Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 1)

Hello America, I am doing some site changes tonight. I have simply this to say to the Mavericks..

 Every team that needed to step up last night did... NHL and NBA but you..

It took Joel Walsh and the shot of a lifetime to take the Bruins , but they went down fighting.

All the thunder did was simply put on their uniforms.. You did your own dirty work.

 So I apologize to Vince Carter who to me is the Terrell Owens of the NBA I ask you humbly to get away..

The moments in your career to precious to play games with Mark Cuban...

He still paying Lamar.

 Delonte you were a more complete player than Barrea on both sides of the ball, we all know it for marketing purposes... He's Latin.. You got baggage... You should be resigned more Than Terry but Mark Cuban is at a point where he needs to show other owners he can buy overpriced spoiled atheletes as well. You ever need a job Delonte... Find me.

 Terry it's been real... we always cool love.... always....

Always love Brendon get better baby

 Wright you'll be back Cuban Rick just benching you because he don't have have the money to pay you...

Shawn you earned Defensive Player of the Year, you didn't get it because the league sending your owner a message but all that played you know you are and still the man  no doubt.

 But to Dirk and Kidd and Mark Cuban.. Understand this... The end is made in the beginning and because you three in Your own way spent this year on everything but this season ..

 Apologize to every player in the huddle who did put their all in this season and remember Rivera and Pat Summit.... Life ain't promised and to ensure you three really learn that lesson.. No matter who you sign next year won't matter..

Because you won't be back to the promised land.. So since you three think it's your last game this season, so shall it be. But remember when you hit that huddle ...

 You three since mark thinks he is a player as well.. You owe it to the fans and your brothers who put their all Into this year...
To play like you are capable of..
This is Dallas you dishonor us tonight,
You will feel hell tomorrow.
You can come back from anything the stories the evidence of that is in your locker room.
 But it takes belief and winning simply one game..
 And Cuban dirk and Kidd stats don't Show heart and honor.
 Look at every towel boy and concession person Whose jobs depend on yours and remember It ain't about you
 Never was
 Real champions know that
 And play like it...
 Damn Tyson and dewayne or jj leaving last season
You all did and for that you three outside Of this year
 will never have a real chance At it again.. Take that to the huddle with you tonight.....

It'll be the last playoff huddle you'll see for awhile.

These God's words not mine.

Tomorrow ain't promised for nobody, REGARDLESS OF HOW BIG YOUR BANK ACCOUNT IS...

Have a great game and there is always a chance, but if you don't believe, it doesn't matter.

What is your soul, Dirk And Jason Kidd and Mark  Cuban will show tonight?

And it will reflect how the end of your careers because this is the beginning of it, you don't write off opportunity for anyone.  You don't not defend your championship for free agency.

This is Dallas, we wear our champ title proudly, and you have dishonored and the God we serve by assuming we don't give a damn about every game and every play.
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