Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Book of Transitions (The next to the very last stand)

Hello America,

I will be brief, yes I know about Gingrich...

Yes, now you all know the Rangers are real.........

Best play of last night's game is seeing Yu running to get the out.......

Doesn't make a difference that he can't speak English and Nap can't speak Japanese.......

But they found a way to communicate and for him to detect that Yes, Elvis does talk a lot, but his game along with his brothers...... back up every word....

So the series is tied.....

I am going to tell you a story and be brief...... so we pick up from yesterday.

The man who I spoke of in the story sees me walk away from God.

And he sits in the chair, and God sighs and strokes his beard......

The man asks God "You let her do that?" incredulously... " You know what folk like me set up... and you let her walk out of her without telling her the truth"

God sighs again ...."That one.......... she is what I made her..... You talk to her..."

So as I am walking to elevator to leave heaven and get back in this world, the man sees me tying my shoes and my hands are shaking, my sugar is low, i've been on a low meat, low sodium diet and my blood sugar crashes easy....... so I can barely tie my shoes.....

He notices on the check out desk, i've left all of my weapons...... which is a lot, turned in my badge.....

He doesn't offer to help, but as a woman, I know when a man wants to speak his truth.....

So I wait without looking up " Is there something you want to say to me?"

He smiles "I heard that I am one of your top 5 of politicians.......  You called me gangsta.... with mines........"

I don't smile back but I say "That is true............ no doubt, all due respect"

He realizes this won't be easy.  He says "Tiffani, Newt is going to drop out tomorrow, and one way or another my picks my legacy will be reflected in the white house and you are going to have to face that...... too much pull, too much power........'

I've tied my shoes, I look up at him "You just don't get it, do you? Because of the greed, the entitlement that you liberalism affords you to dictate which black folks are worthy, what black folk and others are deserving of via social justice, you have gotten a candidate in on the right who is stands for nothing, who will tell everyone everything and because of the candidate you have on the left who knows nothing but to demonize and divide and terrorize....... the latter will win, and he will destroy this country...... He will end America as we know it.........briefly......  

So while you taking credit and I do appreciate your concern......  Remember that will be part of your legacy too........ And in this place, there is no running"

I shake his hand earnestly......... and he feels that and shakes mines back........

And as I get on the elevator, he shouts "So what are you going to do?  There is no one left......"

As the door closes........ I reply "There is God and because of that I will never give up"

smirking and waving bye 

My point being that real champs don't look back, they look forward because they never give up.

I am not mad at Newt, he did the best that he can do.

But it will take someone of color, from an urban environment who is everything that the GOP nominees have always NOT BEEN TO DEFEAT THAT CORRUPTION.

You know Dirk, I read your article in the paper today.........

You still wondering about the future,.........

talking about warriors of the past..........

Let me put this on your mind..........

Warriors are in the Bay

You are maverick

You a soldier

and when soldiers are on the battlefield, they don't worry about the brother that's gone, they work with the brother next to them.

So what tyson ain't here, you need to step up your defense, tyson ain't here to hide it. plain and simple, but you got roddy, you got, dominque, you got right, you got 11 other soldiers that are willing to war with you right now.

and right now is all that matters.

Rick has got on the plan.

Mark has shut up.

The question is now are you going to give up?

The Texas Rangers were one strike away from a ring last year,

but from spring training, KNOW WHAT THEY SAID?

Game what?

Series what?

Cardinals what?


You ain't getting no younger and instead of planning like you going to be wearing a Dallas uniform forever and a day..........

Damn, Dirk, realize what all your team has been through and if you don't believe...........

Do all of us a favor, let Jason Kidd in the game and you sit.........

b/c in this town, in this city, in this state, in this area in this nation.

So I end with what I told Senator Ted Kennedy the man at the elevator,

what the Texas Rangers going to tell the Yankees and the league tonight

What I am telling Romney because there is no way he will beat obama because he just like him nor will I have anything to do with the liberalism he disguises as conservatism.

Hmmmm ... Hmmmm ... Hmmmm ... Hmmm ...

When they look in your eyes
Are they gonna see belief or why
Because this soldier gonna rise
Destiny we grab hold
Our head  not in no stars
We've simply come too far
And we happy right where we are
How deep is your soul?

We don't give up baby trust
Even if the thunder gets rough
Our strength comes from above
  We will not  duck

We fight proudly under God's grace
We not sitting waiting
Victory is ours we celebrating
We ready for the grind

'Cuz we have fought for our turn
dont give a damn about a berth
We've put in work to earn
  We know we're worth it
So, we mount up

  We aint a team whose path was written so easily
We know our belief is the difference for our city's sake
So what God made this year different to teach how to use
The tools and gifts we got yeah, Baby we don't break
And in the end, we bound to win because we do intend
to put in work, to not break, until they all gonna learn
We fight our fight our way without ever giving in
  We had to learn what We've got, and what we not
And who we are

We don't give up on us
Even if the thunder get rough
We soldier we give all love
We don't giving up
We gonna rise up.

I won't give up on us (no I'm not giving up)
God knows we tough enough (we tough, we loved)
Our spot baby earned (we're alive, we are loved)
God knows we're worth it (and we're worth it)

I won't give up on us
Even if the thunder get rough
We soldiers we give all love
We still looking up

 Dirk, look at every ranger on that field, look at every soldier, you encounter, look at me, look every person that proudly says Dallas Mavericks, Texas Rangers is my home......

We looking up because we know our strength is through him and the brothers and sisters he blessed us with RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.

We ain't looking back or forward.

And when we lower our heads back we solely focused on the task in front of us.............

When you suit up Saturday or Sunday, where you looking b/c if ain't in front of you.

don't bother love.........

Soldiers need Soldiers that's down for the entire ride,

that know giving all RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.........




IS WORTH IT ALL..............

That champ talk....... that champ walk.........

no other champs run our nation more than our soldiers...........

Show 'em tonight Texas

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