Friday, May 25, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 12)

Hello America,

I am in a little pain this morning. Its just a result of surgery.

I watched a little bit of the game, last night.

A quick story...

Well two actually,

The first concerns the game ball.

Mr. Shakur who is very engaging and very emotional might add, comes up to me in the lobby as I am waiting to talk to God.  He's a busy man, he has a hold time sometimes ;)

Mr. Shakur, remarks to be that he knows that Wade is getting a game ball.  I don't lie to folk anymore, I may not tell you something but my days of lying because I am scared of the consequences are gone.......

So I tell him the truth and tell him no.

Mr. Shakur is very upset and emphasizes the need for me to have........

let's say cleanly "male interaction time"  ;)

That I don't respect men or certain ones..........

It is to the point, we are both animated and passionate about our positions.

But nevertheless, here I stand..

The Game Balls go to two people today and I ask that the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils pay attention as it is solely their story today.

First Game Ball, goes to Mitt Romney.


Because he did something I asked of Newt and it shows that we are on the same page as Lebron and Wade last night...

He went into a district he is not going to win, not going to get no fundraising money from and sat and listened and endured criticism.  Because any candidate that I work with to help make President, must show me and the rest of the people that he is willing to lead all of the people, not just the ones who voted for him.

He didn't flinch when parents and teachers disagreed with obvious hurt and hostility in their vote.  He did what every fighter has to do.  Sometimes, you have to go into the den of lions baby........and where there is faith, there can simply be no fear.  Not a damn drop.

New York, New Jersey is separated by a bridge and some water.  I don't know what's home rink advantage in this series as I am sure that both sides are going to be represented.  So what I say is true to  both teams.   The lesson lies in acknowledgment that you will go to your opponents arena, or game night, I don't know if its like the Giants and Jets... and give your all never flinching, never coming off of your game plan.

The Philadelphia mayor was outside mad and hurt.  He should have been grateful for anyone to acknowledge his city's problem.  West Philadelphia is something that affects us all.  And on some level, he is.  But he's hurt that it is Romney taking an interest in that district and not Obama.  It hurts that it is Romney, the evil white rich man coming down and talking with the people, and listening instead of Obama from a lecture on some fundraiser telling black people to stop complaining...........

My point of it is, you can't be afraid to go somewhere because of hostility, even if it is simply the other's teams goallline......  You two have played enough hockey in this series to make it your own series.

Second Story,

Brian Banks of Long Beach California, was recently released from prison after a false charge of rape and kidnapping.  The victim said that she was sorry and would help the man all she could except she would do nothing that would risk her giving up the 1.5 million settlement that her parents got from Long Beach Schools.

I talked to God about this when I chose my game ball.  I told him why I wasn't going to give Wade the ball and God listened.  He understood, but I asked him why when the young man had a full scholarship to USC and now is 26 with a dream of playing in the NFL that will never be.

Why when all he did was get institutionalized  by being in a penal system, his heart and spirit should have never seen?  There is no bigger travesty to our system than those who are locked up that shouldn't be ........ not out of justice, but for the monsters that they become inside to survive.  There is a part of  your sanity and dignity and honor that you have to give up to survive any level of incarceration.....

God simply says "My will, My way"

What does that have to do with today, America?  And the game tonight.

Nothing is promised.  You never know what moment God may decide to defer your dreams or hell end it.

You don't.

Not about whether you doing something wrong, or race, sometimes, all the time it is God's will.

Play like it today, my brothers on ice.  Remind us.............

That all we have is today and today only.

Remind of us of the best in us tonight and show Mr. Banks on one of his first days out, the struggle manifested by your play on ice that it will take to get his life back together.  That it won't be in one moment, or one magic swoop, but in every skate, every pass, every attempt at the goal........

Show 'em what makes a fighter...........

You all don't need no music.  Look at that Stanley Cup.

putting down the game puck, and sliding across the ice to get out of the way.

Here comes some fighters.

Take care.

Play in the midst of adversity assured in faith of the strength of your team.

I love you all, here is a kiss on the forehead to each and every one of you.

Please have a safe game, we need you as men in this world, okay.

God Bless
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