Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 12)


I went to sleep last night right after work.  Boston was pissing me off frankly.... LOL!  just because you know who is going to win, don't mean you don't enjoy the games.  Watched some of the Devils, but these hockey games be so tight, it is to the very end.

I got awaken with a phone call.  You know how that goes....

I thought about going back to sleep, but I got a 10 page paper due in two days.  I don't even have one sentence.  I thought about Larry Bird, Mitt Romney, Obama's primary numbers still LOL! this dude has blocked me on twitter when I've been on his ass since day one of his administration, thought about a lot.

I waited to see what the league was going to do about the game last night.

Soft, Larry Bird hmmmm.....

There will be no game ball today.

But I am very proud of the way every team played last night, and big ups to the Devils and 76rs.

Actually, I am going to give one team ball.

To the fans of Philadelphia, who loved on A.I., the short one at least ;)

We can all say a lot about Iverson, as I am a big fan of Hoya basketball, but one thing we can never take away from him is his heart.

The smallest man on the court sometimes...... but he was determined to be the biggest man in the paint.  Now a lot of times, that dream didn't become a reality, but I don't recall words like "soft" or him stating he takes "hard fouls" even though it became painfully, painfully obvious throughout the years..... His heart cost his body and probably his longevity a lot.

And to see him, get loved on..................

one more time..........

And to see the tears in his eyes because he is at a point where he can appreciate that love

was #al green

Simply beautiful

Passionate Fans, Honest Fans......... Strong Fans.

Amen, baby, Amen.

It's one o'clock in the morning and I'm off today, so much to do, so why not write.

God has put me in a situation where I can't sleep.

A lot of us can't tonight.

For there is a change, a schism in the air.  Not the made up of hope and change in 2008, that one man going to come in and make it everything allright, nah.........

This different, this is reality.  This reality that is permeating the Mavericks, the Lakers, the Celtics, the 76rs, the Thunder, The Devils, the Kings locker rooms, hell even Jerry Jones office ;) it is even apparent on the East Lawn of the White House, in the halls of the hill.

And while the truths in those rooms are different, reality is creeping in past all of the lies, past all of the hype, past all the bulls***.

This book is named the book of sacrifice because of Keith Urban. He and his people wrote this book and with Memorial Day in which we honor those who make us possible because Freedom Ain't Free, Liberty ain't Cheap, and Democracy requires a different kind of down payment..........

The second half of his lyrics with the song for you say.

Maybe you don’t understand
I don’t understand it all myself
But there’s a brother on my left and another on my right
And in his pocket just like mine
He’s got a photograph
And they’re waiting for him back home
It’s weighing on my mind
I’m not trying to be a hero
I don’t wanna die
But right now in this moment, you don’t think twice

I asked Sgt. Quintana when he was earning that purple heart, show his site some love, it is the second link, check it out.  I asked him when he was putting in work, since some of us, know what hard is, and what hard ain't.  What kept him going through whatever he did to earn what he did.

He said it was the knowledge that he was not alone in this fight......

Lastly, the Pastor said Sunday from Matthew Chapter 13, what kind of soil are your roots planted in.

And one of the few times, I will ever use some Philly fans, much love outside of football season ;)

They chose to highlight a player that ran into harm's way when it didn't make sense, when it didn't make his career longer..

What does all of this have to do with each other?

I don't understand myself, the lyrics say.  Meaning compliance does not equate to comprehension.

But there is a brother on my left and another on my right.  Meaning Sgt. Quintana's truth wasn't just felt by him.

And in his pocket just like mine........  Here is where we get into the meat, so I am going to ask Mr. Bird to pay a little bit more attention........As well as Lebron.

I'm not trying to be a hero, I don't want to die, but right now............

let me repeat......................

right now...................

not the free agent market of next year, Mark Cuban, Tony Romo...........

but right now, in this moment, you don't think twice.

That's God's truth right there people.  Do you all not understand that?  I don't write to pop s*** about basketball.  I am a Capricorn, My name is Tiffani, I am from Dallas, I see myself in the mirror everyday.  Trust me, I can stay occupied with myself ;)

Not about me, trying to shame men or women.  Not about trying to run David Stern or Roger Goddell, well, it is because if one team leaves this country, its their asses I'm coming for.

This is about God's country.  Not about whether you a Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, or whether you think you are God.

This is about the spirit of God, that says be yourself, walk your path, make your own way.

And in order to fulfill that opportunity for each generation, we have to get back to the basics Amity Shales was talking about in the book, we have to remember and honor the Forgotten Man.

Larry Bird, talks about soft, but the moment he realized that Jordan was going to whop his ass on the court time, and time, and guess what, time again and quit although he still had years left.

It brings us to a larger question, a larger issue.

Its real easy to pull a trigger, anyone who has put in work can tell you that,  it is a lot harder knowing you can pull the trigger and can't Mr. Bird, even harder to pull the trigger and won't.

