Monday, April 16, 2012

The Book of Transitions (The Last Stand Part 5)....

Hello America,

I apologize for the brevity of this post.........

My dad is still in the hospital, so I asked for your prayers for him, my family as well as me, in particular me.  My family's faith is a lot stronger than mine and I am still developing mine, despite appearances ;) 

What I mean is having faith in God to go ahead and do the things that need to be done.

I went to work today, and was going but had to leave because of word from the doctor.  So I'm writing this awaiting more information.

But I gave God my word and because of that, I have to say this before I go to do what I need to do for today.

I saw the game yesterday, actually I watched both games.

I am aware of the Wocka Flocka scandal  that Obama's secret service is having............

I am aware of the fact that no matter how much the GOP wants to spin Rosen's comments into a positive, the ability to turn the discussion into one of race and class will benefit Obama.

I am aware that while West should be a VP, Romney can't have him or any other candidate outshine him...... he will play the game but it will be Portman which ensure an Obama victory by a landslide not seen since Reagan. 

He's a bland candidate, his wife is NOT running for office.

And that's the game.

So I could say a lot of things but what I am going to do is tell you a story that happened to me after the game........

I am going to ask the Dallas Mavericks, NBA Marketing, the infamous snake known as Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to pay special attention.  Let's in advance thank the NHL and support our brothers on ice and their playoff series as well

We have three really good series on tonight,  St. Louis vs San Jose, NY Rangers vs Ottawa, and my babies the Boston Bruins vs. Washington.

Show them some love.

Show ESPN some love and the czar of Hockey they have on there for analysis, he always wear some snazzy suits........  I saw the ice cream dude ;)

God, the devil, Mike Wallace, Jesus, and I are in a room together.

Mike Wallace is being the consummate reporter that he is......   How he got access in the room, I don't know, but hey he is Mike Wallace (rest in peace, but I am serious about this story).

God, the devil and I are watching the game........

There is a lot of tension in the room between the devil and I .  He is popping mad s***, I am not concerned, I am pacing the floor, Rick is pacing the floor, he sits, I sit, he stands, I stand.  I am not concerned about the score, I am concerned about the level of play.........

After the game,

Lucifer says to me........."What you think about that, Dallas can't hang?, Kobe is the truth..... "

We are sitting at a table facing each other, he and I.  Jesus and God are on a side table and Mike Wallace is just being Mike Wallace, I can feel his presence in the room, but I don't know where he is at.

I quietly respond " You know 20 years ago, my dad had a major heart attack, I didn't want to go to school but he made me because he told me my future dependent on being able to handle the obstacles of today......... I faltered then, I was 17, but I am 37 and I ain't no got d*** kid........"

The devil notices there is no emotion, he notices I do not blink, I do not raise my voice and says......

"4-0 for the season"

I reply back "A season sweep, aint a series sweep, I know you lacking some skills, but I didn't think math was one of them.  The champs played like champs......."

He says " A team lead by a German and dude who been playing since you sister was in high school..."

I reply "A team led by a dude who openly chose to name himself a damn snake, one of the few creatures that has no spine, and cannot live too long away from the ground, for a snake can never climb mountains and has to use others to support itself...... Supported by an entity, in you that despite the power you think you have, gotta get permission from God just to be here, just ......... like...... me............."

Now the devil is pissed, there is no more loud, angry, Tiffani anymore despite what is going on, the rise he used to get, he will no longer get from me.

"So what you bad now, Tiffani, your team lost, your daddy sick, your ass broke up, can't have no family, gotta move......... and this is the n**** you want to stand up for" and points to God.

I reply "Already......... I guess you not as stupid as I thought......"

And with that, the guns come on the table, the devil loads his, I put mines on the table, take the clip out the gun and the one out of the chamber as well.  I ain't really one for shooting, I prefer to use the gun butt as a teaching tool. 

Jesus is saying to God" Daddy, please let me get at this man........."

but God says "Nah, son, watch this watch this........."

  I give the gun and the bullets, and the clip to the devil

And I simply say........ "The world saw yesterday that the officials cheated, we saw the fouls not being called, I don't really give a f*** about Coach Kobe because if he was that sensible, hell shaq would still be there... I know that they not calling him no snake because of physical properties I saw the transcript ;)...... but that is not the reason why the Mavs lost, although it didn't help.  They lost because just like me Dirk has to understand that the game is not called shootingball, it is called basketball and when you tanking for whatever reason with your shots that bad, you put the ball down, you face the net, and you drive, and you force Gasol/Bryant to foul........... You show the world, you show your brothers, you exercise your might that somehow, someway, you are going to get some points.  Just like in life, just like I am showing your a** now........

Just like you, Kobe and NBA Marketing did exactly what I needed them to do, show their asses.....  Obviously the more "talented" team in Los Angeles saw that there was no backing down from Dallas, they didn't have Kobe, we didn't have Dirk or Roddy, it all panned out.

