Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 11)

Hello America,

Tomorrow is my day off which is actually a work day, I have to write another 10 page paper in three days....

But it has to be done, I have to work 12 hours today and its another night burning the midnight oil.

A quick story and then we are gone.

Last night was tense in heaven............

A lot of emotions because there's a lot of angels that hail from Indiana...... that were hurt.....

Kinda of felt like I got involved.

Even Pac and the rowdy groups a little muffled.  

Only me and God....... understand right now.

So eventually, this lady comes to me and says.........

I heard that when you were a kid, my music did something to you.  She has this skinny white dude with her......

I tell her yes, you and Natalie Cole were the s*** to me.  You were Sgt. Quintana's truth to me.  Your music even his music gesturing to the man.....  made me feel like I wasn't alone because I knew the path that Diana and some of the other black women who were role models at the time wasn't going to be mine in totality.......

You taught me to work hard for the money, so hard for it honey.......

And I point out the dude... you helped teach me how deep is your love.....

Your music touched me, and I thank God for the opportunity to have had such an interaction with you......

And the crowd listens intently to our conversation..... and me and God start a dialogue not meant for you except for to say this.

Last night, wasn't about the Heat, the more I see Dewayne Wade play in particular, the more I am sorely disappointed in his lack of leadership and it hurts because he is a player that I have always admired.

Last night, wasn't about the Pacers losing.  I told you all last week, sometimes.............



get our asses whopped.

But Indiana and America what you all need to understand, it wasn't Lebron nor the Heat that started that mess.  It was NBA officiating.  Who show you time and time again just like in Politics, real competition is just a farce.

Metta World Peace should have never played in the playoffs and if he wasn't such a crucial part to the Lakers, he wouldn't have.  David Stern milked as much out of the Lakers as he could because the NBA marketing department depends on the LA star culture and etc.

Udonis Haslem should have been thrown out along with Stepehnson last night.  But they know, the Miami heat bench is a thin as Molly Cyrus last night.

I understand about protecting your man.  But unless there is a homosexual relationship going on that I am not aware of, you act like you playing basketball because if some of you want to get into some street s***, there is a bully on every corner, with a 40 of some alcoholic beverage of some sort and a pack of Newports, Marlborough or something waiting.......

My only Game Ball goes to Shane Battier........

why not because he's a Duke man if I remember correctly.

With all of the veteran leaders supposedly like Wade, like Howard, like Haslem, like Turicah, and I am sorry for the spelling errors today, I'm pissed, tired and late.

Only one man stood up and do what real champs do.

Only one man got the message.........

Shane let his game whop ass, not his hands.........

Duke Man, Still loving the fact that you stood up for NCAA players in trying to get them paid back in the day man........... Strong Man!


I saw a bunch of men turn into bullies.  Lebron James is the most protected player in the league and if their bench wasn't so thin because Wade, nor Lebron, nor Chris is cheap, they would have lost that game because Wade and Lebron can't play four quarters.

I don't care who won, I care about sportsmanship.

So let me just end saying this.

Let me give you a bit of what I'm writing about tomorrow, what Sgt. Quintana answer we are going to explore next.

None of us are alone.

Some of us bullies, Haslem.

Some of us just downright ignant, Stephenson.

and some of us are fighters........, Metta World Peace aka Indiana Ron or whatever you got to name yourself again to dodge the IRS.

Tonight, we will see some fighters, Miami Heat, who looked at that game last night and made up in their minds that if Indiana as they are young, can't get the job done in game 6 which they are fully capable of ....

made up in they mind........

that they are going to be the fighters who are going to give you all the ass whopping you seem to be begging for because playing basketball apparently, ain't what you want to do.

Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76rs........

I asked Ms. Summers and Mr. Gibbs to help me last night, to soften the lyrics....... Just a tad..

and we played for the crowd last night and peace was upon heaven, a emotional peace.. But one nonetheless.

And I said.

 baby, time for game soaring
So its gonna be hell,
Not going to be pretty bruh,
But its time to ring that bell
I know what happened to Indiana sho nuff aint fair
But going through the bulls*** helps you prepare
Aint no team gonna get officials bail
You betta off getting on a champ trail
Aint no need to derail
Because no Isley Brothers, smooth sail

You'd betta look at these babies and get game on
You'd betta help your people bring paychecks home
You'd betta be ready to sing this song until the bitter end
Because life ain't fair and that's just truth baby

Some of us gotta go through hell
Some of us make other eyes swell
To put stability in homes
Cuz thats why we ball!

The Fighter (Boston/Philly remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims pending ASCAP Application Pending.

Tonight, I suggest every player on the Miami Heat in particular, because I know Indiana is hurting right now, sit down and pay attention.

Because you are going to see some fighters tonight........

who are well versed in dealing with bullies whether the league does something or not.

Congrats LA King,  

throwing up the game ball.

Yesterday Lebron was about you, today about your team, you wanna be the King, dude, act like it on the sidelines.  you know better.

Here comes some fighters.......... You want in Round 3 right?

Show 'em New Jersey Devils, Show 'em New York Rangers.

How to fight with honor!

Show 'em how its done.

  putting down the game puck..........

Here comes the Fighters...........

Have a great Game tonight fellas!
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