Roger Goddell, basically took away Johnathan Vilma's life and his ability to feed his babies not because of no damn bounty program.  Hell, we all bounty hunters, every time we reward a young man for a great hit from peewee to making stats for things such as sacks............ tackles............forced fumbles................  pressure or whatever statistics you get my point, we all play it.

You know Mr. Bird, you better get down to the Pacer court and apologize to those young men.

Beacuse it ain't like in your day.  You were the last era before Jordan, before the marketing Geniuses of Nike (who made shoes in China for babies to die in America, I might add) and Sprite in particular realized what a gold mine they had in the individual athlete and they have decimated a team sport for their profit margin.

America, you know who one of my all time quarterbacks is.........

Dan Marino, not because of no stats.

Because Dan understood I have a city on my back.  And when I'm through, regardless of how I'm through, if it don't say Miami, the jersey won't fit me.

That man, that Wise Man, that Strong man. understood my presence during losing seasons, during winning seasons makes the difference of whether babies eat or not.  because some man, some women is dependent on my presence to have a job.

Damn, America, do you see what truths God is trying to show you this playoff season!

Do you understand Larry Bird?  Baby, you think the whole league don't know the bull that Lebron enjoys but to his credit, doesn't bring on himself, although Wade milks it for all that it is worth.  Bosh doesn't either.

Johnathan Vilma lost his job for doing what he is supposed to do as a leader.  Encouraging he and his brothers that knock the hell out anyone...........that don't have a Saints jersey on.  We can talk about the X's and O's but how else do you get a ball out of a grown ass man's hands?

Why was he fired?

The same reason Metta wasn't thrown out before the playoffs and why Haslem wasn't thrown at during the game when there was a crossroads, why Bosh gotta risk injury when he shouldn't especially after seeing what happened to Rose (sorry, he should have rested more games..).


The only free agent signing that is more of a bigger crock than Lebron James in any sport.  Not Alex Rodriquez even though I can't stand him, he delivered.

Is Peyton Manning.  And there is a lesson for all of us today so bear with me.

Peyton is a great dude, Love him, can't stand his brother.  But Peyton is a over the hill player WITH THREE NECK SURGERIES risking his life for what?  A team that didn't have a quarterback, nah.

A team that had a quarterback that wasn't afraid I am not going to kiss your ass nor am I afraid to worship the God I serve and who can market a dude that openly says He is bigger than me, he is the source of my strength, he is the strength of my shield.

And to protect Peyton, Roger Goddell picked on the Saints who he has sights to move to a foreign country because once again of marketing because of global conglomerates........... to let every player in the league know, with certain players touch but don't tackle.

But as we saw with Junior Seau, the concussions don't play favorites do they Mr. Bird?

What makes you think that there is anything different in the NBA? Metta has attacked a fan, Spreewell attacked a coach, one time, Metta has a tendency to get violent when he doesn't get his way time and time again, but when he traded in his Pacer jersey for a Laker one, dirty play became "hard fouls".

If you want to be lied to, don't read this blog.

Mr. Bird, no player on your team, can say they are the hardest white boy alive on the court, nor does their marketing ability compensate that.  Look at the league, that you dogging your team about.

How many Rings Duncan, Parker got? How many rings Lebron got? How many endorsements to each?  Obviously it is not about winning or being "hard" sir.

How many rings my secret boyfriend ;) Tom Brady got? How many Vick got?  Who got the bigger contract?

How many marketing men on Madison Avenue right now having private time in the bathroom with Roger Goddell at the thought of a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl?  How many blown calls will the league go to get it?

Because trust if folk like me hadn't been in the league ass this morning, you know Haslem and Pickett would be playing tonight don't you?  Can I get you to understand that?

The only way to beat the marketing virus that has coaches fired, that allows players to hold cities hostage, year after year.... is through a team.

Not no we going to through some dudes together and wala...... magic ;)

Nah, by building the team around one person and every person is connected to that person built around.

No, Pat Riley, not what you doing with Lebron.

It starts with the draft.  Look at every championship won as of late, with every sport from Pujous to Brady to Manning to Bryant to Pierce to Duncan to Dirk.......

they were drafted into an organization who said this person fits and because he fits we are going to bring in others that do.

Took some rough years... a little easier on Bryant, but one of the greatest centers of all time in O'Neal will do that for you... took sacrifice, but each one of those GM's, each one of those coaches including Jerry Jones a long time ago, realized...... I don't have time to think twice, I have to build and it won't be pretty but in order to win in the long run I have to because the brother to the left of me, the brother to the right, in my city and state got to be able to feed their babies and have some pride.....

