Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 14)

Hello America!

Tonight is my high school reunion 20 years baby!

CYUNV US, David W. Carter High School Class of 1992.

So I'm emotional and thankful..

Ten years ago, I was behind bars.

Now, my words make stars.........

Don't say what God can or can't do.

Well, we down to the last entry card in the round.........

New Jersey should us yesterday what happens when we get ahead of ourselves, we have to claw back sometimes.

I can relate for I would have never imagined in May of 1992, I would be where I was in May of 2002, and I couldn't see then where I would be in May of 2012.........

It goes fast don't it, I ask that all of the players give their might... tonight.

That means you too, Rondo ;) big players step not just in big games, in every game, appreciate the energy and relentless drive you see in Garnett, Pierce and Allen, you simply don't get all that on a court at one time.......

Philly ready to play so let's just end with something fun shall we...

I'll write tonight for tomorrow, although I may or may not be sober ;)

[Hook: Rick Ross] x2
The Btown schwagg is like a bag of money
That Philly schwagg say we trying to take it from thee
Time to see who going to Mia me
To that basketball land of milk and honey

[Rick Ross]
No time to trick off this moment
You'd better play it like you own it
High tyme to baby light it,
or end up like Kobe waking up in LA moaning

[Hook] x2

God brought you together, but the prize is much bigga
Wade trying to reach you, hoping one of ya game is missing
Start your engine like Detroit Pistons
Cuz South Beach sands is sizzling
Aint time but now so figura
A vision and a sound, remember
cuz its Gametime, down to that final 9
Don't end like Dairy Queen, soft served and denied
Aint Rocky one punch now, aint nobody laying down
Hall and Oats said Sarah SMile
I say Win Gwen sTefani with no doubt
Because them boys in black and white
trying pull your over #your tailight sir is out
So Just like George Jefferson clean your hustle
May have to use shots that make 'em shout
Somebody gotta be put down
Just a win a win, damn a rout
Because now I'm throwing the game ball up
I need some daddies to **** me  down
Word up

[Hook] x2

20 years what they going to say about tonight?

Nuff' Said 

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