Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Book of Sacrifice (Chapter 3)

Hello America,

I am doing site changes today.

So for the most part this will be short.

Today, Romney, Cruz, the television show scandal, Sgt. Quintana's website, the television show The Game and SouthLAnd, along with Murdoch, Gov. Walker all get links today.....

So I won't talk long.

I will tell you a couple of funny stories.

Michelle Bachmann is a Swiss citizen...

When I was younger, I got sponsored to a trip by the 4-H, ironic knowing my past to Washington, DC, I was the only black person in my group.  One day we got to visit embassies, and we were told whatever embassy selected us we would have lifelong access to that country.  So all night, I'm thinking what part of Africa, I am going to....

What part of the motherland would I be able to tell my classmates, anytime, I can catch a flight...and go to my second home.

I listened to everybody else get selected, after awhile I am thinking, they about out of countries in Africa....

Finally, I hear my name, I get my visit, I get my pass, I get my passport stamped.

It is Finland.......

True Story.

Listen, aint nothing wrong with have an alternate... you got babies, you got a family... Something to consider....  If Obama wins, we going to have a civil war........

Won't have to read bout Gettysburg.......

You'll be able to see it on YouTube!

Yesterday, Obama didn't endorse gay marriage....

He dealt with the stab wound that Joe Biden put in his back.  He accepted the fact that he just lost both of the Carolinas and the South.

Marriage is a legal concept with protections, with the premise of protecting the child produced from the union, that is it.

You don't need a marriage certificate to leave anything to anyone.  A civil union covers all that and it should be available in every state.

What some Gay People want is to have a Gay Union equated with a Straight one.

Two men can't produce a baby, two women can't either.

That is just the simple truth..

California, outside of Atlanta which makes any artist in that area, cause for at least a second glance...... ;), is the gayest state in this nation.

They voted Proposition 8 because of people like me, because of people who recognize who I sleep with matters in this sense.

I as a woman have to be with a man to make a baby.  Those who are men have to be with a woman to make a baby.

Gay Marriage is a sugar pill on the problem that will lead to as it already has two men or two women fighting over a child where at least ONE IS NOT THE PARENT.

Nobody cares about who can raise a child better, GAY MARRIAGE IS AN ASSAULT ON CHILDREN'S RIGHTS.... No one should have outside of abuse, for good or for bad, more say so than the man whose semen created the child and the woman whose ovum made the conception complete..............

It's not rocket science.

Thank You, for all of Gay America, who recognize this sham for what it is.

I can say this openly and honestly with chicks on my lap, rather, me on some chick's lap because I am that type of female......

There is no complete balance like that of a man and a woman, but that is my personal belief.


Civil unions would pass by a landslide in congres if someone ever had the courage to introduce it.

I don't give a damn about Mitt Romney being mean to gay people, he's an arrogant man whose been promised the presidency and bought the political capital he couldn't earn.

I don't give a damn about what Barack Obama says......... because knowing his real history, the files he won't show, he doesn't believe in gay marriage.......

This is just a distraction. People.  Iran blows us up they not really caring whose gay or not.

The NY court of appeals just ruled that you can watch child pornography on YouTube! without prosecution, but we don't hear a peep.

Sgt. Quintana said... as we are going to take each one of his six interview questions as the mantra for the week.....

Mitt Romney ain't my pastor, .... he doesn't run my home.  He ain't my God.

Gay Marriage don't pay bills, it don't defend this country, it doesn't address illegal immigration, and all of other issues we have.

No Gay America, it's not like being black, I don't really know who you sleep with until I sleep with you or you tell me.  It's dudes on Hollywood Boulevard right now with Vera Wang on, a full mustache, and whispering in some chick's ear, how he can cash in.........  Well, ........... and everyone knows He'll make you a believer.

The road will be rough, and I am going to say somethings that are going to hurt.  Just because I endorse Mitt Romney, don't mean I like him.  I am going to be honest about him because we cannot be blindsided.  He will not be offended because people like me...........get ..............folks.........elected.

He's too arrogant to think I'll stand a chance in 2016, he just wants know and we are going to have to get a Senate in particular and keep a house that will keep him honest because policy wise..........

He is Obama...........

and Obama is he.

Second Story and then I'm gone

God says to me "Well, you are in a chipper mood."

"Man, I went to Love and War in Texas..............OMG, the best chilli.......I had to get an extra bowl, how can you not be in one?  

God says " I see our pouting session has ended, yes?

I put down my chilli, I know what God is saying......."You know God, tonight, there are three games, all three and two......None of them are guaranteed, and I'm looking at whose winning tonight....  Ain't no easy road, we all have to battle, we can't take nothing for granted.  

I don't like Mitt Romney, he's an ass, an arrogant, always had it the way he wants it ass, an these Mormon's think he's special when he's just a man ass.........

I don't like Obama, he's an ass that doesn't like America, that identifies with being a Muslim, because it's in his blood.  I finally got access to his real files...

I get why he's angry, he's had to live lies, his whole life, I know why he hates us......

And I made up my mind, that when the Mavs lost as they were the first to go, because of the lessons you have to teach them, that I would end the pouting and fight for Romney not because he's the best candidate, just better than the other and start the right fight............."

"Which is what Tiffani?"

2016...... and getting this country back to the republican and democratic parties of the people.

Tonight, there is no hockey.

Tonight, you will see what we will have to do to Obama, to gay marriage, to socialism, to the things that make the Great Depression look like a boom.

For the worst parts of the years... wasn't the Great Depression that Obama or Mitt Romney allude to, it was the survial of this country in its aftermath of it, 8 years later...

that dictated the hearts and minds of our leaders, of our souls, of our nation.

Tonight, we will see what it takes to crush a man's dreams.....

and tonight, we will see what happens and the hope you give a team, a party, and a terrorist when you don't.

Thank you, to Love and War in Texas, in Plano... that chilli was great and for my twitter buddy who empowered with some truth today that I needed to hear.

The Gay Marriage card has been played and now it is time to move on.

Sexuality doesn't hire people, employers do.

Thank you, in advance for the battles we will see tonight. 

There are lessons that we must learn in these games tonight, politically.

when one man has an attitude, it is a matter of personality.

when a team has an attitude, it is a matter of culture.

By 11pm MST, we shall see the difference.

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