tonight (Nananananana)
Aint important but tonight (Nananananana)
We fighting for Dallas tonight (Nananananana)
12 brothers got my back tonight (Nananananana)

Trust in each other on our side
We dont panic or run
Bc we know my brothers my city will carry me home tonight
Being healthy done arrived
Our babies cries is our choir
Our faith, my brothers, my city gonna carry me home

We are home
So time to set our d on fire
Time to show the champs far from done!

We are home
So time to make our cheers higher
So our daddies now their victory is our desire

So when the game closes
And you feel like falling down
Your brothers your city will carry you home tonight

Our faith in home must now be set ...
Play like it you'll win like it... Time for me to see the doc!
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