Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Book of Transitions (Chapter 9)

Hello America,

I had this post written yesterday, but in light of the weather.  I chose to chill.

Monday was just a bad day, two friends went in the hospital.  I was there all day from 9am to 8pm.  And for the first time, the service was really rude at Parkland from some folks.  There was just a nervousness and aggravation just in the different departments.... And some folks were extremely helpful, others were tense and anxious you could feel it.

I watched the game from my phone and as soon as I saw three-pointer after three-pointer being shot, I knew the game was lost...........

But the message this week is about keeping the faith...... How can one know to keep the faith if it is not tested?

I saw West and Vince Carter not give up, I saw in Dirk's eyes, he want it.

I saw in the fan's eyes...........

I saw fight...........

The score may not have said it, but God pressed me to tell you this morning, you won............

not against the Clippers, but against the bias this team and this city faces with the league.

Because you didn't give up, you didn't get down.

I went through all of these tests, yesterday, to be told you got heart failure, lung failure....... it wears on you, but it came to find out just gaining weight.

I have been working 70+ hour weeks and full-time grad school, I am tired.  Not eating right, not working out.  B/c of a technicality, couldn't even get the pain pills that I went out there for.  I fell last week , can barely walk.

Sometimes.... you win by simply standing.

I learned a lot about my team, the Dallas Mavericks.............

Babies, it's all love........ I'm not mad at anyone......  I've been in the streets....... I don't have to watch the show to know the Game ;)

I learned a lot about the fans at the AAC, the ones I see week after week.......  Proud of you, going to save up and buy me one show me a little love playoff time, I want to get something in the lower section... can't afford court side, but I'll be close....

I thought about Mitt Romney winning Maryland, Wisconsin, DC...........

thought about his wife's health issues which reaffirms my decision if left up to him, he will do what exactly Obama will do, keep Obamacare.

I thought about Obama threatening the Supreme Court, ironic considering he magically got two picks about turning over the law.........

I thought about Treyvan Martin, and Chaka Khan and all of these other folks at these protests, but not seeing no one focusing on what we can do about the appearance and attitude of young black men in our community...

I sat thinking so long, God came to me and said...........

"What's up, you think it's over? Ain't looking too hot in none of your pots, G right now?

I smiled and told him.........."As long as I'm breathing, the stove staying on..... some thangs take a little longer to cook than others........."

God smiled........God gave me a pound and simply said "My n****"

and left..........

faith ain't to be seen, faith is to be shown........

They want you all Mavericks, Gingrich........ America, to have you think that you have reached the pinnacle of your success.....

The story ain't over.......

I have a 10 list of favorite producers, I can tell within 30 seconds their mark, been some good ones over the years, Brian Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins...., Babyface, actually, I don't think he gets enough, credit........

But this producer, I wanna feature today......caught me b/c when I first heard the track, I didn't feel it, but it was something in there I knew I had to go back and listen to....when I wasn't so in the mood.......

I hope you like it,............

I pray you all get the point.

If the Mavericks were one man......... he and I would be on the bed........ frustrated that we couldn't produce the magic that we did the first time..........

each wondering what to say to the other, but I imagine the convo would go a little something like this.

(He says.........)This ain't mean to last. T, I may have reached my climax.
(I say..........) We can work together D, we far from done.
So we work harder come on son I say.
we won't separate....
  I am here for the haul not just to f........
Not gonna break, not our fate.
(He says....)I'm scared I've reached my climax, climax.

(He says).....I've fallen somehow,  just keep losing my ground
(I say) I'm saying so loud, You Brandy you still gonna be down?.
I am here baby right now. I need your passion to pound
(He says) I'm aint empty but it seems we're

aint meant to last. I’ve reached the climax.
(I say) Stormy Weather, but we ain't done.
  I committed, I don't run, I say.
  No we can't separate.
 Not a fling to me, not here to f............
Can’t take it back. Ain't too late.
  You gotta relax to peak to climax, climax.

(He says)I gave my best, but baby it aint enough
(I say)I told you time two was gonna be rough
(He says) I've messed up, don't wanna lose your love.
(I say)Baby, I'm here through it all, Through it all, it all, it all, it all

(He says)T, I wanna last.  Help me pace for the climax.
(I say) We’re together now so lets go  square one.
Just focus on us, screw what they have to say.
  Not gonna separate
 So we begin again, just get back up.
Just chill and lay back. Ain't  too late.
  relax to climax, climax.

We gonna get it cuz we both want this beyonce desperately.
I know its getting harder to grind
  But losing me shouldn't on your mind,
  I here right now, Im here until the final round
  If I gotta get on my knees baby, trust we gonna be...

on a pace to last. relax to climax.
We’re together now, put the doubt on none.
We commit, we going to work to stay.
Can you relate?
We gonna begin again, we gonna get back up.
  Just chill and lay back. Ain't too late.
  gotta relax to climax, climax. 
Just hit my top ten diplo........ ;)
touch that NBA marketing......

Keep the faith! Win by faith!

No worries, no drama....... just love....
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