Mr. Bird, you owe each Pacer out there playing against not the Miami Heat, but NBA Marketing and Officiating an apology.  Aint like in your day. They touch Lebron in any way that was done to Wade or the other players...... They getting Vilma time.  That means they can't feed their family and for a league that robs young men from prep school to college with no earnings with every coach, every analyst, every marketing is feeding off of their blood, sweat and tears..........  BEFORE THEY EVER GET A DIME

with its brightest Stars in Kobe and Lebron in particular, putting American Men out of work by teaming up with Sprite and others to find players in other countries? With folk like me having to threaten David Stern monthly that it won't be a collective bargaining agreement that can save his ass IF ONE SINGLE TEAM, DON'T HAVE A USA POSTAL ZIP CODE....?

Baby, that ain't soft dear Sir, that is the hardest m****n job out there.

Being an American Worker, with a government, leagues, that all love to proclaim America, but funneling every foreign worker legal and illegal, playing favorites with jobs and destinies, no disrespect to Luck, but wtf is winning a Heisman for if you can't be drafted number one.  and not getting sick and tired of the s*** and checking Lebron like those men really want to, even though he is a strong dude for a crown he has never earned, for a crown that was given to him because somebody decided before he ever played a moment in the league, he can sell some jerseys, some soda and apparently some insurance............

With your mouth and inability to control it, Mr. Bird, really?

It ain't easy being cheesy when the game is  greasy, all dyed up chris breezy, you feel me? Go find Snoop to translate that......Follow the Chronic or Wiz Kalifa.. ;)

We are going to see the emergence of a team, not necessarily a new team or an old team, but in the mentality the owner, the GM, the coach, the players and its fans  this championship season in both hockey and basketball and politics.

Romney not going to win because of himself.  The GOP drafted the forgotten man. And since 1860, I believe we have built our organization around him.

He don't play in a jersey, but he wears one, he washes one, he works because of one.  He don't get highlighted but they spend his money from the ticket office just the same. They tax him just the same. 

Romney job is to read the cue cards.  My job is to block the bulls***.  Sgt. Quintana and my twitter nation and others is to check me and pull me to the side and remind me, Crown or no crown...... there is a brother on your left, Tiffani, there is a brother on your right, and in his pockets.......... Get your s*** in order.  I listen because they remind me, I am no bigger than the team.  I would not be who I am without them.  Do you understand Lebron?  Because I love you, I do. Don't seem like it but I do.  Leaders have to know these things.

Y'all don't want it, today, not going to preach, there is a picture just the same.  Boehner's job is to say yo' dog, I got 70 millis, Ryan's job is to say, I got the blueprint, but I ain't Jigga, McConnell's job is to say, Well hell get us some help us here, We need to check Reid's ass, but I don't wanna go to jail ;)

My point is we a team, built on a draft pick, the forgotten man.

Which is why when all thought we were dead as a party, from within and outside, we play on.  We don't change styles.  We don't gut our culture to  go get the new free agent, Cuban ( you know the mavericks don't have longevity, means Deron wants somewhere he can have a good 10 year run like Kobe), we build on what we got and when we up we know we won't come down after no one season.

We did what Philly fans reminded us of, we made sure we on this team are of heart, from the smallest man in our party to the biggest mouth in me.

We do what Keith Urban and Sgt. Quitnana reminds us of, when we get out of hand, starting with me, Lord knows, my ego gets me besides myself despite my best intention, we remind ourselves of our brother on our right and our left.  We not alone.

We do what Dan did, we ride hard for our country, not just the rich parts, not just the white parts, but for anybody that says I wanna earn....

And that's why.............

We dont give a damn about hell
So what 7 to prevail
As long as America is home
We'll die before we fall.

[Chorus - Ryan Tedder]
We don't bail, Our paths we tread
So that America will never be dead.
We don't bar, take the pain
Cuz God is trying to make you see, dammit B!
That makes a fighter, that  makes a fighter
That's  makes a fighter
I give for the brother left of me, right of me, cuz
Here resides a fighter

The Fighter Bridge and Chorus (God's Remix)
Written T.E. Mims Pending ASCAP approval.

Remember that Indiana, 

Remember that Lebron and before you hit the gym, you stop by Pittman and you stop by Haslem and you make sure they can pay their bills........

You wanna be a fighter, you want to earn something obviously a lot harder to earn than those MVP trophies, catching dust. 

 Not about picking the Heat, I want the team that brings fighters to the court to prevail, that's gonna be God's will anyway.  Just me and Lebron learn from each other.  I'm protective of him, in my own way, go figure. I owe him the truths, others won't tell him, he teaches me about strength and having the courage to put on the jersey everybody know day in and day out.

Learn from those who put it on the line every day.

A man puts his livelihood on the line for you, he shouldn't have to worry about no bills because of you.

Indiana, being a fighter ain't being hard or soft.

But being a fighter is about showing up in spirit and in body......Allen Iverson will tell you.  


Throwing the game ball up in the air,

and moving out of the way..........

Because here comes some fighters.

Have a great game! Every last Pacer, Every Last Heat...

I love you all, may not seem like it but I do, I want you all to have a safe, great game!

three in the morning, time for me to go to work ;)
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