Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 15)

Hello America,

Did I watch the game last night?

About three minutes of it, after Lebron had that layup by himself, I went to sleep.

Worked all day yesterday and packing and getting things ready for the move.

I read the headlines and of course, the Heat are gonna to say no excuses we all hurting because they had a day of rest and not traveling but at the end of the day, we all have to do what we have to do.

As tired as I am, mentally and I am drained, I have to get accomplished what I need to because I have older parents to take care of,  my team, my people... They need jobs and everything else in between and nobody is going to give me a break or a pass because I am tired

Tonight, we see Round 2 of the Spurs and the Thunder

and Round 1 of the Kings and the Devils.

The Kings aren't the usual #8 seed, the Devils aren't the usual suspect when it came to preseason predictions, the Thunder isn't playing like the usual young inexperienced team, their team age makes them out to be and the Spurs aren't acting like a team that has three championships, they playing as if they have none.


Because nothing matters but today.

And that's life because the paychecks earned already been spent,

And the rings that were awarded last year, already collecting dust...

So Sunday Coach P started off by saying.

"A Milli"

OG P, you feel me
Ya Dig

Spurs, I got all grey hair, I don't give a damn or a care
I ain't got time to yell in herre
I suggest you grab this game like refugees grab CARE
I'm kind of jonesing because for rings I got a need
I dont want no pill for coach of the year bullsh*t
  Hell I'm old, we dont have time, to play from behind.
Coach Brooks told his team............
'Each minute that you'll bring you make these Spurs joints holla
Make they asses run these iso's like We Jamaican Shottas
This ain't the UN, hell now right now they ain't our brothas
We thunder, we make noise whenever we decide to drop in...'
So I said I told God........I'm staying sober for the rest of the series
Man, Bars I drop 'em, because all these dudes trying fit in
They sticks in this mix , but hell I need a 69 th wind
I gotta watch it,  start to the end
  the truth from these men,
  make me wanna no  Hands like Wocka Flocka!!
This ain't no time to chill!

And last night Coach S said.........

  A Wade here, A Battier  there
Gonna make Marquies pull out his hair
East Coast Champs up in here
The fare to South Beach sho ain't fair
I am the babyface, Hell yes, my coach game pretty
My whip appeal miracle whip ass easy
Bron's a beast, Mario you down, then we got them
Because can't you see father time has done robbed them?
Doc Rivers shook his head and said.
Acne Bumping, homie ain't no future in your fronting
We came down 95, to do more than planning and some plottingn
Yeah, we a little low on gas, we know how to work a stick
Take more than some sand from South Beach on this road trip
We celtic ass green rich!?
Losing our weight we not your boy Rick
So I said.........
Yall hold down there's more, I ain't hit the kill switch
Its a long series, kind sorta epic
So pace yourselves, ain't don't get caught up in the slams and side s***
Because somebody's shots will turn into sure bricksbr /> Man, this Boston Versus, Miami dammit
That's just ill, no need to say mo sh**

A Milli (Coaches Remix)
Written by Tiffani E. Mims
Pending ASCAP approval.

Gotta get back to work.

Throwing up the game ball, putting down the puck, and running back to clock back in ;)

As always great game.!
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