So whatever, you need to do to me.........  If it's call saying my dad ain't here no more, if it's a call from my job saying I am fired b/c I gotta go check on him, if it's a call from my brother-in-law deciding he needs more time to find himself and not help his family, if it's from my doctor saying the damage from stress is too much on my heart and I gotta have surgery..............


thing...............  whatever bullet, whatever drama, whatever obstacles you need to do,

Brother use my gun, because I understand now that faith is more than believing, it is the audacity to keep going when the illusions that you provide call bulls*** say otherwise............

There was a blessing in that storm called a lesson.........and for that I am thankful for you, I am thankful to you, Kobe and the Lakers"

and the devil just sits and looks, and so do I, there is no blinking........ there is no hesitation.

 The lesson in yesterday wasn't about who was going to win, a playoff round ain't no season sweep...... Hell for as great as the Lakers "are" it took some cheating and some bull on our part for us to lose.

But what was gained in that game is where the blessing was.........  Did you see the greatest point guard of all time? I know Stockton is cool but Jason Kidd ain't have Karl Malone nor Jerry Sloan the whole time.  Did you see Jet............ clutch shot after clutch shot like he driving on the autobahn.......?

Did you see West after the adjustment of Artest let him know........ Little dude or not, I got a lionheart...... you'll have to kill me first brother before I give up?

Did you see Vince? Did you see Brendon block Gasol?

Did you see a team that said where there is faith, there is no fear....................


People, damn a game, that's God's truth.

Dirk, God telling you something, in life, games, sometimes you have to drive......... shots won't do.  sometimes you have to approach the devil and tell them, you looking for me, here I am and unless you willing to kill me, tackle me, whatever......... I am getting to that goal, that hoop, whatever the case may be......

Mark Cuban, baby you can complain all you want, but I APPRECIATE THE CONCERN you had for your brothers..... I appreciate the tenseness in your arms watching the game, seeing your brothers rob time after time.  We know Bryant touched that goal, we know Terry was fouled..  

but in life just like Obama never dropping the polls despite scandal after scandal, despite the fact that you got robbed one championship, the officials went jail, they didn't have you all play it over nothing, despite the fact of Lamar being a sent distraction.........

You never backed down................



and because of that, you were the winners yesterday....... 

So just because today, you in a tie, you ain't got homefield advantage, walk in that victory and use the lessons learned from last night in your game today.

You cannot depend on the officials....... you can depend on the fact that you won't get the calls, you can depend that utah is going to play you just as hard as the Lakers did....

so after me and the devil, were separated as it was apparent that with guns on the table and two tempers, it wasn't going to last long.......

this dude named Mark came to me and said..........

I heard what happened, with this disease I got sometimes my mind goes places it ain't supposed to be but I think I was meant to be there to see that today.

Didn't have to get ready for no practice or nothing, so I was just hanging out.

I know the devil got to you a little, you holding your fists like I used to hold my hockey stick.....

I feel you, but

 Feel one
God use  us to teach, each
to find our own way
girl, Hockey is the game that I play!
 We don't think s*** about a Kobe and Dirk fight
But in hockey, we don't question why
Our playoffs on, gametime on
I am thrown, but I've shown
I rep that Boston B, so here's free tip
You gotta give your all honey and don't give s**t

There is no more more
left to chance
Passion gotta pour pour, usher here i stand
Put out the door,door
  the hate they planned
If you want more, more
Keeping playing Amen!

Champs aint built overnight
Show all them haters why
Every play, you down to fight
Gotta drive when its time

Champs aint built overnight
show all them haters why
Every game, you own gametime
Can't stop...

(gotta get higher than them other suckas!) [x3]

Just because we don't jump and shoot
  We know that
That you gotta drive, play them hoes front
And ram that
Black puck we don't duck, baby there's truth on that ice
Tell them Mavs, to drive tonight
Don't matter who foes are

  Stop being blind Dallas like that  ray ray ray
  Because them officials ain't going to pave your way
Y'all played hella D, but d r i v e
Until the jazz can't see, nothing but a truck called big D

So what you sore, sore
  This is your last chance
To rep your repoire ore
The Champs do stand

Black pucks want to fly
Drives tell  mofos why
Don't stop until you die
A seed means playoff time

Baby, we check up high
 enforcers gonna touch tonight
Let’s do this one last time
Can't stop...

(till they know don't mess with us on ice suckas) [x3]

Champs gotta learn to glide
Drive up and don't care why
Those officials won't do you right
Do right four more times

Champs aint built overnight
Show all them haters why
Every play, you down to fight
Wish I had one more time

(I'm a champ, I know i want worse than them other suckas) [x3]

I asked him his name..........

He just held my hand and said #91....... ;)

America, let's learn from Hockey today.

Dallas, let's learn from hockey today.

Whatever you can do on the ice, on the court, do it, don't leave it up to no officials, driving to the goals ensures they have no choice but to call it.

Champs ain't built overnight,

but right now, you all are flying high............

Let no man, let no team, stand in the way of your destiny

NHL PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THERE IS TRUTH ON THAT ICE, time to put in work......

 You all don't need no calls......... do it yourself, them boys in the NHL do.



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