Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Book of Transitions (The Last Stand Chapter 8)

Sorry America I have been gone. I had personal matters to address. Tonight the Mavs play the Bulls but more than whose name is on the other jersey this is a chance to grow and play a team that will reflect some of the playoff intensity that everyone will have next week. Chicago needs to retain home court advantage pure and simple of they want a chance... I know Kidd isn't playing and I know on paper it doesn't mean as much to us as it does Chicago. But the Dallas jerseys say CHAMP. That means champ walk, champ talk. I think the two most important free agent acquisitions this year were Stephen Jackson to the spurs for attitude and to defend Dirk and Vince Carter for the Mavs. As dirk is sometimes emotional, Vince. Thrives in it and I think as the stress is leaving his mind of whether he made the right decision here leaves as Dallas made the playoff... That light, that energy is starting to flow he's talking he's active and more than west or wright or mahami, he has the respect of those who wear rings.. He's Vince Carter. The stats say there is nothing to play for... But I'm sure Vince's soul and spirit say otherwise... It was such a joy to hear every player focused and determined to make good use of these games. It was such a joy to see Rick accept God's hint that all of his players will be used in this battle for "deuces" ;) So with that lets give our hats off to Nashville aka Cashville for making round 2 in the NHL playoffs... And remember Mark Cuban we made the western conference finals before you got here... You have done a lot no doubt.. But you don't play the game, the players do. You don't bear the namesake of Dallas you can sell the team but those of us who are from here.. This is for life... We appreciate you. But time to chill, pat yourself on the back in the owners box... And let the Men called the Dallas Mavericks... From Ian's yell in the huddle, tell the Eastern Conference in Chicago.. From the United Center to the Southside to Hyde Park to State Street We ain't done! Far from it... Do what's best for you today, the victory lies not in the score more than playing a team that rebounds well... Has something to lose and timing those put in shots better. Grow from tonight.. This is not a do or die game. This is tune up time.. You all did well Friday but this better competition.. And the same intensity you feel from them you will from every time until we sporting two rings... Watch NHL hockey tonight ! Great games going on. From the tip off stay focused and competitive and go from there... Be back Monday going to church tomorrow. God says tome
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